Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 48

Lumian had a deep understanding of Aurora’s words.

When he was still homeless, he knew that no one should be underestimated. Some adult homeless people suffered a big loss because they underestimated him as a child and felt that he was weak. But he forgot to consider the physical condition of the homeless people, who had been hungry for a long time, which led to doing the wrong things.

Lumian thought for a while and said:

“In this way, it is very precious to be able to summon the description of the desired creature relatively accurately.”

“Yes.” Aurora nodded deeply. “The notes that record the corresponding summoning spells are very valuable. Every spell, description, and comment on it are exchanged for life, blood, or pain. The simplest As an example, the three-stage description when I summoned “blank paper” was “a spirit wandering in the void, a friendly creature that can be driven, and a fragile ball that can communicate with me.” This last sentence is what you want to rely on. Try it yourself; you don’t know how many failures you have to go through to piece it together, and every failure means a lot of risk.”

A fragile ball that can communicate with me? Is this a description that normal people can come up with, especially the words fragile and round? Lumian asked while slandering:

“So, you bought this from someone else?”

“No.” Aurora shook her head and said with a bitter expression, “The ‘Secret Peer’ path is different from others, and you will be chased by a lot of knowledge from time to time. You can’t do it if you don’t want to know it, and you can’t refuse it if you can’t bear it. And when taking potions to promote, this kind of ‘knowledge chases people’ is even more serious.

“Although most of this knowledge is useless, there are always some that are valuable, and the spell to summon ‘blank paper’ is one of them.”

“Indoctrination from the ‘hidden sage’?” Lumian understood what her sister meant.

Aurora looked at him in surprise.

“You know? The lady’s teachings?”

“Yeah.” Lumian nodded.

Aurora pursed her lips thoughtfully.

“From my personal experience, ‘knowledge chasing people’ does not come entirely from the indoctrination of ‘hidden sages.” My so-called ‘tinnitus’ is indeed hearing his voice and getting the knowledge he gave, which always makes me I was in pain; my head was on the verge of exploding, and I wished I could lose control.

“But occasionally, especially when I’m in a bad state and I’m about to lose control, there will be an illusion that the knowledge of the whole world is alive, chasing me in small quantities, running towards me, and I can’t avoid it. That’s how the ‘blank paper’ spell entered my brain on its own initiative.

“When taking potions, about ninety-nine percent of the cases of ‘knowledge by people’ come from ‘hidden sages’, and one percent is related to the knowledge of being alive.”
“It’s wonderful and terrifying. It can scare everyone in the village.” Lumian sighed persuasively while thinking on behalf of her sister about whether there is a way to solve the problem of “knowledge chasing people”, or reduce the impact it brings. Influence.

Aurora responded with a wry smile.

“It is precisely because of such torture that I don’t want you to step into the path of the extraordinary, but in this situation, it is indeed better to be an extraordinary person than an ordinary person.”

In order to let her younger brother remember the madness and danger of the path of superhumanity, she pointed to her head:

“Being chased by knowledge for a long time and accompanied by pain, I feel that my spirit and personality have become alienated to a certain extent.

“I don’t often tell you that I have social phobia, but sometimes I am very talkative. I like to go out to chat with the old ladies in the village, tell stories to children, and occasionally go crazy. Does the horse go galloping in the mountains, yelling?

“Extremely talkative is a kind of backlash after staying at home for a long time, not being able to go back to my hometown, and being depressed on the road to transcendence.

“And the occasional madness…”

Having said that, Aurora looked at Lumian and gave a low laugh.

“You don’t think it’s just an exaggerated adjective, do you?”

Lumian was silent, only to feel that her sister’s smile was self-deprecating, bewildered, and filled with unspeakable pain and struggle.

Aurora sighed immediately.

“At that time, I didn’t know myself a little bit.”

“There should be a solution.” At this moment, Lumian deeply felt his own powerlessness.

“Hope, let’s continue.” Auror pointed to the altar and said, “After signing a contract with the summoned spirit world creature, it will be easy to summon it later. The last sentence of the description can be changed to ‘belongs exclusively to Auror Li. Contract creature.” Is that accurate? Moreover, no one else can summon it until the contract is terminated.”

“Each person can only have one contracted creature.” Lumian was very concerned about this issue.

“That’s not true. I don’t know exactly what the upper limit is, but there must be more than one, especially for certain special sequences. Well, when summoning, use the first contracted creature and the second contracted creature of so-and-so to distinguish.” Luo Er told the truth: “In addition, you also have to remember that summoning spirit world creatures will consume your own spirituality. The more you summon, the greater the consumption. With the spirituality of a ‘hunter’, I guess I can bear at most one contracted creature.”

Knowing her brother’s character, she further plugged the loopholes that Lumian might have found:

“After each spirit world creature is summoned to reality, the time it can stay is limited. The weaker it is, the longer it will be. You don’t have to think about summoning one first and then summoning the next one when the spirit recovers, unless you choose very weak ones, and spirituality is significantly enhanced compared to now.”
She then gave an example with “blank paper”:

“If I don’t let the ‘blank paper’ carry my ability, it can stay in reality for twelve hours. If I share the special eyes with it and let it do things for me, then it can last up to three hours. And my own spirituality will always be consumed.”

Lumian, who originally wanted to form an army of spirit creatures, was very disappointed.

He thought for a while, then asked:

“Can only spirit creatures be summoned? Can only spirits be summoned?”

“No.” Aurora shook her head. “You can also summon creatures in other dimensions, such as the underworld and the mirror world, that are attached to the spirit world, the real world, and the astral world, as well as certain creatures in different worlds or alien planets, no matter where they are.” It’s not a spirit, but it’s very dangerous; most of the Extraordinary who tried to do this died tragically, and a few mysteriously disappeared, leaving only corresponding notes to prove what they had done.”

“Can that summon something in the real world?” Lumian asked curiously.

Aurora thought for a while and said:

“Theoretically, as long as the other party has a close relationship with the spirit world or has reached a certain level of personality, they should be able to hear the call and decide whether to respond or not, but such a goal is either very special or very powerful. If you still want to live well, never experiment.

“Moreover, when the target of the summoning is not a spirit, the requirements for the corresponding ritual will be higher; more spirituality will be required, and even a large number of sacrifices will be required. Only in this way can the summoning door for non-spiritual creatures be opened.

“With the spirituality of a ‘hunter’, you can’t even summon the ‘blank paper’. If you want to try something more powerful, you can only pray to a certain god or hidden existence. For this, you may have to prepare something full of spirituality as a sacrifice.”

Lumian roughly figured out how to summon this kind of ritual magic, and he said to his sister:

“The next thing you want to say is to read the spell and complete the summoning.”

“How is it possible?” Aurora sneered, “The ceremony has been interrupted so many times; how can it continue? In fact, normally, as long as it is interrupted according to the process, it can continue from the point of interruption, but I just mainly It’s an explanation; I’m not distracted to do the corresponding thing.”

You probably forgot… Lumian muttered something in his heart but didn’t dare to say it.

Aurora went on to say:

“However, I do want to hold a summoning ceremony. On the one hand, I will give you a complete demonstration of the whole process, and on the other hand, I will ask for help.”

“Help?” Lumian asked suspiciously.

Summon powerful spirit creatures to help?

Oral explained:

“Among the countless creatures in the spirit world, very few can act as messengers. Private messengers, uh, messengers, can be summoned by others based on a special contract.

“For example, if I have a contract messenger, then someone in Trier can summon it and give it the written letter, and it will immediately pass through the spirit world and deliver the letter to me.

“Because of the special nature of the spirit world and the connection of the contract, it only takes a second or two to complete the task of delivering the letter.”

“It’s amazing; it’s as fast as sending a telegram.” Lumian sighed sincerely.

The thought in his mind was:

I want one too!

“Don’t think about it.” Aurora saw through his mind, “Summoning the messenger is very difficult. Unless you get the exact spell directly, it is impossible to try it yourself, and the exact spell can only be obtained by special spells. I can master a few sequences, but neither your sister nor I have.”

Lumian was disappointed for a while and asked instead:

“Are you going to summon a certain messenger and write to him for help?”

“Well.” Aurora nodded. “She is one of the few of us who have travelled the farthest on the extraordinary road and has her own messenger. I don’t expect her to save me, but she should be able to give me a little advice.”

I’m afraid it will be difficult. The mysterious lady said that we can only rely on ourselves. Lumian asked curiously:

“We? Do you mean your pen pals?”

Aurora nodded first and then asked in doubt:

“When did I mention you as a pen pal?”

“Last time, no, last cycle.” Lumian answered honestly.

“Okay.” Aurora covered her forehead and said, “Actually, it is a mutual aid organisation slowly established by those of us who can’t go back to our hometown. We communicate with each other through letters, share knowledge, and solve problems. There will be small-scale gatherings or communication through messengers and other means. She is the vice president of our organisation and one of the initiators, codenamed ‘Hella’.”

“Code name?” Lumian was a little puzzled.

Aurora said, “Hmm.”

“In the organisation, everyone uses code names and does not reveal their real names. When writing letters, they emphasise that they are pseudonyms, so as not to be discovered by the authorities.”

“What’s your code name?” Lumian was curious about this.

Auror was silent for a while, then replied with a bit of regret:


“What do you mean?” Lumian was puzzled.

Aurora replied with dark eyes:

“Ordinary people without extraordinary abilities”

Knowing that her sister wanted to be an ordinary person living in her hometown, Lumian hurriedly changed the subject.

“What’s the name of your organisation?”

Aurora’s expression became complicated.

“Originally, everyone wanted to choose a classy name, but considering that I would write letters every day, a name that was too conspicuous would attract the attention of certain forces, so in the end, I decided on a name that looked like an animal lover.”

“What is it?” Lumian asked.

Aurora replied a little embarrassedly:

“Curly-haired Baboon Research Society.”

PS: I will talk about ritual magic in detail because it will be used a lot in the second part. After all, you have to pray to the gods for gifts and power. This is the new system I mentioned, and the latter part will soon have things related to spiritual creatures and contracts.

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