Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 28

The whites of the owl’s brown and black eyes seemed to be a little fluorescent in the night, and its posture looking at Lumian was closer to looking down.

Lumian was no longer as frightened as the previous two times, and he cursed in a deep voice:

“Look at what?

“Speak up if you have the ability!”

He didn’t want to offend the owl on the opposite side, but he wanted to stimulate the owl to show his true purpose in this way; otherwise, it would be frightening to see him when it flew over from time to time at night.

The owl remained silent, not even making a cry.

After a few seconds, it spread its wings again and flew out into the depths of the night.

“Psychopathy!” Lumian cursed, but he didn’t dare to relax in the slightest.

He still focused on looking outside, carefully distinguishing all the dark shadows in the night.

He remembered very clearly that after the owl came last time, he saw Naroka’s figure, and he heard the news of Naroka’s death after dawn.

I don’t know if something similar will happen this time. Lumian observed carefully and found nothing abnormal.

He breathed a sigh of relief, closed the curtains, and lay back on the bed.

In the deep darkness, Lumian opened his eyes, thinking about the next plan:

“I don’t know what this owl wants to do… It behaves so weirdly and mysteriously that it shouldn’t be a good thing.

“I don’t care about it anyway; given the situation in the village, I have to quickly drag Auror away, and after that, I don’t believe it can go to Trier!

“If you don’t receive a call back tomorrow, you will have to forcibly flee Kordu the morning after tomorrow…

“If there is a call back, then Aurora and I will go down the mountain from the road at the entrance of the village openly. If not, um… Tomorrow is Lent, and everyone is still celebrating the day after tomorrow, so we won’t pay so much attention. Let Aurora go to Mrs. Pouaris to borrow her pony and go to play in the nearby alpine pastures. This does not need to go down the mountain. It is not like leaving Kordu. It should not attract too much attention from the investigators. At that time, you can use A treacherous path yonder leaves the mountains…

“That’s not a road at all; it’s broken in several places; even the shepherds don’t think it’s possible to go down the mountain with it, but with my current ability, there’s no problem passing it, and Auror has witchcraft and can fly a certain distance; it must be easier than mine…

“There’s a good chance this will slip through the eyes of investigators.”

After becoming a “hunter,”, many things that could not be done before can now be done, which gave Lumian great confidence and allowed him to quickly formulate a plan.

Afterwards, he became more determined in his heart, his whole body calmed down a lot, and the rest of his sleep was very solid.
The next morning, Lumian got up early and got busy in the kitchen.

Thinking that he has become extraordinary and thinking that he and his sister are about to leave Kordu Village, which is full of abnormalities, his mood becomes quite good, and he even has the urge to hum a song.

When Aurora went downstairs, two bowls of bolognese noodles had already been placed on the table.

“How do you know I’m about to get up?” she asked relievedly.

Lumian smiled and said:

“I only started cooking noodles when I heard movement in the bathroom.”

At the same time, he muttered in his heart:

Sure enough, as usual, you will be in a daze for a while after waking up, and you didn’t even think about it.

Aurora nodded and, while sitting at the dining table, asked casually:

“Did that owl fly again in the middle of the night last night?”

“Yes.” Lumian knew that it was her sister who found out that she was staying up in the middle of the night and looking out of the window.

Fortunately, the owl appeared; otherwise, he would not know how to explain it.

You can’t say that you are too excited after becoming extraordinary, right?

In that case, re-education by my sister is indispensable.

However, Lumian didn’t plan to keep this matter from her sister for too long because it would affect Aurora’s decisions on many things.

When he was going to forcibly flee Kordu the day after tomorrow, he told his sister about it so that she would not have to be distracted from taking care of himself.

At that time, under the urgency of the situation, Aurora will not have time to educate him.

“Strange owl…” Aurora frowned slightly, with a puzzled look on her face.

She also couldn’t figure out what the owl was trying to do; it just came to see it every time.

Lumian sucked up the noodles and said to Aurora when he was almost done eating:

“If there is a call back, we will leave Kordu village this evening and take the usual way down the mountain.

“If you don’t get a call back, you can borrow a pony from Mrs. Puares tomorrow morning. We’ll go to the nearest alpine pasture. I know there’s a trail down the mountain, and those investigators certainly don’t know.”

Aurora played with her hair with her fingers and thought carefully.

After a while, she smiled and said,

“Yes, the probability of success for this plan is quite high.”

She then “tsk tsk” said:

“My idiot brother has grown up.”

Lumian was overjoyed for a while and quite proud.


After breakfast, he made an excuse to see if Ava was ready for the “Spring Fairy” blessing parade, left the semi-underground two-story building, and went straight to the old tavern.

After becoming extraordinary, he was eager to learn more common sense.

And the lady said she would tell him!

Walking not far from the old tavern, Lumian saw an acquaintance approaching him.

It was Ponce Benet, brother of the curé, in a cotton shirt and dark blue jacket.
“There’s only one person…” Lumian couldn’t help showing a bright smile on his face when he thought of being chased halfway through the village with thugs led by Ponce Benet last time.

He had just acquired extraordinary strength, and he was eager to try, looking for someone to practise with.

“Hi, my illegitimate son.” Lumian said, “How dare you go out alone without my father’s permission?”

He was planning to provoke Ponce Bene and let him take the initiative to attack and not escape in advance.

Ponce Bennet followed his reputation and saw him.

The villain’s face changed slightly; he turned around and ran wildly.

Crap, rub… Lumian was a little dumbfounded to see this guy disappear at the intersection not far away.

“It’s really fast…

“Very alert…”

Lumian sighed silently.

Although he thought before he became extraordinary that he could win one-on-one against Ponce Bene, Ponce Bene probably thought so too. You know, Ponce Bene chose to run away as soon as he saw him today, as if he had encountered a beast.

It’s impossible for him to know that I secretly became extraordinary last night. Could it be that because this guy is too stupid and has no brains, he has acquired a beast-like intuition and can smell danger? Lumian slandered Ponce Bene in his heart.

He didn’t try to catch up because he regretted it as soon as he said “hello.”

The village is full of abnormalities, and the situation is quite dangerous. Before you really leave, one more thing is worse than one less thing!

If the beating of Ponce Bene had caused the parish priest and his group to start their plan ahead of time, which would have affected his and Aurora’s escape, Lumian would not have been able to cry.

Moreover, the church priest and his group are mysterious; Ponce Bennet may have something weird; Lumian feels that if he really wants to fight him, it is likely to expose his identity as an extraordinary; and then the follow-up will be troublesome.

“To become extraordinary all at once, I was a little too complacent and arrogant, and I couldn’t control myself well.” Lumian made a deep self-examination and then walked into the old tavern.

He intended to go directly to the second floor but saw the lady sitting in the corner.

Today she was wearing a pearl grey dress and a light-coloured bonnet, with no food in front of her.

“Have you had breakfast?” Lumian walked over and sat across from him.

“Not yet.” The lady replied casually, “I made an appointment with someone today, and I’m still waiting for her.”

she? It wasn’t me… Lumian looked around and saw no other figures except the tavern owner.

He looked at the lady again and said sincerely:

“I’ve become a ‘hunter’.”

It’s time for you to keep your promise and give me more common sense.

The lady was not surprised at all and said with a slight smile:

“The condition is not bad.”

She paused and said in a slightly erratic voice:

“What you need to master now are two laws and one method.”

How could it be the same as studying physics? Lumian didn’t dare to speak.

The lady continued:

“For most extraordinary people, this knowledge is extremely precious, and it is worth all they have to exchange for it. But since there is a destiny arrangement, then I will tell you for free.”

Free is the most expensive; where will I pay the price? Lumian was inexplicably a little heavy.

After becoming a “hunter,”, his intuition and observation abilities have been significantly enhanced. At this moment, he clearly felt the indescribable special emotion in the eyes of the opposite lady appear again, stronger than before, but he still couldn’t tell what it was.

The lady sits up slightly.

“The source of all extraordinary power can be traced back to the original creator. You are a believer in the ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’. You should be very clear that the eyes of that person have become the sun.”

“Yes.” Lumian had heard the parish priest preach.

“This is actually a description in a symbolic sense.” The lady simply explained, “In short, the original creator created this world, created many gods, and finally disintegrated himself, splitting into different paths.”

“That’s why it’s called ‘The Way of God’?” Lumian suddenly realised

The lady nodded slightly.

“Yes, Sequence 0 of each path is equal to the true god. For example, Sequence 0 of the ‘Singer’ path is called ‘Sun’, which is the ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’ you believe in.”

Can every extraordinary person become a god in the end? Lumian was extremely shocked.

At the same time, he felt joy and inexplicable fear.

If he were a devout follower of “Eternal Blazing Sun”, he would already be accusing the lady opposite him of blasphemy, but unfortunately, he was not.

He even asked:

“What is the name of Sequence 0 of the ‘Hunter’ pathway, and what about the ‘Secret Peer’ pathway?”

“Didn’t I tell you? ‘Red Priest’, this position is still vacant.” The lady laughed and shook her head. “Sequence 0 of the ‘Secret Peer’ pathway is called ‘Hermit’, and it is currently occupied by an evil god. He is called the ‘Hidden Sage’, and he likes to instill knowledge in ordinary people who have the same path. In professional terms, it is called “knowledge chasing people, and a large part of your sister’s problem comes from this.”

“That’s it…” Lumian began to hate the “hidden sage”.

The lady turned the subject back on track:

“It is precisely because extraordinary characteristics come from the original Creator that they will not disappear, nor will they increase; they will only transform from one form to another, from one object to another.

“This is called the Law of Immortality of Extraordinary Characteristics.”

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