Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 47

Aurora glanced at the slightly stained white tablecloth, turned her head, and smiled at Lumian.

“If the target of the ritual magic is yourself, it doesn’t matter if the altar is dirty, but if you want to pray to the gods and hidden existences, I suggest changing to a cleaner cloth, or just removing the cloth and wiping the table.”

“Pray to yourself and just highlight one, right?” Lumian couldn’t help but tease.

Aurora gave a low laugh.

“‘Casual’ mainly focuses on the environment, materials, and utensils. The entire ritual process and corresponding incantations still have to strictly follow the rules of mysticism.”

After finishing speaking, she took out an orange candle from the secret bag.

“It’s a mix of citrus and lavender, and it’s not about their territory; it’s about what I like.”

She first placed the candle above the “altar” in front of her.

“Remember, the candles representing the gods are placed in these two places, and they can be left empty now.”

Then she puts the candle close to her.

“Remember, this is the ‘me’ place.”

After placing the candles, Aurora went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water, a plate of coarse salt, and a small bowl made of steel.

“The next step is to create a clean, undisturbed ritual environment—remember, spiritual cleanliness—which must be constructed by ourselves.

“The specific method is to enter into meditation, concentrate, guide spiritual power through auxiliary items, and build a spiritual wall around the altar.

“For ‘Secret Peer’ and ‘Seer’, this is very simple, while ‘Hunter’ needs the help of other items before Sequence 7, for example, an incense that can make you emotionally peaceful and ethereal, or a crystal ball to help you become more spiritually active and centred.

“Uh, the meditation I taught you before is incomplete. It only has the first step, which can only be used to restrain your thoughts and calm your mind. I’ll tell you about the latter part later.”

Incomplete meditation method before? Then why can’t I stimulate the dream to make those two symbols stand out? Lumian was slightly surprised.

Auror took out a silver dagger from the hidden pocket of her clothes.

“Now look carefully at how I build a spiritual wall.”

Lumian was stunned and subconsciously said:

“Why do you have so many things on you?”

First, various spell-casting materials, a retractable monocular, a miniature inkwell for storing the “blank paper” of spirit creatures, candles for rituals, and now a dagger

Aurora sighed helplessly.

“You think I do? That’s what’s so inconvenient about ‘wizards.’

“I have to change every outfit by myself for a long time. Sometimes, I suspect that I am Doraemon, and I can take out whatever I want.”
“What, Dara Amon?” Lumian didn’t understand the last half of the sentence that his sister said in other languages.

Auror was taken aback for a moment and replied with a slightly complicated expression:

“You do not need to know.”

For some reason, Lumian suddenly felt that her sister was a little sad.

Aurora quickly recovered her emotions and stretched out her right hand towards the orange candle that represented herself.

“In ritual magic, candles cannot be simply lit. Of course, sometimes lighting them in a normal way can also have an effect, but this is often not a good thing.” Aurora began to explain, “The correct way is to extend the spirituality, and the wick rubs and ignites it.”

As she spoke, she let the candle burn into an orange flame.

The dining table and the surrounding area serving as the “altar” are instantly illuminated with a wonderful depth.

Aurora’s light blue eyes darkened at some point, and an invisible wind swirled around her.

She inserted the silver dagger into coarse salt and recited a mysterious mantra:



Lumian was dazed when he heard that and could only watch as his sister pulled out the silver dagger after the spell was completed, inserted it into the glass of clear water, and lifted it up again.

Aurora pointed the tip of the dagger at the outside and walked around the altar. Every time she took a step, Lumian felt an invisible force gushing out from the silver dagger, which was lively and lively.

They combine with the air to form an invisible wall that the wind cannot penetrate.

After Aurora finished walking around, she seemed to be in another world before Lumian’s eyes.

“Did you see the steps clearly?” Aurora’s voice was a little farther away than before.

Lumian nodded honestly.

“I can see clearly, but I don’t understand what you are reading.”

Aurora couldn’t help laughing.

“You are really illiterate in the field of occultism, literally.

“That’s Hermes, and it translates to something like this:

“I sanctify you, Silver Blade!

“I cleanse and purify you so that you can serve me in rituals!

“In the name of the wizard Aurora Lee,

“You are sanctified!”

Lumian scratched his head.

“Sounds normal.”

“The translation is like this; the focus is on the meaning of the mantra itself and the language used.” Aurora rolled his eyes. “It’s natural for you to read it in Intis language, but you can use it to mobilise supernatural power. Hermes, Ancient Hermes, Elvish, Dragon, Giant—it’s different.”

Lumian asked curiously:

“Only these few languages have the power to communicate mystery.”

“That’s not true. There are many similar languages in the field of occultism, each with its own special features. For example, it is specially used for the undead, but most extraordinary people will never use it in their lifetime unless they want to study a unique and rare field. Or hold a corresponding ceremony.” Aurora explained casually.
She further explained the incantation just now:

“When sanctifying the silver dagger in the ceremony, the penultimate sentence should have been in the name of a certain god or hidden existence, but we are wild and extraordinary, so we should try not to use it as much as possible, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

“As an extraordinary person, it is actually enough to consecrate an ordinary item in your own name. Although the effect is not as good as the original one, it can still be used.”

Lumian nodded first and then thought of a question:

“My name was taken by you later; can it be used in the ceremony?”

“Yes.” Aurora was very sure: “It’s not a new one, but your name has been used for several years, and it has occult connections.”

She paused and said,

“When consecrating objects, if you are in the wild and don’t have so many materials, you can just use coarse salt or water to complete it.”

After finishing speaking, Aurora took out a small silver and black metal vial that was no higher than her index finger from her secret pocket.

“This is the essential oil I made myself. It’s called ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It smells good.” She immediately dripped three drops of light green liquid on the candle, representing herself.

With a sizzle sound, the light of the candle dimmed, and a faint mist spread, making Aurora and the altar in front of her look quite mysterious.

“Next is the important point.” Aurora took out a small piece of imitation parchment from the dark bag and said, “If you are performing ritual magic to pray to the gods, you need to draw the symbols of what you are asking for on the paper, burned in ritual.

“The mantra is divided into several parts. The first part is that I pray for the power of so-and-so. ‘So-and-so’ needs to be filled in with a certain symbol, a certain name, or a domain of the gods. For example, I pray for the power of the sun. Pray for the power of order; remember, there are always two sentences, corresponding to the two candles representing the gods.

“The second part is ‘I pray for God’s favour.” Remember, don’t call him by his name directly; it is blasphemy to do so in the ceremony. ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’ can be referred to as God or Father.

“The third part is what you want to pray for, and it must be short and finished in one sentence.

“The fourth part is to give the spell more power; similar to ‘Sunflower, the herb that belongs to the sun, please pass on the power to my spell’, you choose two or three according to the materials you use.

“After reading the mantra, put a drop of essential oil on each candle, burn the piece of paper on which the symbol was drawn just now, and when the paper is burned, the ceremony is over, then thank the gods, press “I” first, then “God” ‘, put out the candles in the order of right and then left, and remove the spiritual wall. Well, the order of lighting candles is first left and then right, first “God” and then “I.”.

Lumian hummed twice:

“What about praying to yourself?”

Aurora smiled and said:

“The incantation is simpler. Let me use the example of summoning spirit world creatures:

“The first part has only one word, ‘I’, which needs to be shouted out. Remember, Hermes cannot be used here; it must be ancient Hermes or the language of an elf, dragon, or giant.

“The second part is ‘I call in my name’,” and from here it can be spoken in Hermes.

“The third part is the specific description of the spirit world creature you want to summon.”

“What is a specific description?” Lumian asked.

Aurora explained quite seriously:

“The specific description can only have three paragraphs, and the function is to help us identify the spirit world creature we want to summon.

“Let me give you an example. A stranger came here today and said that I am looking for ‘the prankster of Kordu Village, the idiot brother of Auror Lee, and the regular customer of the old tavern.” Do we know clearly? Do you know who he is looking for?”

“I understand!” Lumian suddenly realised, “Use his characteristics to help find him without knowing the target’s name, appearance, and address.”

Aurora said sternly:

“The principle is like this, but there are many troubles in actual operation.

“Like when we summon creatures from the spirit world, the first sentence is often fixed, either ‘spirit wandering in the void’ or ‘spirit roaming in the upper world.” The function is to point to the spirit world, and it is clear that what we want to summon is a spirit.

“The second sentence is also very common. If you think about it, we don’t summon spirit creatures to kill ourselves. We must restrict friendly creatures. Sometimes, we have to add the restrictive word ‘weak” because some of these spirit creatures may be really friendly, but their very existence can bring you great danger.

“With these circumstances in mind, descriptions are settled: ‘friendly creature to drive’, ‘friendly creature to consult’, ‘weak creature to drive’, etc., etc.

“Only relying on these two paragraphs of description, the point is still very broad and does not reflect our needs. We can’t specify what kind of spirit world creature came here. Therefore, the third paragraph of the description is very important. You need to clearly express what you want in one sentence. What kind of creature is summoned?”

“It’s hard.” Lumian felt a headache just thinking about it.

Aurora nodded:

“Not only is it difficult, it’s dangerous.

“When the direction is vague, it may be a spirit that you don’t need, or it may be a creature that will bring danger. You have to remember that in many cases, being weak does not mean that it cannot kill you, just like being friendly does not mean it It’s not like it’s going to pose a threat to you.”

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