Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 3

Lu Mian sat on the roof and did not immediately descend.

The expression of the countenance has long since been completely subdued, with a calm and serious look, which seems to be quite different from the youth of the tavern, who loves to laugh and loves to play tricks. Ever since he accidentally discovered that Aurora had magical powers, he always wanted to have them, but Aurora kept telling him that it wasn’t something to envy or strive for, on the contrary, it was very dangerous and full of pain, so she wouldn’t agree for her brother to take this path, even if she had a way for ordinary people to control extraordinary power, she would not tell Lu Mian.

In this regard, Lumian can only continue to look for opportunities to persuade and ask for consent, rather than coerce. About ten seconds later, Lu Mian stood up, nimbly walked over to the ledge, and climbed the wooden stairs back to the second floor.

He got to the outside of Aurora’s room, as he walked he saw the brown wooden door open and looked inside. At that time, Aurora, who was dressed in a light blue dress, was sitting behind a desk in front of the window and was writing something with a lighted bright lamp.

What are you writing so late? Related to magic? Lu Mian raised his hand to push the door and jokingly said:

“write a diary?”

“Is the person writing the diary a serious person?” Aurora didn’t look back and continued to write with the delicate champagne gold pen in hand. Rumian expressed his displeasure:

— Empress Roselle also has many diaries.

Russell was the last emperor in the history of the Republic of Inta, where their sibling lived. He ended the reign of Sauron’s royal family, was crowned “Emperor” by the consul, and called himself the Great. He has many important inventions, including the steam engine, he discovered the waterway to the southern continent, started the wave of colonization and is a symbol of this era more than a hundred years ago.

Unfortunately, in later years he was betrayed and murdered in the White Maple Palace in Trier. After the death of the emperor, many diaries have been released to the world, but they are all written in other incomprehensible characters, as if they did not exist anywhere in the world.

— So Rosella is not a serious person. Aurora scoffed with her back to Rumian. – What are you writing? asked Rumian.

That’s what he really wanted to know. Aurora replied indifferently:

“a letter.”

“What is it for?” Lu Mian couldn’t help but frown.

Aurora stopped the beautifully patterned champagne gold pen and examined the words on the front:

“pen pal.”

“Pen pal?” Lumian was a little confused. What is it?

Aurora laughed and, tucking her blonde hair behind her ears, educated her little brother:

“So I said read more newspapers and books, don’t play outside every day, let alone drink!
“Look at you, what’s the difference between illiterate and illiterate? “Benefits are friends who meet through newspaper columns, periodicals, magazines, etc., friends who have never met before and with whom they exchange letters.”

“What good are friends like that?” Lumian was quite worried about this matter.

He couldn’t help but pull away the hand that held the door and touched his chin. Aurora had never had a boyfriend before, so it was impossible for her to be cheated on by a man she had never met.

— Importance? Aurora thought about it seriously: “First of all, the emotional value, I know you don’t understand what the emotional value is, people are social animals and need to communicate, some things, some feelings, I never. It’s impossible people in the village to tell you that I need a more stealthy way to get air. Such a pen pal who will not meet is suitable. Second, don’t underestimate my pen pal. Some of them are very powerful and some are knowledgeable. For example, this battery-powered lamp was given to me by a pen pal. Kerosene lamps and candles are too harmful to the eyes to write at night…”

Without waiting for Lumian to ask again, Aurora raised her left hand to counter:

“Gudzi, my drunken brother!

“Good night!”

“Okay, goodnight.” Although Lu Mian didn’t want to, she still didn’t ask.

Aurora followed and ordered:

“Remember to close the door for me. It was a bit chilly with the door and window open. “

Lu Mian slowly closed the brown wooden door.

He walked step by step back to his room, took off his shoes and sat on the bed. In the foggy and dark night, Lu Mian saw the wooden table by the window, the leaning chair, the small bookcase on the side wall, and the wardrobe on the other side.

He sat quietly, deep in thought. He’s always known Aurora has secrets of her own, and there’s still a lot he hasn’t told himself, so he’s not surprised at all. He just worried that these secrets, these things, would bring danger to Aurora. And when that happened, there was only so much he could do.

He is an ordinary guy with a strong body and a quick mind. Thoughts appear one after another and fall one after another. Lu Mian let out a light breath, got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Then he took off his brown overcoat and crawled under the still warm blanket.

The weather is still a bit cold in the mountain at the beginning of April. …………

Suddenly, Lu Mian seemed to see a cloud of gray mist.

They spread around and make distant objects disappear completely. Lu Mian walked in confusion, but no matter which direction he went, no matter how far he walked in the gray mist, he would eventually return to the same place:
his bedroom.

The bedroom consists of a white four-piece bed, a wooden table and chairs placed in front of the window, bookshelves and a wardrobe. …………

Phew, Rumian opened his eyes.

The morning sunlight lit up half the bedroom through the not-too-thick blue curtains. Lu Mian sat up and saw this scene and stared blankly, feeling that she was still dreaming.

He had this dream again. Dreaming of the gray fog that never goes away.

He raised his hands and cupped his temples on both sides and said quietly to himself:

“It’s been happening more and more lately, almost every day…”

If it weren’t for the fact that there were no bad consequences from this dream, Lu Mian would definitely not be as calm as she is now. Of course, there are no advantages.

“I really hope there is some adventure hidden here…” Lu Mian muttered to himself and got up from the bed. As soon as I opened the door and got into the corridor, I heard voices coming from Aurora’s room.

What a coincidence… A smile appeared on Lu Mian’s face.

Suddenly his heart stopped beating and he stepped back and stood on the edge of the door. When Aurora’s bedroom door opened, Rumian quickly raised his right hand and pinched his temple with a slightly pained expression.

“What happened?” Aurora noticed the scene. success! Lu Mian patted her heart and tried to calm down.

“I had this dream again.” he whispered back. Aurora’s blond hair hangs haphazardly, and traces of worry slowly appear between his eyebrows:

“The last plan didn’t work…”

She thought for a moment and said:

“Maybe…I should find you a hypnotist, a real hypnotist and find out what’s causing it.”

“The one with magical powers?” Rumian asked knowingly. Aurora nodded slightly.

— Any of your pen pals? Lumian couldn’t help but ask. “Why do you worry about it? Think about how to solve your problems!” Aurora didn’t answer directly. I think? Lumian muttered in his heart. He took the opportunity to say:

“Aurora, if I become a wizard and a person with extraordinary power, I should be able to discover the secret of the dream and end it completely.”

“Don’t think about it!” Aurora answered without hesitation.

Her expression softened:

“Lu Mian, I will not lie to you. This path is dangerous and painful. If there is no other choice, if the world does not become more and more dangerous, I would rather be an ordinary writer and live happily.”

Rumian immediately said:

“Let me endure danger and pain, and I will protect you. You just have to live happily and do what you want. “

He thought about this sentence many times in his heart.

The Auror was silent for two seconds and suddenly smiled.

“Do you discriminate against women?”

She did not give Lu Mian a chance to repeat, but said sharply:

“It’s a no-brainer, if you choose this path, you won’t have a chance to regret it. “Okay, okay, I’ll wash the dishes, you’re all studying hard at home today, preparing for the university entrance exam in June!”

“You said the world is getting more dangerous, why do you need an exam?” Lumian grunted.

It seems to him that the most important thing now is to gather strength, not to write a diploma thesis. Aurora laughed and said:

“Knowledge is power, my illiterate brother.”

Rumian had nothing to say, he could only watch as Aurora entered the bathroom.


In the afternoon, Cordu village square. Raymond Clegg saw Lumian Lee crouching under an elm tree in the distance and wondered what he was thinking.

“Don’t you have to study at home?” Raymond walked over with obvious envy in his tone. He is Lumian’s friend. He is almost 1.7 meters tall, with brown hair and brown eyes, an ordinary appearance and a red face. Lu Mian raised his head and said with a smile:

“Didn’t Aurora tell you? Hanging is also breathing! I’ve been studying for so long and should take a break.”

In the morning, he had wondered if it was possible for him to gain extreme strength without going through the Northern Lights. It needs to be looked for, clues are needed, and he needs to take the lead in the investigation.

Thinking about the ending, he felt that the stories of supernatural powers in the village might hide some truth and clues, so he came here to meet Raymond. “If I were you, I would rest for no more than fifteen minutes.” Raymond leaned against an elm. “We don’t have a sister who has read many books to teach us. Next year I will learn in the crew. “

Rumian ignored this sentence and said thoughtfully:

— Tell me about the legend of the wizard you told me about last time.

Lei Meng didn’t really understand Lumian’s intentions and vaguely remembered:


“There was a wizard in the village, and then he died. On the day of the funeral, an owl flew outside the house and sat on the bed until the body was taken away.

— Then the coffin became so heavy that nine oxen were needed to pull it.

“How long ago was that?” asked Rumian. Raymond became more and more confused:

“How do I know? I heard what my father said.”

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