Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 7

After leaving the old tavern, Lumian stood on the rammed earth road, hesitating where to go.

The morning sun is shining, with a little coolness.

At this moment, Raymond Clegg came from the side:

“I was trying to find you.”

“What’s the matter?” Lumian returned to normal and asked intentionally.

Raymond looked surprised:

“Did you forget? Today we are going to find an old man who is about the same age as my grandfather and who is still alive to ask about wizard legends.”

Lumian raised his hand to hold his head, with a painful expression on his face:

“Really? Why can’t I remember, or are you hallucinating?”

Raymond was startled and frightened. He was about to recall the details and confirm whether he imagined what happened yesterday, when he suddenly saw a smile on Lumian’s face.

“You bastard, you’re playing a prank again!” Raymond couldn’t help cursing.

“The scolding is really weak.” Lumian sighed, “Awa is better at scolding than you.”

Ava Lizier was a pretty girl from the village of Kordu, now a “goose girl”.

Her father, Guillaume Lizier, is a shoemaker who is good at making leather shoes from the leather provided by the shepherds, and is quite famous in several surrounding villages.

“Ava…” Raymond’s expression changed.

He then looked at Lumian:

“Ava is our friend, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Lumian nodded with a smile.

The three of them, together with Guillaume from the Berry family, and Ava’s cousin Azema Lizier, are young people who often play together.

“Why not let Ava participate in our investigation of the truth of the legend?” Raymond suggested, “You know, his father always said, ‘Why do women have to give a property when they get married? How many good families are ruined like this ‘, this makes her very uneasy, if she can get some treasures or rewards during the investigation, she should feel relieved a lot.”

“I’ve heard similar words from several male heads of families in the village, including the priest. They wish their brothers would stay at home forever, and even if they get married, they don’t go out to start a family alone. They need to give them the property they deserve.” Lu Mian glanced at Raymond with a smile, and said casually, “So many families tend to let one of their children be a shepherd, so that he will basically never get married, and has a certain income. Most of the time, he can Feed themselves.”

Raymond’s face gradually darkened.

He really hadn’t thought about this question.

This is also the reason why he likes to hang out with Lumian. Although most people in the village say that this guy has a bad personality, likes to deceive people and play tricks, but his knowledge really exceeds that of everyone of his age. Many, muddle along all day long, can only obey the arrangement of the family.

It’s good to know… Lumian secretly said, and brought the topic back to the right track:

“It’s too late now, we have to hurry up and ask people, and we’ll go find Ava tomorrow, well, we can also involve little Guillaume and Azema in the future. Apart from the possibility of gaining, this is also an interesting activity. Exercise our abilities.”

“Let little Guillaume and Azema join in?” Raymond was a little reluctant.

The more people who share rewards, the less they get.

And the most important thing is, in that way, he would not find a chance to please Awa.

Lumian looked at this guy with kindness and pity in his eyes:

Silly boy, do you think Awa can fancy you? She has high eyebrows, she just wants to marry a good family, she obviously has a certain affection for me, a “wicked person”, and she can control herself…

In the common saying of the Daliege area, “high eyebrows” means that the eyes are high, and they look down on ordinary people.

“My sister said that there is strength in numbers.” Lumian simply explained, “Which old people need to visit?”

“You didn’t investigate?” Raymond asked in surprise.

I don’t have the energy to ask about the “scepter” card… Lumian smiled and said:

“Of course I investigated. Now I want to test your ability to collect intelligence.”

Raymond had no doubts:

“There are nine old people who are still alive in the village, who are about the same age as my grandfather, or a little older, and they are…”

Six women and three men, the women really live longer… After listening quietly, Lumian thought for a while and said:

“The latter two don’t need to visit, they are from other villages and married here.

“Uh… let’s ask Naroka first, she is the oldest, and she was probably already an adult when the wizard incident happened.”

Naroka’s real name is not this, this is her honorific title.

In the province of Reston, married women with prominent family backgrounds or actual parents are entitled to the title “Madame”, specifically adding an “a” at the end of the name to indicate a woman, and at the same time adding “Na” in front of the name, that is, “Madame”, “hostess” means.

Mrs. Puares has been in decline for a long time, and secondly, she has to obey the words of the administrator, Beyost, at home, so she cannot be called “Na” plus “a”, and can only be called by the single word “Madame”.

Naroka’s husband died young, and she took care of the entire family. Even after her two sons became adults, got married, had children, and she was old, she still held the financial power of the family.

This phenomenon is quite rare in Kordu Village. In most cases, men are dominant. In a family without a father, once the child grows up, he will naturally take back the power to manage the entire family from his mother.
“Okay.” Raymond had no doubts.

After bypassing several buildings, Lumian saw four old women sitting in front of a two-story house, basking in the sun and chatting casually.

At the same time, sitting very close to each other, they caught lice on each other’s bodies, looking quite leisurely.

——In the countryside of the Republic of Intis, catching each other’s lice is a recreational activity to get closer and show intimacy.

“Ask now?” Raymond hesitated.

He was afraid that the fact that the two of them pursued the truth of the legend would spread.

“Wait a little longer.” Lumian nodded heavily.

As far as he knew, many rumors in the village were generated through such gatherings and spread layer by layer.

After a while, the other three old women left one after another because they still had work at home.

“Good morning, Naroka.” Lumian walked over immediately.

Naroka has gray hair, her eyes are slightly cloudy, she is wearing a dark long skirt made of coarse cloth, her hands seem to be covered with a layer of chicken skin, and her face has obvious spots.

“When will Aurora come out for the party? Many people in the village are thinking about her.” Naroka looked at Lumian and asked with a smile.

A lot of men, right? Lumian entered the state where you said yours and I said mine, and said curiously:

“Naroka, I heard that you have seen a real wizard? The one who can’t pull the coffin even with nine cows.”

Naroka’s expression changed slightly:

“Who told you?”

“His grandpa came back at night and told him.” Lumian began to babble.

Naroka was stunned:

“Can the soul really go home…”

“My father told me. Grandpa told me when he was alive.” Raymond couldn’t see Lumian lying to the old man.

Naroka was a little disappointed, and said after a while:

“Before that man died, none of us knew he was a wizard, and he behaved normally.”

Just like you don’t know that Aurora is a wizard… Lumian replied in his heart.

“Until he died suddenly, that owl flew…” Naroka fell into memories.

What she said later is basically consistent with the legend.

Lumian further said:

“Where did the wizard live at the time?”

Naroka glanced at him:

“It’s where you and Aurora live now.

“After the wizard was buried, the priest at the time took some valuables and burned the house with a few people. For twenty or thirty years, no one dared to approach it. Forget it, and later, Aurora came, bought the land, and rebuilt the house.”

Is it our home? Lumian was taken aback.

The answer was completely beyond his expectations!

In a flash, he thought of some problems that he usually ignores:

With Aurora’s ability to make money and her hidden extraordinary ability, why did she settle in a rural area like Kordu Village?

Whether it is the provincial capital Vigor, the textile center Suhit, or the capital Trier, they are all better choices. Even if you want to choose a place with a good environment and good air, those metropolises still have certain areas to choose from.

Aurora once said that the best way to hide is in a big city… Lumian’s thoughts were churning and he couldn’t calm down.

He only found out today that the land chosen by Aurora, the land where the house was built, once belonged to a wizard…

“Where is that wizard buried?” Raymond next to him couldn’t help asking.

There is no hope for the property in the house. We can only see if the wizard’s remains are special.

Naroka said with a smile:

“Such a big event will definitely alarm the priest.

“At that time, everyone used nine oxen to pull the coffin to the cemetery next to the church. The priest of the church held a ceremony and performed purification. Finally, the corpse was burned to ashes and a hole was dug to bury it.”

“That’s it…” Raymond couldn’t hide his disappointment.

“Why do you ask these questions?” Naroka looked at his expression for a while and asked.

Lumian laughed, and said the truth that was more like a lie:

“Want to find the wizard’s treasure.”

“Young people should not always fantasize about it.” Naroka warned.

“Okay.” Lumian acted very well-behaved.

He and Raymond bid farewell to Naroka and set off on the road to the village square.

“There’s no hope, Lumian, there’s no hope for this matter.” After bypassing a building, Raymond said in frustration.

“Indeed, everything that should be burned has been burned, and what should have been taken away has been taken away for decades.” Lumian nodded.

Because the dream had an opportunity, he was relatively not that disappointed.

Raymond agreed:

“Yeah, the only owl in the whole legend hasn’t been destroyed.”

“Owl…” Lumian’s eyes lit up, and he turned his gaze to the forest outside the village.

Raymond shuddered, and quickly added:

“But after all these years, it must have died long ago.”

He is terrified of touching owls, such evil creatures.

In southern Intis, owls, nightingales, and crows are all considered ominous, evil, and devil-serving creatures, often taking away human souls or bringing bad luck.

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