Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 44

It is necessary to investigate without triggering anomalies, leading to an early restart of the cycle. Lumian can only consider starting from the edge of the problem and deepening it step by step according to the situation.

His initial idea was to find the mistresses of the priest this afternoon and use methods such as eavesdropping and stereotyping to see what they knew. If there is no gain, or if there is no chance for the time being, then go to the church to see if he can meet the priest and meet them face-to-face. He chatted about the daily life in the village.

Lumian’s first target was Sibyl Berry. She was both the mistress of the curate priest Guillaume Béné and the sister of the shepherd Pierre Béry. She had close ties with both of the two abnormal figures. Maybe you know something.

Lumian’s friend Guillaume Jr., that is, Guillaume Berry, and Pierre Berry are distant cousins. They even have different hair colours, and they don’t live together.

Sybil Berry is twenty-four years old and married. Her husband is Jean Maury, a middle-aged man who is almost forty years old.

He has been single for more than thirty years, and the reason he was able to marry Sybil Berry was because he didn’t have any requirements for dowry.

And Sybil Berry was willing to marry with only a small amount of property. Lumian suspected that it was because she had become the mistress of the curate at that time and needed a husband to be the father of a possible illegitimate child. The curate had secretly promised something.

Although Intis is open-minded, the phenomenon of illegitimate children is very common. Many husbands or wives get angry when they find out, but they are still willing to keep their spouse’s illegitimate children at home. They have no right to divide the property, but the clergy of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” church are not allowed to marry and have children, and they often find a cheap father for their illegitimate children.

Lumian came all the way to Jean Maury’s house, a low house on the edge of Cordu village.

It is off-white as a whole, with only one floor. Behind the kitchen is the bedroom, and the other side is connected to the basement. It not only houses the barrel storage but also serves as the living room and dining room.

As for the bathroom, there is no such thing as a shed at the back of the house.

Lumian went in without knocking, quietly came to the side of the house, and squatted under the bedroom window.

At this time, someone was sitting inside, and Lumian could hear his breathing and judge the corresponding height accordingly.

Not long after, light footsteps came from the kitchen to the bedroom.

No need to calculate; Lumian, who is a “hunter”, naturally has the approximate weight of the owner of the footsteps in his mind.

This should be a woman, most likely Sybil Berry.

In Lumian’s impression, Sybil Berry’s black hair was soft and soft; she didn’t like to pull it up like other women, but simply draped it down or tied it into a ponytail, giving people the feeling that she was still a girl who was not married yet.
Her facial features are not outstanding, but they are soft and round and very sensual.

At this time, Jean Morrie, who had been sitting silently in the bedroom, spoke, and he said sullenly:

“Did the curate come this afternoon?”

His voice is the same as his person’s; it’s muffled. He belongs to the kind of person who usually chats under the elm tree in the village square, and everyone only answers after four or five sentences. In addition, his black hair is often lazy to comb, his brown eyes are dull, the beard is not too clean, and the overall look is gloomy.

“I’ve been here.” Sybil Berry’s voice was still a little girlish.

She was born that way.

Jean Maury was silent for a while and asked again:

“Did you do anything like that?”

“Done.” Sybil replied calmly.

Jean Maury was silent again, and only when Sybil went to the kitchen again did he say:

“I have nothing to say about the priest, but you have to beware of other men, especially Pato Russell.”

Pato Russell was the husband of Madena Bene, and his wife was also the mistress of the parish priest.

Lumian under the window outside was stunned when he heard it:

What a mess this relationship is!

He took another look at the curate priest’s desire. He only came to see Sybil Berry in the afternoon, and he was going on a date with Mrs. Pouaris in the evening. He could be called a model worker in the world of adultery.

As long as he can allocate more energy in this area to church affairs, combined with his own scheming and skills, he can already improve his divine rank and become an Extraordinary.

The god rank is the grade of the clergy of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” church. The first rank is called the gatekeeper, the second rank is the receiver, the third rank is the praiser, the fourth rank is called the priest, also known as the assistant priest, and the fifth rank is the fifth rank. The deacon is the deacon; the deacon is the sixth rank, also known as priest, priest, or priest; the bishop is the seventh rank, also called priest or priest in some places; the archbishop is the eighth rank; the cardinal is the ninth rank; and the pope is not in the ranks of gods.

Among them, starting from the sixth rank, they are called high-level divine ranks. According to Aurora, they are likely to have extraordinary abilities, while the lowest third rank is mainly for church chores and ceremonial assistance. It has existed in name only for hundreds of years. Considered a true clergyman, a fourth-rank deacon is usually a recent graduate of a seminary, and a fifth-rank deacon may preside over a church in a rural area on behalf of a true priest.

The situation in Kordu Village is the same, with a fifth-rank deacon serving as the priest, a fourth-rank celebrant serving as the priest, and a few handyman servants.

As long as Guillaume Benet is promoted to another level, he will be a real priest.

“I see.” Sybil Berry simply responded to her husband’s exhortation.

Jean Maury changed the subject:

“Your brother Pierre has returned.”
“Yes, there is an important ceremony that needs his help.” Sybil explained casually.

ceremony? Lumian’s eyelids twitched.

Jean Maury asked:

“A Lent celebration?”

“No, God’s ritual.” Sybil replied impatiently, “Don’t ask too much; you will know when the time comes.”

Jean Maury said with a “huh”:

“Praise the sun!”

Sybil didn’t respond; she left the bedroom and walked into the kitchen.

Lumian made a judgement instantly:

Sybil had a certain understanding of the secret activities of the curate and the shepherd, Pierre Berry, but her husband, Jean Maury, was completely unaware of them!

The ceremony she spoke of was not a “sacrifice” on Lent; it was probably related to Twelfth Night!

Having gained a little weight, Lumian left Morrie’s house and rushed to the two-story building where Pato Russell and Madena Bene lived.

Unlike Sybil, Madena Bene married with her own share of property, and Pato Russell also received her due share from her original family, so it’s not bad for them to be able to build. Nice house with over twenty sheep entrusted to the shepherds to graze.

Lumian didn’t know when Madena became the priest’s mistress. He only knew that in the past year, before hooking up with Mrs. Puares, the priest loved to seek out Madonna, perhaps because of his identity. Taboo brings a certain kind of fire.

At this time, Pato Russell, the school administrator with a gentleman’s beard, was pacing in the kitchen. He asked Madonna, who was directing the maid:

“When will the curator be invited again?”

He looked eager, hoping to cling to the powerful person in Kordu Village.

Madena glanced at Pato’s father’s illegitimate daughter, the servant who was cooking, and said in a subtle tone:

“I don’t know; it depends on his mood.”

And his physical condition, right? Lumian, who was eavesdropping in the hiding place outside, muttered silently.

“Didn’t you often go to church to pray recently? You can ask him, by the way.” Pato Russell refused to give up.

Go to church often? Lumian frowned.

The priest and the gang are planning secret affairs in the church.

Really disrespecting “Eternal Blazing Sun” and Saint Sith…

After listening for a while, he walked from Russell’s house to the church on the edge of the village square, hoping to have a face-to-face chat with the parish priest.

But when he arrived at the church, the parish priest, Guillaume Benet, was no longer here, and only the parish priest, Michel Garrigour, stood in front of the altar.

This is a foreigner from Darliege. He graduated from Bigor Theological Seminary. Last year, he was sent by the bishop to the village of Cordu as Guillaume Bennet’s deputy. He is usually excluded and is only responsible for funerals and marriages. Registration of birth.

During the last cycle, when Lumian went to the church, he happened to meet the priest of the church leaving, and the other party asked him to pray again the next day, completely denying Michel the chance to listen to the prayers and confessions of the believers.

Michelle is taller, not shorter than the previous Lumian (because of taking the “Hunter” potion, Lumian feels that he has grown two or three centimetres taller, almost 1.8 metres), and is a woman with brown curly hair. He is a slightly green and delicate young man.

Looking at Michel Galligour, who was wearing a white robe inlaid with gold thread, Lumian directly opened his arms.

“Praise the sun!”

After the salute, he stared at Michelle, wanting to see how the copy priest would react to the rituals of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” church.

If there is a certain amount of hesitation, then Lumian can judge that he was dragged into the water by the priest and the gang.

Michelle Garrigou immediately responded with the same gesture:

“Praise the sun!”

He didn’t hesitate at all; his brown eyes were full of joy and anticipation.

Judging from Madena Bene’s words, the priest and the group often discuss things here. As the priest of the duplicate hall, Michelle should be aware of it to a certain extent, right? Lumian didn’t ask directly but glanced left and right and said:

“Is the curate not there?”

“It’s been a while since I left.” Michelle replied, “Three strangers looked for him a quarter of an hour ago, but they couldn’t find him.”

The vicar’s eyes were enthusiastic, as if he were asking whether he should make a confession, by the way.

Considering that the curate might have gone around and hid back in the church, waiting for Mrs. Puares to bring dinner, he was eavesdropping on the conversation between himself and Michelle. Lumian sighed deliberately:

“Forget it; I’ll pray again tomorrow.”

Michelle’s eyes lost their lustre.

Lumian turned around and left the church, intending to wait until the night darkened before sneaking to Michelle’s residence to see if he could get any useful information.

Seeing that the sun was about to set behind the mountain, he returned home and said to Aurora, who had set the dinner plate:

“Did you find anything?”

Aurora nodded lightly.

“In addition to the abnormalities you mentioned, I also found that there is something wrong with the priest, Michel Garrigou.”

“Huh?” Lumian didn’t hide his surprise.

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