Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 15

that owl?

The owl from Witcher lore?

Thoughts flashed through Lumian’s mind like lightning, and the blood in his body seemed to be frozen in an instant.

At this moment, he was more terrified than seeing the monster with three faces.

After all, this is reality, and the ruins are a dream.

Even if you die in a dream, you will die in reality, and there is still a layer of psychological separation.

“What to do?

“Will it implicate Auror?


When Lumian tried his best to think of countermeasures, the owl didn’t do anything else; it just looked at him quietly, as if doing some kind of inspection.

After a few seconds, the owl spread its wings and flew up towards the distant forest.

On the way, it glided down and disappeared somewhere in the village of Kordu.

Lumian didn’t recover until he could no longer see the owl.

He sat down on the chair and raised his hand to touch his forehead.

It was dripping with sweat.

“Is it really that owl in wizarding legends?

“It really lived for so many years?

“Anyway, it’s not the same as other owls; its eyes are not dull; it’s more like a human…

“If it’s that owl, why did it fly out of my window because I wanted to investigate that wizard legend? But we’ve given up…

“It looked at me like this for a few moments and then left…

“I don’t know if it will come again in the future or if it will affect Auror.”

Because nothing happened for the time being, Lumian wanted to observe for a few more days, but considering that Auror might be involved, he felt that he couldn’t hide his sister.

After leaving the room, seeing that Aurora hadn’t woken up yet, he went down to the first floor and made breakfast, all of which were his sister’s favourites:

Soft-boiled omelettes, icing pancakes, plain toast with jam…

I have to make noodles later, this time with meat sauce. Lumian saw that the grid for noodles was empty, so he decided to fill it up in the next two days.

This is Aurora’s favourite staple food.

Oral was wearing a nightgown and rubbing her blond hair. When she came down the stairs, food was already set on the kitchen table.

“Morning.” She covered her mouth and yawned.

Lumian smiled and said:

“It is late.

“Didn’t you always say that the plan for the day starts early in the morning?”

“That’s right, my plan is to sleep.” Aurora sat down and had breakfast with milk.

Lumian sat down across the six-person table, ate pancakes, and said casually:

“I’ve been chasing down the truth of those legends in the village these days.”

“Why?” Aurora asked.

Lumian is very candid.

“Didn’t you agree to help me obtain extraordinary power? I just want to rely on my own efforts. There may be clues hidden in those legends.”

“It’s almost impossible.” Aurora commented casually, “Those legends have either been adapted for several generations and have already changed beyond recognition, or they were written down by some people when they had hallucinations, which is meaningless. Well, it may be a special editor. A story as an excuse, hehe, and the contribution of a fun person like you.”
“What?” Lumian couldn’t understand what Aurora meant by “joy people”.

It’s not even Intis.

“The full name is prank lovers.” Aurora briefly explained and then frowned, “You suddenly told me this because you got into trouble, and you know that you go home and ask your sister for help?”

“It’s kind of an accident, but it’s not to the extent of causing trouble.” Lumian spoke confidently.

He organised the following languages:

“My first target is that wizard legend.”

“What wizard legend?” Aurora looked puzzled.

“Haven’t you heard of it?” Lumian was quite surprised. “A long time ago, a man in the village died suddenly. When he was buried, an owl flew over and stayed by his bedside until the body was carried. After that, the corpse became so heavy that it took nine oxen to pull the coffin, and the villagers knew that the man was a wizard before.”

Aurora listened carefully.

“I really didn’t notice such a legend before.”

Unscientific… Lumian couldn’t believe it.

Although Aurora stays at home most of the time, she still goes out a few days a month, chats with old ladies such as Naroka, tells stories to children, and knows all kinds of rumours in Kordu Village very well. How could she have never heard of this wizard legend that many people know?

Moreover, this house of mine was built in the wizard’s original home!

Lumian had previously suspected that the reason why Auror chose Kordu Village to settle down was to obtain the treasure of the wizard and successfully obtain extraordinary power based on it.

“And then?” Aurora asked calmly.

Lumian answered truthfully:

“We asked the old people in the village to make sure that this happened, but it has been decades, and the wizard’s house has been burned by the church, and the land is what you bought.”

“Really?” Aurora was obviously a little surprised. “I just said, there must be something wrong with the price; they sold my land at a lower price than normal… I thought it was my sweet mouth that would make the old ladies happy.”

She thought for a while and said:

“The wizard’s body was burned by the church.”

“Yes, the ashes are buried in the cemetery next to the church.” Lumian nodded.

He continued:

“Because all the clues were interrupted, we have given up on this matter. Who knows? When I woke up this morning, I saw an owl outside the window, which was very similar to the owl in the legend.”

“Are you sure?” Aurora was a little serious.

“I’m not sure, but it’s really different from ordinary owls.” Lumian answered from an objective perspective.

Aurora thought for a while, then said slowly:

“During this time, you should not leave the village, especially after dark, until I investigate the situation clearly.”
Having said that, she smiled angrily and said,

“I told you that the pursuit of extraordinary power is a very dangerous thing; look, trouble is coming!

“Fortunately, it seems that the other party has no malicious intentions at present, and the problem should be better resolved.”

I’m relieved if you’re prepared… Lumian lowered his head and said crisply:

“Sister, I was wrong.”

He immediately changed the subject.

“Have any of your pen pals replied?”

“How can it be so fast? It’s not power generation, uh, email!” Aurora let out a “huh”.

Doesn’t mail mean letters and parcels sent through the post office? Lumian didn’t quite understand.

He didn’t care too much; after all, Aurora often used some strange words.


The entrance of the old tavern

Lumian stood there and looked around.

He knew that the lady who gave him the Tarot card should not have woken up yet, and this time he was looking for three foreigners: Ryan, Liya, and Valentine.

As expected by Lumian, the three foreigners occupied a table in the tavern and had breakfast.

Trout rolls, wine, bread with mayonnaise—the food was pretty good. Lumian observed for a few seconds, then exited the old tavern without disturbing Liya and the others.

After a while, Ryan and the others came out, ready to continue walking in Kordu Village, looking for someone to “chat”.

Lumian went up to greet him, opened his arms, and greeted him with a bright smile.

“Good morning, my cabbages.”

He saw the indifferent Valentine’s facial muscles twitch; one of Ryan and Liya looked slightly embarrassed, and the other showed a funny expression.

Uh, they’re dressed exactly the same as they were a few days ago. Going out without much change of clothes? Lumian noticed that Lia was still wearing the non-pleated cashmere tight skirt, small white coat, and Marsil boots, with two small silver bells on the veil that served as a hat and on the boots, and that Ryan was still wearing the same brown duffel jacket. and light yellow trousers, and a simple dark bowler hat on his head.

Likewise, Valentine still has powdered hair and makeup on his face.

“Good morning, Lumian; what’s the matter?” Ryan asked calmly.

“You are my friends, and I will come to visit you if I have nothing to do.” Lumian looked aggrieved.

He asked instead:

“I see that you have been chatting with someone in the village these days; do you want to ask something?

“You can come to me, my cabbages; I am your friend; if you have any questions, you can ask me!”

“We can’t believe your answer.” Valentine couldn’t help but speak.

Ryan glanced at him sideways, signalling him to calm down.

Lumian smiled:

“Then you can completely believe other people’s answers?”

Liya was a little speechless for a moment, and Ryan thought for a while and said:

“In fact, we can’t believe it completely. We will make comprehensive judgements based on the answers of different people and what we have observed.”

“Right.” Lumian spread his hands and said, “Then it’s not a bad thing to listen to my answer; at least it’s a reference.”

Ryan was silent for a while and instinctively glanced left and right.

In Kordu Village in the early morning, there are many people going to the farmland, but almost none near the old tavern.

“That’s it.” Ryan said, considering his words, “We’re here to find someone.”

“The curate?” Lumian asked with a smile.

Ryan shook his head.


“We visited the curate to find that man.”

“Who?” Lumian showed an expression of interest: “I know everyone in the village, so I should be able to help.”

Lane is not happy about it.

“In fact, we don’t know who that person is, how old he is, or what he looks like.

“Some time ago, we received a letter from the village of Kordu, which was not signed. Now we want to find the person who wrote the letter.”

informer? Lumian subconsciously flashed such a thought.

He pretended to be puzzled and said:

“After you came to the village because of that letter, that person didn’t look for you.”

“No.” Liya answered for Ryan.

“Maybe he still lacks a little sense of security and doesn’t trust you all?” Lumian was very involved and eager to help guess: “Can’t you judge based on the content of the letter?”

He wanted to know more about what the letter was about.

If the target is the church priest and the group, then he is happy to see the success, but if it involves Aurora, he has to urge his sister to move. After all, Aurora often communicates with “pen pals”. If caught, she might be involved, and the clues are those letters.

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