Full Attributes Martial Arts Chapter 6

After picking up a few attribute bubbles, Wang Teng ran to the corner to see if the students would fall again in a while.

Several test machines are placed there.

Dynamometers, speedometers, physical fitness detectors, etc.

These are all machines for examining the physical fitness of warriors. They are relatively standard, and the error is extremely small.

Wang Teng came to the dynamometer first.

He has already learned basic boxing techniques, which is equivalent to mastering the most basic force-exerting skills.

Others need at least a month; even a genius takes about ten days, but Wang Teng only spent one night.

The distance is just a few attribute bubbles!
The shortest distance in the world is this, and no one else dares to think about it.

Wang Teng stood slowly, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and relaxed.

He suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze fixed, as if a wild animal that was hunting suddenly jumped up. His legs firmly grasped the ground, his waist and hips moved slightly, his back and spine tensed like a bowstring, and he punched out.


Wang Teng’s fist hit the dynamometer directly.

The numbers on the screen of the dynamometer jumped wildly and finally settled on a value of 143kg!

When he went home last night, his strength attribute was 135, and he just got another 8 points. The total is 143, which corresponds to 143 kg.

This power is close to the limits of ordinary people!
Attention! It is extreme strength!

A person who is driven to a desperate situation may be able to exert strength beyond the limit of his body, but for ordinary people, it is very difficult! Very difficult!
Thinking about it now, at first his strength attribute was 50, almost equivalent to the strength of an ordinary person!
Fortunately, I am not Zhanwuscum!

Wang Teng comforted himself, then turned on the speedometer and stood up.

The speedometer is like a treadmill. As the tester runs, the tyre belt below rotates to measure the speed.

Wang Teng started to run slowly, then slowly accelerated until reaching the peak.

The speedometer will display the fastest speed of the tester.

After Wang Teng felt that he had reached the fastest speed, he stopped slowly and stepped off the speedometer.

He looked at the value displayed on the speedometer: “12.7 m/s!”

Obviously, speed and attributes are not equal. As for how to convert the two, Wang Teng doesn’t seem to care.

It’s just that the numbers are different.

Wang Teng was a little surprised by the speed he just tested.

This has already caught up with the previous world 100-metre running champion, right? The body of a warrior is so terrifying, let alone a warrior.

“Look at your physique again.”

The physique tester stood upright in the corner like a hibernation cabin in a sci-fi movie.

Wang Teng walked in, pressed the test button, and a beam of light scanned his body several times from head to toe!
The physical fitness test includes comprehensive elements such as blood, muscles, bones, meridians, etc. It is very complicated and can only be done with high technology.

“Ding, the scan is over; student Wang Teng has a physique of 47!”

A beautiful female voice came from the physique tester.

“Tsk tsk, it also has a voice broadcast function.”

Wang Teng felt that the physical fitness tester was more advanced than the dynamometer and speedometer, and at the same time he couldn’t help but muttered, “
Physique 47 corresponds to the physical attributes. It seems that the only difference is speed.

  ” He took a look at the “List of Martial Apprentice Classification” posted on the wall next to him.

The standard for a low-level warrior is a strength of 100 kg to 300 kg, a speed of 9 seconds to 7 seconds per 100 metres, that is, 11.11 m/s to 14.28 m/s, and a physique of 30 to 50.

Obviously, Wang Teng is already a low-level martial artist!

He is quite satisfied with the result.

Do you still want to go to heaven if you are not satisfied?

After all, from an ordinary person to a low-level warrior, he didn’t know how much time he saved compared to others.

One must be content…

“Strive to become an intermediate martial artist today!” Wang Teng was so excited that he decided not to go anywhere and spent the whole day in the training hall.

Those students were training independently and did not pay attention to Wang Teng’s test results.

After all, they are only meeting each other for the first time today, and they don’t have much friendship, so it’s impolite to pry into other people’s strengths rashly.

Just as Wang Teng was testing, several attribute bubbles fell from the feet of several students.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up; he casually walked past them and picked them up quietly.

  [Basic swordsmanship*3]





“Not bad, not bad; he still has savvy, and he’s proficient in basic swordsmanship!” Wang Teng was secretly delighted.

At this time, there were too few people, and Wang Teng didn’t want to be too independent and attract attention. He walked into the weapon room and glanced over.

There are many weapons in the armoury cabinet, such as swords, knives, guns, halberds, sticks, hammers, and so on.

There are many small categories of weapons in the same category, such as swords, long swords, short swords, soft swords, two-handed swords, etc.

It can be said that there are a wide variety of weapons here.

Even if the weapons learned by the students are far away, they can find the ones they need in this weapon room.

Wang Teng stood in front of the cabinet where the swords were placed and took down a “Shadow Series” black iron sword.

With the prevalence of martial arts, the weapons industry naturally developed accordingly. After all, weapons are too important for warriors.

A warrior with a sharp weapon has an advantage when confronting a warrior without a weapon.

However, the weapons provided to the warriors are all imitations, the materials are average, and there are no runes attached.

This black iron sword from the “Shadow Series” is completely black, and its standard and weight are the same as the genuine ones, but there are no mysterious runes on its body.

I really want to make a comparison.

The cost of this sword is only a few hundred yuan, while the authentic product costs hundreds of thousands, which is a huge difference.

Wang Teng shook the black iron sword in his hand; the weight was just right.

Boys will have a preference for and yearning for all kinds of weapons.

Many people have even dreamed of travelling the world with a sword!
The previous life was a technological society; there were no martial arts, and Wang Teng had no chance to touch them.

Now he looked at the long sword in his hand and was a little delighted.

Before he obtained the [Basic Sword Art] attribute, he had some understanding of the basic sword art. Before anyone else came to train, and there were no bubbles to pick up, he just went out to practise and see the power of this basic sword art.

He walked out of the weapon room, found an empty space, and practised sword skills according to the extra memory of sword skills in his mind.

“Shua, Shua, Shua!”

The long sword swung, making a slight sound like it was piercing through the air.

If this is cut on a person’s body, either death or injury will result.

Among the few students, the young man who provided Wang Teng with the [Basic Sword Art] attribute was also practising swords. He was a little surprised when he saw Wang Teng coming out with a long sword.

So he slowly closed his eyes and watched Wang Teng’s rehearsal from a distance.

“It turned out to be just a beginner!”

However, after taking a second glance, he shook his head and stopped paying attention.

“Why don’t you think it’s too difficult? After practising it twice, I’m a lot more proficient.”

“My comprehension is only 19.3, which isn’t very high!”

Wang Teng stopped, thinking in surprise.

He didn’t know that his 19.3 comprehension ability was much higher than that of ordinary people. Of course, he wouldn’t find it too difficult to practise basic things.

If it is to learn the original force combat skills, it is impossible to be so easy!

The original force combat technique involves the use of the original force, which is relatively profound and complicated. If the understanding is not enough, it will be very difficult to practise.

From this, it can be seen that the cultivation of martial arts really values talent, and those who can become warriors must be geniuses!
——I’m Mengxin Dividing Line——

I’ve collected two digits; let’s sprinkle flowers to celebrate.

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