Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 38

A dozen members of Bailey’s family were crowded into a dilapidated two-story house. Lumian looked at the open door familiarly, carefully walked around from the side, and came to the rear with a wooden fence. Next to the fenced open space.

In the area near the eaves of the clearing, there were piles of hay and firewood, and three white sheep, brown with filth, were wandering there.

Lumian was thinking of Aurora saying that the sheep brought back by Pierre Berry were a little strange, but he didn’t know where the strangeness was, so he came here to check the flock while the shepherd was going to church to pray.

Although he has never herded sheep, in a village close to the plateau pastures like Kordu, he has had contact with not one hundred sheep but seventy or eighty, and he is absolutely no stranger to them.

After observing carefully for a while, Lumian didn’t find any difference between the three sheep in front of him and their kind, so he muttered silently:

“I can’t see it with the naked eye, so I have to use extraordinary abilities.”

But “Hunter” does not have extraordinary abilities in this regard.

Lumian had already used his greatly improved eyesight, sense of smell, and grasp of various traces just now, but he still didn’t find any problems.

The only thing that seemed odd to him was that the shit from the three sheep was piled up in the corner instead of everywhere.

Of course, there is a high probability that the Berry family cleaned regularly in order to use faeces more effectively.

After watching for dozens of seconds, Lumian muttered in a low voice:

“Looking and smelling it doesn’t seem to work. You have to do it directly.”

Without hesitation at all, he put his hands on the fence and climbed in, as if returning to his own home skillfully.

The three sheep turned their heads at the same time and looked at Lumian, who immediately smiled.

“Come on, let me check your health.”

He was not worried about being discovered by his master at all because he had done similar things not once but twice. Every family in the village knew that this guy was good at playing pranks in various ways, and using sheep as props was normal behaviour.

In Lumian’s own words:

When a reputation has been ruined, it naturally has the benefits of a ruined reputation.

With the title of “Prank King”, he would not be too suspicious of anything he did in Kordu Village. Even if he was caught on the spot by those who clearly had abnormalities, the other party could not directly confirm that there was something wrong with him.

Of course, under such circumstances, the curate priest Guillaume and the shepherd Pierre might try to silence him with the idea of “rather killing the wrong than letting him go”. So, be careful when you should be careful.

“BAA Baa Baa!”

Seemingly aware of Lumian’s malicious intentions, the three sheep hid behind the haystack one after another, their calls not loud.
But how can they hide from a “hunter”?

Lumian grabbed a sheep, patted its side, and checked its teeth forcibly.

“It’s okay…” He whispered.

Seeing the sheep looking at him, he added with a malicious smile:

“The body is very healthy, and it should be very good to make lamb stew with peas.”

He deliberately said this to test the IQ of the three sheep.

When there is no problem with the target’s body, he can only start with this aspect.

The sheep’s gaze froze for a moment.

Lumian smiled:

“It’s very spiritual; you know what I’m talking about?”

The sheep’s eyes returned to normal, and it turned its head to the side, eating the hay.

“Ignore me?” Lumian rubbed his chin and said, “I’ll find Pierre Berry to buy you back later, and I’ll eat it tonight!”

The sheep didn’t respond.

It bit some hay and pulled hard.

The haystack collapsed suddenly, and Lumian, who was a “hunter”, saw something sharp.

His expression sank, and he walked over and squatted down to take a closer look.

It was a few pieces of nails wrapped around black hair, the kind that was cut off.

“Why is this outside the house?” Lumian whispered in surprise.

As a Kordu person, he certainly understands the funeral customs in the Darliege area. He knows that after the death of the family, some of the deceased’s hair and nails should be cut off and hidden somewhere in the house secretly, so as not to affect the constellations and keep good luck. Effect.

How did something like this end up in a haystack outside a house?

Lumian picked up the nails that were entwined with hair and began to observe while weighing them.

It looks very new, as if it was cut not long ago. He quickly made a judgement.

But the entire Kordu village has not died recently!

Lumian could only suspect that this was a kind of witchcraft similar to funeral customs, and he planned to go back and ask his sister for advice.

In order not to arouse suspicion, he stuffed those few nails and black hair back into the haystack, restoring the messy scene.

Having done all this, he walked towards the wooden fence.

After a few steps forward, he looked back at the three sheep again, and with the mentality of giving it a try and nothing to lose, he sighed in a soliloquy:

“Pierre Berry is really a little bit wrong. He rushed back to the village before May…

“Has he committed a crime outside?

“As a good citizen of Intis and a devout follower of God, should I go to Darliege and find out?”

The three sheep just looked at him; they did not move, and their eyes did not change.

There is nothing special about IQ either. Lumian sighed secretly and was disappointed for a while.

He immediately raised his hands, thumbs up, index fingers down, and made a contemptuous gesture.

What’s wrong with mocking sheep when you’re in a bad mood?

In the next second, the sheep whose body had been checked by Lumian suddenly took a few steps forward, and there seemed to be a little more brilliance called hope in its eyes.

It raised its front hooves and drew on the dirt.

Lumian was dazed and confused and was momentarily stunned.

Soon, he came back to his senses and quickly approached the sheep.

What the sheep drew on the ground seemed to be letters one by one, which Lumian felt familiar but didn’t recognise.

He frowned and speculated:

This kind of writing should have the same origin as the Intis language.

But I only know Intis and part of ancient Feysac.

At this moment, Lumian realised from another angle what Aurora said: “Knowledge is equal to power”.

The sheep finished drawing quickly, took two steps back, and looked at Lumian with earnest eyes. The other two sheep also had similar emotional changes and bleated in a low voice.

Lumian looked at the word on the ground, lost in thought.

“What does this mean?” “How should I respond?” are all thoughts in his head.

In just a second or two, he had an idea and solemnly nodded to the three sheep.

At the same time, he stretched out his right foot, erasing the word on the dirt.

Although he couldn’t understand it, he could at least pretend to understand it!

Get the three sheep out of the way first, and then ask my sister for advice!

Without waiting for the three sheep to “response”, he nodded slowly and thoughtfully with a heavy expression while walking towards the fence, as if to say, “Wait a minute, I will figure out a way.”

Leaving the sheepfold, Lumian went home without delay and found Aurora, who was reading a book on the recliner in the study.

“Sister.” He shouted impatiently, “I have something to do.”

“Just call me sister.” Aurora instantly raised her vigilance, asking, “What happened this time?”

Lumian calmed down and organised his words:

“Didn’t you tell me that there is something wrong with the three sheep of shepherd Pierre Berri?

“I went to the back of Pierre’s house to look at the three sheep while he was praying in church. Guess what I found?”

Aurora’s expression instantly became serious.

“If you want to do this kind of thing, tell me in advance. It’s very dangerous now, and no one will protect you.”

But I told you in advance, you probably won’t let me go… Lumian began to slander while being touched by his sister’s concern.

“I’ll remember next time.” He promised earnestly.

He has said similar words dozens of times.

Aurora could tell what was urgent information and what could be postponed, and she nodded to indicate that Lumian could talk about his discovery.

Lumian quickly recounted his experience in the sheepfold, and Auror became more serious as he listened.

“Write that word silently.” She got up from the easy chair, found a pen and paper, and handed them to Lumian.

Lumian deliberately memorised the word just now and restored it after swiping.

Aurora just glanced at it and said solemnly:

“The problem is huge.”

I know. Lumian responded in his heart.

Moreover, he believed that the problem was bigger than his sister imagined.

“What’s the question?” he asked.

Aurora pointed to the word and said:

“This is the Plateau language, the official language of the Fenepot Kingdom, and it is derived from the ancient Fusac language, just like the Intis language.

“it mean……”

Oral paused for a moment, then said in a deep voice:


“Help?” Lumian blurted out in astonishment, “Those three sheep are asking us for help?”

Aurora said, “Hmm.”

“I suspect they are not sheep.

“They were supposed to be humans!”

“Human?” Lumian asked in surprise.

This is beyond the scope of his knowledge.

He just thought that the three sheep had high IQs, had human-like emotions, and mastered some human languages, but he never equated them with humans.

For him, the transformation of people into sheep only exists in those imaginative stories!

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Lumian was no longer shocked.

The time loop has appeared; why is it so strange that people become sheep?

In the world of occultism, there is no shortage of weirdness and absurdity.

Facing his younger brother’s doubts, Aurora nodded solemnly.

“I’m not sure if there is a secret technique that can turn people into sheep, but all the details now point to this possibility.”

“Indeed.” Lumian agreed.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the three sheep should be humans.

Shepherd Pierre Berry is actually grazing people.

Lumian turned to ask again:

“Why are those nails and hair hiding outside the house?”

Aurora pursed her lips and said:

“This is one of the funeral customs in the Daliege area, but it is not used very much under normal circumstances, and many people have forgotten it.

“As a ‘wizard’, I have studied this aspect to see if I can gain some useful knowledge.”

She then explained:

“When a family member commits suicide, is murdered by a relative, or has a very bad character during his lifetime, which has a very bad influence on the whole family, the hair and nails cut off after death must be hidden outside the house so as not to affect the family environment. Constellation brings bad luck.”

Suicide or murder by a relative? Lumian suddenly thought of one thing:

In the last cycle, Ponce Bene entered Naroka’s house in violation of funeral customs.

Could he have gone to take Naroka’s hair and nails?

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