Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 8

Lumian just had an inspiration suddenly, and he didn’t really want to do it.

Leaving aside the fact that so many years have passed, the life of owls is much shorter than that of humans. The one that flew over when the wizard died should have rotted into mud. The number of owls in this mountain alone prevented Lumian from tracking them. desire to go down.

Too much!

The owl has no obvious characteristics… No, in the legend, the owl has no specific image, and Naroka didn’t mention it just now… We still didn’t ask carefully enough… Lumian came back to his senses, Smiled to Raymond:

“Owls associated with wizards may live 100 years.”

Seeing that Raymond was getting more and more afraid, he said in relief:

“Don’t worry, this is the last option, I don’t want to face a monster.

“Let’s ask other old people again, maybe there is a key clue that Naroka overlooked.”

He then said in a bewitching tone:

“If I were a wizard, I would definitely not take all the treasures with me or put them at home. I would definitely hide some of them somewhere, lest I be suddenly attacked by the court and have nothing in time and must flee immediately. , the purse is empty.”

One of the important responsibilities of the Inquisition of the “Eternal Sun” church is to eliminate all wizards and witches, and their “great achievements” are widely circulated in the countryside.

“Yes!” Raymond cheered again.

He said eagerly:

“It’s a pity, too many years have passed, and the treasures collected by the church must have been spent long ago.”

“Young man, your idea is very dangerous.” Lumian joked.

The two continued to visit old Pierre, Naferria and other old people in Mori’s house.

Although their answers were similar to those of Naroka, the experienced Lumian and Raymond still asked for more details.

For example, that owl is large and medium-sized, basically the same as its kind: pointed mouth, cat-like face, brown feathers, scattered fine spots, brown-yellow eye whites, black eyes…

But its size is larger than that of similar owls, and its eyes seem to be able to rotate, not as stiff as the same kind, which looks dull.

In all descriptions, these differences make the owl seem more sinister.

“It seems that there are no useful clues now.” On the road leading to the village square, Lumian said to Raymond, “We can only focus on other legends.”

“Hmm.” Raymond was not as frustrated as he was at the beginning, “Which one to choose?”

This guy is active and hard-working… Lumian secretly praised, and was going to give Raymond a reward.

He nodded and said:

“Go back and think about it carefully, and discuss the decision tomorrow.
“I’ll teach you fighting skills in the afternoon.”

“Good!” Raymond was delighted by the unexpected.

Aurora is very good at fighting, otherwise how could he deal with some brutal and rude men in the village? Her brother shouldn’t be bad either.

Saying goodbye to Raymond Clegg, Lumian turned onto the path leading to his home.

After walking for a while, he saw several men coming towards him.

The leader was in his prime, not tall, less than 1.7 meters tall, wearing a white robe, with light black hair on his head.

He has a majestic temperament, his facial features can only be described as correct, the tip of his nose is slightly raised, and there is undisguised disgust and malice in his blue eyes looking at Lumian.

This is Guillaume Bennet, the priest of the “Eternal Blazing Sun” Church in Kordu Village.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a while.” Guillaume Bennet said in a deep voice, “Did you bring those foreigners to the church on purpose?”

“I thought you were sleeping inside.” Lumian forcefully explained, while stepping back quietly.

He could recognize that standing next to Guillaume Benet was his younger brother Ponce Benet. This guy was in his early thirties, strong and strong, he was domineering and liked to bully the villagers.

The others were thugs who followed him and the parish priest.

Seeing Lumian retreat, Guillaume Benet winked at Ponce.

Ponce Bene stepped forward with a smirk:

“Bastard boy, come and get to know your father Peng Si!”

Before he finished speaking, he has already quickened his pace and rushed towards Lumian, as did the other thugs.

In a rural place like Kordu Village, reason cannot be suppressed and people cannot be exchanged for an apology. Only direct and forceful handling can make people awe-inspiring. This point is very clear to the priest Guillaume Benet, and he is also used to it So, as soon as he was sure that Lumian brought those strangers to the church, he decided to arrest the kid and beat him up until he couldn’t get out of bed for a month, until someone made it up for him Own.

Of course, Aurora had to be avoided.

As for the law, all you need to do is talk to the administrator and territorial judge, Beyoster. The sheriff in the city will not go to the countryside to investigate such a trivial matter as a fight.

As an outsider, Beyoste would not offend himself, a locally born priest, without a great conflict of interests.

Guillaume Benet felt lucky that the outsiders didn’t publicize the fact that he had an affair with the administrator’s wife, Mrs. Pouaris, and the other party didn’t know about it for the time being.

They were fast, and Lumian was faster. As soon as Pence spoke, he turned around and ran wildly.

He knew the disposition and behavior of the parish priest and his group quite well.

Some villagers once reported to the “Eternal Sun” church in the city, saying that Guillaume Bennet not only had multiple mistresses, but also withheld the dedication of the believers to the “Eternal Sun” and bullied others wantonly in the village. A priest, and later, one afternoon, the villager fell to his death somehow.
Thumb up!

Lumian ran like a gust of wind.

“Wait, daddy!” Peng Si shouted and chased, but the speed was not slow.

Those thugs also followed closely.

Rushing out of the path, Lumian did not run along the avenue, but directly broke into the nearest house.

The family was preparing lunch in the kitchen of the part-time living room when suddenly they saw such a person running in.

With a whoosh, Lumián went around them and slid out the window at the back of the kitchen.

When Peng Si and others chased in, the owner of the house had come to his senses, stood up to intercept and asked:


“What are you doing?”

“Get out of the way, old thing!” Peng Si pushed the host away viciously, but it took a little time.

When they chased to the window and turned out, Lumian had already rushed into another path.

After chasing for a while, they completely lost Lumian’s figure.

“Damn wild dog!” Peng Si spat green phlegm on the side of the road.


Outside the semi-underground two-story building.

Lumian took a breath, opened the door and entered the room as if nothing had happened.

“One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four…” A burst of regular shouts reached his ears.

Lumian looked towards the open space on the other side of the kitchen, and saw Aurora with blond hair tied into a ponytail, wearing a linen shirt, tight white trousers, and dark short boots made of lambskin, bouncing around, Sweating.

——The custom of Kordu Village is that most of the area on the first floor is the kitchen, which is the core of the whole home. Cooking is here, enjoying food is also here, and gathering with guests is also here.

Exercising again… Lumian was already familiar with such scenes, so he wasn’t surprised at all.

Aurora often does strange things, and she doesn’t give a reason when she asks.

At least exercising is a good thing, and it looks pretty… Lumian moved closer and watched quietly.

After a while, Aurora stopped exercising, bent down and turned off the black tape recorder that was running on batteries.

She took the white towel from Lumian, wiped the sweat from her forehead and said:

“You remember to learn fighting this afternoon.”

“You have to study and learn to fight at the same time. Are you asking too much of me?” Lumian complained casually.

Aurora glanced at him, smiled and said:

“You have to remember that our goal is the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetic appreciation, and labor ability!”

The more she talked, the happier she became, and she seemed to recall some good memories or fun things.

I have already failed morality… Lumian muttered silently.

He asked instead:

“What kind of fighting do you learn?”

One of the things he didn’t understand was that Aurora, who looked soft and weak, turned out to be a master of fighting, mastering many styles of fighting techniques, and every time he was suppressed to the point where he couldn’t do it.

Aurora thought about it seriously, leaned forward slightly, raised her face halfway, and looked into Lumian’s eyes.

She immediately smiled and said loudly:

“Anti-wolf technique!”

“Ah?” Lumian asked in surprise, “Didn’t girls learn this?”

Aurora stood up straight, shook her head with a serious face, and said earnestly:

“Boys have to protect themselves when they go out.

“Who said boys won’t encounter perverts?”

The smile dripping from the corner of her mouth gradually couldn’t be concealed.

Not knowing whether her sister was joking or really planning to do this, Lumian had no choice but to keep silent, took back the white towel, and walked towards the stairs.

Suddenly, his feet tightened, as if he had tripped over something, and he fell forward violently.

In mid-air, Lumian hurriedly tightened his waist and abdomen muscles, stretched out his arms, pressed down on the chair next to him, then turned over, barely “landing” safely.

Aurora withdrew her outstretched foot, clicked her tongue and said with a smile:

“One of the essentials of fighting is to observe the environment at any time, without any negligence.

“Remember, my rookie brother?”

Just now, her right hand had already caught Lumian’s vest, but seeing that the other party controlled his figure, she retracted it again.

“Don’t you trust you too much…” Lumian muttered.

After thinking about it carefully, he felt that the trust in this aspect was meaningless. He didn’t know how many similar losses he had suffered in front of Aurora.

Aurora coughed and restrained her expression:

“How was the conversation with that woman?”

Lumian roughly talked about the conversation, and finally said:

“I’m going to wait for your friends to write back before thinking about exploring dreams.”

“A wise choice.” Aurora nodded in satisfaction.

Lumian changed the subject:

“What to eat for lunch?”

“There’s still some leftover toast in the morning, I’ll bake you four more lamb chops.” Aurora thought for a while.

“What about you?” Lumian asked.

Aurora said casually:

“I just have shredded bamboo chicken with truffle, and then add cheese and onion soup. I tried it last time and found it quite…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she froze suddenly.

The next second, she raised her hands, trying to block her ears, and the muscles on her face gradually twisted.

This made her beauty a bit hideous.

Lumi watched quietly, his eyes full of concern and worry.

After a while, Aurora let out a long breath and returned to normal.

Her forehead was covered with sweat again.

“What’s wrong?” Lumian asked.

Aurora smiled:

“The tinnitus strikes again, it’s not like you don’t know that I have this old problem.”

Lumian did not pursue the question, but instead said:

“Well, then I’ll make lunch and you have a good rest.”

Whenever this happens, his desire to obtain extraordinary power becomes more urgent and determined.

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