Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 10

After going out the gate, Lumian seemed to have entered another world.

In front of him is no longer the familiar Kordu village, but a dark red mountain and a circle of collapsed buildings around it, which together form a strange ruin.

The high-altitude fog was thick and pale, the light was difficult to penetrate, the ground was fragmented, and there were many rocks. Lumian carried an ax and walked forward cautiously. He couldn’t find a place to hide his body along the way.

There are no weeds and no trees here.

Lumian walked a little frightened, so he could only arch his back and comfort himself – at least if there was any danger in this area, it would be clear at a glance and could be discovered in advance.

Finally, he arrived at the ruins and came to a half-collapsed building that was burned by fire.

Lumian observed for a while, and initially confirmed that there were no other creatures inside, and then walked in cautiously, avoiding the scorched wood that would fall in midair at any time, and started searching.

He swept his eyes and saw a smear of gold leaking out of a broken pottery jar in the corner of the house.

Lumian approached step by step and found that it was a gold coin.

so real? There are treasures in the ruins in the dream? While muttering, he picked up the gold coin and wiped it on his body.

The pattern on the surface of the gold coin was then revealed.

On the front, there is a head portrait of a man with a thin face, hair in threes and sevens, two beards on his lips, and firm eyes. On the back, there is a cluster of iris flowers surrounding the number “20”.

Lumian knew that man, he was the first president of the Republic of Intis, Levanks.

“It’s actually a gold louis…” Lumian was quite surprised.

Firstly, he did not expect that what appeared in this weird dream ruins turned out to be the real currency of the Republic of Intis, and secondly, what he picked up casually turned out to be such a valuable thing as Louis d’Or.

The current legal tender of the Republic of Intis is Felkin and Cope, and 1 Felkin is equal to 100 Cope.

Among them, kopets exist in two forms: copper coins and silver coins. Copper coins are divided into three categories: 1 kopey, 5 kopets, and 10 kopets, while silver coins are available in 20 kopets and 50 kopets.

Filkin can be silver coins, gold coins, or banknotes. There are three types of silver coins: 1, 5, and 10 Filkin, and five types of gold coins: 5, 10, 20, 40, and 50.

There are more denominations of banknotes, including 5, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 Filkin.

In real life, the people of Intis are still used to using some old currency units. For example, they call the most widely used 5 kope copper coins Rick.

Likewise, a gold coin worth 20 fils was called a gold louis.
Of course, in the old currency era, the gold louis was actually called the gold louis. After the establishment of the republic, in order to eliminate the influence of rossel the great, it was changed to gold louis.

As far as Lumian knew, although it couldn’t be done in the city, in a rural place like Kordu Village, a gold louis could completely allow a poor family with their own land to live well for a month.

If it weren’t for Aurora’s high income, he might not have seen what the Louis d’Or looked like. In the entire Kordu village, except for their siblings, only the priest’s family and the administrator’s family had seen and owned the Louis d’Or.

For any villager, this gold louis is a treasure worth cherishing.

“Unfortunately, this is just a dream…” Lumi’an sighed inwardly with a little disappointment.

This is not something supernatural, so it shouldn’t be possible to “bring” it out of the dream.

Even so, Lumian still solemnly put away the gold louis. His past wandering life made him cherish every copy.

And a gold louis is equivalent to 2000 kope, which is slightly equal to 1 gold pound in the Loen Kingdom. Of course, it needs to be slightly less. According to the newspaper, 24 Filkin can be exchanged for 1 gold pound.

Lumian continued to search.

He wanted to find some textual information, confirm the specific situation of the ruins, and see if it corresponds to a certain place in reality, and whether a village in the Republic of Intis was “moved” into the dream as a whole—the appearance of the gold louis made Lumi Ann had these guesses.

As he moved step by step, Lumian saw that the edge of the place where the stove was originally was stained a little dark red.

“Blood?” His pupils dilated, and he quickly had a guess.

Immediately afterwards, he made a judgment:

Although the blood wasn’t fresh, it wasn’t old, it wasn’t black, and it looked like it had just dripped for two or three days.

Even shorter!

At the same time as his heart tightened, Lumian felt that the surrounding light suddenly became dimmer.

It’s like on the half-collapsed roof, something came over silently, blocking the little light passing through the thick fog!

The experience of being attacked while wandering was like a raging ocean wave, pouring into Lumian’s mind in an instant, making him react reflexively.

He rushed forward suddenly, then clung to his body in mid-air, and rolled on the ground.


Something heavy fell from behind him.

Lumian rolled to the left side of the broken stove, stretched out his hand to hold down a stone, and turned around with his strength.

He raised the axe, and saw a figure appearing where he was originally standing.

Under the dim light, Lumian was not sure whether it was a human or a humanoid creature.

“He” hunched his back, didn’t wear clothes and shoes, his skin seemed to have been peeled off by someone, revealing the red muscles, blood vessels and yellow fascia, on which the viscous liquid flowed drop by drop without slipping on the ground.
This is a monster!

“His” white and blue eyes seemed to be inlaid on his face, his mouth was opened with all his strength, his teeth were uneven, and his saliva was drooping outwards, stretched long.

In the past few years, Lumian has made up many ghost stories, but he never expected to meet such a ghost today.


The bloody wind hit him, and the sound of panting reached his ears.

Lumian subconsciously moved to the side, dodging the attack of the blood-red monster.

If he hadn’t often received Aurora’s “guidance”, if he hadn’t had years of fighting learning and street fighting experience, he might not have been able to react just now when he was shocked physically and mentally.

Gathering his mind, Lumian took a step after the monster that rushed over his head, raised the sharp ax in his hand, and slashed at its vest.


The monster that was about to turn around was knocked down to the ground, pus and blood splashed everywhere.

Without hesitation, Lumian knelt down on one knee and raised the ax again.

puff! puff! puff!

He chopped multiple axes in succession, each of which penetrated a lot into the flesh, creating deep and wide gashes, making the back of the monster’s head, neck and back disfigured.

Finally, the monster stopped struggling and crawled motionless.

“Huh, huh! Your actual performance is not as scary as your appearance…” Lumian breathed a sigh of relief, and whispered half-sarcastically.

He wiped his face with his left hand, wiping off the blood from his hand.

“Is the body fluid of this monster poisonous? There is no pain like being corroded for now…” Lumian began to worry about other issues.

Just when he mustered up his courage and was about to search the monster’s body, the skinless blood-colored monster stretched out his hands and bounced up again!

It’s not dead yet?

It’s all chopped up like that, isn’t it dead?

Lumian was startled and terrified.

Needless to say, he was scared and timid.

If he encountered normal humans, beasts and monsters, even if he couldn’t beat him, he wouldn’t be so afraid, but this guy in front of him seemed impossible to kill, and everything he did was useless!

Taking advantage of the fact that the monster seemed a little “dizzy” and couldn’t find where the enemy was, Lumian made a decisive decision, propped up his feet, and ran hard with his knees.

pedal! pedal! pedal!

He ran at his best level, but there was still a faint puff of breath from his neck, and the sound of heavy panting echoed in his ears.

The monster followed closely behind him.

Lumian gritted his teeth, only to feel that the fear made a lot of strength in his body out of thin air.

He’s running faster than ever before.

He was delighted to find that the distance between the monster and himself hadn’t gotten any closer.

pedal! pedal! pedal!

Lumian finally ran back to his half-underground two-story building.

He opened the unlocked door and rushed in quickly.


He slammed the door shut with his backhand.

Regardless of rest, Lumian went straight to the stove and picked up the steel fork leaning against the wall over there.

Then, he looked intently at the door.

The sound of the monster running disappeared in the vicinity, but after more than ten seconds, it didn’t try to hit the door.

“It knows that I am here to ambush?” Lumian couldn’t believe that the monster had a high IQ.

He moved little by little to the window near the door and looked out quietly.

Suddenly there are more faces on the glass!

A face with no skin, bloody flesh, and jagged teeth!

Lumian’s heart almost stopped suddenly, and his whole body froze for a moment.

And the monster didn’t take the opportunity to break the glass and attack, and met Lumian’s eyes.

Lumian came back to his senses, stepped back quickly, and raised the long fork with both hands.

The monster then left the window area.

Lumian was on guard and observing very carefully.

He saw the monster linger for a while in the faint gray mist, then left the building of his house and slowly returned to the ruins.

“…” Lumian was at a loss.

He was ready to find a way to trap the monster, and he was ready to escape from the dream, but the other party just left…

After thinking for a while, he thought of a possibility:

“The monster dare not enter my house?

“Yes, there is no sign of damage to the house at all…

“In the dream, is this an absolutely safe place?”

Lumian, who had guessed, immediately relaxed a lot.

The next second, he felt intensely tired.

Chasing and fleeing in such a short period of time was more tiring than practicing fighting all afternoon.

Armed with a long fork and an axe, Lumian went up to the second floor, entered his bedroom, and tried to fall asleep.


Dimly, Lumian opened his eyes.

It was still dark outside the curtains, and the room was bleak.

If it wasn’t for the faint gray fog, or if he had “changed” into pajamas, Lumian wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was reality or a dream.

“Scared, woke up early?” He subconsciously touched the pocket of his pajamas, but did not touch the gold louis.

This made him a little disappointed, and confirmed a fact again:

Money really can’t bring out dreams!

Concentrating his mind, Lumian began to think about a serious question:

How to deal with that undead monster?

Although I can bypass that area and sneak deeper, I still have to consider the possibility of encountering similar monsters in the future, and I must be prepared accordingly, and I can’t make fun of my life.

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