Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 37

Lumian thought for a while and said:

“The body, mind, and spirit will draw closer to the giver because the power of the gift carries a corresponding imprint.”

He inferred this from the spiritual legacy of the original creator and the previous owner of the extraordinary characteristic.

Although the gift is pure power and does not contain characteristics, it should also be colored by the owner.

The lady held a Tarot card, nodded approvingly, and said:

“Your logic is pretty good.

“You should thank Aurora for giving you enough basic education.”

You don’t need to be reminded. Lumian muttered in his heart.

The lady further stated:

“Even if the giver does not want to influence the giver, it is difficult to avoid the result of the other party getting closer to him in body, mind, and spirit, because if the bestowed power does not contain the will of the giver, it will be difficult for the giver to accept it.” Take control; it will be lost soon.

“Therefore, the gifts of the righteous gods in this regard are basically temporary, and they are limited to a certain extent.”

The evil gods don’t care what the recipient will look like in the end. Lumian nodded thoughtfully and asked curiously:

“Extraordinary? I mean, can people with extraordinary characteristics still receive gifts? Will there be conflicts between the two, leading to a loss of control?”

The lady smiled and glanced at Lumian, shook her head, and said:

“There will be some conflict, but not much.

“Think about it: the power bestowed will make your body transform into the person who bestowed it, and your body originally existed in a state adapted to your own extraordinary characteristics. Once there is an excessive change, it will definitely conflict with the extraordinary characteristics until there is a new balance.

“Because this kind of conflict does not involve the heart and spirit, it will not make you lose control under normal circumstances, unless your spirit is close to collapsing during that time.

“The only problem is, you might have to learn to watch yourself grow a third eye and a fourth hand with peace of mind.

“Of course, the premise is that the power bestowed on you exists for a long time, and the corresponding personality is also high. Otherwise, the slight change in the body can be ignored.”

Lumian gave an “hmm.”

“What if it is a gift from itself or from an adjacent pathway?”

The lady nodded.

“It really doesn’t create conflict.”

She then smiled.

“But that doesn’t mean there won’t be physical changes.”

What does this mean? Lumian was about to ask again, but the lady smiled and said:

“I thought that after you knew the people in the ring, you couldn’t wait to ask about the time loop. In the end, you actually paid attention to this knowledge, but you don’t know if it will be useful in the future.

“It’s not like you!”

Lumian showed a self-deprecating smile.

“I wanted to ask you if there was any way to help us break this time loop from the very beginning, but I remembered something you once said:

“You said that the price for you to help solve the corresponding problems is that the entire Kordu village will be destroyed and everyone will die. If you want to get a better result, you can only rely on your own research.

“Before, I actually couldn’t understand it, but now I’ve probably guessed the reason.

“If you are not a person in the ring, the only way to break the cycle here is to directly destroy it.”

The lady nodded with satisfaction.

“Indeed it is.”

“Then why didn’t you make it clear before?” Lumian couldn’t help asking back.

This is not something that will lead to destruction if spoken out!

In other words, this lady is used to expressing half of her words.

The lady suddenly laughed.

“If I told you that the whole village was caught in a time loop, would you believe it?”

Lumian pondered for a while and said:


Who would believe that such absurdity is like a story without “personal experience”?

“So.” The lady laughed, “Why should I explain clearly? In that case, I would have to spend a lot of time explaining to you.”

Lumian was silent.

He took advantage of the situation to inquire:

“You know what the key to breaking this cycle is?

“Which way should I work hard?”

The lady shook her head again.

“Here, divination of certain things is very dangerous.”

“Huh?” Lumian didn’t understand for a while.

The lady had no choice but to add:

“If I knew where the key lies, I would definitely tell you that I can end this journey sooner if I solve it sooner.”

Then she sighed.

“When can I travel without work?”

Work? Lumian couldn’t get “enlightenment” from this mysterious lady, so he had to ask tentatively:

“As long as the priest is not killed, time will not start to cycle.”

“No.” The lady gave an accurate answer: “There are multiple trigger points in the cycle, including when the time comes to the twelfth night, and others you can find out by yourself.”

Twelfth Night. I still have a lot of time to investigate. Lumian thought for a while and said:

“Because the specialness in my body is activated, I can keep the memory and extraordinary characteristics every time I cycle.”

Seeing the lady nodding, he asked further:

“If this is the case, then as long as I can continue to circulate and investigate continuously on the premise of ensuring that I am alive, I will find the key to ending all this sooner or later.”

This is an application of the “exhaustive method” mentioned by Oral.

“In theory, that’s right.” Lumian’s bewildered and indistinguishable emotions emerged again in the lady’s eyes: “But you should have also discovered that only Kordu Village and the surrounding area are circulating, and other places none; that is to say, the outside time is passing normally, and the date is completely inconsistent with Kordu Village.
“The three investigators will send out a telegram every once in a while, describing the status of themselves and the village. Once they mention the date, Intis officials will be able to detect the abnormality here.

“Even if the investigators don’t have time to send a telegram or mention the corresponding date for each cycle, as time goes by, the officials will definitely find the problem. At that time, what do you think they will do to solve the cycle in Kordu Village?”

Lumian was silent for a while before saying:

“It should be destroyed directly, like your alternative plan.”

“This can effectively prevent the spread of abnormalities and affect other people.” The lady said with emotion, “If you have the opportunity to go to the Sunya Sea in the future, you can inquire about Bansi Port, because it has suffered some kind of pollution. It was directly destroyed by the Church of the Storm, and no one escaped.”

This statement strengthened Lumian’s determination to find the key points of the cycle by himself.

He laughed at himself again.

“It seems that there is not much time left for me.”

At most, there will be three or four more cycles, and each cycle cannot last until the twelfth night.

The lady stood up and said peacefully:

“At least you still have a chance to save; some people don’t even have a chance.”


After leaving the old tavern, Lumian stood on the road, looking at the few pedestrians and the houses around him. He felt that everything in Kordu Village was normal; everyone had joy, anger, desire, and feelings, no different from people in other places.

But this seemingly peaceful and noisy village hides unimaginable horror. The time here and everyone here are caught in a cycle, living the same days over and over again.

Except for the priest Guillaume Benet, the shepherd Pierre Berry, Ponce Benet, and Ava Lizier, Lumian is still unable to determine who is abnormal and who is innocent. By.

Even Raymond Clegg, a guy who is usually stupid and careless, can’t be 100% sure that the other party is completely fine.

And at the end of Lent, the abnormal behavior of most young people may also be influenced by the supernatural ability exerted by the priest on the spot, rather than having problems before.

All of a sudden, Lumian felt that Kordu Village was a primaeval forest, full of danger everywhere, and he couldn’t tell who was the prey and who was the hunter.

Prudence and patience are the first elements to survive in this environment, and ability, courage, wisdom, and experience all have to be placed in the back row.

This is similar to wandering life but also obviously different.

As these thoughts surfaced, Lumian inexplicably felt that the “Hunter” potion was digesting.

“This is the first step of the ‘acting method’?

“It’s pretty fast; I thought it would take a month or two to get started.”

Thinking of this, Lumian suddenly became excited.

Can the “Hunter” potion be digested in a cycle or two?

At that time, with the hunting of the dream ruins, I may soon become the “provocateur” of Sequence 8, gain more powerful power, and increase the probability of success in solving the time loop problem.

Lumian walked forward while thinking and soon came to the village square.

His current plan is to “chat” with the priest of the church, test him, and see if he can find some abnormalities and get some clues.

Just then, he saw a figure walking towards the church.

The figure was wearing a dark brown long coat with a hood, a rope tied around his waist, and a pair of brand-new soft leather shoes under his feet. It was the shepherd, Pierre Berry.

He… Lumian quickly approached and asked deliberately:

“Pierre, why are you back?”

At this time, Pierre Berri’s black hair was still greasy and curly, and the beard on his face hadn’t been shaved for a long time.

Hearing Lumian’s question, he replied happily:

“Isn’t this Lent coming soon? I haven’t participated in it for several years, and I can’t miss it no matter what this year.”

There was a gentle smile in his blue eyes, completely different from the shepherd, who left a deep impression on Lumian and even shadowed him.

Uh, I changed the place and asked the question with a different person, and the answer is somewhat different from the last cycle. Although the essence has not changed, some of the words will be different. After Lumian listened carefully, he lowered his head and looked at the eyelids. Er’s new shoes, said with a smile:

“Get rich?”

“It doesn’t count; I can only say that the employer is very good this time and has given me a lot of things.” Pierre was very happy. “I will treat you to a drink tonight.”

“Okay.” Lumian agreed, pointing to the church and asking, “Are you going to pray?”

“Yes, it’s been a long time since I prayed to God in the church.” Pierre sighed.

There was nothing wrong with this sentence, but the more Lumian heard it now, the more he felt that something was wrong.

Shepherds are not completely far away from human cities and towns. There are many villages around the grasslands on the plains, but the grasslands on the high mountains are desolate, but the shepherds will go down the mountain to replenish things every once in a while. How can they not find churches?

Of course, if Pierre Berry went to Feneporte or Lemburg this time, he would not be able to find the church of “Eternal Blazing Sun”. There is a problem with every sentence.

Pierre Berry turned to ask:

“You go to church too?”

“No.” Lumian shook his head in denial. “I thought there would be people chatting in the square, but no one came.”

He then waved his hand.

“I’m going home first.”

“See you tonight.” Pierre Berri followed suit and waved.

After watching the shepherd walk towards the church, Lumian returned to the village.

He changed his mind about chatting with the parish priest, and his next destination was:

The home of the shepherd, Pierre Berry!

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