Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 45

Lumian had just initially confirmed that Michel Garrigour should not have been dragged into the water by Guillaume Benet and others. He planned to visit the priest of the copy hall late at night, but when he got home, he heard his sister say that he had a problem.

Aurora glanced at Lumian and laughed.

“When I found out that he had a problem, your idiot brother stood in front of him.

“It seems that you didn’t notice…”

She seemed so happy that she raised her right hand and half-covered her mouth. After all, her younger brother, who was clearly illiterate in mysticism, suddenly became extraordinary, mastered a lot of high-end knowledge, and realised that Kordu Village was in In the time loop, not only did her elder sister not play any role, but she was also inferior in the field of mystic knowledge, which made her inevitably a little unhappy.

Now, she has finally regained her elder sister’s majesty.

Lumian looked at her sister’s smile, nodded, and said:

“I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary in his performance.”

Aurora said, “Hmm.”

“His astral body, how should I put it? In short, it is brighter than normal people, and he is not extraordinary, and he has not exercised his body systematically for a long time.”

“Maybe it’s a natural physique?” Lumian first guessed and then asked doubtfully, “What is an astral body?”

Aurora asked back in astonishment:

“You do not know?”

“I don’t know.” Lumian shook his head.

Aurora smiled again and said in an incomprehensible tone:

“That lady taught you the ‘Path of God’, the ‘Law of Immortality of Extraordinary Characteristics’, and ‘The Way of Playing’, but didn’t tell you the most basic concepts of the astral body?”

“She is in a hurry, so she can only focus on the key points.” Lumian helped the mysterious lady find an excuse.

Aurora smiled even more happily.

“It may also be that these occult basics are of little use to wild ‘hunters”; you just need to track, set traps, and fight.”

She didn’t even know how to describe her younger brother’s current state. She said that he was illiterate in occultism. He knew quite a lot, and the things he mastered were more terrifying than the others. She said that his knowledge had already stood above that of most extraordinary people. Well, he doesn’t even know what an astral body is.

Aurora exhaled and said seriously:

“Only I can complete your mystical enlightenment.

“Remember, in the field of mysticism, the human body is divided into four layers, and the innermost and core is the ‘spiritual body’, which is almost equivalent to the concept of spirit, which is the spirituality in which everything has a spirituality, is the spirituality enhanced by spirituality, which can be said to be the source of the construction of the soul.

“For the voyeur, the potion mainly improves the ‘spiritual body’.
“The ‘astral body’ is located on the outer layer of the ‘spiritual body’, which is the manifestation of the latter in the real world and the spiritual world and is also closely related to your own will and current emotions.

“So, do you understand? When I said that the priest’s ‘astral body’ is brighter than normal people, it means that there is something wrong with his ‘spiritual body’, that is, his spirit, which is reflected in the ‘astral body,” and it has nothing to do with whether his natural physique is good or not. Of course, it may be that he was born with a strong spirituality.

“Through the ‘Astral Body’, we can also grasp the true emotions of the target; for example, red represents enthusiasm and excitement, orange represents warmth and contentment, yellow represents happiness and extroversion, green represents calm and peaceful, blue represents calm thinking, white represents light, positive, dark colours are melancholy, sad, and silent, and purple means spirituality dominates, cold, and alienated…

“These colours are difficult to fake, but they are relatively general and cannot allow us to distinguish subtle emotions and delicate feelings.”

Lumian listened so intently that he almost picked up a pen to record.

“Just listen to it now.” Aurora was a little tired from speaking and sat down at the dining table. “I will give you my first witchcraft notebook later, which is all about this kind of basic knowledge.”

“Yeah.” Lumian sat down and nodded obediently. “What about outside the ‘Astral Body’?”

Aurora picked up her carved glass water glass and took a sip.

“It is the ‘mental body’, from which the spirit and the flesh are united.

“The ‘mental body’ involves the mind, which is related to reasoning ability, thinking ability, insight ability, and the ability to recognise things. Some potions mainly improve this, and there are also many spells aimed at it.

“The outermost layer is the ‘ether body’, which is the expression of life energy and physical state, so I can tell from it that your body has been greatly improved, um, through the thickness, brightness, and brightness of different parts of the ‘ether body’. Colour can also judge the health status of the target. As Sequence 7 of the ‘Secret Peer’, I can even judge the lifespan of the target from the specific condition of the ‘ether body’.

“To tell the difference, look back at the notes.”

Lumian suddenly realised:

“The ‘Hunter’ potion mainly targets the ‘Etheric Body’?”

“You said it backwards. It is aimed at the physical body and life energy, and the ‘ether body’ is the intuitive expression of the two.”

Lumian nodded while recalling, and he initially mastered this part of mystic knowledge.

He remembered what his sister said just now and asked curiously:

“Aurora, how did you observe the priest of the copy hall? Why didn’t I notice you were around at all?”

Aurora smiled:

“Actually, I’ve been at home all the time, and I used the special feature of the ‘Secret Peer’ pathway.”
“What’s special?” Lumian asked with the mentality that it didn’t matter if her sister didn’t answer.

Aurora pointed to her eyes.

“One of the most characteristic abilities of ‘Secret Peer’ is called ‘Eye of Secret Peep’.

“Although I need to go to a higher sequence to open the complete ‘Eye of Mystery’, so that it can not only work on me but can also be placed on the surface of other things to help me remotely monitor, this does not mean that there was nothing special about the eyes of the ‘peepers’ before.

“From Sequence Nine onwards, the ‘Secret Peer’ has seen more than the Beyonders of the same sequence in most pathways. The simplest example, ‘Hunter,” should only be able to see before the stage of qualitative change with divinity. The ‘etheric body’, and still in a less subtle way, and now I can look at various details of the ‘astral body’, and in addition, I can see things around me that I can’t normally see.”

Having said that, Aurora glanced towards the kitchen.

This surprised Lumian inexplicably.

There was nothing in that direction, but he felt that there might be some invisible thing that he couldn’t see!

Aurora continued

“Of course, this is not necessarily a good thing. Seeing what you shouldn’t see makes it very easy to cause accidents. Therefore, I have always restrained myself and don’t watch what I shouldn’t. But with the improvement of the sequence, it’s not that you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to.”

Lumian thought for a while and asked doubtfully:

“Didn’t you say that you can release the ‘Eye of Mystery’ in a higher sequence?

“Why can’t you observe the people in the church at home?”

Aurora raised her right hand and made a pointing motion with her index finger.

“I keep telling you that knowledge equals power, and you still don’t believe it!

“Under normal circumstances, I really can’t observe things hundreds of metres away at home, but humans can use tools, and I have two ‘assistants’.”

While speaking, she took out two things from different pockets of the blue skirt.

One is a brass-coloured spotting telescope that retracts and extends, and the other is a pocket version of a dark inkwell—more like a child’s toy.

“Look, the telescope can help me see people hundreds of metres away, and after the ‘line of sight distance’ is shortened, I can observe the target’s astral body, etheric body, and mental body state.” Auror laughed, “This is suitable for open places without obstacles.”

Lumian was a little dumbfounded.

That’s okay too?

Obviously discussing occultism, why did my sister take out a telescope?

“What about this?” He then pointed to the pocket ink bottle.

Aurora didn’t answer, pinched her temples on both sides, and unscrewed the bottle cap directly.

Lumian suddenly felt a little cold, and it seemed that a cool breeze had just blown in through the window.

“It is a unique spirit world creature.” Aurora introduced.

“It? Where is it?” Lumian looked around.

Aurora was quite surprised.

“You still don’t know how to activate spirit vision?

“But didn’t you say that you saw a lot of undead in that wilderness?”

Lumian had read the term “spiritual vision” in the magazine “Psychic”, and he knew what it meant, but he was completely at a loss as to how to activate spiritual vision.

He looked at his sister and shook his head slowly.

“don’t know.”

Then he guessed:

“It may be that after entering the so-called ‘beyond world’, ordinary people can also directly see ghosts and undead.”

Aurora thought about it seriously and asked further:

“So, you don’t understand Hermes, Ancient Hermes, Elven, Dragon, and Giant?”

“What are these?” Lumian fully demonstrated what it means to be illiterate in the field of mysticism.

Aurora couldn’t help but rub her forehead.

“What did that lady teach you?”

“The Law of Indestructibility of Extraordinary Characteristics, the Law of Aggregation, Impersonation, God’s Path, Sequence 0, Sealed Artefacts…” Lumian answered honestly.

Aurora felt dazzled. “I think you want to be beaten!”

She sighed for a few seconds, regained her spirit, and said:

“Then I’ll teach you how to activate spirit vision, how to perform ritual magic, and how to use languages with supernatural powers in combination with my contracted creature.

“This is just rough talk. If you really want to fully master it, especially those languages, you can’t do it in a year or two. Of course, this also has a problem with your sequence path. The ‘Hunter’ should not improve your learning ability, and there is no bonus in mysticism; your sister and I relied on hard work and indoctrination, and it took only half a year to get started.”

She stroked the void in front of her with her right hand, as if touching a transparent kitten.

“For Extraordinary, it’s very easy to turn on spirit vision, but it’s not completely dark yet, so let’s talk about other things first.

“I call it ‘white paper.” It is a very weak spirit creature, and as long as you have an accurate description, you can hold a ceremony to summon it in your own name.

“In addition to the difficult-to-see characteristics of the spirit world creatures themselves, it has only one function, and that is to carry some kind of supernatural ability of the contractor, but it can’t be too complicated or too powerful.”

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