Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 27

Lumian’s first reaction after waking up in the grey fog was not to check his physical condition but to sit up abruptly and look at the table in front of the window.

The three red chestnut flowers and the glass bottle containing the poplar leaf powder are quietly placed there, receiving a little light that penetrates the dense fog in the sky.

“She really sent in the auxiliary materials.” Lumian heaved a sigh of relief, got out of bed, and moved his body.

He was delighted to find that the pain in his neck and back had completely disappeared, as had the discomfort in his body.

“Sure enough, the reality has recovered, and the dream has also recovered, although the injuries on both sides are not equal at all.” Lumian quickly walked to the wardrobe with a full-length mirror, took off his upper body clothes, and took a comprehensive look at himself.

The five bloody fingerprints, the high, swollen black and black, and the bruises all disappeared.

This made Lumian suspect that hunting the extraordinary monster last night was just a dream he had.

Fortunately, the crimson thing in the cloth bag, the wealth of a few copper coins more than before, and the shotgun that was put aside at the same time proved the reality of that experience.

Lumian’s heart settled down. With a cloth bag containing crimson things and a lot of coins, he left the bedroom and went straight to the first floor. He picked up a bottle of red wine, turned over a beer glass, and came back with a can of basil.

Of course, he did not forget to bring the measuring cylinders, small scales, and other teaching instruments that his sister Aurora bought when teaching him homework.

Looking at the desk full of items, he was a little excited for a moment but also a little nervous uncontrollably.

Everything is ready; only the preparation of the potion is left!

And potion is not a drink; it is more dangerous than alcohol. If there is any problem, it will lead to the death of the drinker or mutate into a monster.

Lumian took a breath and let it out slowly, then poured 80 ml of red wine into the beer glass with a graduated cylinder.

He added 10 grammes of basil, 5 grammes of poplar leaf powder, and a red chestnut flower in turn.

There was no abnormality in the whole process. Compared with before, the red liquid in the beer glass had just a little more dregs and a flower floating.

Immediately afterwards, Lumian raised the cloth bag next to his hand and watched intently as the crimson mass slipped into the beer glass.

Without a sound, the crimson ball seemed to dissolve quickly, but it seemed that all the surrounding liquid had been sucked into its body.

Gurgling bubbles burst out, blood stained the entire cup, and the red chestnut flower had already melted at some point.

“This is the ‘Hunter’ potion?” Lumian swallowed his saliva and picked up the beer glass.

The extraordinary power he was looking for is close at hand.

Without hesitation, Lumian adjusted his breathing, calmed down his emotions, raised his head slightly, and drank the potion directly.
Tonne tonne tonne, there seemed to be a pungent bloody smell in his nose, and he had some auditory hallucinations in his ears.

As soon as he finished drinking the potion and put down the cup, he immediately felt a tingling pain in every part of his body.

It was so strong that Lumian wondered if what he was drinking was a fire that was burning his oesophagus, stomach pouch, heart, lungs, small intestine, large intestine, and all blood vessels.

At the same time, a strong smell of rust spread out from his throat.

Keeping the lady’s words in mind, he tried his best to control his spirit so as not to let himself faint directly. If that happened, it might mean that he was defeated by the potion, and the result could be imagined.

In a daze, Lumian lowered his head and saw all the blood vessels on the back of his hand protruding, criss-crossing, densely packed, bright red, and eye-catching.

The stinging and burning came and went quickly, but after two or three seconds, Lumian had the feeling that they were about to go away.

At this moment, his head buzzed, and the mysterious voice that seemed to come from an infinite height and seemed to be close to him sounded in his ears again.

The sound was like a steel thorn inserted into his head, stirring vigorously.

The near-death experience struck Lumian again, and the burning and stinging pain that had been fading became more intense.

At this moment, Lumian’s eyes were wide open, his hands were clenched tightly, and he felt that something was about to open his skin and come out of his flesh and blood.

The grey fog around him seemed to be thickening again.

The horrifying voice that was hard to hear subsided, and the squirming of flesh and blood in Lumian’s body disappeared like a hallucination.

The terrible stinging and burning and the strong smell of rust and blood also disappeared.

Lumian finally breathed the cool air again and regained control over his body.

He couldn’t help but bend his back, put his hands on his knees, and pant heavily.

He understood more deeply what his sister said about the dangers of seeking supernatural power.

Just the potion in Sequence 9 almost killed him!

Of course, he couldn’t reach this level originally, so it can only be said that it is indeed more dangerous, but at the critical moment, the mysterious voice brought by the special symbol on his chest almost made him collapse directly.

Every gasp seemed to make Lumian regain some of his strength, and it didn’t take long for him to feel completely recovered.

Lumian tried to clench his fist, aimed it at the air, and swung it hard.


He actually made the sound of air bursting directly.

He had never expected to possess such power before!

Lumian became more and more excited, and in the small bedroom, he moved around and practiced some kind of fighting technique taught by his sister.

bang bang bang!

Each of his punches can bring out a crisp sound, and under such a big movement in such a cramped environment, every step of his step is just right without touching anything.
After playing a set, Lumian not only didn’t feel tired but was full of energy.

He then evaluated his own state:

“It’s no worse than Aurora…

“Whether strength, speed, reaction, or the ability to control the body have been greatly enhanced, it is a bit inhuman…

“It has both the strength of a bear and the lightness of a cat, which is roughly equal to the combination of the two…

“Without potions, I might not be able to reach this level in my life.”

Before finishing the inspection, Lumian suddenly smelled a bloody smell.

He couldn’t help feeling tense in his heart and instinctively sniffling.

In the next second, he found that he could tell where the source of the bloody smell was.

It came from his body!

Lumian lowered his head and saw blood red on the back of his hand, as if there were multiple bleeding points.

He went to the full-length mirror again and found that his face was also covered in blood.

Lumian reached out and wiped his face, wiping away some of the blood, but he didn’t see half of the wound.

After thinking for a while, he had a certain guess:

“Has taking the potion just now caused all the capillaries Aurora said to be broken? After absorbing the potion, the wound healed quickly.”

Only the influence of supernatural factors can explain the current situation.

Since there was no injury, Lumian stopped paying attention to this matter and focused on the sense of smell, which seemed to have changed significantly.

As he concentrated, the smell in the air “decomposed” in an instant and penetrated into his nose in different forms.

“The smell of blood, the smell of residual wine, the smell of flowers, the smell of dust…” Lumian distinguished them one by one, not even letting go of the very subtle ones.

At the same time, he “saw” the invisible footprints on the ground, “saw” the different distribution of dust in the bedroom, “heard” the beating of his own heart, and “heard” the scraping outside the house. the breeze…

“The second change is that the sensory ability has improved linearly, and the grasp of traces has surpassed the level of normal humans… No wonder that monster is so good at tracking.” Lumian was quite happy about this.

And, more importantly, this kind of improvement does not affect his daily life; it requires his concentration to appear and usually only exists in a weakened version.

After repeated experiments and self-examination, Lumian found two other changes brought about by the “Hunter” potion:

“The third change is that on the premise of careful observation of the environment, I can accurately and intuitively find certain points, for example, how to collapse a wall more easily, which allows me to set traps better and faster. This also works on humans, beasts, and monsters, allowing me to hunt more efficiently.

“The fourth change is that I have more knowledge of wild plants and animal organs in my mind, which can help me survive in the wild better. After I am injured, I can quickly find qualified ‘hemostatic medicine’, and it is more convenient to make smears when needed.” Poison on weapons…”

After initially confirming this, Lumian couldn’t help feeling a little absurd:

“I was able to kill that shotgun monster?

“The current me is much, much stronger than the previous me, and it is not much weaker than the current me.”

After thinking about it for a while, he concluded two main points:

“Ability is important, but mind is equally important!

“Using the environment well can effectively enhance one’s own strength!”

After thinking about it, Lumian added another sentence to his heart:

“Also, don’t be careless or lose patience at any time.”

He walked to the window and looked at the ruins of the dream again.

Immediately, an indescribable sense of oppression, fear, and danger surged into his heart, which had never appeared before or was not so strong.

“Uh, the fifth change is that some kind of intuition has been enhanced.” Lumian nodded slightly.

He went to the bathroom to wash his body with clean water, changed into another set of clothes, took the money, and laid down on the bed again.

He wanted to quickly return to reality to see if the obtained “Hunter” ability was taken out and, if so, whether there was any attenuation.


Kordu Village in the middle of the night was very quiet. The high-altitude clouds covered the red moon and the stars, making the deep darkness the ruler of this area.

Looking at such a night scene, Lumian felt extremely comfortable.

In reality, he has also become extraordinary, and compared with the dream, his ability has not weakened at all!

Guided by intuition, Lumian unbuttoned his shirt and looked down at his chest.

The black symbol that looks like a chain of thorns is slowly fading.

“It also appeared in reality…” Lumian was inexplicably uneasy.

And the bluish-black symbol that should have been pressed on the chain of thorns seems to only exist in the dream.

Suddenly, Lumian’s heart moved, and he raised his head.

On the elm tree not far away, the owl from wizard legend was watching him quietly.

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