Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 12

After leaving the old tavern, Lumian began to hide again.

In this state, he approached the road he often took home.

Sure enough, he found that one of Ponce Bene’s subordinates was huddling behind the green trees beside the road, observing the passersby.

The priest of the church really does not stop until he achieves his goal. Lumian couldn’t help sighing in his heart.

And the most important thing is that I haven’t been able to make an effective counterattack yet.

One is that his personal ability is limited, and the other is that if something happens to the priest in the church, it will definitely alarm the “Eternal Blazing Sun” church in the Darliege area. At that time, people from the Inquisition will definitely come to investigate. For me, it is a very dangerous thing.

Unless he is forced to have no way out and decides to abandon this place and move to another place, Lumian can mess with the priest’s privacy to see if he can be transferred to a certain monastery to “care for the aged” through the exposure of the scandal.

Moreover, exposing scandals also requires skill, just like allowing outsiders to break through the church priest and Mrs. Pouaris for having an affair.

The reason Lumian didn’t publicise this matter widely was because he didn’t want to put himself in a conspicuous position. According to his observation, Beost, the administrator and territorial judge, is a person who cares about faces very much. If the matter is revealed, the exchange will definitely not be Beyost’s gratitude but will most likely be hatred and hostility.

In that case, in the face of the double blow from the curate priest and the administrator, Lumian would definitely have to flee Kordu village.

He took a cautious detour to another road between several houses.

Along the way, Lumian kept using walls, doors, trees, etc. to hide his figure. When he was approaching the “exit”, he suddenly heard a voice.

“Guillaume, why don’t you just go to Aurora’s house to catch that kid at night? It’s useless to look for him and ambush him all day long. It’s a waste of our time. He’s as cunning as a mountain. The wild wolf.” The familiar rough voice of Ponce Bene came to Lumian’s ears: “I know Aurora is very good at fighting, but we have so many people, and we can still go to the city to find helpers.”

Guillaume… the priest is here too… Lumian stopped and shrank to the corner, intending to listen to the priest’s answer and what arrangements he would make for his affairs.

Guillaume Benet’s voice is a bit magnetic.

“You don’t think that Aurora only has the ability to show it, do you?

“She probably has extraordinary powers that I don’t have.”

“Ah…” Ponce Bennet was obviously surprised. “She’s a witch? Guillaume, why don’t you go to Darliege and find someone from the court? If you can catch a real witch, the church will definitely reward you. You, when the time comes, are very likely to obtain the extraordinary power you have longed for for a long time.”
“Idiot.” Guillaume Bennet scolded his younger brother directly: “You don’t know what’s going on in the village now? People in the referee’s office have noses like dogs, and they won’t let go of any abnormalities. Then, trouble will be big. up.

“Even if Auror really wants to deal with us, I don’t have other options. Don’t disturb the referee until the end.”

So, what is the situation in the village now? Lumian attaches great importance and curiosity to this point.

Combined with some abnormal phenomena he had noticed before, he suspected that something bad was brewing and developing in the village, like a turbulent undercurrent under a calm sea.

To his disappointment, Ponce Bene didn’t expand on this topic and paid more attention to another point:

“How can you deal with a witch?”

“You don’t need to know.” The curate Guillaume Bennet said in a deep voice, “Next, we can put aside the matter of dealing with Lumian, but we still have to act well on the surface so that no one will suspect me of revenge. This will make those few outsiders associate with certain aspects and have a bad influence. What you need to do now is tell the relevant people one by one, scare the bumpkins who may be aware of it, and prevent them from leaking words in front of those foreigners.”

“Guillaume, do you mean that those foreigners came to investigate that matter?” Ponce Bennet was obviously a little scared and worried.

Look at you; you only have muscles but no brains. You are not as calm as your brother. You are a natural leader. Lumian laughed in his heart at Ponce Bene.

Although he hated the priest very much and felt that this guy was a stallion, he was vulgar and greedy, not like a priest at all, but in the countryside, his rough, brutal, powerful, and direct style of acting was even more convincing. In addition to status, power, wealth, a clear mind, sufficient wisdom, and good eloquence, even Lumian has to admit that this guy does have some charm, and it is easy for people around him to worship him and rely on him.

Guillaume Benet sneered:

“Don’t worry, as long as the strangers don’t get real evidence, I’ll still be the parish priest of Kordu village.

“Pons, you have to remember that you can’t rule a place solely by deterrence, terror, and suppression. In that way, you will never get peace and the desired effect. Does the church want to ruin a country that cannot pay taxes? Since it is impossible to kill all the adults here, we need some friends, some followers, for whom we can give them some protection.

“The church let us lead the affairs here instead of sending people from outside, just because we are locals, have relatives, friends, and followers, and can help them control this place better and not make a mess, so as long as there is not enough evidence, the above will definitely choose to continue to believe me.
“Well, I’m going back to church.”

It does sound reasonable and can confuse people, but priest, your knowledge and vision are still limited to the Daliege area… I heard Aurora say that in other places, she was facing some evil spirits. For seriously polluted villages, the church chose to completely destroy them, turning the corresponding places into ruins. At that time, not only all adults but even children will be killed. Lumian was almost killed by Guillaume Bell just now. Luckily, Aurora often told him about the horrors of the Church of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” and the Church of the “God of Steam and Machinery”.

After the priest left, Lumian changed routes and returned home smoothly.

Beside the oven, Aurora, wearing a white apron, is busy.

“What are you doing?” Lumian asked curiously.

It’s still more than two hours before lunch.

Aurora pushed the falling blond hair behind her ears and said with a smile:

“Try to make a new flavour of toast, rice toast.”

“You don’t need to be so troublesome.” Lumian was a little moved.

He thought Aurora was doing it to make himself eat better.

Aurora chuckled and said:

“Where are you thinking? Don’t be so narcissistic, okay?

“For me, cooking and bread are ways of entertainment and an effective way to pass the time, understand?”

“Then why don’t you like to go out; there are more entertainments outside?” Lumian always felt that Aurora was too concerned about the possible dangers of being a wizard, so he often locked himself away at home.

Aurora turned her head sideways, stared at him, and said:

“Drinking and playing cards?

“Remember, I am the world; I don’t ask for anything.”

Lumian could understand the first half of the sentence but was at a loss after that.


“Can you explain what it means?”

Aurora gave him a sideways look.

“To put it simply, your sister and I are socially phobic patients most of the time!”

“What do you mean most of the time?” Lumian asked in confusion.

“People are a complex of contradictions.” Aurora turned her eyes back to the oven and asked, “Don’t you remember? Sometimes I am very talkative, and I am very willing to go out and listen to old ladies telling gossip, and then tease the children, tell them stories, and sometimes go mad, and ride Madame Puares’ little horse, and run about the hills, galloping and shouting.”

At that time, you shone like a rose bathed in morning dew, attracting people to approach and stabbing people… Lumian couldn’t help but mutter in his heart.

Because Mrs. Puares was mentioned, Lumian directly changed the subject:

“Aurora, er, sister, I just heard a rumour about Mrs. Puares.”

“What?” Aurora didn’t hide her curiosity.

“She is a wizard who can communicate with the souls of the dead.” Lumian told his sister what Ava said and, at the same time, told her about the abnormalities he noticed and the words of the priest, Guillaume Benet.

Aurora interrupted the work at hand and listened carefully to her younger brother’s narration.

Her expression was visibly serious.

After Lumian finished speaking, Aurora smiled and comforted his younger brother.

“Don’t worry too much; those three strangers should have come for something the curate and the others did in private, and that probably has something to do with Mrs. Pouaris.

“Don’t bother Mrs. Puares for the time being; I will pay attention to them.

“Turn around the village more, get in touch with those outsiders more, and see if you can figure out what’s going on. Hehe, in comparison, the lady who gave you the ‘sceptre’ card is more It is worth our attention.

“If the situation is indeed deteriorating, we have to consider leaving Kordu village. Well, we can make some preparations now.”

“Okay.” Lumian agreed with her sister’s response.

After a pause, he asked curiously:

“Auror, if you really want to leave Kordu Village, where do you plan to settle?”

“Go to Trier!” Aurora said it without hesitation.

Trier is the capital of the Republic of Intis and the centre of culture and art on the whole continent.

“Why?” Although Lumian was also thinking about Trier, he still asked casually.

Every Inti wants to go to Trier.

In the eyes of the Trier people, there are only two types of Intis: Trier and other provinces.

Aurora said, leisurely and fascinated:

“A prophet once said:

“As long as Trier is still alive, the joy of the world will last forever.”

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