Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 2

“Sorry, I didn’t know it would be like that.” Ryan said politely to Rumian.

Lu Mian laughed “hehe” and said:

“Is the Green Fairy worth another drink?”

Before Ryan could answer, he changed the subject:

“Foreigners, what do you all buy wool and leather for when you come to Kol?”

Many Kordu residents make a living by herding sheep. With a secret sigh of relief, Ryan took this opportunity and said:

“We are here to visit Father Guillaume Bennet of the Church of the Eternal Sun in your village, but he is neither at home nor at church.”

— It doesn’t matter which church you belong to, there is only one church in Kol. Pierre kindly reminded while drinking Ryan’s free absinthe.

Other locals were drinking their own drinks around the bar, and no one answered Lane’s question. This name seems to be some kind of taboo or authority that cannot be casually discussed.

Lu Mian took a sip of wine, thought for a while, and said:

“I can probably guess where the priest is. Do you need me to take you there? “

“Then I’ll torture you.” Leah was not polite.

Ryan followed and nodded.

“Wait until you finish this glass of wine.”

“OK good.” Lu Mian took the glass and drank the pale green liquid in one gulp. He put down his glass and stood up:

“Let’s go.”

“Thank you very much.” Ryan greeted Lumyan, waking Valentine and Leia to get up.

Rumian showed a smile on his face:

“It’s good, you listened to my story and I drank your wine again, are we friends now?”

“Yes.” Ryan nodded slightly. The smile on Lu Mian’s face brightened, and she stretched out her arms as if to hug him.

At the same time, he excitedly said:

“Nice to meet you, my cabbage.”

Ryan, who was about to accept the hug, was shocked:


His expression was blank and confused. The same goes for Valentine and Leah.

“That’s what we call our friends. Everyone in the Darliege area knows this. It has been that way for hundreds of years. Lu Mian naively explained, “Trust me, my cabbage.” “

Liya couldn’t help but look around and let out a tinkling sound. Pierre and the others nodded and said that Rumian wasn’t lying this time, but the smile on his face seemed to show that they were very happy to see that the foreigners couldn’t stand such a friendly title.

Rumian touched his chin:

“You do not like it? “Then I turn it into something else and it’s also used to call friends.

“My rabbit, my chicken, my duck, my lamb, which one do you like?”

Ryan’s expression turned serious and Valentine frowned. Lija answered angrily and jokingly:
— Cabbage, at least it sounds normal.

Hmph, Ryan let out a small breath, squeezed Valentine’s elbow, nodded slightly and said:

“Sounds like valuables from home.”

Before Lumian could react, he turned to the bartender and said,

“Buy the bill.”

“2 Filkins.” The bartender looked at the glasses on the bar.

After Ryan paid the bill, Leah changed the subject:

— The name Lu Mian is rare.

— At least it’s better than Pierre and Guillaume. Lumian laughed, “If you call Pierre here, at least a third of the people will answer you and then call Guillaume. Tom, the second third answered you, who…”

He pointed to the thin middle-aged man drinking the free wine:

“His full name is Pierre Guillaume.”

Leah smiled in response to the situation as if she had fooled around with the subject of cabbage.

Before leaving the inn, Lu Mian looked back. “What happened?” Leah asked curiously.

Rumian answered thoughtfully:

“You three foreigners aren’t the only ones who came to the pub today. One of them has been here before, but I don’t know when he left.”

“How does it look?” Ryan looked straight. Rumian recalled:

“A very temperamental lady, looks like a person from a big city. I can’t tell what she looks like. How about I draw it for you? “

“Can you draw?” Liya asked cautiously after learning Lu Mian’s temperament. Rumian smiled and said:

“In the past.”

“Then let’s go to the priest first.” Ryan ended the call.

At night, there are no street lights in the village of Kordu, but it is not completely dark. The twinkling stars brought a calm twilight to the sky, accompanied by the pale yellow light from the windows of some houses on either side of the road, the group of four walked steadily.

Shortly after that, they came to the “Eternal Sun” church next to the village square. In the dark night, the most magnificent buildings of this village seem to merge with the night, a little mist.

“We’ve been here before, nobody.” Valentine, always indifferent, frowned. Rumian smiled and said:

“There’s no one at the main entrance, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other places.”

As he spoke, he led the three Ryans around the front of the church and came to the cemetery.

Here is a dark brown wooden door. Before Ryan could knock on the door, Rumian reached out and waved the keyhole a few times.

With a squeak, he opened the side door. “This one, isn’t it very polite?” Ryan frowned.

Leah shook her head.

“We have come to visit the priest, not to do business with him.”

“OK good.” Lu Mian was very accepting of the other’s correct opinion. He closed the wooden door and knocked lightly.

“Hello anyone? I walked in without an answer. “His voice was very low, like he was talking to himself at night.

It was quiet in the church. In the next second, Lu Mian pushed the door open again and pointed inside:

“Come in.”

Ryan wanted to deny it, but he looked into the darkness beyond the door and after a few seconds of thought exchanged a look with his companion.

“OK good.” He slowly but surely took a step forward. Leah and Valentine followed.

At this time, Liya’s two boots and four small silver bells on both sides of the veil did not make any sound. In the gloomy environment, the four continued to move forward.

Suddenly Ryan stopped and whispered:

“Does it seem like there’s a sound?”

“Yes.” Rumian strongly agreed. As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly pushed aside and opened another door with a bang.

It’s like the confessional in church. Faint starlight shone inside, reflecting a simple low bed and a strong naked man.

A mature man pushes a woman in white. Everyone was stunned for a moment, including the strong man and the woman below him.

A few seconds later, the strong man turned his head and roared at Ryan and the others.

“Bastard, you are sabotaging the Holy Church!”

Amidst the loud roar, Rumian, who had already hidden behind Ryan and the others, waved his hand and said with a quick smile:

“Looks like we found the priest, my cabbage, see you tomorrow!”

Mid-speech he turned and ran for the side door, his words flapping in the wind behind him, getting lower and lower. At this moment, a sentence appeared simultaneously in Leah’s, Ryan’s, and Valentine’s minds.

A middle-aged man named Pierre Guillaume said:

“This kid is the meanest in the village, stay away from him…”


Under the starlight falling from the sky, Lu Mian whistled. He put his hands in his pockets and calmly walked down the road.

“It is true that the priest had an affair with Madame Poirier. “These outsiders have certain identities at first glance, and the priests of the church must not dare to do anything to them. He would have to pay a high price to stop the church’s reputational fraud, right?

“Hmph, what made him always want to play Aurora’s idea, I’ve been waiting for this chance for a long time….”

Lu Mian muttered in her heart as she returned to her home near the village. This is a semi-detached house on 2 levels. On the first floor there is a part-time living room and a kitchen with an oven and a large stove.

“Aurora! Aurora!” Lumian yelled as he walked up the stairs. No one answered him.

The second floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom, and all doors are open at this time. Lu Mian looked at them one by one, but she did not see her sister.

After some thought, he reached the end of the corridor and climbed the raised stairs to the roof. The orange-red roof was shrouded in a diffused night, and in the middle sat a figure, hugging his knees, silently gazing up at the starry sky.

This is an unusually beautiful woman with thick golden long hair, pale blue eyes and pale features. At this time, her gaze was fixed on the sky, looking at the flickering brightness, her expression was as calm as a statue.

Lu Mian didn’t speak, walked over to the woman and sat down. He raised his head a little, looked at the distant mountains and forests, and heard the gusts of wind blowing through the trees.

After an unknown amount of time, the imageless woman raised her hands and stretched her waist. “Aurora, I don’t understand what is so good about such a view, it is worth going to the roof often to see it.” Rumian said.

“Call me sister!” Aurora raised her finger and tapped Rumyan on the head. Immediately she sighed, her face sunk and said:

“A philosopher once said that there are only two things in the world that deserve reverence. One is the morality of the heart, and the other is the starry sky above the head.”

Lu Mian looked at her sister’s slightly melancholic face, smiled knowingly, and said:

“I will answer that question, that’s what Emperor Rozel said!”

“Pfft…” Aurora laughed out loud.

She immediately snorted and raised her beautiful golden eyebrows:

 Drink again!

“It’s called communication.” Lu Mian said what just happened, “I met three foreigners…”

Aurora couldn’t help but laugh and said:

“I am really afraid that the priest of the church will be sick with fear.”

In the next second, her face turned serious:

“Lu Mian, stop provoking the priest. He won’t do anything to me. It’s hard to get a new one. “

“But I hate him when I see him…” Before Lumian finished speaking, Aurora stood up. She looked at her brother and said with a smile:

“Okay, time to sleep my drunken brother.”

The Auror dropped a small amount of silver powder as he spoke.

Then she rose like a bird, slowly flew down from the roof and turned into the second floor window. Lumi looked quietly and worriedly exclaimed:

And I?

“Squeeze yourself!” Aurora in the room replied cruelly.

Rumian lifted the corners of his lips and the smile on his face slowly faded. Looking at the quickly disappearing spot of silver light in the night, he sighed softly and said to himself:

“I don’t know when I will gain such extraordinary power…”

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