Full Attributes Martial Arts Chapter 4

Wang Teng came to Jixing Martial Arts Gym originally to practise.

Now I am busy picking up attributes.

He felt like a trash picker, diligently picking up things dropped by others.

He had observed it before, and the transparent bubbles on the ground were all dropped by the students in the martial arts gym during the training process.

There are many trainees in the martial arts gym, so there are also many attribute bubbles.

But there was one thing that made Wang Teng very sad.

The existence of air bubbles is limited in time and will disappear after a few minutes.

He was stunned for a while just now, and several bubbles disappeared, but his heart was broken, and he felt that he had lost hundreds of millions.

The trainees continued to train and occasionally dropped a few attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng was very happy to pick it up, and his attribute “Cengcengceng” went up as if he didn’t need money.

Seeing him running around like a headless chicken in the training hall, a warrior instructor couldn’t stand it anymore and called him to stop.

“Hey, that classmate, why don’t you train well when you come to the martial arts hall? Why are you running around?”

“Teacher, I just came here today to see how everyone trains. The ancients said that threesomes must have a teacher. I will learn from everyone first.” Study hard.”

Wang Teng looked at the martial apprentice mentor, smiling and talking nonsense.

  ”Just here? Then come here, I’ll teach you [National Ninth Radio Gymnastics] first; now you don’t know anything; it’s useless to read; let’s learn the basics well.” The instructor said

Wang Teng thought about it and felt that what he said made sense, and this mentor was still very responsible.

With reluctance, he glanced at the few attribute bubbles that had just dropped in the training hall, as if they were leaving him by hundreds of millions.

“Teacher, what kind of exercise is [Ninth National Radio Gymnastics]?” Wang Teng walked over and asked curiously.

“[National Ninth Radio Gymnastics] is a scientific exercise method developed by the country in combination with the basic exercise method of Star Martial Continent.”

The instructor said this and turned on the speaker.

“National Ninth Radio Gymnastics Exercise: Martial Arts Youth, start now!”

Wang Teng gave us a full-body meal!
The music sounded, and it was the familiar smell and the familiar preparatory action.

  ”Look carefully!”

The tall and strong instructor was at least 1.8 metres tall, with terrifying muscles all over his body. At this time, he looked serious and was taking preparatory actions.

Wang Teng was dumbfounded!

The instructor has already started practising gymnastics on the radio along with the music.

“The first pose, stretching exercise, is one, two, three, four, two, two, three, four.”

second pose, chest expansion exercise, one two three four, two two three four,

“The third pose, the kicking exercise, One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four…”

Wang Teng stared blankly at the other party with countless muddy horses galloping wildly in his mind, and he couldn’t stop them.

Shente Meow broadcasts gymnastics!

Although he also found that the names are still those names, the movements are much more complicated, and some difficult movements are very demanding on the body.

It seems like it can really play a role in body training.
However, this music, this rhythm, and this familiar feeling are really shameful!

“How about it? Did you see it clearly? If you didn’t see it clearly, I will rehearse it for you again!” The

The music stopped, and the instructor also slowly stopped his movements and let out a long breath. There were many hot spots on his forehead. Khan, the effect of [National Ninth Radio Gymnastics] is amazing.

“Teacher, I see it clearly!” Wang Teng nodded quickly, for fear that he would really do it again.

Judging from his unfinished look, it is likely that he will do what he says, and he is not kidding.

“Oh, it seems that you have a good memory. I only remembered it after reading it three times.” The tutor said this with some disappointment.

Khan, what’s the matter with your disappointed look?
You are addicted to doing gymnastics!

Wang Teng persuaded the mentor to go away like a plague god and asked him to harm other students, and they were very happy.

What about [National Ninth Broadcasting Gymnastics]? I, Wang Teng, will never practise, even if killed!

In this life, I can only become stronger by picking up attributes!

Taking advantage of the mentor’s inattention, Wang Teng continued his great career of picking attributes.

Wang Teng is very happy. He picked up a lot of strength and speed attributes. I haven’t tried it, and I don’t know what the strength has reached. However, when he was strolling in the training hall, he obviously felt that his speed was much faster, and he accidentally jumped a few metres away.

[Savvy] The attributes are a little bit small, and they are all a few tenths. Only a few can add up to make up a little.

“With the attribute of [savvy] increasing, does it make me smarter, and I don’t feel anything?” Wang Teng thought


Basic Boxing*5?!!

A different bubble was absorbed by Wang Teng, and many memories of practising boxing suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Basic boxing—I will know it now.” Wang Teng was a little incredulous.

In the martial arts stage, one does not have the original force and cannot practise the original force combat skills.

So the country summed up many basic combat skills, including body skills, boxing skills, sword skills, knife skills, and so on.

Then spread it out so that everyone can practise.

Wang Teng looked at the young man in his twenties who was practising basic boxing not far in front of him, and his eyes sparkled.

Although he has learned the basic boxing techniques, he is obviously not yet proficient. He has just mastered them. It is very rough, which is equivalent to the level of ordinary people who have practised for four or five days.

However, picking up more [basic boxing] attributes should improve proficiency, right?

Bang bang bang!
The young man punched the sandbag vigorously, and the sandbag swayed from side to side, and every punch made the sandbag dent.


“Sure enough, warriors are the way out.”

“Why don’t you drop it?” Hey, it fell, it fell, and it fell again!”

Wang Teng was a little excited and secretly touched it from behind, picked up the attribute inadvertently, and then slipped away. Walk.

“This young man is promising! Very promising!” Wang Teng exclaimed.

His basic boxing skills are really more proficient!

After waiting for a while, Wang Teng had no choice but to turn to other students when he saw that the other party did not lose any more attributes.

Only children make choices.

My lord, I want them all!

I, Wang Teng, am a grown-up!

[Basic body skills * 2]

The training hall is surrounded by a track, like a playground.

A fat man ran across the track, blowing Wang Teng’s hair like a gust of wind.

drops a bubble behind the buttocks.

confirmed the body type: he is a flexible fat man!
  ”Huh? Basic agility!!”

Wang Teng picked up the attribute and was suddenly surprised. It was another basic combat skill, or agility. This luck is a bit European.

The fat man ran tirelessly, and the back of his butt seemed like a hen laying eggs, and bubbles fell down one by one.

  ”So many!”

Wang Teng was shocked again, and following the principle of never wasting, he ran and picked up.

The newly added speed attribute played a role, supporting Wang Teng to hang behind the fat man, running with some joy.

“Hahaha. Why are you following me?” The fat man stopped, stuck out his tongue, stared at Wang Teng, and asked.

“Who is following you? I’m practising agility. Don’t be sentimental.” Wang Teng also stared.


“What are you?”

“Damn, I won’t run away; you can run by yourself.” The fat man was furious, but he had nothing to do with Wang Teng.

“Don’t, just run a few more times. I think you have a bright future; don’t give up easily!” Wang Teng Wan stayed.

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