Full Attributes Martial Arts Chapter 2

Principles of Peaceful Coexistence in Other Worlds
At this moment in 2009, the number of villas in Fuhua Community has reached more than 20,000 per square metre.

The villa of Wang Teng’s family is 800 square metres. It cost more than 10 million yuan to buy it at the beginning and more than 20 million yuan for decoration.

Walking into the villa, you will see a spacious hall.

Two servants are cleaning.

Queen Mother Li Xiumei was busy in the kitchen.

She was born into a scholarly family and was a well-known, talented woman at the university when she was young, but she is not indifferent.

On the contrary, her cooking skills are superb, and Wang Teng and his son are always full of praise for the dishes she cooks.

So Li Xiumei cooks by herself and prepares the dishes every day, waiting for her husband and son to come back to eat.

looking at the busy figure in the kitchen, smelling the familiar aroma of food.

Wang Teng stood at the door of the kitchen with his mouth open, and it took him a long time to shout.

“Mom, I’m back!”

  ”I’m back!”

Li Xiumei turned her head and said with a smile, “Wait a while; your dad should be home soon; let’s have dinner together when he comes back.” “

  Okay! I’ll go wash my face first.” Wang Teng rushed upstairs without looking back and ran into the bathroom.

  ”This child! What happened today?” Li Xiumei shook her head.

In the bathroom, Wang Teng turned on the tap and let the cold water wash over his face.

  came back!
Unexpectedly, after ten years, there is still a chance to return to this home.

After the Wang family was ruined, Wang Shengguo was conspired to pass away, and not long after, Li Xiumei also died of depression.

Wang Teng raised his head, wiped his face, and looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes were a little red.

Ten years have changed a lot.

Wang Teng has changed; he is no longer the same as before, and he can treat many people and things indifferently.

But in fact, in a certain corner of his heart, there are still a few soft spots hidden, but he was unwilling to touch them before.

Now that he is alive again, his heart is warm again.

Wang Teng dried his face, walked out of the bathroom, followed his memory to open his bedroom, and walked in.

familiar furnishings, familiar everything.

There are posters of NBA stars on the wall; music CDs and novels are stacked on the bookshelf; the desk is next to the window, not far from the bed; and there is a computer on the desk.

The computer model is very new, and it is still an Apple brand, with a bright silver body that is light and stylish.

Another item that doesn’t fit the timeline

Seeing the computer, he suddenly thought of something and found a mobile phone in his schoolbag. It really wasn’t an antique from 2009, but the latest iPhone 8.

Wang Teng was mentally prepared, entered the password calmly, and turned on the phone.

He was suddenly very thankful that he was a person who couldn’t remember the password. He had been using the same password for so many years and never changed it.

  Meituan, Are you hungry? WeChat, Douyin… Many of the software apps in them appeared later, and there were none in 2009.

When he was just reborn, he still wanted to rely on the memory of his previous life to counterattack the superior all the way and let Jack Ma, Brother Xiao Ma, and other big guys collectively sing and conquer!

Well, it’s over now!
Exhaling, he put down his phone and turned on the computer.

There is no way; it is more convenient than searching online.
Computers and mobile phones have developed to such an extent.

Technology and the Internet have never been inseparable.

After turning on the computer, Wang Teng was a little surprised.

The operating system of the computer is not Windows 10, but the 11th generation.

It seems that the level of development is not exactly the same as in 2019, and there are still differences.

It took him a while to get used to it.

Open the Baidu browser, search for the word “warrior,”, and a lot of information comes up.

After more than an hour, Wang Teng closed the browser and leaned back on the chair with a look of disbelief.

“Thirty years ago, space cracks appeared all over the world, and the other end of the crack was connected to another world—the Xingwu Continent!” ” The Xingwu Continent

has the original force, and everyone can practise the original force to become a warrior!” “

  The warrior is extremely powerful!”

” Low-level warriors cracked stones and drew knives to cut off water; high-level warriors destroyed mountains and mountains, turned rivers and seas…” “

This is too fantastic!

Wang Teng doesn’t know what to say.

Earth scientists have studied the force, It was discovered that it might be [dark matter], but why can people, animals, and plants in the Star Martial Continent absorb dark matter to change themselves, but the creatures on Earth cannot do it, and they have no way of knowing? Not long after, with the appearance of space cracks

Some kind of change seems to have taken place on the earth, and the creatures on the earth have begun to be affected by dark matter. Plants

have become taller and more lush, and some long-extinct species have reappeared in the world.

Animals have also become larger, and their physical characteristics, such as scales and spikes, Claws, teeth, etc. have also been strengthened.

There are even some gifted animals that have mutated, possessing special abilities in various attributes such as gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Humans

as the primates of all things, are naturally within the scope of evolution.

The body has also become stronger, running faster, jumping higher, and having a longer lifespan!
Most of the old people who were in their seventies or eighties 30 years ago are still alive. Many years old, the mental state is no different from sixty or seventy years old.

People are crazy!

For this reason, countries around the world put aside previous suspicions and held a global joint meeting.

In the end, it was decided to organise people to explore the space cracks. After confirming their safety, soldiers, experts, and scholars from various fields were successively dispatched to the Star Martial Continent.

These people are called pioneers!
The Star Martial Continent is vast and boundless. The pioneers claimed to be from overseas, gained the trust of the local people, and communicated and traded with them.

The people on earth did not invade wildly but adopted the principle of peaceful coexistence and got along with the aborigines of the Star Martial Continent in a gentle way.

Not long after, the pioneers brought back the cultivation methods of the Star Martial Continent.

After research and experimentation, human beings on earth can practise. In the end, all countries unanimously decided to disclose the cultivation methods and open the era of martial arts to all.

This is a major change!

Since then, history has turned a big corner and developed in an unpredictable direction.

Hit the blackboard here to draw the key points, which are required for the college entrance examination.

The most powerful part of human beings is their wisdom. Through cultivation, human beings quickly strengthen themselves. In just a few years, a large number of powerful warriors have emerged from all over the world.

Some of these fighters entered the military, some entered the government, and some belonged to various big consortiums and families, forming an alliance. Provide a path to practise.

It is because of the existence of these warriors that some mutated and powerful beasts can be kept out of the city so as not to cause large-scale impact and damage to civilised society.

However, martial arts is a profession that requires talent; after all, not everyone can become a martial artist.

To become a formal martial artist, one must cultivate one’s physical body and solidify one’s foundation.

Cultivators at this stage are so-called warriors.

Only when the foundation is solid enough can the original force be absorbed and stored in the body, that is, in a formal warrior.

If the force is compared to water, the body is a container of water, and the process of absorbing the force is like filling the container with water. Only by making the container wider and stronger can it hold more water.

The training principle for warriors is simply like this:
According to the level of comprehensive physical qualities such as strength and speed, warriors can be divided into three levels: beginner, middle, and high.

He Manrong, whom he had met at the school gate before, was a high-level warrior, only one step away from being a formal warrior.

However, this step has stumped many people.

There is a qualitative difference in whether or not the original force is absorbed into the body.

A formal warrior who has cultivated the original force can fight ten high-level warriors without the original force without any pressure.

It seems that there is a gap between high-level warriors and formal warriors, but in fact, it is like a gap.

Moreover, poor culture and rich martial arts require a lot of resources; resources are expensive, so ordinary people are at a disadvantage after all.

All in all, in the face of a large base, the number of warriors is still a minority, and most of them are just slightly stronger ordinary people.

However, this does not prevent warriors from becoming mainstream. The rarity and importance of warriors have created their transcendent status.

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