Full Attributes Martial Arts Chapter 8

At six o’clock, Wang Shengguo returned home.

Li Xiumei asked Aunt Chen, the servant, to ask Wang Teng to go downstairs for dinner.

Wang Teng just took a shower, changed his clothes, and was blowing his hair with a hair dryer.

“Got it, Aunt Chen; I’ll go down right away.”

He replied casually.

After becoming a warrior, even his hearing improved a lot, and the noise of the hair dryer didn’t affect him at all.

In less than a minute, he finished drying his hair, unplugged it, and went downstairs to eat.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei are waiting for him.

There are several bowls of dishes on the table, steaming hot and fragrant.

The family sits around and eats together.

“Son, how is your practise today?”

Li Xiumei asked what Wang Shengguo wanted to ask most, and he looked at Wang Teng eagerly.

Having said that, it is not easy for Wang Shengguo to be a father. His friends usually show him how good his sons and daughters are, and so-and-so’s children become intermediate warriors, advanced warriors, etc.

Only Wang Shengguo can say it, thinking that he is the boss of a large company with assets worth over 100 million yuan, but his son is ignorant.

If you say it, you will definitely be laughed at.

Now his son has finally come to his senses and is willing to practise martial arts. When he really becomes a high-level martial artist, he can go out and talk about it.

“It’s okay; the martial arts brother said that I still have talent.” Wang Teng said

He didn’t tell his parents that he was already an intermediate martial artist and that the happiness would come too suddenly, lest they faint with joy.

Tell them later, slowly.

“It’s good to have talent. It’s good to have talent.”

Wang Shengguo narrowed his happy eyes, waved his big hand, and said, “Practise well. Although our Wang family is not a wealthy family, at least it is much better than ordinary people. Don’t worry about the resources for martial arts.” Wang Teng

nodded and didn’t say much.

He is not very worried about resources. Others may need various martial arts resources, but he is not very dependent.

With the golden finger in hand, other people’s resources are his resources!
“Come on, eat more. After a day of practise, you must be hungry and tired.”

Compared with whether Wang Teng can become a warrior, Li Xiumei is more concerned about whether Wang Teng will suffer or not. Seeing Wang Teng wolf him down, she feels a little distressed.

Wang Teng didn’t even bother to talk; he had to say that the star beast meat was really delicious, fat but not greasy; it melted in the mouth.

After eating it, it seems that there is a warm current flowing through the limbs and bones, relieving fatigue.

Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo also ate a little, but they didn’t dare to eat more.

After all, they didn’t practise martial arts, and they ate too much, and it was too much.

Ordinary people in the age of martial arts, although under the influence of the original force, have seen their physical fitness improve a lot, but that is the long-term subtle influence.

After eating, Wang Teng was about to go to Jixing Martial Arts Hall when his cell phone rang.

After picking it up, Xu Jie’s voice came out.

“Brother Wang Teng, we are already at the Rose Bar; come here quickly.”

Wang Teng finally remembered this matter that he had forgotten for a long time. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly and say, “Okay, wait, I will be there soon.”

  It seems that I won’t be able to go to the Jixing martial arts hall tonight.”

Wang Teng felt a little regretful, but he also knew that it was impossible to spend time in the martial arts hall every day after all.

  ”Just relax.”

Wang Teng greeted his parents and went out.

Boom, boom, boom…

The sports car roars on the street; whether it is the streamlined body or the huge roar, it is the focus of passersby’s eyes.

Nancheng Bar Street!

There are many bar streets in Donghai, and the one in Nancheng is the most prosperous.

A large number of bars gather here, of different types, different styles, and even different price points.

Popular bars are suitable for low-end consumers, while high-end bars are suitable for the elite class of society or the children of rich families.

Although I don’t want to say this, people are indeed divided into different classes invisibly.

Every night, the street lights of the bar are full of feasting: bright neon lights, gorgeous light, and shadow intertwined, converging into a dreamlike spectacle.

Young urban men and women are burdened with heavy work during the day and are under pressure. They hope to find a place to relax at night.

Social pressure has never disappeared. In the age of martial arts, the pressure is even heavier.

They need catharsis!
Of course, for people like Wang Teng, it was nothing more than a place to have fun.

Outside Rose Bar, there were a lot of sports cars and luxury cars parked. After searching for a long time, Wang Teng finally found an empty parking space to park the car and then walked into the bar.

A door separates the inside and outside of the bar into two worlds.

The moment the door was opened, the explosive music, the sound of handsome men and women talking and laughing, and the flickering light gathered together, impacting Wang Teng’s eardrums and eyes.

“It’s such a familiar feeling!”

In his previous life, after the defeat of the Wang family, Wang Teng never came to the bar again.

He seemed to have been kicked out of this noisy world.

But now he’s back!

Wang Teng strode into the Rose Bar with a handsome face and brand-name clothing. In addition, after becoming a martial artist for two days, his body has become strong and straight, and his mental outlook has taken on a new look. The whole person is like a diamond in the sand, which is extraordinarily bright and dazzling.

Many women’s eyes were attracted by him, and they seemed a little interested.

Wang Teng used to be old bacon, but now he is real fresh meat. His appearance is a little immature, but his temperament is completely different.

In his previous life, he experienced many things, including life’s ups and downs.

I have enjoyed wealth, but I have also experienced poverty.

He used to be high-spirited and successful at a young age, but he was also depraved and depressed.

and his rich experience has created his calm temperament, which makes it easy for people to like him at first sight.

Wang Teng scanned the bar, looking for Xu Jie and others.

At this time, a voice came from the left.

“Brother Wang Teng, here, here!”

Wang Teng saw the girl who was waving towards him: Bai Wei, a little sister in their circle.

With her ball cap tied, she looks playful and charming.

Wang Teng still remembered that when she became an adult, this little girl looked so disastrous to the country and the people. I don’t know how many men were fascinated by her.

“You came early enough.”

Bai Wei made way for Wang Teng, who sat down beside her.

“Brother Wang Teng, you are late.” Xu Jie complained.

“It’s just the beginning of the long night; why come so early?” Wang Teng laughed.

“Brother Wang Teng!”

Another boy also greeted Wang Teng.

“Yu Hao, it’s been a long time.” Wang Teng looked at him.

“I was caught by my dad recently, so I sneaked out today.” Yu Hao said helplessly.

“This kid was caught by his father practising martial arts.” Xu Jie smiled gloatingly.

  ”Oh? How’s your practise going?” Wang Teng asked in surprise.

“I’m already a low-level warrior.” Yu Hao rubbed his head and said it embarrassedly.

“Damn it, you kid, you became a low-level warrior without making a sound!” Xu Jie exclaimed, obviously not knowing the news yet.

“Among the few of us, you are the only one who became a martial apprentice. If you are bullied in the future, I will always look for you.”

Immediately, he put his arm around Yu Hao’s shoulder and said it with a smile.

“Little mouse, I’ll rely on you from now on!” Bai Wei also smiled and echoed, saying

Yu Hao was a little proud of what they said, especially Bai Wei’s affirmation, which made him very happy.

A few people walked recently, and there was inevitably some hazy affection between men and women.

This is how Yu Hao treated Bai Wei.

Wang Teng smiled and asked, “Why didn’t you see Yuan Zhenghua?”

Several people were silent for a while.

“He won’t come!” Xu Jie sneered.

  ”Huh? What’s going on?” Wang Teng asked with a frown.

“That guy climbed up to Li Rongcheng of the Li family and became his lackey.” Xu Jie pouted.

  ”Li Rongcheng!”

Wang Teng thought for a while and finally remembered such a person from the depths of his memory.

The families of Wang Teng and the others are almost the same; their fathers also know each other, and they have business contacts with each other, so they naturally formed a small circle.

And the Li family that Li Rongcheng belongs to is not a small family in Donghai; it is much stronger than theirs.

Yuan Zhenghua and Li Rongcheng got closer, and in Xu Jie’s view, it was as if they had climbed onto each other’s thighs.

Their rich second-generation circles are like this. Only when they are similar in strength can they be called friends.

The difference is too much, but it becomes clinging.

“Let’s not talk about him; everyone has his own ambition; there is nothing to talk about.” Wang Teng said it indifferently.

“Yes, let’s not talk about that kid; I will get angry when I mention him.” Xu Jie said

A few people changed the topic, ordered wine and fruit plates, chatted and laughed, and Wang Teng gradually regained the feeling of being young.

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