Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 46

Lumian looked at the spirit world creature that he couldn’t see at all and thought for a while:

“How complicated can the most complex be, and how powerful can the most powerful be?”

“Oh, I thought you would ask how to summon or how to perform ritual magic, but you want to know how to use it!” Auror immediately joked, “This may be the characteristic of the ‘Hunter’ approach, and you don’t need to understand it thoroughly. Principle, only consider how to use it.”

Without waiting for Lumian to answer, she thought about it and said:

“I’ve tried it. It can’t be too complicated, which means it can only complete one action. It can’t be too powerful, which means it doesn’t exceed the measure of one spell of ‘Secret Peer’ Sequence 7 ‘Wizard’.”

It’s good to talk about these things with Aurora; she has the habit of analysing things qualitatively and quantitatively, unlike some people who like to use vague and half-hidden language to describe… Lumian was quite emotional when he heard it.

While thinking, he got up and helped his sister get all the food on the dining table, and asked while eating:

“But I remember that your spells often use materials. ‘Blank paper’ shouldn’t be able to carry it.”

“Yes, this is very embarrassing.” Aurora stuffed a piece of fried trout into her mouth and said after chewing and swallowing, “Besides, none of the ‘wizard’ spells can be completed with one action, and the simplest one takes three.” One is to concentrate spirituality; the other is to outline the symbols corresponding to spells in the mind, which can also be replaced by reciting mantras aloud; and the third is to use materials to cast spells. The role of materials is either a medium or a spell composition part.”

This does sound a bit complicated, and it doesn’t seem like what the single-celled creature “blank paper” can do… Lumian feels that he can’t do it for a while, and he has to go through a long period of training to be able to skillfully cast spells.

Aurora raised her eyes and glanced at him.

“Don’t think about it; you can’t be like me. One is that your sequence is limited and your spirituality is insufficient. The other is that using materials to help cast spells is a unique ability only available to “wizards.” Well, maybe a certain sequence of paths can also It’s done; I don’t know enough to make a definite judgement.

“However, when the ‘Hunter’ reaches Sequence 7, that is, he becomes the ‘Pyromancer’, he can use a lot of fire-related spells, and he doesn’t need materials; he doesn’t need to draw symbols in his mind or read incantations, and he can actually fight.” It is faster, more convenient, and maybe even more powerful. For a ‘wizard’, the main thing is to win in comprehensiveness; the more knowledge you have, the more comprehensive you are, the more powerful you will be.”

Lumian said quite expectantly:

“I don’t know when I can become an ‘arsonist.”

He plans to explore the dream ruins again tonight; one is to use the behaviour of ‘hunting’ to help digest the potion, and the other is to find clues to the main material of Sequence 8 “Provocateur”.
As for the monster corresponding to the “arsonist”, he didn’t dare to think about it for the time being, thinking that it was sent to his door as a barbecue. After all, those guys must be able to attack from a distance, making it impossible for him to use his “special”.

He went on to say:

“The spell of ‘Pyromancer’ seems to have only one action, so can ‘blank paper’ carry it?”

“In theory, it is possible, but I’m not sure if the spell of ‘Pyromancer’ has more than one measure.” Aurora’s reference standard is “Wizard”.

Hearing this, Lumian was excited.

“If it’s possible, then can I imitate the floating cannon that my sister talked about?”

“Huh?” Aurora was momentarily at a loss.

Lumian explained in detail:

“I can summon a group of ‘blank papers’, sign a contract with them, and let each ‘blank paper’ carry a fireball. At that time, they will float in the air and attack the target together. This is not very similar to the description of floating cannons.”

“It’s a pity that you can’t have a group of ‘blank papers’ at the same time.” Auror laughed, “After you sign a contract with “blank paper’, the next time you use the original description to summon, the same blank paper will come.”

“Can you summon one first, don’t sign a contract for the time being, and then summon another one until a satisfactory number is summoned, and then sign a contract together?” Lumian did not receive an orthodox education, but Auror added his own ideas. Private customization, coupled with so many years of “tempering” pranks, has always been open-minded.

“…” Aurora admitted that she was not such a rascal; she said after deliberation, “I haven’t tried it; I don’t know if it will work. I will try it myself when you get Sequence 7, but I think there is a ‘blank paper’ beside it. Under such circumstances, summoning other ‘blank papers’ should cause conflicts, and it is unlikely to succeed. The only hope is to directly summon multiple ‘blank papers’, but there is a high probability that only sequences that are good at summoning can do it.”

Lumian made up his mind that he must try it when the time comes, and he won’t lose anything anyway.

Aurora scooped up some mashed potatoes.

“Now let’s talk about how to summon spirit world creatures, and this is an application of ritual magic.

“What is ritual magic? It is the magic performed by selecting the date and time, preparing the corresponding materials, and strictly following the format and process. It is often used in prayers and summons.”

Lumian nodded:

“Is it to achieve some kind of extraordinary effect in the form of ritual?”

What he thought of were the various ceremonies of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” church as well as the process of the Lent celebration.

“Yes.” Aurora was very satisfied with his younger brother’s ability to understand: “Simply speaking, ritual magic has an object to pray to, which can be the seven righteous gods, other hidden existences, or even evil gods, demons, or even evil spirits. It can be yourself. When you pray to the righteous gods, you need to check or choose the dates and times they dominate. For example, Tuesday is the symbol of the “eternal blazing sun”, and there are corresponding sun hours every day. During these times, when Duan holds the ritual magic to pray to the ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’, the probability of success will increase a lot.
“But it’s not very useful. It’s not an official “extraordinary.” The probability of success in praying to the corresponding righteous god is very small. Even if you get a response, don’t be happy. It may mean that you are being followed by that person.

“Of course, we also have ways to bypass the restriction, for example, to obtain an item closely related to the target god.

“Praying to hidden existences, evil gods, and demons doesn’t really need to choose the day and time, but I don’t need to mention the danger.” Ninety-nine percent of people who do this will not end well.

“Therefore, for wild Beyonders, the most commonly used ritual magic is to pray to themselves in order to mobilise their own spirituality and complete some more complicated things.”

“Making spells and extraordinary weapons?” Lumian thought of a knowledge point that the lady mentioned.

Aurora nodded:

“Yes, some secret medicines also require ritual magic to cooperate.

“You said a little less, summoning spirit world creatures.”

She ate some more food before saying:

“The second step in ritual magic is to prepare the corresponding materials. If you want to pray to any existence, prepare his domain with herbs, essential oils, powders, hydrosols, etc. Praying can use ‘sun’ essential oil, rosemary powder, bergamot, various sun flowers, etc., and praying to yourself does not need to be too troublesome, although it is best to use materials in your own field. But you guys, a cup of Absinthe is fine, and it’s not a big problem if you don’t let it go.

“The third step is to arrange the altar. This can depend on the environment. It does not need to be particularly sacred and solemn. The main thing is that there should be no debris.

“The most important thing about an altar is the candle.”

Aurora picked up her knife and fork while talking.

She stretched out the two items and said:

“Pretend they’re candles, and craft them with the corresponding symbolic material for whichever god you’re praying to.

“Still taking ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’ as an example, his honourable name is Indestructible Light, Incarnation of Order.”

Caution is the most important thing. Aurora paused for a few seconds before continuing:

“The god of contract is the guardian of business.”

“There should be the title of ‘Father of all living beings’, right?” Lumian had heard many sermons.

Aurora shook her head.

“This is just a title commonly used by the Church of the ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’. In terms of mysticism, ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’ is not enough to bear it. If there is one, it may mean that something big has happened.”

She didn’t specifically say what the big deal was, and she didn’t seem to be too clear about it.

She brought the topic back on track.

“If you want to exorcise the undead, you must pray to the symbol of ‘Immortal Light’, so you have to use various sunflowers to make candles. Correspondingly, if a contract is involved, use the honorific title “God of Contract’ and use bergamot. And other materials to make candles; for more choices, please see my witchcraft notes.

“In ritual magic, corresponding to the position of the gods, we only place two candles at most, because in mysticism, 0 represents unknown and chaos, which symbolises the beginning of the birth of the world, and no candles mean that there will be no effect; 1 represents the beginning, represents the original creator, and also represents the existence that can be precisely pointed to; 2 symbolises the world and the gods born from the original creator, so ritual magic can only use two candles to represent the gods, specifically use Which two symbols correspond to candles depends on the effect you want to achieve.

“3 is everything, so the third candle has to be kept to ourselves.

“That is to say, the two candles on top represent the gods, and the one candle in front of you corresponds to yourself, so there are three in total.

“If you have an item that is closely related to a certain god or hidden existence, you can remove the two upper candles and replace them with that item. This is called the dualistic ritual method.

“If you pray to yourself, keep only the candle that represents you.”

Lumian listened very attentively.

According to the lady, as a wild “hunter”, before he knew the name of that great being, the only thing he could use was the ritual magic that he prayed to himself. After all, where could he find someone closely related to a certain god?

“Next, I’ll use summoning a creature from the spirit world as an example to show you the next few steps.” Seeing that her younger brother had also finished his dinner, Auror got up and said

The two quickly cleared the dining table.

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