Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 29

Lumian thought about it based on the physics knowledge he had learned:

“Why not just call it the law of conservation?”

“That’s another law, but you don’t need to understand the details for now.” The lady nodded approvingly. “Actually, in essence, it is the same as the law of indestructibility, except that there are some more preconditions and specific explanations.”

That’s it… Lumian thought for a moment, then said, after deliberation:

“According to the law of immortality, if I want to acquire extraordinary characteristics, besides hunting corresponding monsters, can I also target other extraordinary people?”

Since the extraordinary characteristics are immortal, after the death of the extraordinary, there will definitely be corresponding extraordinary characteristics.

The lady showed some emotion.

“You’re sharp.

“So, this law is not suitable for most extraordinary people to know; it will cause each other to kill each other, so that extraordinary people no longer have the slightest trust.”

“Without this law, human beings would kill each other.” Lumian didn’t care about this. “In the real world, is there less suspicion, bullying, and murder?”

The lady responded with interest:

“But at least there is still a certain warmth and brilliance to humanity.”

Lumian thought for a while:

“From another perspective, this law should become a consensus among extraordinary people. Only in this way can those weak people take precautions in advance, so as not to completely fall into the prey of the few who know.”

The lady nodded slightly.

“There is some truth to that.

“Actually, there have been several battles between Extraordinary people, and the corresponding personnel can probably guess some of them.”

She turned to say:

“The second law is called the Law of Extraordinary Characteristics Convergence.”

“Aggregation…” Lumian couldn’t understand.

He couldn’t deduce it from what he said earlier.

The lady’s expression became a little more serious:

“As the existence that created this world, even if the original Creator split into different paths of Extraordinary characteristics, it does not mean that He has completely withdrawn from the stage. His spirit is scattered in different Extraordinary characteristics and will never be erased, unless the world is completely perish.

“Although these spirits are closer to branding, they all have the instinct to reunite and resurrect the original one.

“That is to say, after you become a Beyonder, you will be more likely to meet other Beyonders than before, and you will be more likely to meet Beyonders of the same path or adjacent paths than Beyonders from other paths. This is a matter of fate. The higher the sequence, the more pronounced this is.”

Regarding these words, Lumian had too many questions to ask, but he couldn’t ask them all at once, so he had to start with the most important ones:

“Combined with the law of indestructibility of extraordinary characteristics, can we draw the conclusion that aggregation brings killing?”
The lady gave another look of approval.

“You’re really sharp about this kind of thing.

“It’s okay when the sequence is low. When you reach the demigod stage, especially after the angel, you have to find a way to weaken or avoid the impact of aggregation.”

“Demigod, angel?” Although Lumian already knew that each sequence could become a true god at the end, he was still a little surprised and moved when he heard these two terms.

The lady explained casually:

“Half God is the abbreviation of Half God and Half Human, including Extraordinary from Sequence 4 to Sequence 1.

“Among them, Sequence 4 and Sequence 3 are called saints; Sequence 2 and Sequence 1 are called angels; and there are other names above, but you’d better not know them now.”

Saints… angels… Lumian instantly thought of patron saints and angels in different regions.

Are they real?

The remains of a saint are the corpses of saints with extraordinary characteristics preserved.

Lumian suddenly felt a little scared and asked instead:

“Each extraordinary characteristic has the spiritual imprint of the original creator; the higher the sequence, the more legacy.”

“Wouldn’t the person who took the potion be affected in other ways?”

The lady nodded and smiled.

“Otherwise, why do you think this is called a dangerous and crazy road?

“This is also one of the main reasons why taking potions may lead to a loss of control.

“Well, out of control refers to losing control of supernatural power and one’s own spirit and mutating into a terrifying monster.”

“Is there any other reason?” Lumian asked.

The lady said, “Hmm.”

“One is the spiritual legacy of those masters before the corresponding extraordinary characteristics. Their strength mainly depends on their own personalities. Er, the obsession and madness before death will also bring a certain bonus. The second is to serve in the wrong order or method. Consuming the potion will lead to great conflicts in the body. Third, some existences will use the potion to exert influence. For example, every time the potion is taken by the ‘Peeper’ path, they will passively accept the ‘Hidden Sage’s” knowledge instillation.”

Is it similar to the sound I heard after drinking the “Hunter” potion? After a little deliberation, Lumi’an told the truth about what happened to him and finally said:

“Which existence is that influenced by?”

In the next second, he saw that the expression of the lady on the opposite side became a little weird.

She solemnly said:

“Some beings may cause you to be polluted and out of control just by knowing their existence.

“Unfortunately, the owner of that voice is such an existence, and you are not yet suitable to know his honourable name.”

so scary? The true god of Sequence 0? But most of Intis and I know the “Eternal Blazing Sun” and the “God of Steam and Machinery”, and there is no problem… Could it be that there is a difference between a true god and an evil god? No, she just mentioned the “hidden sage”, which is also bit sequence 0. Is there a possibility that she doesn’t know who it is and uses such vague words to cover up her ignorance? Lumian had many thoughts in his mind.
Considering his own strength, he gave up this topic and asked about another term of interest:

“What is the Adjacent Pathway?”

The lady’s expression returned to normal.

“Under normal circumstances, whichever path you have chosen and taken the corresponding potion, you can only go on this path step by step; otherwise, you will definitely lose control, at least half out of control, but there are always exceptions to everything. Each path has one or more adjacent paths, and you can jump to them in a specific sequence, such as Sequence 4, which divides humans and demigods.

“The adjacent pathway to ‘Hunter’ is ‘Assassin’.”

“Assassin” sounds better than “Hunter.” Lumian asked with concern:

“Which is the adjacent pathway of ‘Secret Peer’?

“Will jumping to the adjacent path no longer be affected by the ‘hidden sage’?”

“It’s the path of ‘Generalist’, and the current Sequence 0 is ‘God of Steam and Machinery.” The lady replied calmly, “After jumping over, it will still be affected by the ‘Hidden Sage’, but the degree will be much lower; after all, the corresponding Beyonder characteristics still exist, unless we find a way to expel them.”

“How do I get rid of it?” Lumian didn’t expect such a thing.

“The easiest way is to have a child. There is a high probability that the corresponding extraordinary characteristics will be transferred to him through mystical inheritance.” The lady only briefly mentioned a few words: “You can also use special abilities in certain ways, but there is a big price to pay for the risk.”

Lumian nodded and asked another question:

“Do I have to turn in a specific sequence?”

Ascending to Sequence 4 to become a demigod sounds like hope is slim.

The lady glanced at him.

“Theoretically, it is possible to switch to a lower sequence, but the risk of losing control will be much greater. Unless there is no other way, try not to try.”

She paused and said,

“The two laws have been explained, and here is the method.

“This is one of the most important pieces of knowledge in the occult world.”

most important? Lumian straightened his back instinctively and was extremely focused.

The lady continued:

“It’s called ‘acting’.

“It’s a way to help you digest the potion, and after digesting the potion, taking the next sequence of potion will greatly reduce the risk of losing control.”

No wonder you can’t drink the Sequence 9 potion today and the Sequence 8 potion tomorrow. You have to use the “acting method” to digest the previous potion. Lumian suddenly realised

He didn’t interrupt the other party and listened carefully to her explanation:

“Remember, it’s digestion, not control.

“What is the ‘acting method’? It is to act like an actor, according to the name of the sequence, so as to reconcile the difference between oneself and the residual spiritual imprint of extraordinary characteristics, obtain corresponding recognition, bypass the barrier that originally existed, and fuse extraordinary characteristics with themselves.”

“That is to say, I want to play the role of ‘hunter’ and go hunting in the mountains every day.” Lumian entered the state of listening to the class.

The lady shook her head.

“This is the most superficial performance. We must not only understand the superficial meaning of the sequence name but also explore its deep meaning. For example, the city is also a jungle, and everyone is both a prey and a hunter.”

I’m familiar with this… Lumian has long understood the deep meaning of “hunter.”.

This is mainly from his past wandering life.

“Then how can you be sure that you have digested the potion and can be promoted to the next sequence?” He couldn’t help asking.

The lady smiled.

“When the potion is really digested, you can feel it yourself.”

Well, Lumian didn’t continue this topic and asked doubtfully:

“Who took the names of the different sequences?”

Why can’t the potion be digested by acting according to them?

The lady’s expression was correct.

“The earliest sequence division comes from the remnants of the original Creator after the split, which is a slate full of mystic knowledge.

“Because it involves the secret of becoming a god, it’s called the Blasphemy Tablet.

“In the ancient age, that is, at the end of the second era and throughout the third era, there appeared a powerful god who was close to the original creator, called the ancient sun god. After his fall, a second slate of blasphemy was born in the remains. All current sequence names and potion recipes come from above.”

The history of the Second and Third Ages I studied is not like this. Lumian muttered inwardly.

The lady continued:

“When Emperor Roselle was alive, he used the second slate of blasphemy to make a pair of blasphemy cards based on the major arcana of the tarot card. It has twenty-two cards in total, and each card contains “The Path of God.”

“Emperor Roselle is also extraordinary.” Lumian was shocked.

As an ordinary Intisian, it’s hard for him not to feel a certain amount of admiration for Great Emperor Roselle.

“Otherwise?” the lady laughed.

Lumian asked:

“Is he strong?”

“Close to the gods.” The lady said it succinctly.

so smart? Lumian was astonished, but he also felt it should be so.

He thought for a while and said:

“Then isn’t the diary left by Emperor Roselle very precious?”

The lady nodded.

“Yes, but there are very few people who can decipher that kind of strange writing.”

Aurora seems to have some transcripts of Emperor Roselle’s diary, and she seems to be able to decipher… Part of her strength comes from here. Lumian was lost in thought. a

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