Evolution From the Big Tree Chapter 1

Reborn as a willow tree!

Before Yu Ziyu could adapt to this familiar yet unfamiliar environment, she had caught up with the era of spiritual recovery.

Resurrection of spiritual energy, rise of all things…

The ferocious beast roared, shaking the mountains and rivers, and the strong man crossed the sky, trying to split the world.

However, at this time, a willow tree rose from the ground, covering the sky and the sun.

It can evolve infinitely; the fruits it produces endow others with strange supernatural powers; and the aura it emits nourishes a beast.

Above are the three generals of the elements, flying into the sky, and below are the nine great beasts, sleeping on the ground.


Some people call me ‘The Tree of the World—Yuktrazil’, and I sing praises day and night.

Some people call me ‘Tongtian Jianmu’, holding up a piece of sky.

Of course, more people call me “God Tree”, “Cursed Tree”, “Devil Tree,”  I don’t know how many, but they all maintain awe.

Chapter 1: Regeneration Tree

It was late at night.

It was pitch black, and everything was invisible.

But the depths of the mountain were not peaceful. The ferocious beast roared like a tide, the forest trembled uncontrollably, and even the leaves rustled.

And at this moment,

In the depths of a mountain range, looking from a distance, there is actually a soft light flickering faintly.

Looking carefully, it turned out to be a weak branch; the branch was tender green, the leaves were as crystal clear as jade, and the soft shimmer of light could not stop spreading.

“Is this my golden finger?”

There was a murmur, like someone whispering in the ear, but it was not heard by outsiders.

In the faintness, there is only a little tremor in the air.

Yu Ziyu,

A traveller said that just because he drank a sip of water and choked, his consciousness became hazy.

When he woke up again, he was shocked to find that he had become a tree.

Yes, a tree.

Moreover, it is still a willow tree.

Branches hang down like waterfalls.

Looking at it again, the canopy is spread out and scattered, and the bark is grey-black and cracked irregularly.

If you guessed right, it should be a weeping willow with high ornamental value.

Of course, the ornamental value belongs to the ornamental value, but the weeping willow can be seen everywhere, and it is also used as a street tree commonly used in landscaping.

Yu Ziyu doesn’t care much about time travel, or even time travel to become a tree.

It just felt a little weird, like something that was far away from me suddenly happened under my nose.

In the words of some people, “this is not scientific”.

It’s not scientific.

However, Yu Ziyu’s easy-going temperament meant that he would not think too much about it.

It is a good thing to be alive.

How dare you ask for more?

Moreover, he also has a very good golden finger.

Turning my field of vision, I saw a weak willow branch exuding a glistening green glow, swaying gently under the cover of night.

This is one of more than fifty branches he owns today.

And the reason why this branch shines is only because Yu Ziyu invested an evolution point in it.

“Properties panel.”


In the next second, a translucent blue light curtain that only Yu Ziyu could see appeared in front of his eyes.

[Race: Variant Weeping Willow]

Lifespan: 4 years

Evolution point: (Acquisition method: one accepts sunlight, ingests unknown energy for refining, and the second plunders other animals and even plants, and then extracts.)

Ability: A mutated branch


Looking at the content displayed on the property panel, Yu Ziyu also murmured softly.

Immediately, his thoughts turned, and he was drawn to that branch.

At this time, the light emitted by this branch is already weak and invisible, and the evolution should be over.

However, Yu Ziyu felt very strange at this moment.

It seems that he can freely manipulate this branch.

Yes, free manipulation.

Before, although he became a tree, his body was out of his control.

Only when the breeze blows will his hanging branches sway slightly with the wind.

But that’s normal.

After all, willows are plants, not animals.

However, at this time, Yu Ziyu had this strange feeling, as if this branch had completely transformed into his arm.

With a thought, this branch swayed slightly.

Then, with the rotation of Yu Ziyu’s mind, it swayed again and even formed a circle, like a smart green snake.


Yu Ziyu was a little excited about the first attempt.

It can indeed be manipulated, and I don’t know if it is an illusion, but he has a feeling in his heart that he seems to be able to do more than that.

For example,

Like now, he slammed into the air fiercely.


Like the air being pumped, the crisp sound suddenly exploded in the night sky.

Immediately afterwards, under Yu Ziyu’s astonished gaze, a white air wave also swept across the night.

The white waves are not long—only two metres.

But it is precisely the traces of his branches.

That is to say, he pumped hard one by one, and he actually pulled out a wave of air.

“This, power”

If Yu Ziyu had a human body at this time, he would have propped up his chin and meditated.

“If you smoke it on someone, you should die.”


After pondering again, Yu Ziyu said affirmatively.

After all, the power of this slap must not be as simple as skin opening.

Anyway, it also produced a sonic boom.

The term sonic boom is no stranger to Yu Ziyu.

Even if a person holds a whip longer than ten metres, it can also pull out a sonic boom.

The whip will crackle when it swings at high speed. This phenomenon has been scientifically explained in previous lives about a thousand years ago: the force will be transmitted along the branch until it reaches the tip. At this time, the speed of the whip It will also be pulled the fastest until it breaks through the sound barrier, and then, when it is transmitted into the air, people will feel a short and extremely strong explosion.

And this explosion, commonly known as the ‘sonic boom,”

: ————– seeking flowers, seeking collection —————

Is this an alien stream?

It should not be counted as a mutated willow tree.

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Chapter 2 Evolution Points (asking for flowers, asking for collection)

“In this case, I seem to have some lethality, and it’s not weak.”

Looking at the two or three-metre-long green branches swinging wantonly in the night sky, Yu Ziyu was also a little moved.

Originally, he thought that after becoming a tree, what awaited him for the rest of his life would be to swallow his anger.

Unexpectedly, in just a few days, he had the ‘strength’ to fight back.

With a smile, Yu Ziyu seemed to see a very interesting scene.

Those buzzing, very annoying bees, come and smoke one by one; come and smoke a pair.

In the past few days, Yu Ziyu had endured enough with those bees.

The place where he is located is a canyon with many wild flowers, whether they are fragrant or not. Yu Ziyu has no sense of smell, so I don’t know, but during the day, there will be a lot of bees, and it is very annoying to see them come and go.

As for this canyon, it is worth mentioning that the span is about 100 metres and the height should be more than a few hundred metres, as if it were in the gap between two mountains.

As for the specific height, Yu Ziyu couldn’t guess.

His height is only about three or four metres.

There are many trees taller than him around.

And through the very dense bushes, he couldn’t compare the height of the canyon at all.

Fortunately, however, his vision landed on the tops of the willow trees.

Now he has 360-degree vision.

This feeling is weird, but it really exists.

It’s a bit like a kind of eye in the legend—white eyes.

And through this kind of vision, Yu Ziyu is not restricted by the dense branches that obscure the sky and can observe the surroundings to his heart’s content.

“Can these trees really grow so tall?”

Looking around at the big trees that can only be hugged by several people, Yu Ziyu is also a little puzzled.

Among these trees, there are also willows, but ordinary willows are only twenty or thirty metres high, and these willows,


Her heart twitched. Yu Ziyu looked at these weeping willows that may be fifty or sixty metres high, and she was also stunned.

However, one thing is certain:

There seemed to be something strange in the air.

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