Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 41

What other world? Lumian was taken aback and quickly turned his head to look out the window.

He should have seen mountains, meadows, and trees, but instead he saw a wilderness, and the clouds high above were pale and piled upon each other, covering all the sunlight and making everything seem to be in a huge shadow.

At this time, in the dark brown wilderness, one figure after another walked and wandered. Most of them were dressed in white sackcloth; their faces were white and blue; their eyes were extremely empty; and their mouths were slightly open.

This doesn’t look like a normal person.

Among the countless figures, some are running crazily, towards the end of the wilderness, or coming from the end of the wilderness, as if they can never stop this behaviour and get the long-awaited rest.

At the end of the wilderness, on a place that looks like a cliff, some pitch-black monsters with horns and a human body can be vaguely seen. From time to time, they grab a figure in white linen and throw him down.

The sound of screams came from this and faintly passed into the ears of Lumian and Aurora.

Da da da, among the countless figures, a tall human being wearing dark full-body armour, riding a white horse so thin that it seems that only skin and bones are left, sometimes walking slowly, sometimes galloping back and forth, as if in shepherd’s robes,

Lumian has excellent eyesight, and when the other party turns around, he can clearly see the appearance of “him” from a long distance.

Inside “his” metallic helmet, two crimson rays of light swayed like flames, and there was a hideous wound on his neck extending to his navel, which almost split “him” in half, resulting in pale intestines. They all dragged out for a long time.

Without needing any other evidence, a thought flashed through Lumian’s mind:

Death knight!

This is the death knight that often appears in many folk legends of Intis!

At this moment, the carriage he and Aurora were riding in stopped.

Without saying a word, Naroka opened the car door and got out.

Except for the clothes, her pale face, empty eyes, and numb expression are more and more similar to those figures in white sackcloth.

Aurora withdrew her gaze from the window and said in a deep voice:

“It’s all undead here.

“You wait and never leave my side.”

As she spoke, she took out a gold brooch and put it on her body.

At the same time, with her other hand, she took out a handful of grey-black powder from the hidden pocket of her clothes.

Lumian lay down on the front and looked at the coachman, and he found that Sewell had also become like Naroka, with a pale face and empty eyes, walking slowly into the depths of the wilderness as if he had been dead for a long time.

He hurriedly said to Aurora:

“Sister, I am already an extraordinary; you deal with these undead; I will drive; rush out of here as soon as possible!”
Considering that he does not have the ability to deal with undead ghosts, he had no choice but to be a driver for the time being.

Of course, if that death knight rushed over, he would try his best to help stop it.

Aurora was taken aback; she didn’t bother to ask further questions and was reminded:

“Look at how the horse is doing!”

Only then did Lumian wake up and observe the horses in front of him.

They seemed to have been drained of flesh and blood; their fur was withered and covered with bones; and they were motionless.

“Those two horses seem to be dead.” Lumian reported the situation.

Before Aurora could speak, the undead hovering around them seemed to smell the breath of the living and changed directions one after another, rushing to the side of the carriage, trying to get in.

“XXX.” Aurora read a word in a language that Lumian couldn’t understand.

Accompanied by this word, the gold brooch in front of her shone slightly, and the grey-black powder held in her left hand instantly burned, emitting a violent but not irritating golden light.

The light was like water flowing towards the surroundings. As soon as the undead touched it, they screamed instinctively, and the “body” emitted blue smoke.

They want to retreat, but more undead are rushing forward, a large number of figures have to squeeze around the carriage, and “people” continue to evaporate and disappear.

Lumian looked envious and serious.

He was annoyed that he couldn’t help him much, and he was more and more eager to improve the sequence and obtain more abilities.

Seeing that the powder in Aurora’s hand was about to burn out and the undead not far away were still rushing here, completely ignoring the situation that the figures in front had been melted by the light, Lumian quickly reminded them:

“We can’t stay here forever.

“Go outside!”

No matter how much material my sister prepares, she still can’t deal with so many undead!

Moreover, neither the death knight nor the devil-like creatures at the end of the wilderness have come here yet.

The best way at present is to forcefully escape from this wilderness known as “the world on the other side” by relying on the materials that have not been exhausted.

Aurora nodded and said simply:

“You follow me.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the grey-black powder in her hand burned up, and the empty wilderness around her was filled with the undead who rushed in.

Aurora quickly took out another handful of materials and, with the help of the gold brooch in front of her, let them burn naturally, creating a brilliant golden light.

The undead who had just approached the carriage let out screams and melted into the light.

Aurora immediately jumped out of the carriage and ran towards the edge of the nearest wilderness, followed by Lumian.

Suddenly, a hand stretched out from the golden light and grabbed Lumian’s arm.

Lumian had outstanding intuition and excellent senses. He detected the danger in advance, turned his forearm, and yanked towards the hand.

It was as if he had hit a piece of hard ice, and a strong chill poured into his body, making him freeze for a short while.

As the teeth collided up and down, Lumian saw the owner of that hand.

It was also an undead creature in white linen clothes, but with a mask made of white paper on its face, its figure evaporated very slowly in the golden light.

Seeing that Lumi had settled down, the weird undead suddenly blurred and was about to overlap with him.

At this time, a pure and holy light shone and fell on the masked undead.

It froze there instantly, and its body burned violently, turning into puffs of black air and dissipating.

“Don’t stop!” Aurora withdrew her right hand from the golden brooch and continued to run wildly.

Lumian shook off the cold and followed her sister in stride.

Relying on the handfuls of grey-black powder and the wizard’s spells, the two of them forcibly crossed the wilderness one after the other, and so many undead in white linen clothes evaporated in the golden light.

It’s a pity that it’s impossible for Aurora to prepare only one material and fill each bag with the same thing. As a wizard, she has to consider various situations and scenarios.

Before long, her pocket of sunflower powder was empty.

At this time, they were still hundreds of metres away from the edge of the wilderness, and the undead around them seemed endless.

What made the siblings even more terrified was that the death knight seemed to have sensed the movement here and turned the horse towards the two of them.

In the golden light, Auror’s expression changed a few times; she slowed down, gritted her teeth, and said:

“Brother idiot, when you hear me shout ‘three’, you run to the edge of the wilderness and don’t look back!”

Lumian was about to object when Aurora added:

“Don’t worry, I will follow you. If you stay, it will only interfere with my use of a powerful spell and hinder my escape.”

As she spoke, she took off the gold brooch in front of her, handed it to Lumian, who also slowed down, and gave instructions:

“Collect your spirituality, extend it to this brooch, and repeat the word ‘XXX’ later while running wild!”

Lumian couldn’t understand the word but forcibly memorised the pronunciation.

As soon as he got the gold brooch, he felt a warm light shining on his body, and many dark thoughts disappeared, so that his thoughts became a little dull.

Instinctively wearing the brooch, Lumian focused on following her sister’s instructions, extending her spirituality.

Seeing that the grey-black powder in her hand was getting less and less, Auror took out other materials and shouted loudly:

“One, two, three!”

In order not to drag her sister down, Lumian ran wildly.

Almost at the same time, he tried his best to shout out the word:


The brooch made of gold lit up, and rays of golden sunlight spilled out.

At this moment, Lumian seemed to be wearing a small sun on his chest, and the undead around him instinctively avoided him.

Thumb up!

While he was striding wildly, he was still worried about his sister and couldn’t help turning his head halfway, looking at where Aurora was.

Auror stayed where she was, surrounded by streaks of black air.

This black air seemed to have a strong attraction to the undead, making them abandon Lumian and flock to Auror.

Lumian is not an idiot. When he saw this scene, he understood that what his sister said, “I will follow behind,” was lying to him.


He yelled, braked immediately, and turned around.

He is afraid that people who die in the loop will actually die when the loop is over.

Auror followed the sound, looked back, saw him stop, and hurriedly shouted:

“Are you stupid? Run!”

Lumian didn’t speak and ran towards Aurora, and the undead in front gave way under the light of the golden brooch.

Seeing this, Aurora lowered her head slightly and cursed softly.

“What an idiot…”

She immediately took out another material and sprinkled the iron-black ones on Lumian.

Immediately, Lumian was held down by an invisible giant palm, and he was forcibly pushed to the edge of the wilderness.

He struggled violently but couldn’t find a point to focus on.

In the next second, he saw Aurora with her blond hair coiled up, showing a slightly sad smile.

Aurora shouted softly:

“Stupid brother, live well.”

Before she finished speaking, the black energy around her had been completely swallowed up by the undead.

She was directly exposed in front of countless figures and the death knight.


Lumian’s eyes were opened to the limit, and his eye sockets seemed to be split open. A large amount of red blood appeared in his eyes and on the surface of his skin.

But he was still unstoppably pushed to the edge of the wilderness.

At this moment, all the undead stopped their movements.

It seemed as if something was happening in the distance.

Aurora sensed it, looked in astonishment, and saw an open carriage passing by.

The carriage was like a conch shell, like a cradle, and its whole body was dark red. It was not pulled by horses but by two dark creatures with horns that looked like devils.

In the car sat a woman wearing a flower crown and a green dress who looked very much like Mrs. Pouaris.

But unlike Mrs. Puares, she had a very dignified air.

The death knight turned his horse and followed the lady.

All the undead in the wilderness also made the same choice. They clustered behind the carriage and headed for the blurred mountains on the other side of the wilderness.

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