Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 6

Lumian looked around subconsciously, and saw the familiar tables and chairs, bookshelves, wardrobes and beds.

This is his bedroom, but it is shrouded in a faint gray mist.

Lucid dream? I had a lucid dream? Lumian’s pupils dilated instantly.

Lucid dreaming refers to the fact that although one is dreaming, one maintains the ability to think and remember when awake. This is a rather rare state, and people who have undergone special training can trigger it with a higher probability.

Previously, in order to understand the secret of Lumian’s gray mist dream and help him completely eliminate this hidden danger, Aurora had used different methods to create lucid dreams many times, but all failed.

And now, Lumian inexplicably regained consciousness in the dream.

After a short period of shock and astonishment, Lumian regained his thoughts and thought of a possibility:

“Is it caused by the tarot card representing the ‘Seven of Wands’?

“The woman said that this card will help me unlock the secrets of my dreams…

“So, its function is to let me enter a lucid dream state, so that I can really explore this area shrouded in gray mist?

“Hmm…Compared to my previous impression, the gray fog seems to be much lighter now, a lot…”

While thinking about it, Lumian turned his body sideways, walked quickly to the reclining chair, propped his hands on the table against the wall, and looked out the window.

What caught his eyes was not a scene he was familiar with.

This dream did not reproduce the Kordu village where he lived.

Under the light and thin gray-white mist, the most eye-catching thing is a towering mountain peak, which is purely composed of brown-red stones and reddish-brown soil, extending twenty or thirty meters toward the sky.

Surrounding the mountain are rings and rings of buildings, collapsed to the ground, or burned so black that it is impossible to see what they looked like when they were intact.

From where Lumian was, they looked like ruined mausoleums, not neatly arranged in a ring.

In the entire area, the ground was full of pits and gravel, and there was not a single weed.

In addition, the high-altitude fog turned thick and white, and Lumian had no way of confirming whether there was a sun. He only knew that it was extremely dark here, like a night with only stars shining.

After observing carefully for a while, he whispered to himself:

“Is this the whole scene of the dream?”

This dream that has troubled him for many years, what is the real state like?

After a brief absence, Lumian thought about more realistic questions:

“Where is the so-called dream secret hidden?

“On that mountain, or in a destroyed building?”

Lumian did not leave the bedroom eagerly, entered that area, explored the dream, still stayed where he was, looking at every place he could see.

Suddenly, he felt a figure flash past in the ruins of the building surrounding the mountain peak.
Since the house he was in had only two floors and was not high enough, and although the gray fog was thin, its presence could not be ignored, so Lumian couldn’t be sure whether he was hallucinating for a while.

After a while, he exhaled slowly, and said to himself in his heart:

“Don’t rush, be patient, don’t rush, be patient.

“It seems that this dream really has a lot of secrets. It doesn’t seem to belong to me completely. Blind exploration is likely to be dangerous…

“Well, I’ll go to that woman tomorrow morning to see if I can ask about the details, and then I’ll decide what to do…”

While thinking, Lumian withdrew his gaze, preparing to get out of this dream and sleep peacefully.

But he who was in a waking state didn’t know what to do to really wake himself up.

After failing to hint again and again, he lay down on the bed, trying to make his thinking become chaotic, simulating the state when he fell asleep before.

Unknowingly, after an unknown amount of time, Lumian sat up abruptly and saw the pale golden sunlight penetrating into the room through the curtains.

“Finally woke up…

“Sure enough, falling asleep in the dream will restore that muddled state, and then you will be able to escape…”

Lumian breathed a sigh of relief, and started talking to himself silently.

At this moment, there was a knocking sound at the door.

“Aurora?” Lumian’s heart tightened, worried that something bad would happen.

“It’s me.” Aurora’s voice came into the room.

Lumian turned over and got out of bed, walked quickly to the door, grabbed the handle, and pulled it back.

There was indeed Aurora outside the door, she was wearing a white silk nightgown, and her long golden hair was softly draped behind her.

“How?” She seemed sure that Lumian had just woken up.

Lumian did not hide anything, and told Aurora exactly what happened to him.

Aurora nodded as if thinking:

“The function of that card is to make you have a lucid dream…”

She then asked:

“What are you going to do next?”

Lumian gave an “hmm”:

“Eat something later, I’ll go find that woman and see if I can get more information and find out her real intentions.”

“Yes.” Aurora didn’t object.

She went on to say:

“I will also write to ask someone to ask about the dream you described, and see what those things represent.”

Having said that, she glanced at Lumian’s suddenly nervous expression, and said with a smile:

“Don’t worry, I will make some modifications, and I won’t throw out everything at once. I taught you the principle of step-by-step.

“Well, when communicating with that lady, don’t force it, try to be friendly, it doesn’t mean we are afraid of her, it’s just that one more friend is better than one more enemy.”
“No problem.” Lumian solemnly agreed.


Cordu village, old tavern.

As soon as Lumian approached the bar, he turned to the part-time bartender tavern owner Maurice Bennett and said:

“Which room upstairs does the foreign woman live in?”

The old tavern itself is the only inn in the village, with six rooms on the second floor for accommodation.

Maurice Bennet was neither fat nor burly. Like most of the villagers, he had black hair and blue eyes. His biggest feature was that his nose was always red, which was caused by frequent drinking.

He is a member of the priest Guillaume Benet’s family, but he is not close, and belongs to distant cousins.

“Why are you asking this?” Maurice Bene asked curiously, “Will a woman from a big city like you?”

He has an obvious inquiry expression on his face, and he has a strong interest in the abnormal relationship between men and women.

“Aren’t you a country bumpkin and a barefoot man yourself?” Lumian snorted, and then made up a random reason, “The woman lost something last night, I found it this morning, and brought it to her.”

“Really?” Maurice Bene expressed doubts about Lumian’s credibility.

Eight out of ten sentences this guy made up.

“Otherwise? Do you think she can take a fancy to me?” Lumian said confidently.

“That’s right.” Maurice Bene was convinced, “She’s in the room near the square, opposite the bathroom.”

After watching Lumian walk towards the stairs, the tavern owner muttered softly while wiping his glass:

“It’s not impossible. Sometimes, people want to try new flavors…”

He muttered just enough for Lumian to hear.


On the second floor of the tavern, Lumian found the only bathroom in the dark corridor, and then saw a white paper sign hanging on the brass handle of the dark red wooden door opposite.

It reads in Intis:


“do not disturb.”

Lumian looked down for a few seconds, and instead of rushing to knock on the door, he took two steps back and stood leaning against the wall.

He was going to wait here for the lady to go out.

His previous wandering life taught him that when an opportunity arises, he must try decisively and seize it with all his strength, without any hesitation, overthinking, caring about face, or being cowardly, otherwise the opportunity will be lost and he will fall into an even more tragic vicious Cycle, and when the opportunity does not appear, be patient, persevere, and restrain all discomfort and wait.

Time passed by, and Lumian stood there without any irritability.

If there were bystanders here, if it wasn’t for his occasional hands and feet, he might be regarded as a statue.

Finally, the door creaked open.

The lady changed into a long dress with a light green and white border, and her brown hair was tied up in a fluffy back.

She glanced at Lumian with light blue eyes for a second, then looked down at the paper sign on the doorknob, and asked with a smile:

“How long have you been waiting?”

She wasn’t surprised at all that Lumian was here.

Lumian took a step forward and said:

“It does not matter.”

He tried to keep his tone calm and less urgent.

“What do you want to ask?” said the lady rather directly.

“Here?” Lumian looked around.

The lady smiled and replied:

“If you don’t mind, I don’t mind either.”

Lumian has actually observed that Ryan, Liya and others who also lived in this place seem to be absent at this time, and there is no one else on the second floor of the tavern except himself and the lady in front of him.

He organized the following language:

“What secret is hidden in that dream?”

The lady laughed uncontrollably:

“That’s for you to answer, not me.”

She paused and said:

“I can only tell you that you can obtain some extraordinary power there.”

Extraordinary power… Lumian’s heart moved first, and then he asked suspiciously:

“What is the meaning of the extraordinary power obtained in the dream?

“It doesn’t affect reality.”

The lady smiled:

“In the extraordinary realm, anything is possible.

“Maybe, can it really affect it?”

The extraordinary power I was looking for appeared in my life in this way? Lumian was silent.

The lady restrained her expression and added sternly:

“I want to remind you that there are dangers there, and if you die there, you will die completely.”

Exploring that dream, an accident will lead to the death of me in reality? Lumian couldn’t understand, but chose to believe.

This is the gray fog dream that has troubled him for many years, it seems to be quite special, and the second is that my sister Aurora said that there is no big mistake in being careful, and I would rather see the problem as difficult and the consequences as serious as possible, rather than belittle or be careless .

After a few seconds, he asked:

“If I don’t explore, what will happen?”

“Theoretically, there will be no consequences, no one is forcing you.” The lady thought for a while, “But I’m not sure if it will change over time, and as long as there is a change, the situation will get worse is much more likely than getting better.”

“How much higher?” Lumian pressed, “90% compared to 10%?”

“No, 99.99% is compared to 0.01%.” The lady added rigorously, “Of course, this is just my personal judgment, you don’t have to believe it.”

Lumian suddenly fell into a struggle, and thoughts flooded his mind:

“Recently, I feel more and more that the dream is a hidden danger, and letting it go is the worst choice…

“If you really want to explore, when you don’t know anything, the possibility of accidents is very high…

“Wait until Aurora gets some information from her pen pals before trying again?

“In that case, Aurora will definitely not agree to me taking the opportunity to explore the dream world to obtain extraordinary power…

“I’m investigating the truth of the legend, isn’t I seeking extraordinary power…

“That’s so dangerous, it can literally lead to death…

“How about doing a preliminary exploration on the edge of the ruins of the dream first, without taking the risk to go deeper? This is also equivalent to collecting information…

“Well, you can tell Aurora about the conversation just now, but you can’t mention the possibility of obtaining extraordinary power…”

After each thought settled down, Lumian looked at the lady opposite and asked in a deep voice:

“Who are you?

“Why did you give me that Tarot card, why did you give me the chance to explore that dream?”

The lady smiled slightly:

“I’ll tell you when you unlock the secret of the dream.”

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