Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 31

Lumian just felt sorry for her habitually and didn’t stop her sister.

When Ava, Raymond, and others turned around and walked towards the nearby buildings, he deliberately fell to the end and whispered to Aurora:

“If there is a call back from “Fiction Weekly”, please come and call me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be negligent in this kind of matter.” Aurora gave Lumian a look of “I’ll take care of things; you can rest assured”.

With joy and joy, the blessing parade team was full of singing, knocking on the doors of the villagers in Kordu Village.

At last, they reached the magistrate’s mansion.

It was transformed from a castle during the period of the Sauron royal family. It is located on a hill at the edge of Kordu village. It is dark in colour and has two towers.

The outer walls surrounding the building had long since been demolished, and Lumian and the others walked through the garden specially opened by the Beorsters and arrived at the door.

The open gate was four or five metres high, and it was the brown-green colour of the trees. It looked very heavy at first glance.

However, it is divided into upper and lower parts. It is not necessary to fully open to welcome distinguished guests, but only the two-metre-high part below.

The “spring elf” is the incarnation of spring and the messenger of the harvest and naturally deserves the most honourable treatment. At this time, the heavy door that opened to the rear has been completely opened, and Mrs. Pouaris is standing there in a light green tunic dress.

Her maid, Cassie, was standing at the side with a basket made of branches, half a step behind.

Awa walked over and sang a song of blessing.

Mrs. Puares smiled at the corner of her mouth and listened quietly, appearing noble and reserved, making the young people who followed the “Spring Fairy” want to see it but dare not.

Lumian, who had “observed” the other party doing dirty things with the priest in the church, let out a “huh” in his heart when he saw this.

At the end of the song, Ava traded the seeds of the tree for a basket of eggs.

At this point, the blessing parade ended, and Lumian, Raymond, and other young people surrounded the “spring elf,” Ava, and went to the mountain river not far outside the village.

The second part of Lent follows:

Waterside ceremony.

Arriving at the usual place where geese are herded, Ava approaches the clear river, dances a simple dance, and repeats the previous song, while Lumian and other young people stay in place, seven or eight metres away from the “Spring Fairy”.

After finishing this task, Awa took out a turnip that had been cut into pieces from a basket at her feet and threw it into the river.

Throwing it, she sang:

“Harvest! Harvest!”

After Awa finished throwing them away, Lumian stepped on the soles of his feet, ran over in a few steps, bent down to fish out the diced turnips from the basket, and smashed them into the river.

“Harvest! Harvest!”

he shouted.

The rest of the young people were a beat or more slower than him in reacting, and they could only rush towards Awa as if they were afraid of falling behind, and they took out turnips, radishes, and other not-too-precious things from the basket, threw them to different places in the river, and shouted “Harvest”.
Raymond didn’t take the lead, and he couldn’t grab the others, so he was the last one to complete the ceremony.

In the next second, he saw the malicious smiles of Lumian, Guillaume Jr., and others.

The young men swarmed up and lifted Raymond.

Shouting “Harvest,” they threw Raymond into the water.

With a splash, Raymond fell into the water, and his clothes and hair were instantly soaked.

The people on the shore also picked up soil and branches and threw them around him.

This is the fixed process of the waterside ceremony: the person who finishes his prayers will be thrown into the river and not allowed to go ashore. He can only swim down a certain distance, quietly return to the village, hide at home, and not go out until dark.

Raymond wiped the water from his face, fluttered for a few seconds, and headed downstream.

The blessing parade team surrounded Ava and walked towards the “Eternal Sun” church on the edge of the square in Kordu Village.

At this time, it was almost noon, and most of the villagers were gathered here, including Lumian’s sister Aurora.

Compared with the “colleagues” in the city, this church is not grand, and its height is only eleven or twelve metres high.

Its dome is arc-shaped. From the outside, it looks like an onion. Looking up from the inside, you can see the magnificent sun murals.

The entire church is dominated by gold, which looks very open and bright, which is also the common style of all churches in “Eternal Blazing Sun”.

The altar is located in the east, and various sunflowers surround a huge holy emblem.

On the surface of the holy emblem, the golden sphere and the lines representing light form a very mystical symbol.

This is the symbol of the “Eternal Sun”.

Behind the altar, at the top of the wall, there are two pure glass windows inlaid with a little gold leaf. Every day when the sun rises, the light will shine on the holy emblem from here.

In response to this position, there are two similar glass windows on the west side of the church to receive the glow of the setting sun.

Since this is not a formal church ceremony but a traditional folk celebration, the curate priest Guillaume Bennet did not appear, and the administrator Beost presided over it instead.

Ava, who was still dressed as a “spring elf”, stood beside him, and the sound of flutes, lyres, and other musical instruments sounded, and the villagers sang songs praising spring and praying for a good harvest.

They hadn’t rehearsed, the singing was not neat, and some people even danced while singing, which made the scene very lively.

Lumian opened and closed his mouth, but did not make a sound, with an appearance of “I’ll be perfunctory”, but Auror beside him sang very devotedly, but it seemed that he didn’t want to pray for a good harvest, but took the opportunity to play As soon as you play, soar to the high pitch.

Because it was just a perfunctory gesture, Lumian looked around leisurely.
He didn’t find anything unusual in the performance of the villagers, subconsciously raised his head, and looked at the golden mural of the sun on the dome.

Suddenly, Lumian knew why he always felt wrong.

Many people in the village haven’t praised the sun for a long time!

For a village that mainly believes in the “Eternal Blazing Sun”, words such as “Praise the Sun” and “My God, My Father” should often appear in daily life, but Lumian recalled this period of time and found that he was very sad. Hear less!

As a general believer, he usually doesn’t say similar things. In addition, he offended the priest of the church, and he hasn’t participated in any activities in the church for a long time, so he didn’t think there was any problem before. Until today, in the solemn and solemn church, it was only in the environment surrounded by gold and gold that he suddenly noticed the abnormality.

Immediately afterwards, the content of the help letter he restored appeared in his mind:

“We need help as soon as possible.

“People around me are getting weirder.”

The people around me are becoming more and more strange. At this moment, Lumian has a deeper understanding and recognition of this sentence.

He looked around again, trying to find outlanders such as Liya.

Clayne and the others didn’t seem to come to watch the Lent celebration.

“Really, don’t show up when it should be.” Lumian muttered in his heart.

Pretending not to notice, he raised his voice and joined the chorus.

When the singing subsided and the celebration was over, he leaned close to Auror’s ear and said in a low voice:

“Go home first; I have something to tell you later.”

As the person escorting the “Spring Fairy” parade, he has to participate in the last part of the ceremony and cannot leave early like everyone else.

He didn’t intend to force his way out of the church either, as that would likely lead to an early eruption of the anomaly.

Aurora nodded thoughtfully.


She didn’t ask any further questions and left the church with Mrs. Puares and most of the villagers.

Before long, there were only young people who had participated in the blessing parade, and Ava, the incarnation of the “Spring Fairy” was left here.

The offerings received before, except those thrown into the river, were all placed beside Ava. In addition, there were also symbolic pastures, axes, shovels, whips, goose sticks, and other items.

Next, Lumian and the others only need to wait for someone to come in outside the church and announce that the “Spring Fairy” will be sent away, then they can surround Ava and take off her laurel wreath, necklace, branches, and leaves.

During this process, they need to leave a gap for the “spring elf” to leave Ava’s body.

In just twenty or thirty seconds, there was a sound of footsteps coming from the church gate.

Lumian instinctively looked over and saw two people.

One is Pierre Berry, a shepherd who came back especially to participate in Lent. His eyes are slightly sunken, and he is wearing a dark brown long coat with a hood. A rope is tied around his waist. Black leather shoes.

The difference from before was that his greasy black hair seemed to have been washed, and it looked clean and smooth. His messy beard had also been treated, not only to make it shorter but also much neater.

At this time, his blue eyes carried a faint smile, as always.

The other is Guillaume Bennet, the priest of the church. He still wears a white robe inlaid with gold thread, representing the clergy. He has light black hair, a slightly hooked nose, and a majestic demeanour. He still compared Pierre Berry to him.

The curate—how did he come in? Lumian was surprised and puzzled.

As a priest of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” church, he shouldn’t appear in this kind of folk celebration without the “Praise the Sun” link.

Thinking that the priest and his group were planning something secretly and thinking that he had offended him badly, Lumian immediately backed away slowly, secretly but resolutely, to the stained glass on the side after recovering.

Because it was not yet the stage to surround “Spring Fairy” Ava, and the group of young people were standing in different places, his actions were not conspicuous.

Ava was also a little surprised to see the priest, but thinking that he was the most prestigious person in the village, it was more appropriate for him to announce the end of the Lent celebration than anyone else, so she smiled again.

Soon, curate priest Guillaume Benet and shepherd Pierre Berry came to Ava’s side.

The former said in a deep voice:

“Send the “Spring Fairy’ away.”

People other than Lumian began to rush towards Ava and surround her.

“Send the ‘Spring Fairy’ away!” the shepherd Pierre Berri shouted, smiling and bending his back.

not good! Seeing this scene, Lumian’s heart moved, and he subconsciously stepped out with his right foot and leaned forward.

Before everyone could react, Pierre Berry picked up the axe in the pile of items, clenched his hands, straightened his body, and swung it hard!

With a puff, a large amount of blood spewed out from Awa’s neck, as if a mass of dense crimson mist was rapidly forming there.


Awa’s head fell to the ground alone, rolled several times in the blood, and finally turned face up.

There was still palpable joy in her eyes.

Lumian, who ran two steps in her direction, sank inwardly, turned around immediately, and ran towards the stained glass on the side.

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