Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 13

The night is deep, and everyone is quiet.

Lumian woke up again from a dream, and the first thing he saw was a faint grey mist.

He instinctively raised his hand and inserted it into his pocket.

Immediately, the cold and hard metal touch came to his mind.

He took out the object he touched, and a touch of gold illuminated his eyes.

This is a gold coin.

A gold louis

“It’s still there.” Lumian sat up and looked down at himself.

He was still wearing the cotton coat, cotton trousers, and leather jacket from the last exploration. The nearly two-metre-long steel fork and sharp iron-black axe were placed within reach.

This is exactly the same state as when he left the dream.

“That is to say, this dream is developing, and it won’t start all over again every time you enter it.” Lumian played with the gold Louis and put it in the pocket of the cotton coat inside.

Although this cannot be brought into reality, it is also pleasant to see.

Lumian got out of bed and looked out the window for a while, making sure that the red mountain in the ruins hadn’t changed significantly.

He took the axe and steel fork, walked out of his room, and entered the dim corridor.

Aurora’s bedroom and study remained open.

Lumian glanced at it and suddenly had an idea:

“In the dream, my room basically corresponds to reality, with everything that should be there, and the initial appearance of Aurora is also the same.

“Then, can I find her witchcraft notes, secret medicine formula, or how to become a wizard in this bedroom?”

This idea, like the devil’s whisper, made Lumian’s heart beat, and he wanted to try it.

Compared with exploring the unknown, dangerous, mysterious, and weird ruins, it is easier and safer to rummage through Auror’s room.

No, no! Lumian shook his head violently, throwing the thought aside.

He would rather take risks than pry into Auror’s privacy, and he would not go through her bedroom without Auror’s permission.

This is respect for Aurora.

If it weren’t for Aurora, he would have died five years ago as a waif.

Lumian looked back in pain and walked towards the stairs.

The owner of that bedroom was changed to anyone other than Aurora, and now he went in to search for useful information.

After going down the stairs, Lumian didn’t rush out but checked the kitchen supplies.

The olive oil, corn oil, and animal fats stored in Aurora are neatly arranged in the form of barrels and cans, just like in reality.

Almost subconsciously, Lumian first brought out the bucket of corn oil and placed it next to the stove.

The only reason he chose this way was that tallow and olive oil were more expensive.
Then, using coal and wood skillfully, he set up a fire in the stove and made several torches to be lit by himself.

This is preparation for the burning of that monster.

Of course, it would be better if it could be solved in other ways; this is the last choice.

After finishing these things, he took the axe and opened the door.

Lumian immediately noticed a difference:

The faint grey mist pervading this dreamland was a little more humid than last time, and the ground under his feet was also slightly muddy.

“Has it rained? When I’m not here, when I’m not dreaming, this place still exists and evolves naturally according to certain laws.” Lumian was a little surprised, but somehow felt that it should be so.

Thinking of those weird stories made up by Aurora, he suddenly had a guess:

“This can’t be the real world, can it?

“My dream is connected to the real world. The purpose of that Tarot card to wake me up is to cross the barrier between the dream and the ruins.”

Lumian hurriedly glanced left and right and found that the two sides of the ruins, the “edge” of the dream, were endless grey mist.

“Afterwards, you can verify that instead of going to the ruins, go outside the grey mist to see whether it is a strange and illogical dream after passing through the grey fog or the real earth, sky, villages, and towns.”

If it’s the former, it means that this place is still a dream. If not, Lumian needs to confirm which world this is.

In his opinion, judging from the use of the Golden Louis, it seems that this place is still in the Republic of Intis, but it may not be the current era; it may be a place that was lost and disappeared decades ago or hundreds of years ago.

However, Lumian felt that there was a high probability that he would not be able to get out of the grey fog around him.

Gathering his thoughts, he continued to move towards the ruins.

He didn’t forget that the purpose of this dream was to try to deal with that monster.

After walking one or two hundred metres in the muddy wilderness full of gravel and cracks, Lumian suddenly stopped.

He thought of a question.

There were omissions in the preparation just now!

Before, the two-story building in my house had no lights, and it was very safe in this world shrouded in grey mist, but now that it has a fire and it shines, will it attract a large number of monsters? Make the safe zone no longer safe.

Lumian subconsciously turned his head and looked towards where he came from. In the faint grey mist at the bottom of the semi-underground two-story building, crimson light was printed on different glass windows.

It’s like a lighthouse in a dark world.

Considering that a lot of time had passed, it was obviously too late to try to extinguish the fire, so Lumian simply quickened his pace, entered the ruins, and hid in the building on the edge that collapsed due to burning.
He fastened the axe to the belt behind his back and nimbly climbed up a wall, hiding in a dark corner separated by masonry and wood.

Lumian looked at his home on the other side of the wilderness from a distance.

Time passed by, and he didn’t see any monsters attracted by the fire approaching there.

“It seems that the fire won’t bring about any changes; at least it won’t make my house surrounded by monsters.” Lumian quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

This means that even if he encounters any danger, as long as he can escape home in time and fall asleep as soon as possible, he can escape smoothly.

He began to think about how to induce and deal with the previous monster:

“From the short fight last time, its strength, speed, reaction, and agility are all similar to mine, but it is obvious that it is fighting by instinct, without enough experience and skills, and without corresponding wisdom. Therefore, I can counter-kill it in case it is attacked.

“It will also be confused; it will be stunned, and it is no different from a human being…

“Apart from fighting skills, I have two advantages over it. One is that I am superior in IQ, and the other is that I can use weapons and tools. This is the biggest advantage of human beings over this monster.

“As long as I’m careful, it’s not difficult to defeat it again. The point is how to completely solve it.”

Just when Lumian wanted to deliberately create a little movement to see if he could attract some monsters, he saw a figure approaching silently beside the completely collapsed house on the side.

That figure was covered in blood red, without skin, directly exposing muscles, blood vessels, and fascia, as if it were the monster from last time.

What was different from last time was that this monster was holding a dung fork in his hand.

Dung fork!

“It can also use weapons.” Lumian’s face was a little stiff for a moment, and his expression became bitter.

His confidence dropped a little, unconsciously.

As the monster approached and turned, Lumian saw exaggerated wounds on its back, neck, and back of the head, but those cracks were no longer bleeding pus and appeared to be in a state of being more than half healed.

“It is indeed the one I met before…

“Its self-healing ability is many times stronger than that of normal humans.”

Lumian took a silent breath.

He forced himself to calm down and quickly analysed the current situation.

After a short while, Lumian made a decision:

Now is a good opportunity, and when you encounter an opportunity, you must fight for it, and you can’t miss it!

He quietly pulled out a stone brick from his side, waiting for the monster to reach the expected position.

In just one or two steps, the monster entered Lumian’s “ambush circle”.

Lumian threw the stone brick violently, throwing it to the ground behind the monster.


The stone brick fell, causing the monster to turn around quickly and look at the thing that attacked it.

Seeing this, Lumian held the axe in both hands and jumped fiercely from the wall to the monster from the side.


With the falling weight, the axe slammed into the monster’s neck, splitting it in half.

With two thuds, Lumian and the monster fell to the ground at the same time.

Lumian jumped up quickly, grabbed the axe, ran over, and slashed heavily at the monster’s neck.

Once, twice, and three times, the monster was beheaded before it could resist.

As the head rolled to the side, the skinless body twitched twice and stopped moving.

Lumian didn’t stop there; he took a step diagonally, turned the axe around, and slammed the ferocious head with his thick back, smashing it to pieces.

Immediately afterwards, he turned around and slashed several times at the body with exposed muscles, blood vessels, and fascia, smashing the heart and other important organs.

After doing all this, Lumian took two steps back, looked at his masterpiece, panted heavily, and said with a low laugh:

“I thought you really couldn’t be killed; who knows, that’s all you have!”

In the controlled laughter, the headless corpse suddenly bounced.

Lumian’s eyes tightened, and he subconsciously wanted to turn around and run away.

Forcibly resisting the urge, he stepped forward again, raising the axe.

After bouncing twice, the corpse regained its composure, as if it had just made a dying and unsuccessful struggle.

Lumian observed for a while and finally confirmed that the monster was completely dead.

“The vitality is really tenacious.” Lumian secretly sighed, then moved closer, squatted down, used an axe to pick apart the muscles and fascia, and inspected the corpse.

The monster’s body structure is no different from that of a human, but its vitality is obviously stronger. Even though it is dead, some incisions are still slightly wriggling.

“There is no treasure, and no extraordinary power has been transferred into my body.” Lumian evaluated his current state, feeling a little disappointed for a moment.

Every time you kill a monster, you become stronger. It really only exists in Aurora’s story.

He immediately put the monster’s body and head into the collapsed building and buried them with bricks, stones, and wood.

He then searched the burned house, hoping to find something.

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