Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 19

Mrs. Puares didn’t chat with Aurora for long, and they walked out of the study after ten minutes.

Lumian accompanied her sister and sent Mrs. Puares all the way out of the gate.

He then looked at Aurora:

“What did she ask you to do?”

Aurora pursed her lips and said:

“I was asked to lead the singing at the celebration of praise, and I declined.”

The Lent in Kordu village has three links: one is the blessing parade of “Spring Spirits”, the other is the waterside ceremony, the third is the praise celebration held in the church, and the last one is mainly in the form of musical instruments and chorus.

In the Da Liege area, the church choir is often the leader of the singing, but Kordu Village does not have this condition, so they can only find someone who is good at singing instead.

As for the part about playing musical instruments, the villagers do not worry about it. In villages with the tradition of shepherds, music or musical instruments are indispensable in daily life.

You must know that the shepherds are in the wild all year, either living in shacks or digging pits. Apart from their companions and flocks, the only thing they often deal with is the flute they carry with them.

In addition to grazing, playing cards, and chatting, playing the flute and soothing one’s heart with music is something that almost every shepherd will do.

Because of this, the phrase to describe a shepherd’s situation is “he doesn’t even have a flute”.

With so many shepherds around, other villagers in Kordu Village will inevitably be affected to a certain extent. When they gather and chat in the square, someone will inevitably play a musical instrument to echo the melodious melody.

“Yes.” Lumian was quite relieved to see her sister’s determination.

Those celebrations—just watch the excitement and booing. It is not only a waste of time to really be the protagonist, but it is also easy to attract some unnecessary covetousness.

In order to protect his eyesight, with only kerosene lamps providing lighting, Lumian chose to wash up and go to bed after reading a book for a while, thinking seriously about how to safely test out what was special about himself in the dream.

The lady’s suggestions several times in a row were so accurate that he completely believed her words unconsciously.

In the dead of night, Lumian once again entered dreamland and woke up there.

He touched the pockets, counted them habitually, and confirmed that the harvest of 217 Felkin and 25 Cope still existed.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Lumian picked up the axe and steel fork, stomped downstairs, and went straight to the stove.

The fire was out.

“When I’m not dreaming, the clock here is still running.” Lumian frowned slightly.

In such a “real” dream, how can I have anything special about myself?

—— “The clock is still running” is a common saying in the Daliege area, which means that time does not stop because of human beings but always flows forward.
Lumian returned to the bedroom he thought was the safest, put down the axe and steel fork, and took off his clothes.

Then he walked to the full-length mirror attached to the closet and examined his body inch by inch to see how it differed from reality.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

“Spiritually special?” Lumian didn’t rush to put on his clothes, and he walked straight back to the bed, imitating his sister, and sat down cross-legged.

Before, in order to let him have a lucid dream, Aurora taught him some superficial meditation methods that did not involve mysterious elements. Now he wants to try it out and see if he can perceive the spirit and body in a completely quiet scene. special features that may exist.

The first step is to regulate your breathing.

Lumian deepened his breathing and slowed down the corresponding frequency.

In slow, long breaths with his own rhythm, Lumian let his brain empty little by little.

At the same time, he sketched a crimson sun in his mind and focused all his attention and thoughts on it, so as to get rid of other messy thoughts.

This is why Aurora specially told him to choose something that exists in reality and represents light to outline when he meditates, so as not to be targeted by some filthy and evil things.

As a pan-believer in the “Eternal Blazing Sun”, Lumian’s first reaction was to visualise the sun.

His mind gradually calmed down, and the whole world, in his perception, seemed to have only that round of scorching red sun left.

Suddenly, Lumian seemed to hear something.

It seemed to come from an infinite height, and it seemed to be ringing right next to my ears, making it hard to hear but also sounding like thunder.

Amid the unspeakable buzzing sound, Lumian’s heart beat wildly, as if someone had inserted an iron hammer into his head, and he stirred vigorously a few times.

Severe pain broke out in an instant, and the blazing sun became as bright red as blood and quickly dyed a deep black.

The picture in this meditation was then shattered.

Lumian opened his eyes suddenly, panting heavily and feeling like he was about to die.

It took more than ten or twenty seconds before he recovered from the near-death experience.

He instinctively lowered his head and examined his body.

He saw something strange on the left side of his chest.

Some kind of deep black, thorn-like symbol seemed to come from the heart, growing out of the body, and they were connected one by one, extending to the back like a chain.

And above these “thorns” are suspected eye patterns and bug-like twisted line segments, all of which are blue-black.

At this time, these tattoo-like things are slowly fading.

Lumian was startled at first and then had many thoughts.

He quickly got out of bed, went straight to the full-length mirror, and pointed his back at it.
Then he turned his head to the left as hard as he could to check the condition of his back.

He could barely see the chain made of black “thorns” burrowing into his body at the vest.

In other words, the chain of “thorns” locked his heart and corresponding body in the form of a ring.

“Black and blue-black are two different symbols. The blue-black ones are a bit familiar, um, very similar to the one on the old man I helped when I was wandering… That’s when I started to make something. A dream of a large fog…” Lumian analysed the “special” things on his body that were different from reality until they completely faded and disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Lumian was rather disappointed.

Although he found something special, he felt that it was meaningless.

Because the process of leading them to appear made him extremely painful and close to death,

In this state of being about to pass out, what is the difference between facing the monster with the shotgun and delivering food to it?

And if he waits until he regains his fighting power, the “special” will soon disappear.

The climate in the dream was quite cold, like early spring in the mountains. Lumian was always naked and uncomfortable, so he quickly put on his clothes again.

Just after doing such a simple thing, he was extremely tired, and his head hurt a little.

Obviously, the shock caused by the meditation just now cannot be recovered in a short time.

In this case, Lumian decided to give up exploring tonight, not to try, to sleep well, and to rest seriously.


After he woke up, the sky had not yet dawned.

Looking at the darkness in the room and the crimson near the curtains, Lumian carefully recalled what happened in the dream.

“I have meditated many times in reality before, but I never heard that strange sound, nor did I feel any pain…

“Only in that dream does something special exist.” Lumian sat up in doubt, intending to confirm.

He followed the procedure and tried to meditate again.

The crimson sun quickly appeared in his mind, and the chaos in his mind gradually settled down.

This is the meditation experience that Lumian is familiar with. There is no strange sound, no severe pain, and no near-death experience.

After a while, he finished his meditation, unbuttoned it, and looked down at his heart.

There isn’t a single symbol there.

“Sure enough, it’s a special dream, and it won’t affect reality.” Lumian didn’t know whether he should be happy or disappointed.

He raised his head and looked at the window covered by the curtain, and then his thoughts spread, thinking about whether and how the “special” in the dream could be used.

At this moment, he saw a small black shadow outside the window.

Lumian’s pupils dilated suddenly, and the whole person was highly nervous.

His most instinctive reaction was to call his sister, but then he thought that he was at home. Aurora said she would look at this side, and she should have noticed it, so she carefully got out of bed and slowly approached the window.

During this process, Lumian was always waiting for his sister to stop the action.

Aurora didn’t show up.

Lumian came to the window, grabbed the curtain, and carefully drew a gap in it.

Outside the window, it is a quiet and deep night, and the crimson moon hangs far away in the sky.

Not far away, on an elm tree with gently shaking leaves, an owl stood quietly, facing Lumian’s window.

It is a circle larger than most of its kind, and its eyes are not dull and stiff at all. The gaze looking at Lumian has an indescribable sense of looking down.

That owl!

It’s here again!

Lumian’s heart suddenly hung up.

The owl was the same as last time. After staring at Lumian for more than ten seconds, it spread its wings without doing anything and flew into the depths of the night.

Lumian was speechless for a moment.

After a while, he opened the curtains and cursed:

“Is your brain sick?

“Every time I take a look, take a look, and leave without saying a word!

“Are you dumb, or do you have an IQ problem and haven’t learned human language for so many years?”

In fact, Lumian had his own guesses about the behaviour of the owl, thinking that the presence of his sister prevented him from doing anything. After all, Aurora said that as long as he didn’t leave the building at night, he could be safe. If, just now, I poked my head out of the window, the owl might not fly away quietly like it is now.

After cursing for a while, Lumian decided to close the curtains and catch up on sleep for a while.

He glanced casually outside and suddenly froze there.

At the edge of a small forest more than ten metres away, a figure was walking slowly.

She wore a long, dark dress of coarse cloth, and her hair was thin and pale.

“Naroka…” Lumian recognised the figure.

That was Naroka, whom he had asked about the legend of the wizard before.

Naroka’s face seemed to be half-integrated into the darkness; her eyes reflected a strange light under the faint crimson moonlight; and her movements were extremely stiff, like a wandering ghost.

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