Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 33

After a few seconds, Lumian looked into Aurora’s eyes and slowed down.

“How many days until Lent?”

He suspected that his sister was playing a reverse prank just now, but for so many years, he had never seen her show a frivolous attitude on important matters, and now it was an urgent moment involving the existence and demise of the entire village, including his siblings.

Aurora looked up and down at his younger brother.

“You took a nap just now; did you fall asleep stupidly?

“Today is March 29, 1358, and there are still several days before Lent.”

March 29th… As Lumian chewed on this date, he suddenly had the feeling that I was dreaming.

He had obviously experienced the bloody celebration at the end of Lent, and he had clearly seen Ava’s head chopped off by the shepherd Pierre Berry with an axe and the blood sprayed into the air.

Are you dreaming now, or were you dreaming before? No matter which one is a dream, it is too real, right? Lumian couldn’t find any trace of lying on her sister’s face.

Of course, this can also be explained by Aurora’s superb acting skills, but Lumian believes that Aurora is definitely not such a person.

During these five years of getting along, there have been countless details. It is impossible for her sister to deceive him!

There are only two possibilities for Aurora to deceive him about the date:

One is that she was controlled by the priest or someone else secretly.

The second is that the matter has been perfectly resolved, so she is in the mood to joke and play pranks.

If neither of these two possibilities is true, then what she said has a great probability of being true:

Time really went back to March 29th, a few days before Lent.

With Lumian’s common sense, this is obviously impossible and should not happen in the real world, but his sister’s attitude made him at a loss.

I have to find a way to confirm it. Lumian tried his best to recall the experience during this period and found that he could still remember most of the details. Raul was indeed wearing this light blue long dress, and this night he also met three foreigners, Liya, Ryan, and Valentine, and took them to the church to catch the priest’s rape.

“What’s the matter?” Aurora stretched out his right hand, shaking it in front of his inexplicably stunned younger brother.

Lumian came back to his senses and hurriedly said:

“Aurora, I suddenly thought of something to do for a while.

“Come back soon!”

The best way to find out if the time is really back on March 29th is to find Ava!

If she is still alive, Lumian will have to seriously consider whether to accept this incredible change.

Before Aurora agreed, Lumian bypassed her and hurried to the door.
“Call my sister! Don’t miss dinner!” Aurora raised the volume and warned.

Leaving his own home, Lumian rushed towards Ava Lizier’s home, fearing that he would be overtaken by an unspeakable nightmare and swallowed up completely if he was too late.

Along the way, he attracted the attention of many villagers, but no one stopped him and asked why. They were afraid that this was a prank that he directed and performed himself, waiting for them to be fooled.

Finally, Lumian arrived at his destination.

Ava’s father, Guillaume Lizier, is a well-known shoemaker in Kordu village and this mountainous area. His family background is not good, but not bad. The house they live in is also a semi-underground grey-blue two-story building. There is also an open space piled with grass and firewood and repaired with goose houses behind it.

At this moment, near dinner time, several figures were busy in the kitchen of Lizier’s house.

Lumian walked in directly through the open door and saw Ava at a glance.

This brown-haired girl with water-blue eyes was wearing a long off-white dress and was helping her mother prepare dinner. Her hands and feet were quick, her eyes were bright, and she looked like a living person.

She’s really not dead… Lumian subconsciously looked at Ava’s neck, trying to find the stitches.

In a certain horror novel by Aurora, there is a scene where corpse parts are sewn together to pretend to be living people.

However, Awa’s neck was slender and smooth, without even a scar.

“Lumian, what’s the matter?” Guillaume Lizier, a shoemaker sitting on a chair in the kitchen, noticed this uninvited guest.

With messy brown hair and a slightly greasy brown-white apron hanging in front of him, he stood up unhurriedly and faced Lumian.

Hearing her father’s greeting, Awa stopped what she was doing, turned around in surprise, and looked at the door.

Immediately, she saw Lumian standing there, dumbfounded and dazed.

“What’s the matter?” She followed up.

Lumian snapped back to his senses, intending to make up a random excuse.

But the shoemaker Guillaume Lizier, who came over, gave him instant inspiration.

He considered it and said:

“Uncle Guillaume, did Pierre of the Berry family order a pair of leather shoes from you?”

Lumian remembered very clearly that he and Raymond “will” meet the shepherd Pierre Berry tomorrow morning and be amazed that he will rush back to participate in the Lenten celebration regardless of the danger and hardship of the long journey, regardless of the flock.

At that time, Pierre Berry had already put on a pair of brand new, soft leather shoes.

It takes time to make a pair of leather shoes unless you go to the finished shoe store in Darliege to buy them, which means that Pierre Berry has returned to the village for at least two or three days!

“How do you know?” Guillaume Lizier was quite surprised: “Pierre Berry came back a few days ago, but no one in the village knew about it, and he told me not to tell anyone else.”
Sure enough, Lumian made up the reason:

“I saw someone who looked like him and thought I was hallucinating.

“Because that person is wearing new leather shoes, I asked you to confirm.”

“It’s him.” Guillaume Lizier replied in the affirmative: “At that time he was still driving three or four sheep, which he said were distributed to him by his employer.”

Didn’t the sheep go back to the village at the beginning of May to be sheared and milked? How do I drive a few sheep back now? The grasslands on the plateau are still in the grazing prohibition period. The more Lumian thought about it, the more she felt that the behaviour of the shepherd Pierre Berry was extremely abnormal.

And his performance at the end of the celebration proved Lumian’s judgement.

But Lumián had no way of knowing what he and the parish priest wanted to do or what they had done.

Thinking of this, Lumian smiled at Guillaume Lizier and Ava.

“I’m relieved that it’s really him. I thought I had problems with my brain and eyes at the same time because I drank a lot.”

He then waved to the Lizier family and said:


After leaving Lizier’s house, the smile on Lumian’s face quickly settled.

He is now confident that today is indeed March 29.

Did I go back in time, or did I have a precognitive dream? Dreams can’t be so real, so real that there is every detail… Lumian tried his best to think while walking.

Whether it was going back in time or predicting dreams, he learned about it from Aurora’s novels, and he never thought that this would happen in reality.

On the way home, Lumian made a special detour to the square and came to the side of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” church.

The stained-glass window that should have been completely broken, with the window frame flying out, was perfectly mounted on the wall, and the missionary figure of Saint Sith painted on the surface was shining brightly under the brilliance of the setting sun.

Lumian watched this scene with extremely complicated emotions, feeling that all kinds of thoughts in his mind were rubbing against each other and that white smoke was about to come out.

On the way back to the square, he saw a familiar figure coming out of the main entrance of the church.

It was Guillaume Bennet, the parish priest with a slightly hooked nose and a majestic temperament, wearing a white robe inlaid with gold thread.

Lumian’s heart tightened, his legs were slightly separated, and his body was slightly arched.

This is not only preparation for launching an attack but also the prelude to running away.

Guillaume Benet glanced at him and nodded expressionlessly.

“Come and pray tomorrow.”

Uh… That’s right, on the evening of March 29th, he hadn’t been caught by me, he hadn’t broken his face with me, and there was no worry that his secret plot would be exposed… Thinking of this, Lumian instinctively made a reaction.

He stood up straight, opened his arms, and said:

“Praise the sun!”

“Praise the sun!” Guillaume Bennet returned the same gesture.

After leaving the village square, Lumian habitually recalled what had just happened.

Suddenly, he discovered a point that he had neglected because he was shocked by “back in time”.

His extraordinary ability is still there!

He is still a “hunter”!

Whether it’s the fact that he didn’t have much breath when he ran to Lizier’s house or the reaction he put on when facing the priest, it shows that his physical fitness and corresponding state are far better than before taking the magic potion!

Lumian made a judgement based on this:

The previous experience was not a prophetic dream!

He is already a Sequence 9 Extraordinary!

Try to enter that special dream at night to see if you can still enter and if there is any change. Lumian quickly has a plan for the next step.

Back home, he pretended to be nonchalant and shared dinner with his sister, Aurora.

Because my younger brother often got into trouble and didn’t want to ask himself to help with the aftermath every time, he had similar behaviours from time to time, so Auror saw it and didn’t ask much.

After washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, Lumian greeted his sister and went straight to the old tavern.

He wanted to make sure that the few outsiders who did not belong to Kordu village would show up.

After entering the old tavern, Lumian sat at the bar and greeted the owner and bartender, Maurice Bennet, the thin middle-aged man, Pierre Guillaume, and others.

“A glass of sour wine.” He said it familiarly.

Sour wine refers to poor apple wine, which is only more expensive than some beers in pubs and is often sold on the streets of cities.

“Stingy boy, don’t you like the pain of absinthe?” Maurice Bene muttered.

“Will you buy me a drink?” Lumian said familiar words.

It made him feel like he was in a trance.

Maurice Bene immediately stopped talking, poured a glass of sour wine, and pushed it to Lumian.

Lumian waited while sipping his wine.

Not long after, he heard a tinkling sound.

He turned and saw Ryan in a rough dark bowler hat, a brown duffel jacket, and buff trousers.

And it was Liya who attracted the attention of almost all the men in the old tavern. She still wore a white, non-pleated cashmere tight skirt with a small beige coat and Marsil boots. There were two small silver bells tied to the boots and the veil that served as a headscarf.

Likewise, Valentine wears a white waistcoat, a blue tweed jacket, and black trousers, and he has a little powder on his yellow hair.

The three of them walked to the bar while watching each other and sat down next to Lumian one by one.

A glass of Daliège red wine, a glass of rye beer, a glass of “Spicy Heart,”  Lumian said silently in his heart without looking up.

Ryan took off his top hat, put it aside, and said to Morris Bene:

“A glass of Daliège red wine, a glass of rye beer, a glass of ‘hot heart”

Hearing this, Lumian let out a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Ryan looked sideways at him.

He took a sip of sour wine and said in a low voice:

“I’m a loser who hardly pays attention to whether the sun is shining or not because there is no time…”

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