Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 40

Compared with “Time Loop” and “Man Turning into Sheep”, the picture in front of him is not only shocking but also makes Lumian feel that his eyes, heart, and spirit have been seriously polluted.

If he knew in advance that he would witness such a thing, he would definitely choose to give up the action.

“What the hell is going on?

“Louis Lund is obviously still a man!

“Whose child is he carrying, the magistrate or Mrs. Puares?

“Is this the world of mysticism?

“It’s really for my own good that Auror doesn’t let me get in touch.”

For a moment, Lumian’s thoughts were disordered, and his mind was chaotic. He wanted to gouge his own eyes and forcibly forget what he saw.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”

The baby that Louis Lund gave birth to cried out, making the filthy “delivery room” a bit more sacred in an instant.

This is the beauty of new life coming, and Lumian, who was hiding outside the window, intuitively experienced the joy that comes from the origin of human beings.

Of course, in addition to this, the feeling of weirdness, absurdity, dirtyness, and incongruity has become more and more obvious.

Lumian finally came back to his senses and subconsciously took another look into the room.

The baby had been placed on the white silk beside Louis Lund by the woman in the long gray dress. He was a boy, with more blood stains on his body than milky white grease, but other than this, there was nothing unusual, like an ordinary, normal newborn.

Lumian observed for another two seconds and found that the baby boy’s fingers were bent and his nails were very long, like the claws of a bird.

Just now, he used these two hands to tear open Louis Lund’s stomach!

Louis Lund was lying there, already in a semi-conscious state.

The gash in his stomach hadn’t been stitched up, and blood was seeping out. The intestines were pressed aside, and a strange, bird’s nest-like thing covered with flesh-coloured membranes could be vaguely seen.

After the woman wrapped the baby in silk, she took out the bird’s nest-like thing, picked up sewing needles and catgut, and helped Louis Lund treat the wound.

Amidst Louis Lund’s painful groans, she muttered as she sewed:

“It’s easy for you. When I gave birth to quadruplets last time, that was called pain.”

The muscles on Lumian’s face twitched slightly, and he felt that after his eyes, brain, heart, and spirit were affected, his ears were also polluted.

He retracted his gaze and decided to leave here quickly.

Another light jump: Lumian jumped to the window when he came and turned into the room.

He closed the window, went out, and went straight to the stairs.

Dodging a male servant who came up, Lumian returned to the hall very quickly and lightly.

“Where did you go?”

Suddenly, a slightly soft, magnetic voice rang in his ears.
With Lumian’s “hunter” senses, he didn’t even notice that someone was standing by the entrance of the stairs.

He turned sharply, looked that way, and saw Madame Pouaris in a blue tunic, with her hair half up and half down.

There was no smile on the lady’s face, and Lumian’s figure was clearly reflected in her bright brown eyes.

Lumian’s spirit was instantly tense, and he was ready to fight while being terrified.

At this moment, Aurora came out from the side room, looked at him, and said:

“Where did you go? The carriage has stopped at the door.”

In similar scenarios, Lumian has rich experience and half-truths.

“Didn’t Mrs. Puares just say that Mr. Lund was ill?

“I had a drink with him a few times, and I wanted to visit him, but the castle is too big, and I don’t know where he lives, so I couldn’t find it after searching for a long time.”

Aurora nodded and exhorted:

“It’s not a bad thing that you can make a request directly to Mrs. Puares without hiding it from us.”

“It’s my fault; I’m sorry.” Lumian looked at Mrs. Puares sincerely.

After seeing the scene upstairs, he was more afraid of this lady than disgusted.

Mrs. Puares finally smiled, and she was no longer so serious.

“I thank you for your kindness on behalf of Lund, but he was in a bad state when he was sick this time, and he didn’t want to appear in front of others with a disgraceful image.”

It’s really not decent… Lumian silently “echoed”.

Aurora then said to Mrs. Pouaris:

“Then we got into the carriage? Thank you so much.”

Lumian quietly stared at Mrs. Pouaris, worried that she would make excuses for his siblings to stay longer.

In that case, it means that she may have noticed something abnormal and needs to confirm whether there is any problem with Louis Lund!

Although, after reuniting with his sister, Lumian felt that the two of them were not incapable of fighting Mrs. Puares, this was her castle after all, surrounded by her servants. Worst hunting environment.

Mrs. Puares nodded lightly, smiled, and said to Aurora:

“I’m looking forward to the gift you bring back from Trier, where the fashion trend always makes me yearn.”

“I hope I can give you a surprise.” Although Aurora didn’t know if he would be able to return to Kordu Village in his lifetime, he still had to make a statement.

Mrs. Puares led the sister and brother to the door with her personal maid, Cassie, and watched them get into the box-style four-seater carriage.

The heavyset coachman with dark brown whiskers, dressed in crimson, yellow trousers, and a waxed hat, was almost like a professional coachman in the city, except he didn’t wear a tie.
This is the mandatory requirement of the administrator, Beorst.

“I’m sorry to trouble you.” Before closing the door, Aurora spoke politely to the driver.

The driver’s name is Sewell, and he has the most common blue eyes in the Republic of Intis.

He was delighted by the respect of this beautiful lady, Aurora, and looked forward to the tip that he would definitely get after arriving in Daliege. He said enthusiastically:

“Ma’am, sir, sit down.”

He raised his whip and let the horses move from slow to fast.

When the carriage passed through the village of Kordu, it stopped suddenly.

Although he knew that the road to leaving would never be smooth and easy, Lumian couldn’t help but thump.

“What’s the matter?” He asked the driver outside, across the carriage.

Sewell said:

“Madam promised to send Naroka to Junac Village yesterday. I was worried that it would be too late to go back to Darliege, so I thought I would pick her up on the way. Don’t worry, I won’t delay your time.”

Junac Village is closer to Daliege than Kordu Village, and going there first really doesn’t affect the time for Orol and Lumian to reach their destination.

Because it was someone else’s carriage and she had no right to stop it, Auror did not raise any objections.

Lumian cared more about Naroka—in the last cycle, Naroka died suddenly, suspected of being murdered by relatives, and was related to the church priest and the group.

Sewell got out of the carriage, entered Naroka’s house, and then led the lady out.

Naroka was different from usual; she changed into a long black dress with delicate patterns and wore a dark soft hat that old ladies liked. Her thin and pale hair was obviously carefully combed.

“Hey, my little cabbage, where are you going?” Naroka got into the carriage and was very happy to see Aurora.

Her blotchy and wrinkled face was filled with unconcealable joy, and her eyes, which were usually slightly cloudy, seemed to be brighter.

“I went to Trier to attend a writer’s salon, and I took Lumian to inspect the university there.” Aurora spoke the absolute truth.

She asked instead:

“Naroka, are you here as a guest?”

Although it is normal for Naroka to wear black as a widow, she only wears this dress for festivals, banquets, and the anniversary of the death of her husband.

Naroka showed an expectant expression.

“Yeah, go meet some people.”

Lumian didn’t speak and quietly observed Naroka to see if he could see something in her.

The carriage started driving again, heading out of Kordu Village.

Auror and Naroka chatted without saying a word, paying more attention to the outside of the car.

She was still worried that the hasty departure of her siblings would attract suspicion from some people.

As the carriage was walking, Lumian suddenly noticed a change in Naroka’s state.

Compared with just now, this lady’s face was much paler and bluer, and her eyes were no longer so lively. The whole person was completely silent, and she would only answer a few words unless Aurora asked.

This is very similar to the Naroka that Lumian saw in the middle of the night in the last cycle!

Lumian quietly took Aurora’s hand.

Aurora turned her head quickly, looked at him, and asked with her eyes.

Lumian pointed at Naroka covertly and drew a “cross” on her sister’s palm.

“Cross” is a symbol commonly used by Aurora when correcting his papers, which means mistakes. At this time, Lumian used it to refer to Naroka’s state.

Aurora was stunned for a second, but quickly understood what Lumian meant.

She withdrew her attention and looked at Naroka, obviously feeling abnormal.

She then raised her right hand and pinched her temples on both sides.

Her light blue eyes instantly became deeper, stained with a little gloom.

With just a glance, Aurora’s beautiful golden eyebrows frowned, and her body leaned back slightly, as if she had received some kind of shock.

She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples in pain, as if she were a little tired.

After reopening her eyes, Aurora turned her head to Lumian and said:

“When you reach Daliege, you must follow me closely, no matter what the situation is.”

She spoke very seriously.

Lumian understood it as soon as she heard it and knew what her sister meant. If something happened next, she would follow her closely, and she would deal with it.

He nodded solemnly and decided to confess to his sister that he became an extraordinary later.

Auror withdrew her gaze, looked at Naroka, and asked intentionally:

“Naroka, are you really going to Junak Village, or is it somewhere else?”

She was worried that when the carriage stopped by itself, the matter would become even more unresolvable. In this case, it would be better to trigger it in advance and not fight in the environment that the other party expected.

Naroka’s eyes were a little empty, and she replied in a low voice:

“No, I’m not going to Junak Village.

“I’m going to the other side of the world.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lumian felt that the outside of the carriage window became extremely dark.

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