Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 18

Mrs. Puares… Lumian was taken aback and had the illusion that someone had come to her home to silence her.

Thinking that his sister was upstairs and possessed extraordinary abilities, he calmed down a lot.

Exhaling slowly, Lumian walked over and opened the door.

There were two women standing outside the door; the one in front was wearing a pure black and delicate tunic dress with a shawl of the same colour on her shoulders, long gauze gloves on her hands, and a cap that looked playful because it was a little skewed. ladies beanie.

She was all black except for a diamond necklace inlaid with gold on her chest.

This lady’s eyebrows are slightly sparse, her bright brown eyes are smiling, her long brown hair is tied into a high bun, and her facial features are not outstanding separately, but when combined together, they have a clean and charming beauty. Coupled with her elegant temperament and graceful standing posture, the night that was dyed a little crimson at Lumian’s door seemed to be refreshed a lot because of her, and a faint fragrance was faintly emitted.

This is Mrs. Puares, the wife of Beost, the administrator of the village of Cordu, and the judge of the domain.

Of course, in Lumian’s mind, modifiers such as “the mistress of the priest”, “suspected wizard”, “suspect in the letter of help”, “that white body in the church,” and other modifiers are added, but these are not suitable to say; otherwise, it was bound to make Mrs. Puares change her face on the spot.

At that time, provoking anger is a success, and disaster may follow.

“Mrs. Puares, what’s the matter?” Lumian deliberately looked at the sky outside, implying that it was not good for the other party to visit at this time.

Mrs. Puares’s red lips were a little watery, and she gently outlined:

“I’m here to discuss something with your sister, Aurora.”

From her appearance alone, she doesn’t look like a lady who is over 30 years old and has two children. She is only 27 or 28 years old at most.

Lumian thought for a moment and stepped aside.

He said to Mrs. Puares, who entered the door:

“Aurora is upstairs, writing for a newspaper column.”

Puares nodded and said to the maid beside him:

“Cathy, wait for me downstairs.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Cassie, who was wearing a black and white maid costume, moved a few steps towards the warm stove.

Lumian led Mrs. Pouaris through the kitchen and up the stairs.

Just around the corner, Mrs. Puares stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Lumian turned around, pretending to be at a loss.

Madame Puares smiled and asked:

“Did you bring those three strangers to church on purpose?”

Come to question me… Not only did Lumian not panic, but he calmed down a lot.

The experience of making people angry with pranks many times before told him that at such times, one must not answer the other party’s questions directly, nor can one defend oneself. The best choice is to accuse the other party of making a certain mistake!
Of course, this still depends on the situation; turning around and running is an alternative.

Lumian quickly showed an angry expression, looked at Mrs. Puares, and said:

“You actually have an affair in God’s church!”

He then opened his arms and made a gesture of “embracing the sun.”

“My God, my Father, please forgive this blasphemy against sinful men and women.”

Mrs. Pouaris finished reading quietly, her lips curled up in an unusually beautiful arc.

“I think God will forgive us.

“I read a book a while back, and it went like this: A lady who sleeps with her true lover cleanses all sin, for love makes pleasure innocent, as if from the purest heart.

“Being with Guillaume Benet makes me very happy, so ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’ shouldn’t be angry about it; it’s not a sin.”

What kind of books are you reading, ma’am? Lumian couldn’t help but harbour slander in his heart.

Madame Puares went on:

“However, this is indeed disrespectful to Saint Sith.”

Each region of Intis has one or several guardian angels or saints who either come from the classics of the Church of “Eternal Blazing Sun”, the Church of “God of Steam and Machinery”, or belong to the history of Intis and have made special contributions, the kind whose reputation spread widely and was recognised by the two major churches.

In the Darliege area, the patron saint of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” church is St. Sith; that is to say, every church in the “Eternal Blazing Sun” here can actually be called St. Sith; only the largest and most central one is called that, and the others are replaced by other names.

Therefore, the affair between Mrs. Puares and the priest in the church is equivalent to the steward of St. Sith secretly bringing someone back, occupying the master’s bedroom, and doing immoral things, which is a great disrespect to the patron saint.

“Yes.” Lumian nodded heavily. “Isn’t the priest ashamed?”

Mrs. Puares burst out laughing.

After laughing, she said to Lumian:

“I talked to him at the time, and I said, ‘Gee, how can we do this in the church of St. Sith?’

“What do you think the curate said?

“He said, ‘Oh, San Sith has to be wronged’.”

Lumian, who was inexperienced in similar fields, didn’t know how to answer these words for a moment.

“He’s blaspheming a saint!” Finally, he choked out such a sentence.

Mrs. Puares showed a reminiscing expression.

“He is such a person—bold, direct, like a robber—who opened the door of your heart by swearing, completely different from those gentlemen in Darliege.

“Maybe that’s why I slept with him.”
“That’s just the normal behaviour of some men when they are in heat. Let alone Saint Sith; even if the gods are there, he will let him wait for a while.” Although Lumian has no experience, he has read the novel written by Aurora. And more than one said, “This belongs to the head being controlled by the lower body. No, at that time, his head was already empty and filled with another liquid.”

Mrs. Puares smiled very shallowly.

“I know that’s why, but in that situation, he does look very attractive.

“Hehe, you really are an inexperienced boy; you don’t know that the same words will make people feel differently in different environments and different atmospheres.

“I remember the first time I had sex with the parish priest; he stood there, looked me in the eyes, and said to me directly, ‘Puares, I want to know more about your body and mind’, or something else. At that time, I would only think that this was a rude and vulgar pervert with vulgar language, and I had to call someone in to stop him, but at that time, my body was weak because the atmosphere was just right.”

Saying that, Mrs. Pouaris’s smile became charming.

“It was like, if I had a crush on a guy, I’d say to him, ‘Come over to my house tonight, okay?’

“If he did come, I would take him straight into the bedroom and tell him, ‘I want to sleep with you; I love you’.

“Lumian, how would you answer as a man at this time?”

Lumian would usually tell dirty jokes with the men in the village. Although he was a little uncomfortable at this time, he could still hold on. He tried hard to recall the stories written by his sister and the novels written by other contemporary writers and said, after deliberation:

“I’d say, ‘Ma’am, you’re my sun.'”

“Very talented…” Mrs. Puares praised

While speaking, she leaned forward, and her eyes became moist.

Suddenly, a warm breath came to Lumian’s ears, and a slightly soft, slightly magnetic voice rang out:

“I want to sleep with you.”

At this moment, Lumian couldn’t help but tremble; his body was numb, just like touching a broken radio light.

Taking a quick step up the steps, he said to Madame Pouaris:

“Aurora should be waiting for you.”

“Hmm.” Mrs. Puares stood up straight again with a slight smile on her face, and her eyes narrowed like water.

It seemed as if nothing happened at all.

This woman… Lumian suddenly felt a little scared.

He hurriedly turned around and reached the second floor in a few steps, followed by Mrs. Puares, who kept her usual gait.

Aurora, who heard the doorbell, was already waiting outside the bedroom.

“So slow?” She looked at Lumian.

Lumian cryptically explained:

“Talked about the church.”

Auror understood immediately and gave her younger brother a look that said, “I pray to the ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’ for good luck”.

She turned to Mrs. Puares, who had just arrived on the second floor, and asked with a smile:

“What’s matter?”

“Let’s talk about some preparations for Lent. A certain celebration may need your help.” Mrs. Pouaris said with a smile.

“I’m very busy these days.” Aurora found an excuse to decline.

Mrs. Puares pointed to the doorway of the study.

“How about listening first?”

“Okay.” Aurora still has this bit of politeness.

Seeing his sister and Mrs. Pouaris enter the study and close the wooden door, Lumian nodded invisibly.

“Behaved fairly normally, without the guilt of returning to the ‘crime scene’…”

At this moment, an idea flashed through his mind:

“Madame Puares has a high probability of being a female wizard; can I obtain extraordinary power from her?

“This is much more convenient and safer than looking for the truth about the wizard, facing the owl, and exploring the dangerous dream relic…

“Moreover, the dream relic must be explored, the secret should be solved as soon as possible, and the hidden dangers should be eliminated. It is less risky to go there after possessing extraordinary power.”

Thinking of this, Lumian suddenly became alert and shook his head.

He immediately started a self-examination in his heart:

“How can you think so?

“Whether Mrs. Pouaris is a friend or an enemy is still unclear; how can one seek extraordinary power through her rashly?

“Well, she didn’t act like a good person just now and even made me feel dangerous…

“What’s wrong with me these days? I’ve been too eager and reckless in the pursuit of extraordinary power, just like I will die if I don’t get it quickly.”

It has been nearly two years since Lumian found out that her sister is a wizard. Although she had also tried to obtain supernatural powers before, she had never put in so much effort as in recent days. There is hope, and I can’t wait to touch it, just like when we stop being picky eaters after being hungry for a long time.

“Huh… Fortunately, I noticed the problem in time; otherwise, the road ahead may become more and more deviating and more dangerous.” Lumian let out a long breath, thanking himself for regaining his normal state of mind.

Of course, the pursuit of extraordinary power cannot be stopped, but a choice must be made. After all, the dangerous dream has really revealed its face, and the undercurrent in the village is getting more and more turbulent.

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