Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 42

Lumian was also shocked by the carriage pulled by the “devil” and the reaction of the undead. He forgot to struggle for a while and was pushed for another ten seconds by the invisible giant palm before stopping.

Although the carriage was getting farther and farther away, with his eagle-like eyesight, he could still clearly see the appearance of the woman in the carriage.

Her long brown hair is pulled up high, her brown eyes are beautiful and bright, her light eyebrows are slightly sparse, she wears a fresh green dress and a laurel wreath made of flowers, and her temperament is elegant and majestic.

Mrs. Puares! Lumian’s first reaction was that the lady in the car was the magistrate’s wife and the parish priest’s mistress.

But when he looked carefully, he felt that there was an obvious difference between the two, not only in temperament but also in appearance.

The facial features of the lady in the car are softer and more mature.

If Lumian really wanted to make an analogy, he would prefer to refer to the lady in the car as Mrs. Puares’ sister, who is seven or eight years older than Mrs. Puares.

At this time, the lady was sitting in the open carriage pulled by the “devil”, surrounded by countless undead and death knights, and ran towards the distant mountains and forests, as if she were doing some kind of wonderful parade.

Aurora withdrew her gaze and quickly ran towards Lumian, shouting as she ran:

“Take the opportunity to get out of here!”

Lumian came back to his senses and waited until his sister caught up with him before taking big strides and fleeing towards the edge of the nearest wilderness.

It didn’t take long for both of them to have the feeling of passing through an illusory curtain or a thick layer of water at the same time.

The scene they saw changed accordingly.

The wilderness dissipated like foam, and the clear river, the new grass on both sides, and the green trees came into their sight at the same time.

For Lumian and Aurora, this scene was so familiar that they made a judgement without recognising it:

They are still around the village of Kordu!

This is where Ava Lizier often grazes geese!

Back… Lumian was neither disappointed nor surprised, but looked around with the mentality of “it really happened”.

Aurora took a breath and said:

“Whether Madame Puares did it on purpose or by mistake, we cannot return to the village now.

“Continue to Darliege!”

Lumian immediately proposed:

“Then let’s go to the nearest pasture. There is a dangerous path down the mountain. With our ability, it will definitely be fine.”

“Okay.” Aurora turned around and ran vigorously.

From time to time, she borrowed a pony from Mrs. Pouaris to ride. She was no stranger to the highland pastures around the village of Kordu.

Seeing this, Lumian followed closely beside her sister.

For what happened just now, he was both grateful and terrified.

He never expected Mrs. Puares to be so powerful that she could be followed by so many undead, “devils,” and death knights.
Of course, that was not necessarily Mrs. Puares.

Running, Aurora’s speed slowed down, her breathing became heavier, and her guttural sound became more and more obvious.

“What’s the matter?” Lumian was still very energetic.

This is one of the improvements brought by “Hunter”.

Aurora simply stopped, gasped, and said:

“I’m so tired. Casting spells consumed a lot of my energy before.”

Lumian said without hesitation:

“Then I’ll carry you on my back; I’m not tired yet.”

Things are urgent and time is running out. Aurora is not pretentious. She nodded, walked behind Lumian, who was squatting, and lay on his stomach.

Lumian first took off the brooch in front of him and gave it back to his sister, then straightened up and started running again.

“Is this a magical item?” He still had the energy to ask.

Aurora was taken aback for a moment, then laughed and said:

“It seems that you know a lot.

“This is indeed a magical item. I call it the ‘Brooch of Integrity’. It can create holy sunlight or help me ignite materials to help me use a secret technique against ghost-like creatures, but wearing it for too long will make people frenzy. “You lose some of the notion that, you know, the immoral way of fighting might be more effective, and that’s limited by it.”

Aurora paused and asked in a deep voice:

“Where did you get the extraordinary characteristics from?”

While running, Lumian answered intermittently:

“Didn’t the sceptre card keep me awake in my dream?”

“What sceptre card?” Aurora looked puzzled.

Oh, this is the last cycle… Lumian reorganised the language:

“I was in the old tavern, and I met a mysterious lady, and she gave me a sceptre card.

“Relying on that card, I became sober in a dream and entered a wonderful space.

“There, I met some monsters and got ‘Hunter’s” extraordinary characteristics.”

“‘Hunter’…” Aurora was familiar with this common sequence in Intis.

While talking to herself, she suddenly let out a low laugh, not knowing what to think of it.

What are you laughing at? Lumian is inexplicable.

Aurora asked again:

“Who gave that recipe? That mysterious lady?”

“Yeah.” Lumian nodded as he ran.

Aurora sighed and said,

“My idiot brother also has his own secret… I can’t confirm whether what you said is true or not, so let’s take it as it is.”

Lumian couldn’t bear her sister’s disappointment, so she quickly changed the subject.

“Is that the person in the carriage just now, Mrs. Puares?”

“Very similar and very unlike.” Aurora said contradictory words.

She considered for a few seconds and said:

“Since you are already extraordinary, let me talk to you directly, my companions; uh, those pen pals once mentioned some things.

“They said that in the past few years, in southern Loen, southern Intis, and Feneport Kingdom, there have been many strange phenomena similar to those just now. There is also a lady riding a devil, or, um, a carriage pulled by a creature that looks like a devil. When parading in the wilderness and mountains, there are also many undead following the carriage all over the mountains and plains, and some Beyonders who have mastered the corresponding secret techniques will also take the opportunity to let their spirits leave their bodies and follow the carriage for a period of time, which seems to give them some kind of wonderful experience and a certain amount of mystic knowledge.

“One of my companions obtained the note of one of the extraordinary, which mentioned that the lady was called ‘Mrs. Invisibility Potion made from a baby’s corpse.

“According to the survey, the women experiencing similar phenomena in different places are not the same, but the things all happened in the middle of the night.”

Lumian said in amazement:

“But now, it’s daytime.”

Could it be that the anomaly in Kordu Village has brought about changes?

“So I’m not sure.” Auror thought about it: “Maybe it’s the matter of sending Naroka to the ‘Beyond World’ that made a difference; maybe that wilderness is the ‘Beyond World’, ‘Lady of the Night.” They cruise there during the day and appear in human society at night. Well, combined with the fact that the lady is very similar to Puares, I am inclined to the previous guess.”

Lumian had no knowledge of occult knowledge in this area but intuitively believed that her sister’s suspicion was right.

He ran for another distance in silence and finally couldn’t help asking:

“Why do you sacrifice yourself to save me? I hope you are more selfish.”

“I’m very selfish.” Aurora smiled. “At that time, I thought about leaving you and running away, and I will avenge you when I become more powerful. ‘ I’ll teach you how to use it, and you can’t help me attract most of the undead or give me a chance to escape. Only as a ‘wizard’ can I do this.

“It’s a choice between two people dying together, and at least you can live. I don’t need to say the answer.”

Making such a choice is not as easy as you say now. Lumian can accept it intellectually, but not emotionally.

He said sullenly:

“It’s better to die together.”

“If you die, who will avenge me? Who will revive me? In the world of occultism, everything is possible!” Auror taught his younger brother, “That’s why I will deliberately say some provocative lines at the end. That’s the only way. Only then can you always remember and never forget to work hard to revive me.”

That’s right… Lumian gradually agrees with her sister’s choice.

After running for a while, the nearest plateau grassland could be seen, and Lumian, who was carrying Aurora on his back, obviously felt tired.

He didn’t stop to rest, mustered up his courage, and rushed to the hillside with green pastures in one breath.

There are several livestock pens and sheds here. The former is surrounded by stones and branches, the ground is compacted soil and flattened manure, and there is a long and narrow exit at one end that can only pass through a sheep, while the latter is similar to a primitive tent:

First, build a low wall with stones, leaving doors and smoke exhaust holes, and then build a row of grids against the low wall. The lower part of the grid is buried in the soil, and the upper end supports the wooden frame. It is a roof covered with grass and mud.

This is where the shepherds live, and the environment is very harsh.

Lumian no longer carried Aurora, and he led her all the way to the other side of the hill.

The treacherous path hides just below.

Looking at the road that can only be reached by jumping off a cliff of seven or eight metres, Aurora said to Lumian:

“Although you can climb now, don’t waste time; I’ll take you down directly.”

“Okay.” Lumian wanted to try to see what kind of changes would be brought about by leaving Kordu Village.

Auror grabbed Lumian’s arm with one hand, and the other hand spilled silver dust.

The two floated up at the same time and flew slowly towards the bottom of the cliff.

In the middle of the air, Lumian’s head suddenly hurt, as if he had been hit hard by a hammer.

Aurora had a similar reaction.

Lumian’s eyes quickly turned black, and he felt that everything had become fragmented.


After brushing the floor, Lumian sat up and saw the familiar wooden table, chair, bookshelf, and wardrobe.

Did it go back to the very beginning? He rolled over thoughtfully, got out of bed, and went to the first floor, where he found Aurora wearing that light blue dress and preparing dinner.

“Aurora, what date is it today?” Lumian asked tentatively.

Aurora glared at him.

“Call my sister!

“Are you sleepy? Today is the 29th.”

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