Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 39

If Ponce Bene entered Naroka’s house to take away her hair and nails, it means that Naroka has a high probability of being murdered by a relative. This is because Naroka has a good reputation, is the pillar of the whole family, and is physically and mentally healthy, so he is less likely to commit suicide. Lumian quickly had a series of speculations.

If Naroca really died from the murder of a relative, then why?

Seeing that his younger brother was lost in thought and didn’t speak for a while, Aurora thought he was frightened by “a man turned into a sheep” and “a certain member of the Berry family may have died of murder”, so she comforted him softly:

“Although the matter is serious, it has not affected us yet.

“It looks like I have to reflect on it. Always prohibiting you from accessing real mystic knowledge can easily make you panic when you encounter similar things and you don’t know what to do. Well, in this world, in recent years, extraordinary events The frequency of occurrence is getting higher and higher, and I can’t be by your side all the time; you will always grow up, and you will always have your own life.”

I have never heard of people who have to leave their families when they grow up. Lumian retorted in his heart.

He could feel that Aurora’s attitude towards his exposure to occult knowledge had loosened because of the incident of people turning into sheep.

If I work harder, I can directly confess to her that I have become an extraordinary… Before Lumian could speak, Aurora had already made a decision:

“You go and pack your luggage now; we will leave Kordu immediately at the invitation of the “Fiction Weekly”.

“It’s good luck; such a telegram came at a critical moment, so that we can leave openly without being suspected by anyone.

“Well, I will tell you some real mystic knowledge when there is no one on the trip, but don’t even think about becoming an extraordinary; it’s too dangerous.”

It wasn’t luck; the telegram itself was sent when the problem was discovered, and it was only after this cycle that I received a call back… Lumian muttered silently and was relieved that his sister was still the decisive person.

Although he is not optimistic that his siblings can leave Kordu Village smoothly or get rid of the cycle, he has to try.

“Uh, the three sheep, the three people, can’t be saved?” Lumian asked tentatively.

Aurora shook her head.

“This may lead to a conflict between us and Pierre Berry, and I’m not sure how strong he is or how many helpers he has. It’s too dangerous to save people blindly.

“It’s better to let the officials come. This is their responsibility. Well, when we arrive at Liege, we buy a steam train ticket and send an anonymous letter to the officials for them to handle.”

“But what if they don’t believe it?” Lumian asked deliberately.
Aurora smiled:

“In terms of mysticism, you are indeed illiterate.

“We describe the matter of people turning into sheep clearly in the letter. They will naturally find professionals to do divination. Even if they don’t get any detailed revelations, they can still find that Kordu has abnormalities.”

“I see.” Lumian stopped wasting time and went upstairs to pack his luggage.

Not long after, the siblings came down with a brown suitcase each.

Aurora looked outside the door and said:

“Now go to Mrs. Puares, borrow a carriage from her, and try to reach Darliege as soon as possible.”

From Kordu Village to Liege, ordinary people would have to walk for an afternoon. As a “hunter”, Lumian definitely didn’t need it, but in the eyes of Auror, he was not an extraordinary person.

After hesitating whether to take the opportunity to confess to his sister and thinking that it is basically impossible to escape from Kordu Village, it is better to take the opportunity to visit Mrs. Pouaris’s house and look for clues. Lumian said, “Hmm.”


He reached out, took her suitcase from his sister, and walked towards the door with the two of them.

Auror nodded with satisfaction at first and then said with a little doubt:

“You have become stronger; you can lift it so easily.”

Subconsciously, she was about to raise her right hand and rub the sides of her eyes, but at this time Lumian had already gone out, so she had no choice but to give up trying and follow quickly.

On the way to the administrator’s mansion, many villagers saw Aurora going out with a suitcase and asked curiously about the situation.

Aurora, who has a legitimate reason, is very frank about this.

Lumian, on the other hand, made up seven or eight stories to deal with different villagers during such a journey.

What Aurora got the Intis Legion of Honor and went to Trier to receive the honor, what he was specially recruited by the Trier Higher Normal School, and he can go to sign up now, what Auror went bankrupt in stocks, and creditors are about to come to his door, He had no choice but to flee to other places quickly, and the villagers, who had heard nothing about it, were taken aback for a while.

Thanks to Lumian’s reputation, they all chose not to believe it after recovering.

Not long after, the siblings came to the black building transformed from the ancient castle.

Looking up at the two towering towers, Lumian smiled and said:

“I don’t know what’s in there, Aurora; have you ever gone in?”

“How could I go wandering around other people’s houses?” Aurora gave her younger brother a white look.

Lumian muttered in a low voice:

“I thought Mrs. Puares would invite you to visit the castle. Aren’t they the kind of people who like to show guests around their big houses and precious collections?”

“What’s so good about visiting here?” Aurora said in a lower voice, because she thought that this would be of great help to her description of the castle in her works, “Hey, let’s talk about it later; I don’t know if I can “I can’t go back to Kordu.”
She then led Lumian through the colourful garden to the gate of the castle.

After walking a few steps, Aurora slowed down, glanced left and right, and said doubtfully:

“The flowers in this garden bloom very early.”

Kordu Village is on the mountain, and there is a plateau of grassland nearby. In normal seasons, the first wave of spring flowers will not be ushered in until the middle or late April.

“Perhaps Mrs. Puaris’s gardener has a special method.” Lumian thought that the lady was extraordinary with an abnormal path and suspected that it was related to some kind of extraordinary phenomenon, but he couldn’t say so.

Aurora just said something casually, without thinking too much, and arrived at the castle with Lumian, where she was warmly received by Mrs. Pouaris.

This lady is wearing a blue tunic dress today, with the diamond necklace inlaid with gold still hanging on her chest. Her long brown hair is half rolled up and half down, making her look younger than usual.

She sat on the single sofa in the small living room, quietly listened to Aurora’s request, and said with a slight smile:

“You don’t need to be so polite; we are friends.”

Heh. Lumian mocked in his heart.

How can anyone blindly introduce a marriage partner to a friend?

As soon as he finished ridiculing silently, he saw Mrs. Puares looking at him with a smile like water flowing in her bright brown eyes.

Lumian recalled the conversation with Mrs. Puares in the last cycle and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

“Okay,” Aurora said helplessly.

Every time she borrowed a carriage, she offered to pay the fee, but Mrs. Pouaris inevitably refused, so she usually brought the lady some inexpensive but not cheap gifts on the return journey and at the same time gave a little tip to the coachman.

While waiting for the coachman to prepare, Mrs. Puares invited the siblings to taste the dessert made by her chef.

Lumian tasted a muffin, looked around, and said:

“Where’s Mr. Lund?”

Louis Lund is the steward of Beost, the administrator, and followed him from Darliege to Cordu Village.

Lumián had an affair with a woman in the village and secretly sold some collections in the castle, so he got the news that Mrs. Pouaris was the mistress of the priest.

It happened that the curate and Mrs. Pouaris had an affair in the church; it was a lie to foreigners!

At this time, Lumian looked for Louis Lund to scold him, saying, “You sow, why didn’t you tell me that Mrs. Puares is a wizard?”

Mrs. Puares said “ah.”

“Louis is sick and resting in his room.”

Get ill? Lumian inexplicably felt that there might be something wrong with this.

While his sister was chatting with Mrs. Pouaris, he excused himself to go to the bathroom, left the small living room, and went straight to the stairs.

The castle is huge, and the administrator and his wife didn’t bring many servants, so it looks empty everywhere, and you can even hear echoes when you walk in some places, which gives Lumian better external conditions for sneaking in.

Relying on his powerful senses, he simply avoided a servant and a maid, walked lightly to the second floor, and found Louis Lund’s room.

He didn’t knock on the door in a hurry, turned his head sideways, and put his ears on the wooden board.



There were painful screams belonging to men in the room.

Really sick? It sounds serious. Lumi’an thought for a while, walked to the side, and opened the door of the other servants—the administrator, Beyonce, and Mrs. Prias lived on the third floor.

After flashing into the room, he gently closed the wooden door, took a few steps to the other side, and pushed open the glass window.

Lumian looked down, saw that no one was there, immediately put his hands on it, flipped it out lightly, and “hanged” it on the outer wall of the castle.

Immediately afterwards, he jumped lightly, like a wild cat, and landed on the window sill of the housekeeper, Louis Lund, without making a sound.

Then Lumian stood on the edge of the glass window, turned sideways, and quietly looked into the room.

He saw Louis Lund lying naked on the bed with a bulging belly, giving the impression that it was about to explode at any time.

Seeing the black hair of the butler, who was over forty and all wet with sweat, his face full of pain, and hearing his tragic screams from time to time, Lumian couldn’t help but frown.

What kind of disease is this?

It’s scary; the belly can be so big…

At this time, there was a woman in her forties standing beside Louis Lund’s bed.

She has brown hair and brown eyes, a good appearance, a few wrinkles, and is wearing a long off-white dress. She is shouting excitedly to Louis Lund:

“Soon, soon.”

What is coming soon? As soon as Lumian had such a thought, he heard a scream and saw Louis Lund’s stomach being pushed up by something.

Almost in the blink of an eye, it burst—Louis Lund’s stomach burst!

A bloody little hand stuck out.

“It’s born! It’s born!” cried the woman happily.

She then bent down and took out a crumpled, dirty, bloody baby from Louis Lund’s stomach.

Lumian was stunned.

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