Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 34

Lumian observed carefully and went through the process of “getting acquainted” with Liya and others until the two parties came outside the church of “Eternal Blazing Sun”.

He preliminarily confirmed that these three outsiders really did not “know” him any more and were not on guard against the corresponding “pranks”.

Has time really turned back? Lumian was in a daze for a moment.

“We’ve been here before, and there’s no one there.” Valentine looked at the magnificent building half into the night in front of him and said, “Predetermined.”.

Lumi calmed down and stopped following the procedure.

He said directly:

“That’s because the curator doesn’t want to talk to you.”

He intends to leave an impression of “joking but not bad personality” in the eyes of these three outsiders, who are suspected to be official Beyonders.

“You mean, the priest of the church is in the church, but he doesn’t respond to the knock on the door because of certain things?” Liya thought of several possibilities.

Lumian smiled:

“It’s not appropriate to have an affair in a church to be seen by others.”

After saying this, he instinctively murmured in his heart, It’s a pity, this time, I couldn’t hear the classic line “Your action to destroy the Holy Church”.

Of course, after getting to know Mrs. Puares better, he felt that, in a certain sense, what the priest said was not completely unreasonable.

Wouldn’t the priest be allowed to be like the protagonist in Aurora’s undercover novel, willing to endure temporary humiliation and sell his body in order to complete an important task and penetrate into the evil forces represented by Mrs. Puares?

“Stealing love in church?” Valentine changed his indifferent attitude and asked anxiously.

Lumian spread his hands.

“What’s the problem with that? It’s an everyday activity for a parish priest.

“You don’t need to be so excited; isn’t there a saying that goes, ‘It’s been the same throughout the ages; men always steal wives’?”

“But it’s in church!” snapped Valentine.

Lumian thought for a while and asked curiously:

“In other words, as long as the clergy don’t cheat in the church, it’s acceptable.”

“This is blasphemy against God!” Valentine looked like he was about to explode.

Ryan patted him on the shoulder, signalling him to calm down.

At the same time, the calmest outsider asked about Lumian:

“Do you know who the priest is having an affair with tonight?”

Lumian shook his head.

“There are too many possibilities. His mistresses, as far as I know, include Mrs. Puares, Madena Bennet, Philippa Guillaume, and Sybil Berry.

“Madena Bene has the same surname as the priest.” Liya grasped this point keenly.

Lumian nodded:

“She and the curate are cousins, two generations apart.
“…” Valentine was stunned for a few seconds, then gritted his teeth and said, “Is Guillaume Benet a servant of God or a servant of the devil?”

Do you know this line? I didn’t see you blowing his head off. Lumian deliberately defended the priest:

“It’s really nothing. There is a saying in Daliege, “Distant cousins, just sleep together’.”

“Why do you have so many sayings?” Liya couldn’t help laughing, and the silver bell above her head jingled.

Lumian spread his hands again.

“That’s the way it is in the country.”

At this time, Ryan asked thoughtfully:

“How do you know we’re not from the Darliege region?

“Otherwise, you wouldn’t say, “There is a saying in Darliege’.”

This is what you told me yourself… Lumian was quick to talk and actually took what happened “before” as information he already understood.

He had to make up a reason:

“Your temperament is not like that of Dalie Japanese.”

He then pointed to the road leading to the village:

“I have helped you find the curator, and I have to go home next.”

“I thought you would follow us in.” Liya glanced at him and said it with a smile.

“I don’t dare to offend the priest of the church.” Lumian said casually, “The villager who reported last time has been missing for a long time.”

Without waiting for Ryan and others to respond, he waved his hand and ran to the other side of the square, saying as he ran:

“Remember to keep it a secret, my cabbages!”


The red moon was covered by clouds, and Lumian was walking on the country road sprinkled with starlight.

He put his hands in his pockets, thinking about the recent events.

When he was almost home, Lumian stopped and looked up at the roof of the half-underground, two-story building.

Sure enough, Aurora, who was wearing a long blue dress, was sitting there, hugging her knees, quietly looking at the starry sky.

In the night, her figure is lonely and far away.

Really repeated… Is there a possibility that those things were real before, but now they are dreams? Lumian just had a new guess and suddenly discovered the difference between the two March 29ths:

He didn’t see the lady in the old tavern today who gave him a sceptre and taught him mystical knowledge.

This made him a little confused about whether he was dreaming or not.

I’m going to make a confirmation tomorrow. Lumian calmed down, walked to the house, and pushed the door open.

Like “last time”, he used the ladder on the second floor to climb to the roof, walked briskly to Aurora’s side, and sat down.

“What’s so interesting about this?” Lumian said it deliberately.

Aurora turned her head to the side, sighed, and was about to speak when Lumian added:

“I mean, what does stargazing mean to you?”
Aurora looked him up and down.

“So direct today?”

Then she looked at the starry sky again and said in a low tone:

“You know, I’m not from Kordu, and I’m not from Dalege.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard a saying, but the one who can’t go back is the hometown.”

Lumian didn’t make a joke and then looked at the starry sky.

After Aurora flew into her bedroom and wrote a letter to her pen pal, Lumian didn’t reveal that she had become an extraordinary and went back to the second floor by the same route and talked with her sister about the pen pal for a while.

Then he helped Aurora close the door and walked back to his bedroom.

Looking at the white four-piece bed, Lumian suddenly felt moved, walked over, and lifted the pillow.

There is a card lying quietly under the pillow that represents the Tarot Minor Arcana of the “Seven of Wands”!

Looking at the resolute man on the card, wearing green clothes and holding a sceptre to resist the enemy’s attack, Lumian suddenly thought of the lady’s interpretation of this card:

“Crisis, challenge, confrontation, courage…”

The more Lumian thought about it, the more he felt that these four words truly revealed his current situation.

Before drawing cards, he was already in crisis with a high probability of facing the challenge!

The next thing you need to do is have the courage to confront the problem. Wait, hasn’t time turned back? I haven’t met the lady yet; I haven’t drawn a card yet. Why is it here? Lumian was shocked for a while and was not sure about his previous guess.

All kinds of thoughts and inferences quickly popped up in his mind, like bubbles bubbling up in boiling water.

This made Lumian’s head swell and ache, and he felt like he was going crazy.

In the end, he temporarily made the “exception” for the lady and the item she gave, which kept his mind from exploding.

With the mystery and specialness shown by that lady, it is a fairly normal development to be unaffected by going back in time!

If I can find her tomorrow and she still knows me, it means that my inference is correct. Lumian exhaled, feeling mentally exhausted.

He went to the bathroom to wash up briefly and laid down on the bed early.


In the familiar, faint grey fog, Lumian woke up, turned over and sat up, and saw the wooden table and the reclined chair in front of the window.

He came back to this special dream again.

After discovering that the sceptre card still existed, he knew that he would still be able to enter.

Lumian subconsciously touched the inner pocket of his clothes, and his expression suddenly froze.

The coins are gone!

Those gold coins are all gone!

Lumian hurriedly jumped off the bed, groped his whole body, and searched for the place where he lay just now, but he still couldn’t find the money he had collected so hard.

There are no copper coins for 1 COP!

“The time here is also turned back.” Lumian suddenly had such a guess.

He looked around but couldn’t see the shotgun, axe, and steel fork that should be there.

Lumian calmed down, left the bedroom, walked through the corridor, and came to the first floor.

The nearly two-metre-long steel fork and iron-black hand axe were placed in their original positions intact, just like when Lumian first explored the ruins of the dream.

Likewise, the barrel of corn oil hadn’t been placed by the stove yet.

As for the shotgun, Lumian searched everywhere but couldn’t find it.

He’s increasingly leaning back in time here too.

“Go to the ruins and see if those two monsters are still there.” Lumian murmured silently, picked up the axe, and opened the door.

It was not long before he crossed the cracked, weedless wilderness to the edge of the ruins.

Unlike the first time he explored here as a “hunter”, he just casually scanned and found many traces left by the actions of living creatures.

When he concentrated his energy, he could even distinguish two creatures that often appeared here, and the shallow footprints of one of them circled behind the half-collapsed house due to burning.

If I had such extraordinary abilities before, how could I almost be taken by surprise when I explored for the first time? Lumian entered the building with an axe in hand.

He went straight to the “destination” and arrived at the broken pottery pot.

A touch of gold came out from inside.

Lumian turned his back and picked up the gold Louis.

It was the same colour as when Lumian first picked it up.

Indeed, time has turned back, and with very few exceptions, everything has returned to its “original” state… Lumian sighed.

Suddenly, he took two quick steps forward, twisted his waist, and half-turned his body to the right.

Accompanied by this forceful movement, the ax in his hand slashed out.

As soon as the skinless, blood-coloured monster jumped down from the roof, it lost sight of its target and was greeted by an axe.


Its head flew straight out, and its headless body fell heavily to the ground in the spilled blood and pus.

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