Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 50

Seeing his brother open his eyes, Aurora planned to comfort him: “Non-spell-casting sequences must be tried at least several times before meditation can be successful, and some even have to practise for five or six days, half a month”, but found that Lumian’s forehead oozed There was a dense, cold sweat, and there was obvious fear in the eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Aurora asked with concern.

Lumian took a few breaths, and the more he thought about it, the more frightened he became.

“I succeeded in meditating, and my spirit seemed to float. Surrounded by various colours and a faint grey mist that I can’t describe in detail, there are a few particularly bright and pure lights in the sky. No, not necessarily the sky; maybe far away, I can’t be sure.”

“According to your description, it was indeed successful.” Aurora began to explain, “What your ‘astral body’ sees or senses is the spirit world, where many concepts of reality either do not exist or are mixed together. together, so you feel both high in the sky and far away.

“The seven rays of light are the seven lights of the spiritual world mentioned in some ancient books. They are considered to have personalities similar to gods, be omniscient, and belong to friendly hidden existences. If you can grasp their complete honourable names, you can pray to them; unfortunately, I don’t know either.

“Those indescribable things that wander around belong to the spirit world creatures, but what you ‘see’ doesn’t seem to be much, and it’s not clear enough. This should be the limitation of the ‘Hunter’ sequence, and the spirituality is not high enough. Um…will start later. Spirit Vision is probably more difficult, and the final effect is definitely not very good, but it is better than nothing.”

She has been observing her younger brother’s condition and is ready to interrupt the teaching and give help at any time.

Seeing that Lumian gradually returned to normal, she finished what she should say in one breath and then asked:

“These things you can see will not scare you; don’t you have a nickname called ‘Bold Lumian’? Recently, I have seen strange things like time loops, people turning into sheep, men giving birth, and the ‘Lady of the Night’ parade. “How can ordinary spirit creatures scare you?”

Hearing the incidents mentioned by his sister, the blood vessels on Lumian’s forehead twitched slightly, and he didn’t want to recall too much, especially the part related to Mrs. Puares.

He exhaled and said:

“I feel something is watching me in the depths of the spiritual world or in a very high place.

“Just staring at it made me very scared, unable to restrain myself, and directly left the state of meditation.”

Aurora’s eyes moved slightly, and she said thoughtfully:

“I suspect that it has something to do with the two weird symbols on the chest you mentioned. They implicate some hidden existence, which may point to the source of Kordu’s falling into the cycle, or it may represent keeping you in the dream and the cycle. ‘Special’ for sobriety and strength
“As a ‘Hunter’, you succeeded in the first attempt to complete meditation, and there is a high probability that there will be the influence of those two symbols.”

Lumian nodded as he listened, agreeing with his sister’s statement.

This frustrates him a bit.

“In this case, I can’t even meditate. As long as I succeed, I will be watched, and I will have to get out of that state. Moreover, I think it is not a good thing to be watched all the time.”

“Do you think you’re not being watched now?” Aurora laughed, saying, “It’s just that you haven’t entered the meditation state, so you can’t sense it. Since you can’t escape, you will inevitably suffer damage. Why don’t you try more and increase the corresponding resistance?” The time you can meditate will gradually increase, and this may give you an advantage when facing certain situations in the future. Of course, before becoming a Sequence 7 ‘arsonist’, a ‘hunter’ hardly needs deep meditation, so you’d better wait for your spirituality to improve before trying again.”

“It sounds a bit miserable.” Lumian has adjusted his mentality and laughed at himself, saying, “I can’t resist, so I have to enjoy it.”

Aurora let out a “huh.”

“In this situation, I would rather have you as special, even if I will face many unknown dangers and difficulties, but at least I can keep my memory in the next cycle, and I don’t need you to remind me; it will be missed.” Lots of details.”

She then looked out of the already dark window:

“It’s time to teach you how to activate spirit vision.

“You continue to sit and try to meditate again. You don’t need to completely enter the state where your thoughts are floating. Although that will be more conducive to the activation of spiritual vision, isn’t there some hidden existence watching?”

“Yeah.” Lumian leaned back in the chair, relaxed his body, first outlined the sun in his mind, and then replaced it with the ball that his sister had scribbled.

He did not draw the symbol repeatedly and stopped when his body and mind became peaceful.

Aurora observed his state and said softly:

“Okay, raise your hands in the current state and put them in front of your eyes; you can open your eyes now.”

Lumian maintained the tranquilly of body and mind, slowly opened his eyes, and found that his sister had turned off the kerosene lamp at some point, and the first floor was plunged into darkness; only the outlines of various things were illuminated by the crimson moonlight outside the window.

After getting used to it, he could barely see his hands.

“The index fingers face each other across the air; they approach but don’t touch.” Aurora began to guide: “Then, put the focus on the back of the hand, which can be behind the point that is facing each other. After this step is completed, slowly move your fingers so they stay relative and out of touch—well, out of your sight.”

Lumian did exactly that, letting his eyes fall on the void behind his hand and moving his fingers.
After moving it countless times, he still failed to notice any changes.

Not long after, he couldn’t sustain the meditation state and withdrew.

“Did you see anything?” Aurora asked.

Lumian shook his head.

“‘Hunter’ is relatively difficult, so don’t have psychological pressure. If you can’t do it next time, you can do it next time. If you can’t do it today, you can do it tomorrow.” Turning on Spirit Vision, let alone Extraordinary, is, of course, another matter; how effective it is is another matter.”

If the cycle is not good this time, it can be repeated next time, but if the next cycle is not good, there may not be a next time. Lumian murmured in his heart.

He has always been a very resilient and patient person. After a short rest, he regained his energy and started to try again.

After repeated failures, he finally saw a fiery red colour jump out from the void where the two index fingers faced each other.

succeeded? Lumian was overjoyed, turned his head, and looked at his sister.

Immediately, he saw some red light emerging from Aurora’s body, covering the surface.

“Didn’t you say you can see the various colours of the ‘ether body’?” Lumian asked doubtfully.

Aurora asked joyfully:


Lumian nodded and described his experience.

“It was indeed successful.” Aurora breathed a sigh of relief. “You are considered good, probably because of the ‘special’ bonus on your body; if you were another ‘hunter’, it would not be ten days and half a month. Practise should not enable spiritual vision, and it will be easier after being promoted to Sequence 8. Well, what you see is a very blurred ‘ether body.” Red means I am still healthy. As for other things, ‘hunter,” don’t think about it. Look, your ‘spiritual body’ is not strong enough.”

She then took out the tiny ink bottle and unscrewed the cap.

“Try to see if you can see the ‘blank paper’.”

Lumian stared and saw a nearly transparent, fuzzy bubble floating out of the mouth of the bottle.

It’s like the one he blows out of soapy water—the size of a fist, stained crimson by the moonlight.

It was very difficult for Lumian to see this thing, and he had the feeling that if he blinked, he would lose track of the other party.

The bubble floated in the air and flew towards Auror’s palm. Auror held it up and scratched it with her thumb.

The transparent bubble suddenly shrank inward, then slowly opened again, repeating this action.

Lumi calmed down and told her sister what she saw.

“Very blurry?” Aurora shook her head and said, “‘Hunter”s spiritual vision is really not good; the “ether body’ can only see the most basic concepts, and spirit world creatures can only find ‘blank paper’. Some of it you can’t see.”

“Something is better than nothing.” Lumian replied to her with what her sister said just now.

Having never seen a stronger vision, he is quite satisfied with the current situation.

Auror didn’t say much and instructed Lumian to turn off his spiritual vision by re-meditating, constricting his spirit, and repeatedly telling himself to stop his spirituality. He also trained him to set up a simple spiritual vision by constantly suggesting himself in the meditation state just now. Turn actions on and off.

Lumian practised again and again and mastered the method of turning on and off the spirit vision, but he never succeeded in the “shortcut key” that Aurora mentioned, and he only vaguely touched the key.

“Okay, take a rest; we’ll see what’s wrong with the priest of the copy hall later.” Seeing that his younger brother’s face had turned pale and his spiritual consumption was extremely high, Aurora hurriedly let him take a nap.

The two went up to the second floor and turned on the radio light in the study.

Lumian quickly fell asleep in the easy chair while Aurora read a book casually, waiting for the night to get darker.

It didn’t take long for Lumian to enter dreamland, but he didn’t rush to explore and forced himself to continue sleeping.

Finally, he was woken up by Aurora.

“You can observe the priest in the copy hall.”

“Yeah.” Lumian sat up abruptly and looked at his sister.

Auror opened the miniature ink bottle, stroked the “white paper” with her right hand, and her eyes quickly became dark and deep.

With the help of the contract, she whispered to Hermes:

“My contracted creature, bear the specialness of my eyes.”

Lumian next to him could neither understand nor see because he had not turned on “spiritual vision,”, so he could only wait patiently.

In just a few seconds, Aurora withdrew her palm, sat down, and said to Lumian:

“‘Blank paper’ has gone to the priest’s house in the copy hall.”

Lumian took a closer look and found that what was reflected in her sister’s eyes was not the scene in the study room and her own figure, but the trees gently swaying branches and leaves in the darkness.

The trees fell back quickly.

Is this what the “blank paper” saw? Lumian realised something.

Aurora picked up a mirror coated with mercury on the back, took out a light white powder, and sprinkled it on it.

Those powders quickly bloomed into brilliance, making the mirror seem to be covered with a layer of water waves.

In the water wave, Michel Garrigou, the priest of the copy church, appeared in the picture.

“Blank Paper” has come outside the target’s room, looking at him through the glass window.

At this time, Michelle Garrigou had already fallen asleep; his eyes were closed, and his breathing was calm.

Aurora and Lumian waited patiently, using the “blank paper” to observe from various angles.

Time passed by, and suddenly, the sleeping Michelle opened her mouth slightly, and a blurry and transparent figure crawled out from there.

It was a lizard-like thing.

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