Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 32

The cloths, pots, eggs, and other items covered with blood and the strong smell permeating the nose did not change the expression of the priest, Guillaume Bennett. He turned his body and looked at a certain part of the church. The blue Lumian’s running figure was reflected in his eyes.

The colour of the pupils of the priest in the church immediately became lighter, blurring to the point of being transparent.

In his eyes, mercury-coloured complex symbols appeared one after another around Lumian; they were formed like small rivers winding themselves, and Lumian itself seemed to be surrounded by these symbols, glowing with illusory Running in the river, there are one after another more obscure tributaries ahead.

Guillaume Benet stretched out his right hand and grabbed a mercury symbol from the air around the target.

Lumian stepped hard with his right foot, ready to throw his body towards the stained glass ahead, and crashed directly out of the church.

At this moment, the sole of his foot slipped, and he couldn’t exert all his strength.

His body flew up in a flustered posture.

With the sounds of bang, wow, and click, Lumian shattered the stained glass depicting Saint Sith but failed to pass through and stopped inside the church.

Immediately, there were multiple cuts on his body caused by scratches, and bright red blood quickly spilled out.

At this time, the shepherd Pierre Berry, who chopped off Ava’s head with an axe, locked Lumian.

He still had a gentle smile on his face, but his blue eyes were full of ferocity, as if he had unknowingly unlocked a certain seal in his body, revealing his true self that had been hidden.

Pierre Berry grabbed the axe and strode towards Lumian.

Every time he took a step, his body seemed to grow taller and stronger. It was obviously still the same, but he had the aura of a giant.

Lumian is leaning against the broken stained glass window with his back to the cruel shepherd.

He just broke free from the pain of being stabbed by a heavy fall and was about to support himself with his hands and roll out of the church forcibly when he suddenly felt an unusually dangerous feeling.

There is someone behind… Lumian’s thought flashed, and he continued to press the window frame full of broken glass, regardless of the sting of the wound and the flow of blood, as if he were about to roll out.

This action was just a cover; he quickly retracted his body, retreated instead of advancing, and fell backwards.


With a sweeping gesture, an axe smashed on the window frame, which was only shards of glass, splitting it from the wall and sending it flying out of the church.

And Lumian rolled back and forth and narrowly passed Pierre Berri’s feet, dodging this extremely violent blow.

In this regard, he did not feel a little bit of rejoicing and joy because he was completely forced back into the church, and the fastest way to escape was completely blocked by the shepherd Pierre Berry, who had obviously changed.
Although Lumian has read a lot of novels, he never has the naive idea that as long as he keeps rolling over, he will not be hit. As soon as he passed Pierre Berry, he immediately put his elbows on his back and exerted his strength on his waist. bounced up.

He swept his eyes along the trend and found that except for a few young Guillaumes, the rest of the young people seemed to be affected by something, and they all lost their minds and turned into lunatics.

Ignoring Ava’s fallen headless body and the blood sprayed all around, they shouted happily:

“Send the Spring Fairy’ away!

“Send the Spring Fairy’ away!


Little Guillaume and a few others were also completely dumbfounded. They stood there in a daze, looking at Awa’s wide-open, slightly smiling eyes, and remained motionless.

Their faces were full of panic and disbelief, as if they were having a nightmare from which they could not escape.

And Pierre Berri was obviously still as tall as before, but it gave Lumian the illusion that he was not much shorter than the dome.

As soon as the shepherd missed the shot, he quickly drew back the axe, turned around, and slashed at Lumian, who was not far away. Before Lumian could stand still, he ran forward and successfully avoided the attack. took the blow.

Thumb up!

Lumian gave full play to the hunter’s speed and agility and ran wildly in an arc.

Target: the parish priest!

His experience told him that at this time he must catch the leader of the enemies. No matter how others dealt with him, he just hit him anyway and put on a fierce posture, saying that he must either let me go or die together.

Only in this way can miracles be created in a very unfavourable situation.

The shepherd Pierre Berri did not chase Lumian; he held a bloody axe, stood in front of the wall where the window frame was missing, and stretched out his left hand towards the figure of the target.

The whole church suddenly became dark, and Lumian’s surroundings were even more serious and dark.

This You Shen seemed to have its own life force, shaking slightly.

It seems to be just a layer of curtains, behind which are hidden one after another pale, dark, strange arms, about to be grabbed.

But the curate priest Guillaume Benet faded into almost transparent eyes, and Lumian’s figure was still sinking in the illusory river composed of mercury complex symbols, glowing with dots of light, and in front of him was a similar but more illusory thing or tributary that seemed to symbolise the future.

After trying for a while, Guillaume Bennet’s right hand finally grasped the crucial pattern consisting of multiple symbols.

As long as he reverses it, all Lumian’s efforts will be in vain, and the fate of the future will be rewritten accordingly.

Suddenly, the priest’s eyes froze.

He yelled suddenly; his eyes were tightly closed, and bright red blood and cloudy tears flowed out.

As the screams echoed, Guillaume Bennet’s body swelled up, as if someone had injected a lot of gas into it.

Stab it!

His white and gold-embellished robe was unbearable and quickly fell apart.

His skin has stretched until it is almost transparent, revealing the weird marks that were previously covered by the clothes.

It was one black thing after another, similar to the seal marks; they were connected with the indescribable world, bringing an extremely terrifying aura.

This breath filled the church in an instant, and those young people who were still sending off the “Spring Fairy” fell into a state of incomparable panic. They either ran around the sacrifice, knelt on the ground, or prostrated themselves on the ground, not daring to look up.

Little Guillaume and the few people who were already frightened fainted directly; their bodies were wet, and there was a stench coming out.

The shepherd Pierre Berri was about to cast a secret technique and grab Lumian, but at this moment he also dropped his axe, knelt down on the ground with one knee, lowered his head, and did not move any more.

In the whole church, the only one who was okay was Lumian.

In fact, he was also affected, and his head was extremely painful, but compared to the mysterious voice that could make him directly enter the near-death state, this breath is still far away.

In addition, he also felt a burning sensation in his chest. He suspected that the black thorn chain symbol stood out, and perhaps the blue-black symbols that looked like eyes and bugs were also added.

Lumian didn’t bother to check his physical condition, didn’t care to understand why he suddenly had the upper hand, and continued to run towards the priest, Guillaume Benet.

As long as the opportunity arises, don’t let it go!

As the distance got closer, he could clearly see those seal-like black traces:

They seem to be composed of unique characters and strange symbols.

With a quick glance, Lumian found a familiar thing.

On the left chest of the priest Guillaume Benet, a black symbol like thorns drilled out from the inside and circled behind him!

This is exactly the same as the one on Lumian’s chest, only much lighter.

“He has too.”

Lumi’an’s heart shook.

“Is this the root cause of the anomalies in the village?

“Why did I have it, and when did I have it?


One thought after another quickly appeared in Lumian’s mind, but it did not affect his actions.

He rushed to Guillaume Bennett, stretched out his right arm, and encircled the enemy’s head.

Immediately afterwards, he did not stop and walked around behind the priest with all his strength.

With a click, Guillaume Bennet’s head “turned” in the same direction, facing his spine.

Huh… Lumian quietly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this.

The biggest trouble is solved; I have to go home quickly, escape with my sister, and leave the rest to the three foreigners!

At this moment, Guillaume Benet, who was supposed to die, opened his eyes.

His eyes were bloodshot.


Lumian’s head seemed to have been split in half with an axe, and the severe pain prevented him from even screaming.

Everything he saw in front of his eyes was instantly shattered and became extremely dark.

He lost consciousness.



It hurts!

Lumian sat up abruptly, opened his eyes, and rubbed his head.

He immediately saw the wooden table in front of the window, the reclined chair, and the wardrobes and small bookshelves on both sides.

All this is familiar to him.

This is his bedroom.

“I was rescued by my sister? How long have I been in a coma? What’s the situation in the church?” Lumian didn’t think much about it. As soon as he remembered what happened, he immediately got out of bed, covered his head, and rushed out.

Soon, he found Aurora in the kitchen on the first floor.

Aurora was wearing a light blue dress and was seriously preparing dinner.

“Aurora! Sister, run away!” Lumian shouted loudly, “The priest and many people in the village are crazy. They killed Ava at the end of the celebration!”

He wasn’t sure if his sister knew what had happened. After all, there were many ways to rescue her, so it didn’t mean that she had to be there, so he simply told the key points directly to avoid delay.

Aurora turned around and asked with a puzzled look:


“A celebration of Lent?”

“Yes.” Lumian nodded vigorously.

Aurora smiled:

“The story just now was really well written. In just two sentences, it outlines a strange event that makes people involuntarily afraid.

“But next time you make up a story, please do some research. There are still a few days left before Lent.”

Lumian froze for a moment.

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