Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 25

When Lumian entered the old tavern, he was surprised to find that the woman had already woken up and was having breakfast at the old corner corner.

She changed her clothes again, and the brown dress with stand-up tie and ruffles and the dark velvet hat that was set aside made her look like she had just returned from some high-society salon.

“So early?” Lumian calmed down and walked over.

The lady raised her head and glanced at him.

“Is there a possibility that I didn’t sleep all night?”

“Maybe.” Lumian is no stranger to this kind of situation. After all, when the deadline is approaching, his sister Aurora often stays up late. He just wonders why the lady in front of him with a mysterious origin and unknown purpose suddenly mentioned such a sentence.

He glanced at the other party’s “dining table” and found that the food on display was a creamy soufflé dotted with some nuts, a very temptingly baked muffin, a croissant, a cup of darker coffee, and a cat’s tongue pie.

The appetite is really good… But these things are really not what Cordu can provide, except for Aurora; maybe only the chef in the administrator’s house can cook… Lumian sat down and said casually:

“It’s all dessert.”

The lady nodded seriously.

“Intis’s desserts are really delicious, and there are many types. Even if you have some for breakfast every day, you cannot repeat them for a month.”

After finishing speaking, she took a bite of the cat’s tongue cake, half-closed her eyes, felt it for a while, and said:

“That’s one of the meanings of travelling.”

“Aren’t you from Intis?” Lumian took the opportunity to ask.

The lady smiled.

“I’m from Ruen, but in terms of the current situation, it doesn’t matter.”

Apart from steam machinery, factories and enterprises, and a large number of troops, can only easy chairs, mint sauce, fried fish and potatoes, and beer brewed with red snake fruit be regarded as special products? As a pure Intisian, Lumian immediately remembered the words that everyone usually laughed at in the Loen Kingdom.

He said “hmm” and then said:

“I took care of that monster with a shotgun.”

The lady took a sip of coffee and spoke quite plainly:


For some reason, Lumian always felt that there was some kind of strange emotion in the eyes of the other party.

In the previous few exchanges, he actually had a similar feeling, thinking that the other party had some kind of hidden emotion besides being playful and funny, but he couldn’t tell what it meant.

He continued:

“I got an abnormal crimson mass from that monster; holding it would make me cranky and full of hostility.

“I thought it was definitely something that involved supernatural powers, but it didn’t follow me into reality.”

The lady smiled.

“So many times in and out, don’t you realise that there is no way to bring anything except your own state?”

“Didn’t you say that extraordinary things are excluded?” Lumian stopped before finishing his sentence.

He thought of the soreness in his body now, the injury he suffered in the dream, and the corresponding memory that did not disappear when he returned to reality.

After thinking for a while, he considered and said:

“You mean, after gaining extraordinary power through that crimson mass and turning oneself into an extraordinary, the corresponding state that is different from normal people can be brought to reality?”

“It’s pretty smart.” The lady didn’t even look up; she was still enjoying the creamy soufflé.

“But won’t the corresponding power be weakened by this?” Lumian frowned and asked, “The injury I suffered in the dream is much lighter than in reality.”

“The state changes brought about by extraordinary characteristics will not.” The lady raised her head and looked at Lumian and said, “That’s why I said that extraordinary things are excluded.”

“Extraordinary characteristics…” Lumian chewed on the term.

He thought of the “extraordinary” thing that his sister said.

Can one become extraordinary by acquiring extraordinary characteristics? Lumian probably understood a little bit.

And based on the explanation of the lady in front of him, he has a further guess about the special nature of the dream:

The ruins actually existed, or they were originally located somewhere in reality and then fell into the depths of a big man’s dream, so they have been developing naturally, and my dream is essentially a special passage, subject to the special channels generated by the symbols on the chest being connected to the ruins.

According to this speculation, the appearance of my home there is equivalent to an imprint left in my dreams when interacting with each other, and it is a reflection of the safest place in my subconscious mind, so it is not the same as the surrounding wilderness and the ruins. The same kind; it’s like being in a different world…

The monsters dare not come in because they really can’t get in. They are in the real ruins, and my “home” is the product of the fusion of dreams and “reality”. People who don’t have special marks can’t pass through the corresponding barriers.

That special imprint only acts on me, and the state I am in will be recorded and brought back to reality. At this time, those that do not involve extraordinary factors will decay, and those involved will remain unchanged, and death should also be

If this is the case, then there should be nothing scary in the dream house, but the origin of these symbols on the chest and the source of that terrifying sound also symbolise some kind of horror.

Lumian was silent for a while, while the lady opposite was enjoying her breakfast leisurely and didn’t mind at all.

After recovering, Lumian asked:
“Then how do I use that crimson thing? Is it the extraordinary characteristic you mentioned?”

At the critical moment, he couldn’t help but use the honorific title.

The lady put down the coffee in her hand and glanced at him.

“I can give you a potion formula, and you just follow it.”

The generous gift made Lumian a little uneasy.

“Why are you helping me like this?”

The lady laughed.

“If I say it’s fate, do you believe it?”

I don’t believe it… Lumian subconsciously replied in his heart.

The anomalies in the village, the pressure of an approaching storm, and the desire for extraordinary power made him suppress his inner anxiety and say in a deep voice:

“I believe.”

Once an opportunity arises, one must try decisively to grasp it as best as possible without any hesitation or overthinking!

The lady smiled, and the unexplainable emotion in Lumian’s eyes seemed to be a little stronger.

She took out a stack of post-it notes and a round belly pen with a silver case from her black lady’s handbag and began to write.

Soon, she stopped the pen in her hand, tore off the top note paper, and handed it to Lumian.

Lumian quickly took it and looked at it.

“‘Hunter’ Potion Recipe:

“Main material: a copy of ‘Hunter’s” extraordinary characteristic;

“Auxiliary materials: 80 ml of red wine, one red chestnut flower (it can be a specimen or can be replaced with 10 drops of corresponding essential oil), 5 grammes of poplar leaf powder, 10 grammes of basil;

“How to use: drink it directly.”

Lumian kept the corresponding content firmly in his mind, then folded the post-it note and put it in the inner pocket of the brown jacket.

After doing all this, he asked curiously:

“What does ‘hunter’ mean?”

A hunter in the extraordinary sense?

“It’s the name of the corresponding sequence.” The lady took another sip of her coffee and said, “I know you don’t know much about occultism, so let me tell you briefly. There are 22 paths for extraordinary powers that are common in our world. Obtain materials containing the corresponding extraordinary characteristics to prepare potions, and each path has a total of 10 sequences, from sequence 9 to sequence 0. The smaller the number, the higher the personality, and the stronger the ability.

“The extraordinary characteristic you obtained belongs to the ‘Red Priest’ pathway and can only be used to deploy the corresponding Sequence 9 ‘Hunter’.”

Lumian listened very attentively and blurted out:

“Then which pathway’s sequence number does my sister Aurora belong to?”

“She is a Sequence 7 ‘Wizard’ of the ‘Secret Peer’ pathway.” The lady replied indifferently.

She didn’t mention how she knew.

Aurora is already at Sequence 7? That’s right, she has gained extraordinary power for several years… I only got Sequence 9 after taking the potion, which is a bit far behind her… I just hope that I won’t drag her down when I escape from Kordu. Lumian couldn’t help it. Live asked:

“Can I drink high-sequence potions directly, or drink Sequence 9 today and Sequence 8 tomorrow?”

“In theory, it is possible.” The lady added after Lumian’s face showed joy, “But most of the people who do this will turn into dead people or monsters, and even one out of ten million people may not be successful.”

“Become a monster?” Lumian was startled.

The lady laughed “hehe” and said:

“Didn’t your sister tell you that the path to transcendence is dangerous?

“After drinking the potion, if you don’t control that power, you will either die from physical collapse or mutate into a monster. Why do you think the one you met was in human form?”

No wonder… Lumian finally understood what danger her sister was talking about.

But he is willing to face it.

“Is there no way to lessen the danger?” he asked.

The lady looked at him for two seconds and said:

“Yes, firm will, good physical condition, and not too bad luck. As for the others, you don’t need to know now because you are the first potion.”

“Good physical condition…” Lumian, who planned to go back to catch up on sleep and drink potions later, frowned.

In the dream, he was still seriously injured.

The lady on the opposite side nodded lightly and said:

“Don’t worry; wait until night, when the pain in your body is basically relieved, and then go to sleep.”

“Uh…” Lumian asked thoughtfully, “As long as my body is almost healed in reality, will the injury in the dream fully recover?”

You know, his body in reality is just a little sore, which is completely different from the injury in the dream!

“Yes.” The lady confirmed Lumian’s guess.

She continued:

“There is still a lot of common sense about the potion and the way of God. I will tell you after you drink the potion and become a ‘hunter’.”

The way of God… Lumian said doubtfully:

“Why don’t you speak now?”

The lady laughed.

“If you drink the potion and die or turn into a monster, isn’t it a waste of my time for me to talk so much?”

Lumian had nothing to say.

He stood up, said goodbye, and left.

Before taking a step, he asked again:

“Do you know that there are abnormalities in the village?”

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