Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 49

Curly Baboon Research Society? If it wasn’t for her sister’s bad mood, Lumian would have laughed out loud.

But even if he controlled his laughter, he couldn’t help but say:

“Those who know know that you are studying curly-haired baboons, but those who don’t know think that a group of curly-haired baboons is doing research.”

Of course, he was only joking since the word “research” is in the passive voice.

Aurora gave him a blank look.

“We often joke with ourselves that a group of curly-haired baboons is being studied.”

Seeing that her sister was in better condition, Lumian turned to ask:

“Are all the members of your research association extraordinary?”

“Not all.” Aurora replied briefly, “But there are some parties that ordinary people cannot attend.”

She didn’t say why she couldn’t attend.

“Who is the president? How many vice presidents are there?” Lumian asked.

“Are you checking the household registration book?” Aurora replied angrily.

“Huh?” Lumian was confused.

In fact, he probably guessed that the “small book that records the situation of family members” mentioned by his sister referred to the specific situation of the “Curly-haired Baboon Research Association”, which meant that he didn’t like to inquire too much about himself.

Aurora puffed her mouth, exhaled, and said:

“The president’s code name is ‘Gandalf’, and there are five vice presidents in total.

“Okay, I’m going to summon the messenger of ‘Hella’.”

Lumian nodded first and then had some doubts:

“Aurora, uh, sister, didn’t you say that you only know the code name ‘Hella”? Don’t you know her specific name? How can you summon her messenger?”

He remembered what his sister said just now: changing the last paragraph of the summoning spell to “a messenger that belongs exclusively to so-and-so” can very accurately point to the target creature, but now he doesn’t know who “so-and-so” is.

“Very good.” Aurora praised it, saying, “It is an excellent learning quality to be able to find problems. Let’s put it this way: It doesn’t matter what name you use when signing a contract with a creature in the spirit world. The contract will automatically extract a little truth from you. Breath, let the two parties have a relationship, but remember, you can only use the name you wrote when signing the contract, and changing it to your real name will be invalid.”

Lumian thought carefully and said:

“I understand. The key is breath and connection. The name given when signing the contract is only equivalent to the spell that will be used for subsequent summons. It doesn’t matter what you write.”

“Yes.” Aurora nodded slightly.

Lumian suddenly laughed.

“Is there such a situation, hypothetical? I said hypothetical. Sister Ni obtained the accurate spell, summoned a messenger, and signed a contract with it in the name of Aurora Li. After that, because you love your younger brother, you also taught me the spell, and I successfully summoned another messenger, but when signing the contract, for fun, I also signed it in the name of Aurora Li.
“Then the question is, which one will be summoned by using the description ‘a messenger that belongs exclusively to Aurora Li’?”

Aurora’s face turned blue when she heard that.

“I don’t have a messenger; how would I know?”

She took a breath, calmed down, and said while thinking:

“This is actually the confusion caused by the same name. Compared with ordinary contracted creatures that can only be summoned by themselves, couriers that can be summoned by others are indeed prone to this problem, but because I don’t have a courier, I’m not sure if there is a special mechanism. To avoid similar errors, I can only try to do some analysis based on my knowledge.

“One, there are very few people who have couriers, and the probability of duplication of names is so low that it is almost negligible.

“Second, if you really want to have the same name, you can put an item with the aura of the messenger master in the summoning ceremony and use it to lock it precisely.

“Three, if you really have to be afraid of duplicating your name, you can make your name longer when signing the contract; for example, Lumian Torres, Ale Llanos, Arthur Gehrman, Sparrow Lee, That way, there should be no duplication of names.”

“But I probably forgot the name right after signing the contract. It’s too hard to remember.” Lumian muttered, “Also, why did you add the name of pirate hunter and great adventurer?”

“Because I like it, Ms. Fors Wall’s series of adventurer novels is too classic.” Aurora spoke confidently.

She turned around, tidied up the altar, and prepared to formally hold the summoning ceremony.

At this moment, Lumian thought of something and hurriedly shouted:

“Wait a moment!”

“What’s wrong?” Aurora turned around with a dazed expression.

Lumian asked seriously:

“Does the messenger belong to outsiders?”

“…” Aurora had a question mark on her face at first, not understanding what her brother meant, but she quickly figured out what the problem was.

She thought about it and asked:

“You mean, after coming to Kordu as a messenger of outsiders, he will be stuck in a loop and never be able to leave?”

Before Lumian could answer, Aurora had a new guess:

“No, the situation will be more serious. It is a contracted creature. After receiving the letter, it will go to Hela immediately, which is equivalent to leaving Kordu. In that way, it will restart again.

“After that, it left again and again because of instinct, and we restarted it again and again. There was no time to investigate the key to the cycle.”

Lumian couldn’t help but imagine the scene his sister described:

I just opened my eyes and saw a familiar bedroom, then opened my eyes again and saw a familiar bedroom, then opened my eyes again and saw a familiar bedroom… Repeat this action countless times, and the root of everything is that a messenger rushed to “go home”.

Aurora raised her hand and covered her forehead.
“I can’t even imagine what kind of changes will happen.”

After sighing, she analysed seriously:

“From the current situation, the departure of living things from Kordu and the surrounding area will cause the restart of the cycle, while inanimate matter will not touch the limit. The telegram that was photographed and the letter that was sent are proof.

“If this is the case, the spirit must not work either. It seems that the messenger cannot be summoned.”

Hearing this, Lumian suddenly figured out why the little blue book could keep the words cut out.

The cut note left Kordu Village, broke away from this cycle, will no longer be affected, will not return, and the little blue book will naturally not be able to return to its original state!

He told his sister this conjecture and concluded by saying:

“The problem with the little blue book is solved, but how did you send that letter?

“It’s definitely not possible to send it away during the cycle. As soon as the sender leaves Kordu, it will cause a restart. If it was before the cycle, I have no impression at all; what about you?”

“Neither have I.” Aurora thought for a few seconds, then laughed and cursed, “You idiot, you almost got me thinking wrong; it’s very easy to send a letter in the loop!”

“Huh?” Lumian looked at his smart sister.

Aurora smiled and said:

“You don’t need a postman to send a letter; you don’t need to hire a courier.

“When we find an abnormality and don’t want to alert those who may have problems, the best choice is to find a wooden box, put the distress letter inside, seal it well, and then throw the wooden box into the river outside the village, let it float downstream naturally, wait for people in other villages and even Da Liege to pick it up, and give it to the official for us.

“You said that we have confirmed the last cycle, and the cycle contains a small part of the river, which can be reached.”

“That’s right!” Lumian clasped his palms together.

He thought of another question:

“Will fish in the river lead to a reboot?”

“Probably not.” Aurora thought for a while, “This kind of creature with no intelligence is very sensitive to invisible restrictions, or in other words, they are more susceptible to invisible influences, and they have a high probability of not approaching instinctively, which may lead to a restart of the place.”

“What about your ‘blank paper’? At twelve hours, it will have to leave the real world.” Lumian felt that this would also restart the cycle.

Aurora looked around, thought about it, and said:

“I suspect that the cycle includes not only the village of Kordu and the surrounding mountains, but also this place and the area where everyone here corresponds in the spirit world.

“You probably don’t know that there are actually many natural interactions between the spirit world and reality. If you don’t include the corresponding spirit world, it may restart after a while, and it will restart after a while, but the current situation is obviously not the case.

“‘Blank paper’, as my contracted creature, has a direct connection with Kordu Village, and the spirit world it roams in has a high probability of being included.”

I still don’t know enough about the occult. Lumian didn’t ask any more questions.

Aurora demonstrated the flow of ritual magic again, breaking down the spiritual wall.

In the invisible wind that suddenly blew, she said to Lumian:

“It’s completely dark now. I’ll teach you how to truly meditate and activate spiritual vision.”

“Hmm.” Lumian said that he was listening carefully.

Aurora explained:

“You’ve already mastered the first half of the meditation, and we’ll start with the second half.

“When you imagine the sun, gather your spirits, enter a relatively calm state, let your head empty slightly, and outline something that does not exist in reality to replace the sun, and keep sketching and repeating until your body and mind are fully realised. “tranquil, with a feeling of floating in the mind.”

“Things that don’t exist in reality?” Lumian didn’t quite understand.

Aurora took out a pen and paper and casually drew a few:

“Look, is there anything like this in reality?”

On the paper is a very abstract thing, like a round ball with eyes and a crossed face.

“Don’t you have it after you draw it? This painting is in reality.” Lumian felt that her sister’s explanation was not right.

“What is in the painting or imagined is not real.” Aurora rolled her eyes.

Being a teacher for my younger brother, I have to suffer from this kind of anger from time to time.

Lumian said, “Oh.”

“Then I’ll try with your picture.”

He pulled up the chair, sat down, leaned back, and concentrated.

The crimson sun was quickly outlined in his mind, making him gradually calm down.

After a while, because he was in reality, he didn’t hear the terrifying and mysterious voice, and he could calmly use the pattern drawn by his sister to replace the sun in meditation.

The round ball with eyes and a cross quickly appeared in Lumian’s mind.

As Lumian sketched repeatedly, his body and mind became more and more peaceful, and his thoughts gradually felt erratic.

He “saw” more faint grey fog around him, some indescribable, non-existent things and dense colour blocks mixed together, and there was bright and pure brilliance in the high sky, maybe in the depths.

“Don’t worry, ‘Hunter’ has a very low chance of succeeding in meditation for the first time.” Aurora comforted his younger brother beside him.

Lumian was about to report to his sister that he had successfully entered the state of meditation when he suddenly felt something staring at him in the depths and infinite heights of the faint grey mist!

This seemed to be a hallucination, but it made him break out in a cold sweat with inexplicable fear, and he left the state of meditation immediately.

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