Full Attributes Martial Arts Chapter 1

Entering June, the East China Sea is already as hot as a big furnace.

The sky was blue, with not a single cloud in sight, and the scorching sun hung high above the sky like a huge fireball.

Donghai No. 1 Middle School

five thirty in the afternoon.

“Ring, ring, ring…”

As soon as the bell rang for the end of class, the whole campus seemed to wake up from a deep sleep, and there was a sudden noise.

After a while, a large number of students poured out of the various teaching buildings, chatting and laughing in groups and walking towards the school gate.

“It’s too hot today!” The hot weather makes people feel irritable.

“Brother Wang Teng, go to Rose Bar for a drink tonight.”

A voice pulled Wang Teng back from his thoughts to reality.

  ”Xu Jie!”

He looked at the person who came; the face was familiar, and the long memory welled up from the depths of his mind. This was a playmate in his high school circle.

“You guys play; I won’t go at night; I have a headache.” Wang Teng said

Xu Jie said anxiously, “Don’t tell me, brother Wang Teng, there are not many people in our small circle; it will be boring if you don’t come, and we haven’t met for a while, so change the time to tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?” Wang Teng shook his

  head , Reluctantly said, “Then tomorrow night.”

“Okay, I will inform Xiaowei and the others that we will meet again tomorrow night.” Xu Jie smiled happily.

When the two walked to the school gate, there was a sudden commotion in front of them.

“Hey, what’s going on in front? There are so many people around.” Xu Jie asked doubtfully.

“I’ll go and have a look.”

As he said that, he had already run up, pushed through the crowd, and gotten in front of the crowd.

Wang Teng walked slowly with his hands in his pockets. When the students saw him, they stepped out of the way for fear of offending him.

My young master Wang’s name is really big enough!
Wang Teng couldn’t help laughing at himself.

It’s too bad it doesn’t have a good reputation.

He walked to the front of the crowd and saw that in the open space, a girl beat several social youths with dyed yellow, yellow, and green hair to the ground, crying for their father and mother. He looked at the girl with eyes full of fear.

Combined with the surrounding discussions, he probably understood what happened.

Just after school, a few yellow and green hairs met He Manrong. Seeing that she was beautiful, they couldn’t help but step forward to tease her and say a few obscenities.

They didn’t expect that He Manrong was not a soft persimmon that could be squeezed but a rose with thorns.

She shot out in anger and beat him so hard that he couldn’t get up after two or three hits.

“Goddess, he deserves to be a high-level martial artist, and those young people from society have kicked the iron plate this time!” A

The male student next to him waved his fist, and the pimples on his face were slightly reddened from being too excited.

Listening to his words, it seems that He Manrong is regarded as a goddess.

“I heard that He Manrong is a top student. I didn’t expect her to be so good. Did she ever practise Taekwondo? The legendary nine-dan black belt?

” The figure is so good, I will pay for it in the future!”

Wang Teng was lamenting He Manrong’s toughness and enjoying the beauty of the world when he suddenly heard the word “advanced warrior.” His expression froze instantly.

He was a little dazed!
Did I hear something wrong?
That’s right, I’ve just been reborn, and I’m in a trance, so it’s understandable for me to mishear.

At this time, Xu Jie came over and said enviously, “There are five senior martial arts apprentices in our school. He Manrong is the only girl among them, and she comes from an ordinary family. What a genius!” Wang Teng was speechless.


God damn high-level warrior, it seems that I heard it just now.

However, what’s the deal with the sudden emergence of a high-powered job in a good city?
Is this a rebirth?
Feeling malice from all over the world, Wang Teng was full of doubts.

Seeing so many people attracted, He Manrong frowned slightly, ignored the gangsters on the ground, and left directly.

As soon as she left, the crowd of onlookers naturally dispersed.

Wang Teng and Xu Jie parted ways at the school gate.

Wang Teng found the car that came to pick him up. Amid the envy of all the students, he got into the BMW parked by the roadside and drove away.

In the car, he looked at the receding street scene outside the window, a little lost in thought.

Only then did he notice that the trees on both sides of the street grew extraordinarily tall and that the vegetation was very lush.

These plants are overnourished; no wonder I always felt a little disobedient in school before.

The vegetation in the school is also extremely lush, but he has been immersed in the matter of rebirth, and he didn’t notice it.

Along the way, Wang Teng was very surprised by what he saw and heard.

The clean and tidy streets, the avant-garde dress styles of passersby, the prosperity of businesses, and so on

It’s not like 2009 at all, and even in 2019, when he was reborn, he may not be able to reach this level.

There is indeed a problem in this world!
Wang Teng’s head was in a state of confusion when he suddenly saw an urban beauty in her twenties walking by the side of the street with a big shaggy dog.

There was nothing wrong with that, but the dog was too big—the size of a calf.

He couldn’t help but swear.

“Damn, what breed is this dog? It’s so big!”

He took a deep breath, calmed down, and stroked his chin in doubt.

“It looks like a golden retriever, but isn’t it too big?”

Next, he saw several people holding pets.

Those pet dogs are all very big, and their size is completely beyond the standard. Some parents let their children ride on the big dogs to go shopping.

Pet dogs have become mounts!

He also saw that some pet cats had grown two tails, and some had also grown in size, like a cheetah.

However, they all appear to be very well-behaved, and the passersby around seem to be familiar with them, and they don’t regard them as beasts at all.

Wang Teng was a little numb.

This is definitely not his original world; even if the classmates are still those classmates, the school is still that school, but something is clearly off the mark.

After driving for more than 20 minutes, we arrived at the Fuhua villa area. After making several turns, the car finally stopped in front of a villa.

Fortunately, my home is still here.

Speaking of which, their family is considered moderately rich.

Wang Teng’s grandfather had four children, and his father, Wang Shengguo, was the second child in the family. He was quite capable in business. He set up his own business and established the Xingteng Group, second only to the Rongsheng Group, founded by Wang Teng’s grandfather.

Both Xingteng Group and Rongsheng Group are large companies with assets exceeding 100 million yuan.

However, Wang Teng knows that there are many such companies in the world. The Wang family may be good on this one-third of an acre of land, but in front of those real big consortiums, they are just bigger ants.

In the last life, the Wang family offended someone and was beaten to the end. After only persisting for a month, all the companies went bankrupt.

The Wang family was completely destroyed and became a thing of the past.

Two companies with over 100 million yuan sounded good, but the result was not enough for people to bite their teeth.

I have to say this is a kind of irony!
Wang Teng fell from the sky to the mortal world, and for the next few years, he lived a life that was not as good as a pig or a dog. He was oppressed and humiliated until he was reborn. No, maybe it wasn’t a rebirth!

This world has changed too much; I don’t know what will become of the Wang family.

  Even so, are your parents still the original parents?

Don’t even change your parents as soon as you enter the door.

  ”No! No!” Wang Teng quickly comforted himself. He was not at peace, so he took a few deep breaths before stepping into the villa’s gate.

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