The light red wine really came from the big city… Lumian’s eyes finally fell on the glass in the lady’s hand.

Light red wine is shochu made from sugar and pickled cherries. It is very popular with ladies in terms of color and taste. Of course, other suitable fruits can also be used instead of cherries. The taste will be slightly different, but not too much. big.

This is one of the few good wines that the old tavern in the village of Cordu can make, and they keep it because Mrs. Pouaris fell in love with the color after a visit to Vigor, the provincial capital. Light red wine.

——Madame Pouaris is the wife of the local administrator and territorial judge, Beost. Her ancestors were nobles, and she lost her title in the era of Emperor Roselle.

At the same time, she is also one of the mistresses of the priest Guillaume Benet. Not many people in the village know about this, and Lumian is one of them.

Lumian withdrew his gaze and walked towards the bar.

Sitting there was a man in his forties wearing a linen shirt and trousers of the same color. His brown hair was not thick enough and was quite messy. The corners of his eyes, mouth, and forehead were wrinkled due to years of hard work.

This is Raymond’s father, Pierre Craig.

Another Pierre.

That’s why Lumian joked in front of Liya, Ryan and others that if he called Pierre in the bar, at least one-third of the people would agree.

When people in the village talk about these Pierre and Guillaume, they will always add so-and-so qualifiers, otherwise they will not be able to tell the difference at all.

In many families, the father and the child still have the same name, Pierre or Guillaume, and the neighbors can only distinguish them by adding “old”, “big” and “little”.

“Dad, why don’t you go to the village square and chat with other people?” Raymond walked to his father.

The men of the village like to gather under the elms in the square or at someone’s house, playing dice, cards, chess, and discussing various rumors-it costs money to go to the tavern.

Pierre Craig held a glass of red wine and glanced sideways at his second son:

“Wait a while, there should be no one in the square now.”

That’s right, where have all the men in the village gone? Lumian was a little puzzled.

When he was in the square just now, he didn’t see a single figure.

“Uncle, I want to ask you something.” Lumian said bluntly.

Pierre Clegg was alert:

“New prank?”

The story of “Wolf is coming” is indeed based on reality… Lumian turned his head and motioned for Raymond to speak.

Raymond organized the following language:

“Dad, how long ago did the legend of the wizard you told me happen? The one where nine cows can pull the coffin.”
Pierre Clegg took a sip of the wine and said doubtfully:

“What are you asking this for?

“This is what your grandfather told me when I was young.”

The province of Reston where Kordu Village is located and the neighboring provinces of Ole and Suhit are located in the south of the Republic of Intis. In this scene, people can even drink wine as water.

Raymond was disappointed when he heard that, because his grandpa passed away long ago.

At this moment, Pierre Clegg added another sentence:

“Your grandfather said that he saw it with his own eyes when he was a child. Since then, he has been afraid of owls and worried that his soul will be taken away by this evil creature.”

The eyes of Lumian and Raymond lit up at the same time.

There is actually a clue!

The legend of the wizard is actually something that some people have personally experienced?

“Did grandpa say where the wizard lived and where he was carried to be buried?” Raymond asked.

Pierre Clegg shook his head:

“Who cares about that?”

Seeing that Raymond wanted to ask something more, Lumian reached out and patted him, and said loudly:

“It’s time to go to the river.”

Raymond was about to follow Lumian away when Pierre Clegg suddenly remembered something:

“Wait, Raymond, you’re going to be a ‘young man’ in two days, and I’ll tell you something you need to pay attention to.”

The “watching youth” are responsible for patrolling the plateau pastures and surrounding fields near the village to prevent people from grazing during the grazing prohibition period or allowing livestock to destroy young crops.

Lumian didn’t listen and went to the bathroom attached to the tavern.

When he came out, he deliberately passed the foreign girl who was drinking light red wine and whose exact age was unknown.

Although he doesn’t know how to strike up a conversation, he wants to observe in advance and collect details. When the time comes, this may come in handy, just like he used Ryan, Liya and others to break into the priest’s affair scene Same.

After a few glances without showing any signs, Lumian was going to go around this corner and wait for Raymond at the entrance of the tavern.

At this moment, the lazy lady in the orange dress raised her head.

Before Lumian could retract his gaze, he collided with the other party’s gaze.

For a moment, the thickness of Lumian’s face was a little embarrassing.

Immediately, thoughts popped up in his mind:

Should I follow the example of the priests and administrators in the church, and praise her beauty according to the trend, change from observation to strike up a conversation, or show my youthful side, turn around and leave in a hurry…

He had just made up his mind when the lady smiled and said:

“Have you been dreaming frequently recently?”

With a swipe, Lumian seemed to be struck by lightning, his whole mind became paralyzed, and all his thoughts were frozen there.
In just a second or two, he forced a smile and said:

“Isn’t dreaming a very normal thing?”

The lady rested her chin with one hand, looked at Lumian, and said with a low smile:

“Dreams in a fog.”

How did she know… Lumian’s pupils dilated instantly, and there was a little more fear in his expression.

Although he has experienced many things, but after all, he was young, and he was a little unable to control his expression for a while.

Calm down, calm down… Lumian eased the muscles on his face while comforting himself, and asked:

“Have you heard the story I told the three strangers last night?”

The lady didn’t answer, and took out a deck of cards from an orange purse on a nearby chair.

She looked at Lumian again, smiled and said:

“Draw a card, maybe it can help you unlock the secret hidden in that dream.”

This… Lumian was surprised and suspicious.

At the same time, his heart was pounding and he was on high alert.

He glanced at the deck of cards, frowned slightly and said:


It looks like a tarot card invented by Emperor Roselle for divination.

The lady looked down, laughed at herself and said:

“Sorry, I took the wrong one.”

She stuffed the twenty-two tarot cards back into the medium-sized handbag, and took out another deck.

“This is also a Tarot, but it belongs to the Minor Arcana. You are not qualified to draw the Major Arcana, and I am not qualified to let you draw…”

There are fifty-six Minor Arcana cards, which are composed of four “suits”: Holy Grail, Scepter, Sword, and Pentacle.

What is she talking about… Lumian was confused.

This lady looks beautiful and temperamental, but her actual behavior is not normal, and she seems to have some mental problems.

“Draw one.” The girl who seemed to be from a big city shook the Minor Arcana card in her hand, and said with a smile, “It’s free, you don’t need to spend money to try it, and it may solve your dream problems.”

Lumian laughed and said:

“My sister said that the most expensive thing is the free one.”

“There is indeed some truth to this sentence.” The lady thought for a while.

She put the Minor Arcana card next to the glass of light red wine, and then said:

“But as long as you don’t pay no matter what, how can I, a foreigner, have the ability to force you to pay in Kordu Village?”

That’s right… It won’t hurt if you smoke it… Finally, I got a reminder about that dream, how can I be reconciled if I don’t try it… But will this involve the wizard’s curse… Ask Aurora for help? There were so many thoughts in Lumian’s mind that it was difficult to make up his mind for a while.

The girl didn’t rush him either.

After more than ten seconds, Lumian slowly bent down, stretched out his right hand, scattered the stack of Minor Arcana cards, and pulled out one from the middle.

“Seven of Wands.” The lazy lady glanced at the card.

On that card, a man with a firm face and wearing green clothes stood on the top of the mountain, holding a scepter, fighting against the six scepters that the enemy attacked from the bottom of the mountain.

“What does that mean?” Lumian asked.

The lady smiled:

“I interpret according to the pattern, crisis, challenge, confrontation, courage, etc., etc.

“Of course, these are not important. The important thing is that this card is given to you now. When fate comes, you will discover its true meaning.”

“Give it to me?” Lumian became more and more confused.

This card isn’t really cursed, is it?

The lady put away the remaining Minor Arcana cards, picked up the wine glass, and drank the little red wine in it.

Ignoring Lumian’s question, she strolled towards the stairs on the side of the old tavern and went up to the second floor.

Apparently, she lives there.

Lumian wanted to catch up, but he only took a step and then stopped, his thoughts fluctuated:

Is this really an ordinary card?

She gave me this card, isn’t that deck forever missing a card, unusable?

Aurora should be able to see the problem…

At this time, Raymond came over:

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, that foreigner looks really good.” Lumian casually said.

“I think your sister Aurora is better looking.” Raymond immediately lowered his voice, “Lumian, what shall we do next? My grandpa has been dead for a long time.”

Lumian, who was in a hurry to go home, thought for a while and said:

“One is to ask an old man who is about the same age as your grandfather and is still alive, and the other is to go to the church to look through the register. Uh, this will be considered at the end.”

Thinking that he had just ruined the priest’s good deed, Lumian felt that he should not go to church recently.

——In the village of Kordu, where there is only one church, due to the small number of administrators, the church undertakes some government functions, such as recording funerals and marriages.

Without waiting for Raymond to ask again, Lumian added:

“Let’s split up to see who the eligible elderly are, and we’ll ask tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Raymond immediately agreed.


In a semi-underground two-story building.

After listening to Lumian’s narration, Aurora carefully looked at the “scepter” card for a while and said:

“It’s indeed a very common card. I didn’t notice curses or other peculiarities.”

“Aurora, uh, sister, tell me, what exactly does that foreigner want to do, and why does she know that I’m having such a dream?” Lumian asked.

Aurora shook her head:

“Since she has shown her cards, it is relatively good.

“In the past few days, I will ‘observe’ her carefully.

“Well… you hold this card first, maybe there will be some changes, don’t worry, I’ll watch it.”

“Okay.” Lumian tried to relax himself a little.


night time.

Lumian stuffed the “scepter” card into the clothes hanging on the back of the chair, went to bed by himself, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time, he seemed to see that gray mist again in a daze.

Suddenly, his whole body shivered, and he “woke up” in a dream.

He felt himself regaining his senses, regaining his sanity.

But the dream filled with gray mist still exists.

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