Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 36

Thinking of this, Lumian came to a conclusion:

If the guess I just made is true, it means that only Kordu Village and the surrounding area have been turned back in time, and other places have not been affected!

Does this mean that as long as you can get out of here, you can return to normal life? Lumian’s thoughts flashed, and he looked sideways at Aurora, pretending to be guilty.

“This, uh, this telegram was actually made by me.”

“You?” Aurora was annoyed and funny, but more confused.

She wondered if she had been accidentally pranked by her brother.

This is like being pecked at by an eagle who has been hunting all year!

Lumian explained “sincerely”:

“It’s like this. Didn’t I always want to go to Trier? So, two days ago, I secretly sent a telegram to the corresponding telegraph office of “Fiction Weekly”, asking in your tone when the nearest writer’s salon is. They really extended the invitation enthusiastically.”

“So that’s how it is.” Aurora looked like “the mystery has finally been solved”.

In the next second, she picked up the wooden stick beside her and said through gritted teeth:

“The child has grown up!”

Lumian quickly added:

“Aurora, no, sister, listen to my sophistry; no, listen to my explanation.”

He didn’t panic, and he deliberately made a joke.

“Okay, tell me.” Aurora said with a wooden stick, “Your sister and I have always convinced people with good morals; how can we convict people without listening to the suspect’s statement?

“Death must make you die more clearly!”

Lumian said very quickly:

“In Italy, the place with the largest number of universities and the best quality is Trier. I’m about to take the unified entrance examination for higher education, and I want to go to the field in advance to decide which three universities to apply for.”

Aurora nodded invisibly, motioning for her brother to continue.

Lumian sincerely praised her sister:

“I believe that as long as I make this legitimate request, you will definitely take me to Trier, but in this way, it will cost you money, and if the invitation is issued by the “Fiction Weekly”, not only the steam train ticket fees, hotel accommodation expenses, and even various entertainment expenses in Trier can be reimbursed.

“I know you don’t need this kind of money, but it’s all written by your hard work, word for word. If there is a way to save it, I will definitely not let it go.”

Aurora’s expression eased down.

“I still know how to feel sorry for my sister.

“But have you ever considered that I don’t want to be in some writer’s salon? I hate being around so many strangers.”

Lumian smiled:

“Aurora, er, sister, have you ever thought that the reason why “Fiction Weekly” invites you so warmly is not to let you participate in the salon but to use the salon to build a good relationship with you?” You are a famous best-selling fiction author.
“So, the salon is not important; what is important is you. As long as you are willing to accept their invitation to go to Trier for a period of time, then you can find a reason to reject the salon. You will be angry, but you will be glad that you accepted the hospitality in the previous part.”

Aurora looked Lumian up and down a few times.

“Your ability to think about people is getting better and better.”

She then exhaled and said:

“Okay, I’ll take care of some things, pack up my luggage, and take you to Trier in two days. At that time, send a telegram to “Fiction Weekly” in advance and ask them to pick us up at the Trier train station.”

“Okay!” Lumian didn’t hide his joy.

Although he suspected that he and Auror could not simply walk out of Kordu Village, the act of “leaving” might cause some unpredictable changes before unravelling the secret of going back in time and finding the corresponding root cause, but it must be Try it; you can’t trap yourself in place.

With this mentality, he tried to convince Aurora just now.

Lumian didn’t plan to tell his sister about going back in time now because Aurora lost the corresponding memory, and it was impossible to believe this almost delusional speculation unless Lumian kept making “prophecies” and the prophecies were verified, but he still wanted to pretend that he was unaware of going back in time, and he was not going to “prophesy” for the time being to see if he could find any clues.

Using reading as an excuse, Lumian went back to the second floor and entered the study.

He sat down, took a book casually, opened it, and checked whether it was reversed.

Then he fell into his own thoughts, hoping to further clarify the current encounter through the various details discovered last night and today.

As his eyes moved freely, Lumian glanced at the little blue book on the table.

His heart skipped a beat; he withdrew his thoughts, stretched out his palm, took the little blue book, and flipped it quickly.

The pages of the book that were missing some words and appeared correspondingly empty came into his eyes.

“That letter…” Lumian whispered silently.

Combined with the “late” call back from “Fiction Weekly”, he has a new guess about the help letter received by Liya, Ryan, and others:

“Perhaps that letter was really written by me, and I was the ‘murderer’!

“The time reversal may have happened more than once; according to the definition in Aurora’s novel, this should be called a time loop.

“In a previous cycle, I discovered certain abnormalities through some exploration behaviours and decided to ask the outside world for help by sending an anonymous letter without involving Auror.” But when the officials realised the seriousness of the problem, they sent Ryan and the others. To deal with it, Kordu has started a new round of cycles, and I, like Auror now, lost all the corresponding memories and returned to the ‘initial’ state…

“Now I have a question: why does this little blue book still keep some words cut out?

“It stands to reason that it should also return to the ‘initial’ state, just like the food I ate in the last cycle…

“Well, there are two possibilities:

“One is to find out the abnormality and ask for help before the time cycle begins. But in that case, the relevant memory should not be reset. Could it be that there were other reasons that caused me to lose part of my memory? This is getting more and more complicated.

“Secondly, in that cycle, I also found a way to make something unaffected by the cycle… What would it be? If there is, why don’t I just find a piece of paper and write down what I find?”

Lumian felt that he had cleared a layer of fog and restored the general situation, but he fell into more doubts.

He thought that he should have gone through many time loops, but in those previous loops, once he started from scratch, his memory and physical state would be reset, so he didn’t notice it at all.

But this time, the reason why he was able to retain his memory and retain the extraordinary characteristics of the “Hunter” was because he met that lady, got the sceptre card, entered the ruins of the dream, and inspired the specialness of his body.

Since the specialness brought by those two symbols allows Lumian to “bring” the extraordinary state in the dream to reality, it is entirely possible for them to “save” his complete physical condition to the initial point of the cycle.

“So, after resetting the state of the shotgun monster, it still failed to ‘take’ back the ‘Hunter’s” extraordinary characteristics.” Lumian leaned back in his chair, looked at the ceiling, and exhaled slowly.

He then laughed at himself.

“Just becoming extraordinary has to face such unconventional things; don’t give me time to develop…

“Uh, it’s not completely confirmed that I made that request for help; it might be Aurora; Mrs. Pouaris is also suspect… As extraordinary, they may have noticed something wrong in a previous cycle and made an effort to save themselves, and, with their knowledge of mysticism, it is easier than me to find a way to retain certain traces… But no matter what, the emergence of a time cycle is indeed the most conjectural in line with the current situation.”

After thinking about it, Lumian found a way to confirm the source of the help letter.

The method is very simple: enter the ruins of the dream and look through the same little blue book at home there.

If there are also missing words in that little blue book, it means that the help letter was made by Lumian himself, because the home in the special dream was formed by his subconscious projection of the mixed world of ruins, and the things he subconsciously knew should be there will appear there.

If not, there is a high probability that Aurora or Mrs. Pouaris did it. It is impossible for Lumian’s subconscious to know about it, and he does not need to be responsible for it.

Lumian was not in a hurry to “catch up on sleep”. Seeing that it was almost time, he sneaked out of the house and went straight to the old tavern.

In the corner of the old tavern, a familiar figure caught his eye.

The lady who had given him the sceptre and the potion recipe reappeared.

She was wearing a ruffled orange dress with a stand-up collar, and she held a light-coloured lady’s frilly hat in her hand.

Lumian breathed a sigh of relief, just like a drowning person who finally caught the life buoy.

He quickly moved closer and saw that what was placed on the table in front of the lady was not breakfast but three stacks of Tarot cards.

“Need me to draw a card?” Lumian asked tentatively.

“You’ve already drawn it.” The lady mixed the three stacks of tarot cards without raising her head.

Lumian instantly felt a panting sensation in his eyes.

Sure enough, she wasn’t affected by the time loop either!

Without taking a tactful approach, Lumian sat down and asked directly:

“I, and the entire Kordu village, are caught in a time loop.”

The lady raised her head and replied with a smile:

“Yes, you are all people in the ring.”

People in the ring Lumian repeated the term in his mind.

He asked doubtfully:

“What does this refer to, people caught in a time loop?”

The lady smiled.

“There are two explanations for it. One is the special power equivalent to Sequence 4 obtained after praying to a certain existence, and the other is your current situation.”

“Can you gain strength by praying to a hidden existence?” Lumian was very surprised by the first explanation of “The Man in the Ring”.

Didn’t it mean that the twenty-two extraordinary paths are all promoted by taking potions?

The lady nodded slightly.

“Theoretically speaking, ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’ can also allow its followers to become extraordinary without potions and relying on gifts alone, but for him, this is a burden and can only be used as a temporary means. When gifts are needed The more people there are, the greater the burden will be, and it will even affect his state.

“The bestowed ones are not without harm; they will slowly approach the ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’, regardless of body, mind, and spirit.

“Also, since it is a gift from the superiors, it can be taken back at any time, unless you have the unique power of certain channels and secretly completed a certain, covert theft during the life that retained the gift.”

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