Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 35

“It’s about the same intensity as ‘last time.”

Looking at the body of the skinless monster, Lumian whispered to himself.

Before going back in time, he fought back and forth with this monster, relying on his IQ to overwhelm him. It seemed that he could solve it easily, but now it was just a matter of an axe.

Of course, this is also because he has “before” experienced it, knows the sneak attack very well, and made a prediction in advance.

But no matter what, the “before and after” comparison changes are enough to make him feel that what he has obtained after becoming extraordinary is a qualitative improvement.

Lumian thought for two seconds, then moved the body and head of the skinless monster to a corner but did not bury them with stones, wood, soil, etc., leaving them and the blood on the ground exposed.

Then, Lumian quickly searched the half-collapsed building, accurately found the remaining 197 Filkin and 25 Kope, and put them into different pockets.

He also flipped through the little blue book again but found nothing unusual.

After doing all this, he dived into the depths of the ruins, but after only twenty or thirty metres, he made a circle and returned to the place just now. on the collapsed roof.

After completing the necessary preparations, he hid himself.

Time passed by, and Lumian waited patiently, like an experienced hunter waiting for his prey.

After an unknown amount of time, a figure came from somewhere in the ruins.

It looks like a half-human, half-beast. Its knees drive its calves to bend forward, its black hair hangs down greasy, and it carries a shotgun behind its back. It is the monster that “before” gave Lumian a “Hunter” extraordinary characteristic.

The shotgun monster walked cautiously, as if on a daily patrol.

Suddenly, it twitched its nose and found a lot of blood on the ground in the distance.

It hurriedly changed direction, approaching the half-collapsed building due to burning.

Following the blood trail, the shotgun monster found the body and head of the skinless monster.

It squatted down and began to check carefully.

On the half-collapsed roof, Lumian shook his head when he saw this and said silently to himself:

“You didn’t even smell me at this distance?

“Even if there is a smell of blood to cover it up, you shouldn’t be unaware!”

While muttering, he raised the axe and slashed hard into the rock crevice that had been deepened in advance on the side.


The half-collapsed roof shook, and heavy stones crashed down.

The shotgun monster reacted extremely quickly and immediately twisted its waist, stretched its legs, and jumped towards the uncollapsed area.

Lumian smiled.

He slammed down from the roof that hadn’t collapsed, like an eagle grabbing prey in mid-air.

In the whistling wind, Lumian and the shotgun monster met in the air. One raised the axe with one hand while condescending, and the other turned his back to the high place, turning around with difficulty, trying to block.
Lumian clenched his left hand into a fist and struck down. When the monster stretched out his arms to block, he opened his palm as if he had been prepared, softened his strength, and grabbed the opponent.

As Lumian pulled back with his left hand, the axe in his right hand slammed down.

In the sound of poof and in the spilled blood, one person and one monster fell to the ground at the same time.

Lumian, who had a “cushion pad”, was not affected and raised his hand to chop another axe.

No matter how reluctant the shotgun monster’s head was, it had no choice but to separate from its body and roll around twice.

Lumian stood up, looked at the monster, and sneered in a low voice:

“You’re getting weaker!

“There is only a horrible shell left, and the stuffed inside is actually a scarecrow, right?”

Having become a “hunter”, he is very sure about solving the shotgun monster again, but he didn’t expect it to be so easy.

Looking at the corpse on the ground, Lumian patiently waited for the extraordinary characteristics to be released.

But he waited for a long time before the crimson light spots emerged.

“No?” Lumian wondered to himself.

He didn’t feel surprised.

Because the extraordinary characteristic of the shotgun monster was obtained by him “last time” it became a potion and entered his body.

Sure enough, since going back in time didn’t make me become an ordinary person again and didn’t make the extraordinary characteristics in my body disappear, it means that there is a part of the “Hunter” extraordinary characteristic missing here. The shotgun monster simply returned to a living state but lacked the support of essential things. Now the question is, why do I still maintain the state before going back in time? Lumian couldn’t think of the answer for a while, so he had to search for the few copper coins on the shotgun monster and walk outside the ruins.


After dawn, Lumian didn’t pretend to have a headache in front of his sister like he did on March 30 and provoked extraordinary topics. He got up early and prepared food.

Grilled toast, fried soft-boiled eggs, sliced bacon, etc. were put on the table one by one.

“Yo, so diligent?” Aurora, who went downstairs to see this scene, was quite surprised: “I thought you drank so much wine yesterday that you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed this morning.”

Lumian said casually:

“Just a glass of cider and a glass of absinthe; where’s the extra?”

“What is there to be proud of? Except for wine, other alcoholic beverages are unhealthy and will affect our brains.” Aurora shook her head and smiled. “No wonder you are getting more and more stupid, my alcoholic brother.”

Lumian, who had never been able to argue with her sister, muttered softly:

“Why is wine an exception?”

“Because I like to drink.” Aurora looked like she was saying, “Refute if you have the ability”.

Lumian had nothing to say.

After breakfast, he kneaded the flour in no hurry to go out.

Seeing this, Aurora was amazed.

“Did you get into some serious trouble? You’re so cute…

“Let’s talk; my sister won’t beat you up; at most, I can practise one more fighting class.”

“No.” Lumian took advantage of the opportunity to start the topic: “I just feel that the atmosphere in the village is getting weirder, and some people are acting more and more abnormally. Aurora, do you feel this way?”

According to his observations, my sister does not have any memories related to the time when she was reversed, but the abnormality in the village definitely did not appear in the past few days. There should be certain signs before March 29th. “Aurora may have noticed it, but he didn’t pay enough attention to it.

Aurora’s expression became a little more serious.

“Even you can detect abnormalities?

“Tell me, who are the people who make you feel this way?”

Sure enough, Aurora knew that some people had certain problems, but she didn’t expect the problem to be so serious. Lumian thought about it while washing his hands.

“Mrs. Puares, the curate, Ponce Benet, and the shepherd Pierre Berry, who returned to the village early,”

“Mrs. Puares does have some problems. I knew something was wrong with her from the moment she and the administrator came to Cordu, but she behaved very restrainedly. Apart from continuous extramarital affairs, there is nothing that can be called an evil place.” Aurora recalled, “I saw it in her.”

Aurora stopped, as if she didn’t want to drag Lumian into the extraordinary world.

Have extramarital affairs with people continuously? Before Lumian found out that Mrs. Pouaris was having an affair with the parish priest, she thought she was a decent lady who knew that the parish priest was not her first lover.

Of course, this fits the stereotype Lumian now has of Mrs. Pouares.

“As for the priest of the church, he has the same strong desire for extraordinary power as you, but he has never received the gift of the Church of the ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’.” Auror said while thinking, “Pons Bennet’s mind is full of It’s the muscular guy who can’t do anything weird… There seems to be something wrong with the sheep that the shepherd Pierre Berry drove back this time, but I can’t see what’s wrong, and I don’t dare to look deeper… “

As expected of Sequence 7 of the “Secret Peeper” pathway… Before time went back, there were still too few exchanges with my sister in this regard, and I even missed the important clue that Pierre Berri’s sheep might have a problem. Hmm, at that time, I didn’t have much doubt about Pierre Berry, but I just thought it was a bit strange that he came back early to participate in Lent… Lumian was about to speak when there was a clanging sound at the door.

The doorbell at their house rang.

“Who is it?” Lumian asked as he walked over.

“Aurora has a telegram!” The people outside responded loudly.

“Telegram?” Aurora looked puzzled. “Who sent me the telegram? There has been nothing important recently…”

Lumian was also puzzled.

Back in time, on March 30th, there was no telegram at home!

No, on March 30th, I went to the village square very early to wait for Raymond. Maybe my sister had received the telegram but didn’t tell me… Lumian quickly found a possibility and opened the door.

Outside the door was indeed Bertrand, a subordinate of the administrator who was in charge of the telegram. He handed a piece of paper to Lumian and said at the same time:

“1 Filkin.”

The brown-haired and brown-eyed Bertrand was not from the village of Cordubon but came from Darliege with the magistrate. He was a young man with a passionate appearance who was actually greedy.

Lumian took out a silver coin of 1 Filkin and threw it to Bertrand, who looked down at the telegram.

The content of the telegram is not complicated, and he quickly browsed the general content:

“The writer’s salon mentioned earlier is in June. If Miss Aurora is willing, you can leave for Trier now and allow enough time to visit. We guarantee that this will be a very wonderful journey.”

The signature is the editorial department of “Fiction Weekly”.

Lumian’s eyes suddenly widened.

Is this a call back from Fiction Weekly?

“When did I say I was going to participate in the writer’s salon?” Aurora leaned over and took a few glances. “What’s going on in the editorial department of “Fiction Weekly”? It’s annoying to see so many people at once!”

By this time, Bertrand had moved away from the door.

Hearing Aurora’s words combined with the content of the telegram, the stunned Lumian suddenly had a bold guess:

The telegram in my hand is indeed a reply from “Novel Weekly”, but it is the telegram that I will send a few days later!

It is more accurate to say that the telegram I sent before going back in time received a reply after going back in time, but in my current experience, that telegram has not yet been photographed!

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