Full Attributes Martial Arts Chapter 5

At eleven o’clock, the night was deep.

Wang Teng left the Jixing Martial Arts Gym with an unsatisfactory expression on his face.

Others trained all night, but he spent the whole night hanging out.

  hang out?

  Bah, bah… How can you say that the martial artist’s matter is a mess?
The other martial arts students also left one after another, and Wang Teng was in the last batch.

It’s not how hard he worked, but in order not to miss any attribute bubbles, well, this is also a kind of effort.

Wang Teng drove on the deserted streets.

  [Savvy]: 19.3
  [Constitution]: 47
  [Strength]: 135
  [Speed]: 86
[Combat Skills]: Basic boxing (rough knowledge), basic body skills (rough knowledge),
I glanced at the attribute panel and was satisfied.

From the initial single-digit to the current double-digit and three-digit attributes, the changes are undoubtedly huge.

Strength and speed are improved the most, while comprehension and constitution are relatively small.

It is not difficult to see that there are certain differences in the probability of various attributes falling.

To his surprise, he also got basic boxing skills and basic body skills tonight. For a warrior, it is not enough to have a strong body. He must learn combat skills in order to display his full strength.

“Come back to the martial arts hall tomorrow to test and see how far I can go.” Wang Teng thought

Back home, Li Xiumei prepared supper.

Wang Shengguo was eating, and when he saw Wang Teng coming back, he asked with a frown, “It’s so late; where have you been?


Then he said to Li Xiumei: “Mom, you cooked egg noodles; do you have some left for me? I’m hungry.” ” Yes! I

left some for you.”

Li Xiumei was very happy that her son liked the things he cooked.

Suck and suck
Wang Teng took the bowl, sat next to Wang Shengguo, and ate it in big mouthfuls. It was very delicious.

Wang Shengguo didn’t smell the alcohol on Wang Teng’s body, so he loosened his brows slightly and asked in surprise, “What are you doing in the martial arts hall?” “

  I’m going to practise martial arts!” Wang Teng said this without raising his head.

Both Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei were taken aback. They couldn’t help but glance at each other and then look at Wang Teng together.

They had persuaded Wang Teng before, but Wang Teng had been spoiled since he was a child, and he was ignorant, so he didn’t take their words at all.

Now he actually wants to learn martial arts on his own initiative?

“Son, do you want to practise martial arts?” Li Xiumei asked in disbelief.

  ”Yes!” Wang Teng nodded.

“Son, are you in a relationship?” Li Xiumei asked suspiciously.

  ”Huh?” Wang Teng was taken aback.

When did I fall in love? I do not know how.
“Didn’t you dislike martial arts before?” Wang Shengguo asked.

“It’s no big deal. Now that I’ve figured it out, I will practise naturally.” Wang Teng said it with a casual look.

It’s that simple?
Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei looked at each other again.

“Okay, since you want to practise martial arts, I’ll hire you a good teacher to teach you!” Seeing that Wang Teng was not joking, Wang Shengguo clapped his hands happily and said,

“Dad, please don’t invite the teacher first. Martial arts require talent. I want to practise by myself.”

Wang Teng immediately refused. What teacher can compare to his golden finger?
At most, his father could invite a high-level martial artist to be his teacher, but with his wealth, a martial artist would definitely not be able to afford it.

When learning from a high-level warrior, it is better to spend more time picking up attributes.

Asking the teacher is a waste of money.

In today’s era of warriors, even hiring a high-level warrior is not cheap.

Wang Shengguo didn’t force it, nodded, and said, “That’s okay; there are also instructors in the martial arts gym. As one of the three giants in the Huaxia martial arts gym, Jixing martial arts hall, their instructors are not bad.” “You study hard; I don’t care.

” I hope you can become a warrior; as long as you can cultivate into a high-level warrior, your physical fitness will be greatly improved, and your lifespan will also be greatly increased.” “The body is capital, and with a good body,

“Everything can be done with half the effort.”

In fact, he is also afraid of Wang Tengsan. Minutes of heat, within two days I can’t bear the hardships, and I don’t practise anymore.

It’s better to let Wang Teng practise for a period of time by himself first, and if he can really persevere, it’s not too late to make plans.

  ”Understood, dad.” Wang Teng secretly laughed in his heart. His dad just likes to preach, but before, he wouldn’t listen to it at all.


  Senior warrior?

I have a golden finger, let alone a formal warrior; even a warrior-level warrior is not impossible.

It’s just that I’m afraid to say it and scare him.

Wang Shengguo felt relieved and felt that Wang Teng had matured a lot. Could it be that he really fell in love?
“Son, you are also seventeen years old. If you really fall in love, we have no objection. Do you have enough pocket money?”

Wang Teng was a little confused.

We can’t get around this hurdle, can we?

“Mom and Dad, I really haven’t fallen in love. If I did, I’ll definitely bring it back for you to see right away.” He said it helplessly.

“It’s a pity!” Li Xiumei was a little disappointed.

Wang Shengguo nodded in agreement. “…” Wang Teng said speechlessly.

“Mom, I was just seventeen years old, so where am I?”

It’s just right to get married in the next year.” Li Xiumei said

“You can get married at the age of eighteen!” Wang Teng was shocked.

In the age of martial arts, are you so happy?
“Mom, I’ve finished eating. I’m going upstairs to take a shower and go to sleep.”

He ran upstairs as if fleeing, and if he talked to his mother for a while, he might even come out with his son.

That’s the fucking guy.

  ”This child! Husband, I think the girl from the Tang family is nice. Do you want to go to her house some other day and ask?”

Downstairs, Li Xiumei was still talking to Wang Shengguo.

Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t hear it; otherwise, I’m afraid I’d be scared to pee. The girl from the Tang family is at least two hundred cats, my mother!


the next day.

Early in the morning, Wang Shengguo was eating breakfast: buns, fried dough sticks, soy milk, etc.Although simple, it is the favourite of Chinese people.

Wang Teng came down from upstairs.

Because it is Saturday, there is no class, and the time can be arranged freely.

After breakfast, Wang Teng greeted his parents and hurried out the door.

Wang Shengguo was relieved again and said to Li Xiumei: “Let the servants buy some star beast meat today; Xiao Teng will practise martial arts, and eating star beast meat will help improve his physical fitness.”

Extreme Star Martial Arts Hall

Wang Teng came very early; there were only three or two students in the training hall, and these people were very diligent.

They were a little surprised to see Wang Teng’s new face.

However, Wang Teng’s “diligence” won their approval, and several students nodded kindly, thinking that Wang Teng should be the same kind of person as them.

Wang Teng also felt that he was very hardworking, but few people came, and there were very few bubbles.

He stepped forward to greet several students one by one and picked up the attributes, by the way.

Yes, by the way!

I, Wang Teng, am a polite person. Greetings are the real purpose.

Wow, the attributes are so rich; there is basic boxing, basic swordsmanship, and a basic combat skill!

Sure enough, the early bird gets the worm.

The students in the martial arts hall are all talented; they speak nicely, and they lose a lot of attributes. I really like them.

I am Mengxin’s dividing line.

I don’t enter the rivers and lakes; I am very hardworking!

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