Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 30

The lady looked sideways out of the window of the old tavern.

“It’s almost time, and finally I’ll tell you a little common sense.

“Based on the law of indestructibility of extraordinary characteristics, we can know that a person combines with extraordinary characteristics to become extraordinary, and a creature combines with extraordinary characteristics to become an extraordinary creature. What about the combination of items and extraordinary characteristics?”

She didn’t give Lumian a chance to answer and said directly:

“That’s called a magic item.

“Because there are no concepts such as will, spirit, and self-control in the items themselves and the combined effect of other factors, after they are combined with extraordinary characteristics, in addition to showing the corresponding special abilities, they will also have strong negative effects. The church tends to seal them up and open them in a suitable way when needed.

“This also leads to magical items being called sealed items.

“And the mystical items that have been sealed by the major churches have their own numbers, which are divided into four grades: 3, 2, 1, and 0. The smaller the prefix number, the higher the danger. Among them, the 1st and 0th level sealed items The number is limited, and it is extremely harmful, and the number is common to all major churches and will not be repeated.”

“Level 0 Sealed Artefact…” Lumian whispered the phrase.

He was extremely impressed by the fact that Sequence 0 was equal to the true god, and he had a certain association, so he asked:

“Is this a sealed item formed by the gods who fell in the past or the evil gods who were eliminated?”

According to sequence 0 of the twenty-two pathways, they all correspond to a true god. The current number of gods is obviously insufficient.

Of course, Lumian also admitted that this may be caused by his lack of understanding of the existence of evil gods and secrets.

“Not all of them.” The lady thought for a while and said, “Most of them are angels; only a few have the ability to kill gods.”

Lumian nodded:

“I understand; I will not underestimate the items in other people’s hands.”

The woman added:

“You can’t underestimate the negative impact of the sealed item; you will definitely have your own sealed item in the future.

“Well, there is another type of item in the field of mysticism. They are called extraordinary objects. They are made by extraordinary people of the corresponding sequence using their own abilities and spirituality, or with the help of the spirit world and gods. They do not contain extraordinary characteristics, but they have certain extraordinary performances, but the power will gradually fade over time, and spells, potions, etc. can only be used once.

“In comparison, extraordinary weapons are more stable, and many of them can be used for years.

“As a ‘hunter’, you lacked the ability to deal with spirit and ghost creatures before Sequence 7. If you have the opportunity, consider obtaining corresponding sealed items or extraordinary items.”

After listening carefully, Lumian asked inquiringly:
“Spirit world?”

He’d seen the term in The Hidden Veil but hadn’t gotten enough explanation.

The lady spoke quickly and said:

“From the perspective of mysticism, this world is divided into three layers. One is the real world, the other is the spirit world, and the third is the astral world. The rest are formed by attaching themselves to one of these three, for example, the underworld.

“I don’t need to talk about the real world. You know very well that the spirit world is the world where spirits live. Many concepts of reality no longer exist. You will gradually understand it later. The astral world originally referred to the world of the gods. Now you need to include the entire starry sky.”

Lumian himself just asked casually and immediately returned to the previous topic after getting the preliminary answer:

“Can ‘Hunter’ make something extraordinary?”

He felt that “Wizard” should be able to.

The lady shook her head first, then said:

“‘Hunter’ cannot rely on the sequence itself, but because the spirituality has been improved, you can learn ritual magic, pray to a certain god or hidden existence, and use their responses to make extraordinary things such as spells and weapons.

“But what I want to remind you is that most of the hidden existences are very dangerous. It is best not to try to pray to them; otherwise, death is the best ending, and the seven righteous gods will basically not respond to you unless you join the corresponding church and become an official extraordinary.”

“Simply put, it’s impossible for a ‘hunter’ to make extraordinary things.” Lumian was a little disappointed.

The lady laughed.

“No, on the one hand, you can use the blood and saliva of some extraordinary creatures to make highly poisonous weapons. In a sense, it is considered extraordinary. On the other hand, when you unlock the secret of the dream, I will tell you the name of a great being, and you can pray to him.”

Great existence? This is the first time she has used “great” as an adjective, and she has never used “Eternal Blazing Sun” or “Hidden Sage” before. Which one would it be? Is there no danger in praying to Him? Lumian’s eyes narrowed slightly, startled and suspicious.

The more he understands, the more he feels the lack of mystic knowledge.

Lumian let out a “hmm”, and said with a mentality that nothing would be lost by asking:

“What is the sequence 8 corresponding to ‘Hunter’, and what about sequence 7?”

The lady replied nonchalantly:

“The Sequence 8 of the ‘Hunter’ pathway is called ‘Provocateur’, and the Sequence 7 is ‘Arsonist’.

“Okay, that’s all for today.”

She immediately stood up and walked towards the entrance on the second floor.

After a few steps, she stopped, turned around, and said:

“I forgot to remind you.

“Remember, you’re just playing.”

Just acting… Lumian chewed on this sentence and asked thoughtfully:
“What if you take the role you play seriously?”

“You will become less and less like yourself until one day…” The lady smiled and closed her mouth.

She turned around, walked to the stairs, and disappeared there.

He didn’t finish his sentence. Lumian muttered silently.

He could feel that if he didn’t remember that he was just acting, the consequences would most likely be serious.

Lumian was not in a hurry to leave the old tavern and sat quietly in the corner, recalling all the common sense that the lady had just said several times so as not to forget anything.

The more he pondered, the more he realised the importance of those two laws and one method:

“They are like the main frame of the building of mysticism, and everything else is born from them…

“I don’t know about Aurora; don’t you understand…

“When you leave Kordu, talk to her about this…

“Uh, I don’t know if that lady will allow me to tell Aurora directly.”


After leaving the old tavern, Lumian looked back and muttered silently:

“Why haven’t those three outsiders acted yet? It’s Lent today.”

While thinking, he went to the village square.

After he finished asking if he would call back, he saw Ava, Raymond, and others coming here.

Ava put on a long white dress, a round headdress made of branches and flowers on her head, and a similar giant necklace around her neck, with brown branches and green leaves as embellishments on her back, arms, waist, and legs. This made her look like a fairy in the forest.

This is the protagonist of Lent, the “Spirit of Spring”.

Raymond and other young people surrounded Ava, each carrying a basket made of branches filled with grass, soil, stones, leaves, and other things.

“Lumian, the blessing parade is about to begin!” Ava turned her blue eyes and saw Lumian.

She had a look of joy all over her face.

Raymond and others also looked happy.

“Quick, let’s go get the offering together!”

Because “Fiction Weekly” has not responded to the telegram, Lumian has nothing to do for the time being, so he simply joined the blessing parade.

These young people sang loudly, surrounded Ava, and walked out of the square.

Only a dozen metres away, they stopped in front of the first building.

Lumian walked to the door and slammed it.

“The Spring Fairy’ is here!”

The door opened with a creak, and Naaraiza appeared in front of everyone.

She is another female head of the village with “Na” in her name. She is in her forties, with black hair rolled up and blue eyes smiling.

Seeing the door open, Awa took two steps forward, spread her hands, and sang:

“I am the spirit of spring.”

“Amiable and pretty face


“Sing it, dance it.”

“Only in this way can we have a good harvest.”

After singing a verse, Ava took out a piece of soil from the basket that Raymond carried and handed it to Naaraiza.

“Thank you, ‘Spring Fairy’.” Naaraiza took it with a smile and handed a piece of fabric in her hand to Ava.

“Harvest! Harvest!” Lumian and other young people responded in unison.

This is a ritual of blessing: the “spring elves” wish the villagers a good harvest this year by singing and giving natural things such as soil, grass, and stones. The villagers need to give back, that is, make a certain dedication; otherwise, what they bless will become a curse.

When Raymond next to him accepted the fabric, Awa sang another section enthusiastically.

Then they bid farewell to Nalayza and went to the next house.

Part of the offerings received during the blessing parade will be thrown into the river in the waterside ceremony, and the rest will be placed in the final ceremony. After Lent, the girl who is the incarnation of the “spring elf” has the right to choose some to take away.

That’s a pretty substantial gain.

And if Kordu Village really has a bumper harvest this year, then Ava, who is the incarnation of the “spring elf”, will be widely believed to be loved by the elves and blessed by spring. good harvest.

In that way, she really has the hope of marrying someone from a good family.

The blessing parade team sang and walked all the way to Lumian’s house.

The one who opened the door was naturally Aurora, and she also changed into more formal clothes—a light-coloured dress with a ruffled collar and blonde hair rolled up.

Ava greeted her and sang the same song again:

“I am the elf of spring.”

After listening to it with a smile, Auror took a leaf, took out a small pottery pot, and handed it to Ava:

“Thanks, ‘Spring Fairy’.”

Tallow from a big can? Lumian glanced at it and felt that her sister was too generous.

Except for a small vegetable field behind the house, my family has no fields at all, so I don’t care about whether the harvest is good or not.

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