Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 24

Lumian didn’t dare slow himself down for too long, fearing that other monsters would come over. After a short rest, he endured the pain in his neck and back, as well as some discomfort inside his body, and squatted next to the monster’s corpse.

He still held the axe in his right hand, worried that the prey was not completely dead and might jump up suddenly like the skinless monster before.

Using only his left hand, he groped for the monster’s body and found three $5  copper coins called “Rick” and an empty cloth bag.

“That’s all?” Lumian was disappointed not because he found so little money but because he didn’t find any items involving extraordinary power.

If it weren’t for the latter, would he have nothing to do but fight this monster to the death?

If it weren’t for his specialness in the dream, he would have become the opponent’s food now.

Lumian propped himself up, looked at the shotgun monster’s rolled head, and prayed that what he wanted was there.

At this moment, he saw a little crimson light emanating from the monster’s body, covered with penetrating wounds.

They are like fireflies, slowly flying towards the same place with an unstoppable gesture.

Lumian stared straight into his eyes and gradually felt joy in his heart.

This phenomenon is definitely closely related to extraordinary power!

Not long after, a sticky crimson glow appeared on the monster’s chest, and there were no other spots of light around it.

Lumian carefully bent his back and reached out to grab the lump.

This thing is very slippery; he dropped it twice before successfully picking it up and weighing it in the palm of his hand.

Very light, with a certain texture and elasticity, the surface is very smooth…

“What the hell is this?” Lumian once again realised that he was truly illiterate in mysticism.

While whispering silently, he vaguely smelled the bloody smell of this strange crimson mass, and he quickly became impetuous, with an indescribable hostility growing in his body.

For a moment, Lumian wanted to pick up the axe and chop the monster’s body a few more times to vent his violent emotions.

Fortunately, Aurora has always emphasised that the pursuit of supernatural power is a very dangerous thing. He has taken precautions against this and has been monitoring his own situation. He did not let his vigilance down out of joy and discovered something wrong in advance.

“Will it affect my mental state?” Lumian threw the ball of crimson into the cloth bag found on the monster.

As soon as the two sides lost direct contact, he immediately recovered the calm after the death battle and the little excitement that had not yet completely subsided.

There was still a little trembling in his body.

“Sure enough!” Lumian whispered happily after returning to normal.

Then he fastened the cloth bag and hung it on the buckle of his belt.
After thinking about it, Lumian took off the cloth bag again and stuffed it into the inner pocket of the leather jacket.

This will make it easier to lose and make him feel more secure!

As the clothes were untied, a book behind Lumian lost its support and fell down with a snap.

Its surface has been potholed, the overall tattered.

This is the exercise book written by Aurora for Lumian. It is called “The Simulation Training Set for the Unified Entrance Examination of Higher Schools”.

Today, it blocked a shotgun shot for Lumian at a critical moment.

Of course, this is not the credit of its one book.

Lumian picked up the exercise book, walked back to the monster’s corpse, and laughed at the dead prey.

“See, knowledge does equal power!”

After saying this, he planned to take advantage of the situation and throw the exercise book on the monster’s face, but he thought that it was written by his sister with a lot of painstaking efforts, and he was reluctant.

He backhanded the exercise book into the belt behind his waist, bent down, dragged the monster’s body to the trap, and threw it in. Then he kicked the monster’s fallen head down.

After simply cleaning up the battlefield, Lumian endured the pain and discomfort, fixed the axe, took the shotgun with no bullets, his steel fork and shovel, and retreated towards the wilderness.

As he walked, he watched behind him, not daring to be careless.

Finally, he crossed the wilderness, returned to his home, went up to the second floor, and entered the bedroom.

It wasn’t until this moment that Lumian really relaxed, and body pain, obvious discomfort, and intense exhaustion erupted at the same time.

He sat on the edge of the bed, took a long time to regain some mobility, but did not rush to sleep and leave. He took off his clothes, put away his books, walked to the full-length mirror attached to the closet, and checked his injuries.

His neck was already swollen, and there were five blood-coloured fingerprints among the black and blue. There were obvious bruises on his back. As for the minor scrapes and bruises, it was difficult to count them all.

“It even has the kind of internal injury that Aurora said, and I don’t know if it will recover immediately when I come in next time.” Lumian couldn’t help but recall the previous battle and make an evaluation of his performance: “Failed, but not far behind.”

In fact, in the first half of the battle, he could give himself a high score because he not only made full use of the monster’s weakness of not having a high IQ and successfully led it into the second trap, but also strictly followed the plan beforehand, perfectly. He dealt with the target for a long time and dragged it to the point where his injuries were about to explode completely. The only downside was that he lacked enough experience, so he chose to use a steel fork to stab the monster at the bottom of the pit instead of looking for some heavy stones and throwing them directly. go in.
In the second half of the battle, the joy of being close to victory, his lack of combat experience, and his contempt for the monster’s IQ caused him to be fooled by the monster and be almost killed.

This kind of performance is definitely a failure. Fortunately, his previous success pushed the monster to its limit, and he was not able to kill him quickly, giving him a chance to complete the meditation and summon the “special”.

Frankly speaking, before this, Lumian had no idea that the “special” would have such a big effect, making the monster fall into an inextricable fear, unable to escape even being attacked.

He was originally worried that the near-death state brought about by summoning “Special” would make it easy for the enemy to deal with him.

“It’s really special and very strong.” While sighing, Lumian suddenly had an idea.

The reason why those monsters in the ruins do not enter my house and make this a “safe zone” is because there are more terrifying things in the house, for example, the owner of the mysterious voice I heard when I summoned “Special”!

Hissing and thinking of this, Lumian couldn’t help but gasp.

His subconscious reaction was to quickly search every corner of the house to find that terrifying thing, but he quickly dismissed the idea.

People who can’t even defeat shotgun monsters should not provoke the horrors that scare the shotgun monsters too much to resist!

Now that the family is peaceful, don’t lift the fig leaf and try to maintain the current “safe house” status.

It is a good day to be able to live like this.

As for the danger in the future, we will face it later.

“No, not in the future, after I become extraordinary and become strong to a certain extent.” Lumian cast his eyes on the cloth bag in his left hand.

Even if he checked his injuries in front of the mirror with his upper body bare, he didn’t want to let the source of extraordinary power he had finally obtained get out of his control.

“How do I use this thing?” Lumian opened the cloth bag and looked at the crimson mass.

It lay quietly at the bottom of the cloth bag; its shape was not too fixed, but it was obviously lifeless.

Lumian, who lacked mystic knowledge, didn’t know whether to eat it directly, hold a ceremony to fuse the crimson ball with himself, or sacrifice it to some hidden existence.

The latter two methods were only possible because he read the “Secret Veil” magazine. In the past, he could only hold back one word:


Lumian was not in a hurry to make a decision and planned to consult the mysterious woman in the old tavern first.

He felt that the other party should teach him how to use the crimson ball to obtain extraordinary power.

Although he didn’t know why the other party was willing to do this, he just had such an intuition.

If it doesn’t work, he can still talk to his sister.

Unhurriedly getting dressed, Lumian stuffed the ball of crimson and all the money he had into his inner pocket.

After doing all this, he lay down on the bed.

Intense exhaustion surged and overcame the pain in his neck and back and the discomfort in his body, causing him to quickly fall asleep.


When Lumian woke up, the sunlight outside had passed through the curtains and illuminated the entire room.

He sat up slowly, feeling that his whole body was sore, as if he had been severely beaten in a dream.

It was indeed a severe beating. The injury in the dream really reflected reality, but it was obviously weakened. Lumian tried to do some movements, but he didn’t feel any other effects except that his muscles were sore.

This made him feel relieved.

Then he took every pocket on his body.

“No…no!” Lumian failed to take out the ball of crimson.

This made his expression dignified; his brows tightened, and he didn’t know what to do.

As an item involving extraordinary power, the blob of crimson did not follow him to reality, which is a bit different from what the mysterious woman in the old tavern said!

Lumi calmed down, quickly changed his clothes, and left the room.

The bathroom door was open, and Aurora was facing the mirror, brushing her teeth earnestly.

“Morning.” Lumian greeted.

“It’s getting late; you’re too late.” Aurora spoke vaguely.

Gurg bah bah, with the ponytail of blonde hair flicking, she spit out the mouthwash in her mouth.

Then she looked sideways at Lumian.

“What bad things did you sneak out to do last night?”

“That owl is outside; how dare I go out?” Lumian was very calm.

“That’s right.” Aurora didn’t continue the topic but said instead, “Remember to take 5 Filkins to the administrator to make a telegram later.”

Lumian nodded.

This was the key to his and Auror’s escape from Kordu Village, and he dared not forget it for a moment.

After breakfast, Lumian went straight to the village square, where the administrator’s office was located in a two-story building.

Administrator Beyost was still at home when he arrived, but the rest of the staff had already started their day’s work.

After paying the fee and making a telegram, Lumian turned around and headed for the old tavern.

Although the mysterious woman probably didn’t get up at this time, he was willing to wait.

He has been waiting for a long time in pursuit of extraordinary power, and he doesn’t mind waiting a little longer.

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