Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 26

The lady was eating a croissant, and after a while she said to Lumian:


She really knew… Lumian was overjoyed, and after deliberating his words, he said:

“May I pay a certain price to ask you to help solve Cordu’s problem?”

He switched to the honorific again.

In his opinion, this mysterious lady is definitely stronger than Liya and the others, and much stronger. If she is willing to help, the problem in Kordu Village will no longer be a problem, and he and his sister will not have to take risks to escape. Yes, the only problem is that you may not be able to afford the corresponding price.

As for whether the other party will agree, Lumian is not sure at all and can even be said to have a very pessimistic attitude. He just feels that it is necessary to try once in the current situation. Even if he is rejected, it will only lose some face, and he doesn’t care about it.

The lady looked sideways at Lumian and said calmly:

“I can indeed solve the problem here, but the corresponding price is that everything is destroyed, including you.

“If you want to get a better result, you can only rely on yourself.”

The problem is so serious. Lumian’s pupils dilated instantly, trying to see the other person’s subtle expressions clearly to see if she was joking.

He was not surprised or disappointed when the lady refused to help. What shocked him was that the problem in Kordu Village mentioned by the other party was many times more serious than he expected, and it might even lead to the destruction of the entire village!

Since she could solve it, why did the whole village die instead, while ordinary people like us and extraordinary people who are not strong enough can achieve a better result? Lumian was puzzled and frightened.

He decided that if he did not receive a call back from “Fiction Weekly” the day after tomorrow, he would urge his sister to leave Kordu Village immediately. Even if it meant taking a big risk, he couldn’t delay any longer!

“What’s the problem?” Lumian continued to ask without paying attention to decency.

The lady smiled.

“If I say it and you investigate it, the result will be completely different.”

Lumian gritted his teeth instinctively. He didn’t like this kind of behaviour of “speaking only a little and always refusing to speak clearly”.

For some reason, he felt that the strange emotion in the other party’s eyes was more obvious.

“Okay.” Lumian thought for a moment, then asked, “Do you know Mrs. Puares? Is she also a wizard, er, extraordinary?”

“Forget it.” The lady picked up the coffee cup and took a sip.

Indeed, Lumian further asked:

“What pathway, which sequence?”

The next second, he saw the lady’s expression become a little more serious.

“Not the normal way.”

“What is not the normal way?” Lumian asked.

The lady smiled.

“You’ll find out later.”

I wonder now… Lumian struggled to control his expression.

He was about to leave when he was standing when he suddenly thought of a question, a very crucial question:

“Ma’am, how do I bring those auxiliary materials into the dream world?”

In the state of the ruins of the dream, I can at most dig out red wine and basil at home, spices that rich families would have prepared, and red chestnut flowers and poplar leaves need to be collected in reality.

Although both are not difficult to find, Lumian has even thought about where to “borrow”, but it is useless to get them, and they cannot be transferred to the dream at all.

The lady smiled and said,

“Let me offer a little help for free.

“You find those materials in reality; put them on the table in your bedroom before going to bed, and I will help you send them to your dreams.”

Can she send those things into my dreams? Lumian was surprised at first, and then he was relieved that the problem was solved.

He didn’t expect that there was a second person who could “enter” what he thought was a very special dream.

Thinking that the peculiarity of his entering the ruins of the dream might be due to the strange symbols on his chest, he suspected that the lady in front of him was also related to those symbols or that weird and terrifying voice.

After leaving the old tavern, Lumian planned to collect red chestnut flowers and poplar leaves immediately.

At this moment, he saw Ryan, Liya, and Valentine coming out of the path leading to the back door of the tavern, still wearing their previous clothes and wearing similar outfits.

Lumian’s heart moved, and he greeted him with a smile.

“Good morning, my cabbages.”

Liya turned her head and laughed at Jingdong’s voice.

“You’re early too.”

Lumian immediately pretended to be sneaky and looked left and right a few times before lowering his voice and saying:

“I found something unusual yesterday.”

Ryan’s expression was positive, and he looked at each other with Valentine and Liya and said:

“What is it?”

Lumian said with a little fear:

“I suspect that Naroka’s death was abnormal—the one you watched at the funeral yesterday.”

Ryan gave an encouraging look and continued talking.

Lumian exhaled and said:

“Didn’t I tell you about the funeral customs in the Daliege area? Later, after everyone went to the cemetery, Ponce Bene entered Naroka’s house, and the master did not object.

“Isn’t this destroying the constellation influence of their family and taking away the corresponding good luck?

“There must be a problem!”

“Pons Bene is the brother of the curate.” Ryan thought for a few seconds before asking.

Lumian nodded heavily.

Thinking of the abnormality of the priest and his group and thinking that he and his sister are about to leave Kordu Village, there is no need to worry about possible silence and revenge afterwards, he said directly:
“The parish priest is not a good man!”

“Why do you say that?” Liya asked with a smile.

She was not at all surprised that Lumian accused the curate so much.

Lumian was not polite and told about the disappearance of a villager who went to Darliege to inform and then disappeared, focusing on the accusations against the priest.

He concluded:

“I really doubt he is a member of the church’s clergy.

“Once, I had to hide in the church temporarily because I told a certain story too truthfully and caused some people’s discomfort.

“I was about to fall asleep behind the altar when the curate came in with Mrs. Pouaris, and the two of them were doing dirty things under the watchful eye of the gods.

“In the chat after the end, the curate also expressed emotion to Mrs. Puares, saying, ‘Why can’t a man marry his own sister?

“Madame Pouaris couldn’t accept this sentence; she thought it was extremely sinful, and she asked the curate to repent immediately.

“The priest of the church said: ‘Many good families lost a lot of property because their daughters married and other sons went out to start a family and eventually fell down. If the son can marry his sister, these problems will no longer exist. It’s a pity. The law and morals do not allow’…”

Hearing this, the indifferent Valentine said with a livid face:

“Is he a servant of God or a servant of the devil?”

Ryan nodded as if thinking:

“It’s no wonder Ponce Bene hasn’t been allowed to start a family alone after all these years of marriage.”

Liya looked at Lumian and smiled softly.

“Sure enough, you knew beforehand that Mrs. Puares was having an affair with the parish priest and that she wanted to use us that day.”

Lumian smiled awkwardly at first and then said righteously:

“As a believer in the ‘Eternal Sun’, I can’t stand such a person standing in the church.”

The indifferent Valentine’s face softened; he nodded approvingly and said:

“It would be great if there were more people like you in Kordu Village.”

How many more of me? Lumian didn’t dare imagine what Kordu Village would look like under such circumstances.

He then added:

“At that time, I also heard the curate tell Mrs. Puares that he was planning something and that he might be watched by the people of the court. Let Mrs. Puares be careful, and don’t let it slip.”

Ryan’s expression then became dignified:

“Is there anything specific about it?”

“No.” Lumian didn’t make up anything.

It’s fine to talk at this level; if you say a little more, the problem may completely erupt tonight, and he hasn’t had time to become extraordinary yet.

After bidding farewell to the three strangers, Lumian spent a lot of time collecting red chestnut flowers and poplar leaves.

Near noon, he arrived in the square and came to the two-story building where the magistrate was conducting business.

At this time, most of the villagers have gathered here, waiting to choose the “Spring Fairy”.

Tomorrow begins part of the Lent celebrations.

Lumian found Raymond, Ava, and the others and squeezed past them.

“Is Awa on the list?” He asked.

Ava didn’t speak; her mood was obviously very disturbed, while Raymond shook his head.

“I have no idea.”

“There must be Ava. Among the unmarried women in the village, she is the most beautiful except your sister, and your sister is not of the right age.” Guillaume Berry, who was standing next to her, interjected.

He is the little Guillaume in the population of Lumian and others. He is one of their partners, and they often play together. He has slightly curly brown hair, obvious freckles on his face, and blue eyes that are not big enough. squint.

Awa’s cousin, Azema, is also here. She looks a little smaller and a little more mediocre.

At this time, she did not speak.

Lumian understands her feelings because she also wants to be a “spring elf”.

In the Daliege area, being selected as a “spring elf” means not only recognition of your appearance and character but also some hidden benefits.

Hearing what little Guillaume said, Lumian smiled and said:

“If not, when the administrator finishes reading the list, I will shout: ‘I choose Ava!'”

Ava was a little embarrassed.

“Need not.”

This is actually a normal process. After the administrator finishes reading the candidate list for the “Spring Elf”, if the villagers have their own candidates, they can call them out on the spot and join the voting ranks. However, those who are thick-skinned and willing to do so are not many, and Lumian is one of them.

He is very candid about it.

Anyway, it was Ava who was ashamed, not me.

Not long after, a window on the second floor opened, and Administrator Beyost appeared there.

In appearance, he is much better than the priest in the church, with neatly combed powdered brown hair, light blue eyes with black lines, a straight nose bridge, thin lips, and well-groomed sides. The beard made him look quite good, and the double-breasted flannel jacket showed his status even more.

Bayost looked down at the crowd for a few seconds.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the hour is up, and those who arrive late will no longer have the right to vote.

“Below, I read the shortlist for ‘Spring Fairy’:

“Ava Lizier…”

Hearing this, Awa was visibly relieved.

Not surprisingly, in the show of hands vote, she won the approval of more than 80% of the villagers.

After the voting ended, Lumian didn’t go to celebrate with his four partners and left the square directly on the pretext of having something to do at home.

As soon as he got home, he asked his sister:

“Any callback?”

If there is a reply, the telegraph operator will send it to the home and take a small fee, by the way.

“Not yet.” Aurora shook her head.

She turned to say:

“The undercurrent has been raging lately. You can’t relax in the slightest in your fighting practise. Well, I will practise with you this afternoon.”

Lumian was sore all over, and he hissed secretly when he heard this.

Suddenly, his heart moved slightly, and he deliberately said with a bitter face:

“I don’t know if it’s because I practised too hard recently, and my whole body hurts today. Aurora, uh, sister, can you press it for me? You are the most professional!”

“Alright.” Aurora nodded lightly.


In the evening, my sister’s stretching massage and adequate rest allowed Lumian’s body to basically recover.

Before going to bed, he put three red chestnut flowers and powdered poplar leaves in a bottle on the table in front of the window.

After taking a deep look at them, Lumian got into bed expectantly and a little nervously.

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