Full Attributes Martial Arts Chapter 3

after seven o’clock in the evening.

Wang Teng’s family finally sat down for dinner.

“Your father’s car is halfway there, and the company has something to do. If you go back and forth for more than an hour, you can’t go back after eating.” Li Xiumei complained to Wang Teng about food.

Wang Teng checked the information in the room for more than an hour but forgot to eat. Fortunately, his father happened to be late because he had something to do.

“It’s urgent, so I can only go back and deal with it first.” Wang Shengguo said helplessly.

“Let’s ignore your dad; he’s only focused on his broken company.” Li Xiumei rolled her eyes at Wang Shengguo.

Wang Teng smiled inwardly.

In fact, in high school, the relationship between Wang Teng and his father was a bit stiff. Wang Shengguo hoped that his son would become a dragon, so he was naturally strict with him, but Wang Teng was always a bit rebellious in high school, and he was also very ignorant. deeper and deeper.

But thinking about it now, Wang Teng felt that some of the behaviours of his past self were childish and ridiculous.

At the dinner table, both Wang Teng and Wang Shengguo seemed relatively silent, and Li Xiumei was busy serving Wang Teng’s dishes and doing homework with the father and son.

Wang Teng enjoyed the atmosphere very much.

Wang Shengguo chatted with Wang Teng for a few words, mainly asking about his studies.

Wang Teng answered in a well-regulated manner, not as full of middle school breath as before, throwing chopsticks at every turn to lose his temper.

Wang Shengguo was a little surprised, feeling that he was a little different today, but he didn’t think much about it.

After finishing his meal, he hurried out again.

As the head of a large company, he actually has a lot of things to do in a day, and he almost only sleeps four or five hours a day.

Wang Teng and Li Xiumei greeted each other, went out, and went straight to [Jixing Martial Arts Hall].

A yellow sports car is speeding on the street at night, and the roar is eye-catching. The current cars all use the original force as an energy source. Gasoline has long been eliminated, and it is more environmentally friendly and cheaper.

The pioneers not only brought back cultivation methods from the Star Martial Continent but also various products of the Force civilization.

Force runes are one of them.

The Earth’s technology combined with the Force civilization gave birth to Force technology. Cars use the Force, and computers and mobile phones also use the newly developed Force rune chips and batteries, which run faster and last longer. Half an hour later

  , Wang Teng drove and stopped in front of the martial arts hall.

According to the information he found, the Polar Star Martial Art Museum is one of the three giants in the Huaxia region. The owner of the martial arts gym is a 12-star warrior, and his combat power can be ranked among the top five in China.

Even on a global scale, it is also a top 20 powerhouse.

Official fighters: 1 to 9 stars are warriors; 10 stars are quasi-warriors; 11 stars are low-ranked warriors; 12 stars are middle-ranked warriors; 13 stars are high-ranked warriors. The strength of the Pole Star martial arts

  master It can be seen!
The headquarters of Pole Star Martial Arts are in Xiamen, but there are branch gyms in all major cities in China. There are many warriors and strong fighters, like clouds.

The Donghai Branch of Pole Star Martial Arts is located by the seaside, crawling there like a giant beast in the dark, covering an area comparable to a high school.

The main entrance of the martial arts hall is large enough for five or six cars to pass in parallel, which is very atmospheric.

There is a huge boulder standing in the middle of the main entrance. On the boulder, there are several flamboyant and phoenix-flying gilt characters, which are extremely eye-catching.

At the sentry box, several armed guards walked to the side of the car.

“Routine inspection, please cooperate!”

Wang Teng lowered the window, nodded, and then got out of the car.

The security guards checked the interior of the sports car and scanned Wang Teng’s whole body with a scanner, checking very carefully.

At the same time, Wang Teng was also looking at the guards.

They were wearing black protective vests, and the firearms in their hands were obviously large-calibre machine guns, which looked hideous.

The original force rune is engraved on the body of the gun, indicating that it is an original force gun, and its power is several times stronger than that of ordinary guns. Even if a formal warrior is shot head-on, it will be crippled.

After the inspection, the guard releases it.

Wang Teng parked the car and walked on the road in the Wuguan courtyard.

Even though it was past eight o’clock, it was still as bright as day in the martial arts hall. There were a large number of martial arts students on the road and on the lawn.

There are also many people training at night.

Every second counts in the training of warriors. Talent is only the most basic condition, and continuous hard work and sweat are required to achieve success.

There are three tall buildings in the martial arts hall.

They are silvery-white overall, have distinctive features, and are very recognisable.

The one in the middle is the administrative building, rectangular in shape and 100 metres high, straight into the sky, but the top is a weird semicircle.

On the left is the warrior teaching building, and on the right is the warrior training building.

These two buildings are like two huge spheres, not high, only three floors, but the interior is very wide, at least twice the size of the playground of Donghai No. 1 Middle School.

Putting the three buildings together, Wang Teng wondered if this was to show the owner’s bad taste.

Wang Teng had done some research before coming here, so he went straight to the administrative building.

Under the guidance of the staff, sign up as a martial arts student, and then go to the martial arts teaching building on the left.

The martial arts school will only recruit students between the ages of sixteen and thirty to avoid wasting resources.

Wang Teng is only seventeen years old, so there is no problem.

Walking into the martial arts teaching building, the noise in the hall came to my face.

The first floor is where junior students train. The junior students correspond to the junior warriors. There are more than 3,000 junior warriors in Jixing Martial Arts Hall.

In the training hall on the first floor, the students were practising individually, which seemed very lively.

Just as Wang Teng entered the hall, he froze in place.

What did he see?
There are as many as forty or fifty transparent bubbles floating in the air all over the place.

Wang Teng blinked hard; the bubbles still existed, and the students in the training hall seemed to be invisible.

  Goldfinger? !

He was a little uncertain, and he stopped a passing student.

“What are you doing?”

The other party was only sixteen or seventeen years old and looked at Wang Teng impatiently with an unhappy expression of “you are more handsome than me”.

“Brother, your floor is well laid!” Wang Teng said, pointing at the ground.

Those transparent bubbles float at the height of a person’s calf, and they can be seen as soon as they lower their heads.

But the student completely ignored it and said it with disgust.

“This is the best plastic floor. It is engraved with the runes of the original force. It has the functions of shock absorption, durability, and shock resistance.” “

Where did it come from? I have no knowledge at all!

  ” gone.

Wang Teng rubbed his chin to see the other party’s reaction; obviously, he couldn’t see it, so only he could see it.

Those students walked back and forth in the training hall, and some passed directly through the bubbles. To them, those bubbles seemed unreal.

Wang Teng stepped forward, approached the bubble closest to him, and tried to see if he could pass through it.

As a result, the bubble disappeared as soon as it was touched.

His eyes suddenly blurred, and a transparent panel jumped out.

Staring at the transparent panel, Wang Teng’s heart beat faster. It came faster and faster, as if it were about to pop out of the throat.

  So exciting!
Wang Teng felt that even if he won the $100 million lottery, he might not be so excited.

But now he can’t help it!

This special meow is definitely a golden finger!

In this era where warriors are the mainstream, becoming stronger is the only way out.

This golden finger can pick up attributes and then turn them into their own attributes. This effect is too heaven-defying!
Others have to work hard, but Wang Teng only needs to pick up attributes. He seems to see an unimpeded path to heaven open before him.

One day, he, Wang Teng, will skyrocket to 90,000 miles!
I am Mengxin Dividing Line.

I would like to mention that any similarities in the names of places and people in the article are purely coincidental!
Also, this article takes place in a parallel world.

Xiadu is the capital of China. La la la, that’s it.

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