Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 43

Sure enough, the cycle happened again. Lumian was not surprised to hear Aurora’s answer.

So far, this is the third cycle he can remember. Combining his own experience and the mysterious lady’s points, he has a preliminary summary:

“The time limit of the cycle is until the Twelfth Night;

“The spatial limitation of the circulation is the village of Cordu and the surrounding area;

“The character restriction of the cycle is that the parish priest cannot be killed.

“Here are the three key points of the cycle…”

Thinking of this, Lumian looked at Aurora and asked thoughtfully:

“Sister, if you were to write a novel about time loops, where would you put the key to breaking the loop?”

“She suddenly asked such a question and called her sister very well.” Aurora looked up and down at Lumian suspiciously. “Think of a new deceptive story?”

“Probably.” Lumian replied sincerely.

Aurora frowned slightly, thought for a while, and said:

“From the perspective of a novelist, or from the perspective of normal logic, the most critical part of the cycle must be the last scene, because it is not only the end of this cycle but also the wedge of the next cycle, connecting the end and the beginning. Without the button, it is impossible to make the time flow in a straight line into a closed circle.

“If you think about it, going back up the cycle, there will always be a first time, and something must have happened at the last moment that caused time to restart.”

Twelfth night? Lumian agreed with her sister’s conjecture, nodded, and asked:

“Then why can’t the most critical part be the first day of the cycle? You have to ask why the cycle starts from this point in time, right?”

Aurora smiled and said:

“It’s your strength to make up a short story to temporarily deceive a few people, but you can’t do this kind of content that requires strict logic and rich knowledge.

“The reason why the first day of the cycle is the first day may only be because the force that caused the cycle, or the energy, can only cover this day from the last day. It’s like the high probability of the cycle is not the whole world, but the It’s like a certain place; it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I can’t do it.”

Lumian actually thought of this, but he just thought that his sister, who is knowledgeable and well-informed, should be able to come up with a different answer.

Aurora thought for a while and added:

“If the cycle is not a completely closed circle and there is still interaction between the outside and the inside of the ring, for example, if the information inside can be transmitted and people outside can come in but cannot leave, then the first day of the cycle may be when the outsider just entered. Counting from the day of the first day, so as not to cycle again, they have no ‘position’. Of course, they can also force outsiders to do things that they will do later, starting from the first day when they did not act. There are too many ways to make up similar stories. gone.”
Lumian’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he really wanted to praise his sister loudly.

He suspects that the entry of Lia, Ryan, and Valentine caused the cycle to begin on the afternoon of March 29.

If that is the case, the twelfth night may have become the tenth night and the ninth night. Of course, it may have been the thirteenth night because the “break-in” of outsiders has become the twelfth night.

These are all possible things and need to be verified by Lumian himself.

He fully agrees with his sister’s reasoning just now and believes that something must have happened in “Twelfth Night” to cause the cycle to occur. Only by figuring out what happened at that time can it be possible to find the key to breaking the cycle.

Therefore, Lumian decided not to touch any abnormalities as much as possible in this cycle, and he also found an excuse not to join the blessing parade on Lent and stayed “in peace” until the twelfth night.

But he can’t do nothing; time doesn’t allow.

Unless Lumian broke the cycle after experiencing Twelfth Night this time, he would have to race against time when it came to the next cycle.

A complete cycle lasts for twelve days. After this cycle is over, the probability that the outside world will find that there is an anomaly in Kordu Village will rise linearly. The most left for Lumian to solve the problem is a complete cycle, or even less than

And in order to stop the abnormality in one cycle, he must have enough information and have a full understanding of the information in the entire village.

It is necessary not only to detonate the abnormality but also to investigate the problem. Lumian couldn’t help laughing at himself in his heart:

What’s the difference between that and a clown walking a tightrope over a cliff’s edge?

It is not a good thing to have both.

Seeing that he didn’t speak for a few seconds, Auror seemed to be making up a story, so she waved her hand and said:

“I almost forgot to make dinner!”

“Wait a minute.” Lumian looked at Aurora with a serious expression.

Auror suddenly gave a “tsk” sound.

“I smell mischief.”

Lumian said bluntly:

“Aurora, uh, sister, we’ve actually fallen into a cycle.”

“Heh, did you use it on your sister and me just after you learned it?” Aurora was annoyed and funny.

Sometimes, people still need a little credit. Lumian sighed silently and said with a smile:

“At least you can listen to the story I made up first, okay?

“Why don’t you score points, by the way?”

Aurora looked out the window at the still-bright sky.


Lumian started by meeting Liya and other outlanders and said in outline form that he stayed awake in the dream, entered a unique ruin, obtained extraordinary characteristics by hunting monsters, and became a “hunter”.

He didn’t hide the circle of thorns pattern locked on his chest because it may involve the key to the time loop; he saw the same symbol on the priest, and killing the priest caused time to restart early.
Aurora was still smiling at the beginning, thinking that her younger brother made this up very creatively, but after listening to it, her expression became serious because Lumian should not be able to understand a lot of knowledge.

When Lumian said that she had become extraordinary, she finally made a move, raised her right hand, and squeezed her temples on both sides.

Her light blue eyes suddenly became dark, but no figure was reflected.

She looked at Lumian for a while, nodded slightly, and said:

“Your etheric body has undergone great changes, and your life energy and physical state are much higher than those of ordinary people.

“The astral body has changed to some extent, but not much…

“Sure enough, he is a ‘hunter’ who is better at hand-to-hand combat than spellcasting…

“I can’t see that symbol and related changes, and I don’t dare to look deeper.”

Having said that, Aurora puffed her mouth and asked with some doubts:

“Could it be that you deliberately made up such an outrageous story in order to let me accept you as extraordinary?”

This is typical Lumian style.

Lumian didn’t explain, and he directly talked about the mystic knowledge that the lady instilled in him.

Of course, he just mentioned the name briefly without any specific elaboration.

This is not because he is very moral and principled, and he didn’t even tell his sister without the lady’s permission, but because the other party is obviously very powerful, and if he really wants to leak precious knowledge and offend her, then the time loop may start from here. Get resolved, but people are definitely gone.

“The law of indestructibility, the law of aggregation, the act of acting…” Auror was stunned.

The illiterate younger brother in the field of occultism has actually mastered such invaluable knowledge!

It has been more than five years since she became extraordinary. At first, she relied on the diary of Emperor Roselle and later joined that organisation. In addition, her own path has the symbol of general knowledge in the field of mysticism, and she will be chased by knowledge from time to time. Only after mastering the three cornerstones of building an extraordinary world, the “acting method”, “law of indestructibility of extraordinary characteristics”, and “law of conservation of extraordinary characteristics”, did he claim to be a beyonder with inexperienced but profound knowledge and outshine most of his kind by a few streets.

But now, my younger brother, who has never been exposed to mysticism, can actually tell these things, and there is also a “law of aggregation of extraordinary characteristics” that I don’t know!

That ruled out the possibility of Lumian peeking at her witchcraft notes.

As an extraordinary of the “Secret Peer” pathway, Aurora suppressed his desire to know the specific content of the “Law of Convergence”, While looking at his younger brother, he asked in confusion, surprise, and worry:

“What did you pay for that lady to teach you this knowledge?”

Potion recipes are given away for free!

She looked at Lumian again, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, trying to find out what was missing from him.

“Nothing.” Lumian laughed at himself. “That’s the horror. I don’t know what price I will pay for it in the future. Well, I suspect it has something to do with the symbol on my chest and the ruins of the dream. That lady should say, “He wants me to unlock the corresponding secret.”

Aurora said, “Hmm.”

“Go on.”

She waited for the following “story” with a very serious attitude.

Lumian talked about the owl, about the change of Lent, about the experience of the siblings in the second cycle, and about the restart of the cycle as soon as they tried Kordu Village.

After listening carefully, Auror murmured to herself in disbelief:

“Either I was hypnotised by you and told you everything, or time really loops.”

She began to believe in Lumian because the name of her “Brooch of Integrity” was chosen by herself and was not recorded anywhere. Unless she told her brother herself, Lumian would not know about it, and she had no impression of it at all.

Lumian struck while the iron was hot.

“I can still predict that the three strangers will appear at the old tavern at night, that the curate is having an affair with Madame Pouaris tonight, and that the shepherd Pierre Berry has returned to the village with three dogs. Sheep have problems.”

The more Aurora listened, the more serious she became, and after a while she said:

“Those three foreigners entered the village in the afternoon while you and I were practising martial arts, rested afterwards, and didn’t go out at all.

“Well, in the fighting class in the afternoon, you are still an ordinary person.”

She accepts that Lumian’s time loops

If it were someone else, Lumian said with a high and low smile, “I believe it! I believe it! You really believe such an outrageous story” he said, but facing Aurora, he still restrained himself very much.

He then suggested:

“I’m going to go around the village now to see if I can gather more information.”

Aurora nodded:

“I also use my ‘eyes’ to look around, but it’s very restrictive and very dangerous, and I’m not sure it will pay off.”

Lumian waved his hand to show that he knew and then walked out the door.

After walking a few steps, he looked back at the figure of Aurora standing in the kitchen and suddenly thought of the picture of the other party pushing himself to a safe place among countless undead and inexplicably felt the pain of separation.

He subconsciously asked:

“Sister, why did you adopt me in the first place?”

Aurora replied angrily:

“I don’t want to either!

“I was just kind enough to give you some food, but in the end you followed me all the time, and you couldn’t get rid of me, and you even helped me do this and that obediently. I was soft-hearted for a moment. Who knew that you would grow into what you are now?

“Do you know how hard it was for me as a young girl to take care of a child like you?”

After listening to Aurora’s answer, Lumian wanted to say thank you and praise her sister, but the words were stuffed in his mouth, as if they were going to flow to his eyes and nose.

He turned his head and walked towards the village.

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