Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 16

Ryan shook his head.

“The letter was only two sentences, and the content was very simple. It looked like a person in deep trouble asked us for help.”

“Didn’t you say what the predicament is?” Lumian secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Whether it is the letters Aurora wrote to her pen pals or the mail sent back by her pen pals, it is impossible to have only two sentences.

“No.” Ryan sighed softly.

Just a letter asking for help with nothing, and you came here? Are you afraid it’s just a prank? The people in the referee’s office are not as active as you. Isn’t this too kind-hearted? Lumian mocked him in his heart.

According to his habit, he should have said these words directly, but considering that he still had to extract information from the other party, he could not offend them, interrupted the conversation, and forcibly endured it.

However, Lumian also knew that Ryan would not tell him the whole situation. They must have other considerations or reasons for coming to Kordu Village to find someone for a help letter that was not written clearly.

“Uh…” Lumian rubbed his chin and suggested, with the mentality of giving it a try without any loss, “Why don’t you show me that letter? Maybe I can see who wrote it from the handwriting.”

A powdered-haired Valentine has a “do you think we’re fools?” look.

Liya smiled and said,

“Can you identify handwriting?”

“Barely count.” Lumian said it sincerely.

He then added in his mind:

Being able to identify the handwriting of Aurora and myself is also considered being able to identify.

“It’s useless.” Ryan shook his head again. “Every word in that letter comes from the little blue book, and the entire sentence is made up of the strips cut from it.”

Very cautious… How come similar tactics sound familiar? Have you heard too many stories about Aurora? … Since you are asking for help, why hide your identity in this way? Afraid of being intercepted and retaliated against for help letters? Or, do you have any problems yourself and don’t want to be exposed to the eyes of others? Lumian tried to analyse the mentality of the writer.

He intentionally showed a suddenly realised expression and said:

“Most families in the village have small blue books. You are looking for someone to chat with, and you want to use them to confirm whether there is any similar damage to the small blue books in their homes.

“But that person can completely buy a new little blue book without others knowing and throw it away when it’s used up.”

“This is just one of the directions.” Ryan spoke calmly.

“Is there another direction?” Lumian didn’t treat himself as an outsider at all.

Ryan thought for a while and said:

“Since there is a request for help, there is harm. Something must be happening, and this will definitely leave a trace.”

“It makes sense.” Lumian showed embarrassment for Ryan and others, as if he felt it himself.

He solemnly promised:

“My cabbages, I will keep an eye out for you, hoping to find clues.”

“Thank you.” Ryan responded politely.

And Liya adjusted her mentality early and explored:

“Since we are friends, I have a question to ask you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lumian gestured with a smile.

“Why did the villagers in the tavern laugh when you called us cabbage?” Liya was quite curious about this.

Although this name is embarrassing, it is a commonly used local slang, so logically, it will not make people laugh.

Lumian replied sincerely:

“Cabbage means cute and baby in slang. My cabbage, or little cabbage, is mainly used in two situations: one is between close friends, and the other is between elders and juniors. My rabbit, my chicken—these are pretty much the same.”

He puts the accent on the word “intimate.”

Immediately afterwards, he added innocently:

“I just wanted us to be close friends.”

He acted as if I were pure, and I didn’t understand the hidden meaning of this “intimacy”.

I think you want to be our elder. Liya finally understands why those villagers laugh.

Although Lumian’s explanation just now may not be true, at least it is logically convincing to her.

Ryan followed and nodded.

“Anything else?”

“No more.” Lumian didn’t want to be too active, lest the other party think there was something wrong and investigate himself and Aurora.

My sister can’t stand the investigation!

After watching Liya and others go away amidst the jingling bells, Lumian sat at the door of the old tavern, waiting for the lady of unknown origin and purpose to get up.

After a while, his partner, Raymond Clegg, came over.

“Lumian, have you decided which legend to investigate next?” Raymond asked when they met.

In the past two days, he has been more active than Lumian in this matter. After all, he doesn’t have that strange dream, and he doesn’t have another way to get the treasure.

“Not yet.” The owl has come to the door. Before confirming the situation, how dare Lumian investigate the truth of the legend?

He randomly found reasons:

“It will be Lent in a few days; let’s think about it after spending the holiday well.”

“Well.” Raymond thinks it makes sense: “So, I don’t have to be a ‘young man’ for the time being, and I will go after Lent. Even if someone grazes these days, it won’t cause too much damage.”

“In other words, you don’t have to leave the village for the next few days?” Lumian asked back.

Seeing Raymond nod, he said with a smile:
“What a coincidence! I can’t leave the village for the last few days.”

“Why?” Raymond asked suspiciously.

Lumian lowered his voice with a serious face.

“This morning, I met that owl, the owl in the wizard legend, and it said that if there is not a church in the village, with the gaze of God, it will immediately take away my soul and throw it into the abyss.”

Raymond was startled and terrified.

He trembled all over.


“I just said you can’t provoke this evil creature.”

Whispering here, he suddenly saw a smile on Lumian’s face.

“…” Only then did Raymond remember the nature of a good friend.

“Are you playing a prank and lying to me again?” He was angry and anxious.

It was me who was angry. I knew what kind of person Lumian was, and I had been cheated many times, so why did I still fall for it?

“Do you believe in such outrageous things?” Lumian said with a “hehe” smile.

This sentence is lying to you, lest you can’t stand the pressure and go directly to church to confess… He added silently in his heart.

“Huh…” Raymond relaxed.

Lumian turned to exhort:

“Although the story just now was made up by me, I also want to tell you that it may be dangerous to trace the truth of the legend. If you can’t leave the village, try not to leave without leaving the church’s protection.”

After finishing speaking, he muttered a few words silently:

This is the truth. Most of the story just now is indeed made up, and the other half is true. If I didn’t need help for many things later, I wouldn’t remind you to hear Aurora’s exhortation in a different way. I don’t care if I don’t die.

Raymond thought of the fear at that moment just now and nodded understandingly.


He stopped talking about those legends and asked instead:

“Who will you vote for when you choose the Spring Fairy?”

The spring elf is the protagonist in various celebrations of Lent and is a symbol of spring. In the Daliege area, it is usually played by a beautiful, unmarried girl elected by the whole village.

“Ava.” Lumian replied indifferently, “Didn’t she always want to be a spring elf?”

“I will choose her too.” Raymond secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Ava hinted to him yesterday that he would vote for her, so he felt that it was necessary to help her get more votes.


Outside a house not far from the old tavern.

Ryan, Lia, and Valentine are in no rush to find someone to “chat with.”

“Is it really okay to tell that guy so much just now?” Valentine raised his hand to cover his nose and mouth.

The air here smells faintly of domestic poultry droppings.

Liya fiddled with a silver bell above her head and said, “I don’t know if there is any problem. I can only confirm one thing. My divination results tell me that he is one of the useful helpers.”

“When the situation cannot be opened, it is a very effective investigation method to properly leak some information and let the relevant people act out of fear.” Ryan explained his intentions, “Next, let’s observe him more. See what he will do or who he will find.”


After Raymond left, Lumian entered the old tavern and saw the lady who gave her the tarot card appear in the old place again.

Today, she is wearing a white lady’s shirt paired with a pair of light-coloured loose trousers and a round straw hat with a few yellow flowers tied on it.

There are so many clothes in her suitcase; she changes them every day. They are not as shabby as Liya’s and the others’. Lumian moved closer while feeling emotional and sat across from her.

During this process, he casually glanced at the other party’s breakfast.

A plump meatloaf with a thin sauce;

a few donuts;

Cut into pieces of seasonal fruit;

a light-colored, transparent drink with some impurities.

These are not what the old tavern can provide… Lumian pointed to the glass of drink and asked familiarly:

“What is this? It doesn’t look like wine.”

“‘Venus Holy Oil’ special drink The lady replied casually, “It is made of cinnamon water soaked in sugar and vanilla and mixed with poppies. It was invented by a bar in Trier.”

The word “Venus” comes from Emperor Roselle, who mentioned in a certain story that this is a woman comparable to a goddess of beauty.

“Where did you get it and tune it yourself?” Lumian suspected that the nearest city, Da Liege, could not provide something similar.

The lady smiled.

“As a traveller, getting the right thing at the right time is a professional instinct.”

“I don’t understand.” Lumian was very honest.

Instead, he said:

“I solved the monster before, but this time I encountered two more dangerous ones.”

He described the monster with three faces and the monster with a shotgun, and finally said:

“I feel that they all have powers beyond normal human beings. I can’t deal with them. Is there any way to deal with them?”

The lady took a bite of the cream pancake, rolled her eyes slightly, and said with a smile:

“I dare not say anything about the monster with three faces, but the one with the shotgun on its back—you can completely solve it on your own, as long as you make good use of your uniqueness.”

“I’m special. What’s special about me?” Lumian was both surprised and at a loss.

I don’t even know it myself!

The lady looked at him with a smile and said,

“That’s your dream. As the owner of the dream, you naturally have special treatment, but you haven’t discovered it yet.”

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