Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability Chapter 9

After dealing with the neighbor who came to borrow the oven, Lumian went up to the second floor and entered the room used as a study.

——In Kordu Village, many poor families do not have ovens, nor do they have large stoves. When they need to bake bread or bacon, they can only borrow from other people’s homes and use them on the spot.

In this matter, Aurora has always been open-minded and tolerant. Anyone can borrow it, but you have to pay the corresponding fuel costs, or bring your own coal, wood, etc.

At this moment, she had already changed into her white silk nightdress, and was curled up in an easy chair, focusing on the book in her hand by the bright battery-powered lamp on the desk.

Lumian didn’t bother her, and casually pulled out a thinner book from the bookshelf, and sat on a chair in the corner.

“Secret Veil”… what magazine is this? Lumian glanced at the cover full of strange symbols, and doubts arose in his heart.

He flipped through it quickly, and the more he looked, the more shocked he became.

This magazine talks about the existence form of the human soul, it talks about animism, and it talks about communicating with different spirits in secret ways and getting different help…

Even if the belief is not pious at all, even if he just goes with the crowd to pray in the church of “Eternal Blazing Sun”, and occasionally attends Mass, two words flashed in Lumian’s mind uncontrollably:



Although it is normal for Aurora to have similar books at home as a wizard who will definitely be caught and burned by the Inquisition if she is exposed, Lumian clearly saw that this magazine was printed with the government’s publishing permission!

Can this kind of thing be published openly?

Didn’t you say that publication censorship has always been strict?

Or, this is a forged license… Lumian raised his head, looked at Aurora, and asked:

“Is this a banned magazine?”

Aurora took her eyes away from the book, glanced at her younger brother, and said indifferently:

“In the past, it belonged to underground literature. Later, it passed the censorship and was officially published. The church of ‘Eternal Blazing Sun’ didn’t care about it, and just acquiesced.”

“Literature?” Lumian didn’t quite understand her sister’s words.

“Of course it’s literature, don’t you take it seriously?” Aurora laughed, “If it’s true, do you think it can still be published? If you follow the above method, in addition to letting yourself Weakness, nervousness, no extra gains, um… occasionally there will be something real, but without the corresponding ritual language, no matter how hard you try, it will be a waste of time.”

This is the evaluation of a professional wizard.

“Okay…” Lumian couldn’t hide his disappointment, “I’m just surprised that this can be published.”
Aurora puffed her cheeks, as if thinking seriously:

“I don’t know why. It may be that in the past few years, there have been more and more supernatural, uh, phenomena involving supernatural factors in various places. It is impossible to hide them all. They have brought a certain trend of thought. The government wants everyone to understand a little bit, so The control over similar books has been relaxed. In Trier, the three magazines “Psychic”, “Lotus”, and “Profound Truth” are more popular. I have them on my bookshelf. If you are interested, you can look for them. Go to The story of the tavern can be made a little more like that.”

“Hmm.” Lumian was indeed very interested.

At the same time, he sighed again in his heart:

Aurora’s collection of books is really rich and varied!

It is by relying on these books and Aurora’s explanations from time to time that he, an out-of-school youth, can have a sufficient understanding of the world, continent, and country he lives in:

This world has two continents, the north and the south, separated by the stormy sea that is ravaged by hurricanes and difficult to navigate. As for the legendary eastern and western continents, no one has arrived so far, and no one can be sure whether they exist or not.

The Republic of Intis, where Lumian and Auror live, is located in the middle of the northern continent, facing the Misty Sea to the west, the Feysac Empire to the north, the Hornakis Mountains and the Kingdom of Loen to the east, and the countries bordering on the south in turn. Behind them are the Kingdom of Feneporte, Lemburg and Marsh.

Between the Fenepot Kingdom and the Loen Kingdom, there are also small countries such as Segar, which together with Lunburg and Maxi are known as the Central South countries. The common point is that they all believe in the “God of Knowledge and Wisdom”.

The Southern Continent has become a colony of the countries of the Northern Continent. Whether it is the Balam Empire, the Kingdom of Pass, the Kingdom of Hagarti, or other countries, they have lost most of their autonomy. Of course, the wave of resistance to colonization has never stopped.

In addition to the Sea of ​​Storms between the North and South Continents, the Sea of ​​Misty to the west of the Republic of Intis, the Sunya Sea to the east of the Loen Kingdom, the North Sea to the north of the Fusac Empire, and the Polar Sea to the south of the Southern Continent, they are also called “Five Seas”.

Among the countries in the Northern Continent, the Kingdom of Loen has the strongest overall strength, followed by the Republic of Intis. The Feysac Empire, which lost in the last war, fell to fourth, the Kingdom of Fenepot rose to third, and the Central South countries Here, Lemburg is the most powerful.

Compared to the villagers in Kordu who only knew the Republic of Intis, the Kingdom of Fenepot and Lemburg, Lumian was a geographer.

Of course, this is because the shepherds in Kordu village need to go to the neighboring Kingdom of Fenepot and Lemburg to have a certain understanding of these two countries. For the people in the northern villages of the Darliege region, except Surrounding villages, towns and cities, they can only name Trier, Suhit and other metropolises in their own country.
Sometimes, Lumian was really puzzled, how could Aurora master so much knowledge?

All the textbooks he studied were edited by Auror, and all the practice papers were written by Auror. For the books he usually reads, Auror can answer any questions he has!

More importantly, she also mastered various schools of martial arts.

This is simply not something a girl in her twenties can do. Some people can’t accumulate so much knowledge after living for fifty or sixty years.

Are these the basic conditions for being a real wizard? Lumian raised his head again and looked at Aurora.

Auror patted her cheek with her fingers while reading a book, without any appearance of a scholar or a wizard.

“Look at what?” Aurora noticed his gaze.

“You said last time that I have the knowledge reserves to take the unified entrance examination for colleges and universities?” Lumian changed the subject.

Aurora thought for a while and said:

“Theoretically, you can be admitted to any university, but I haven’t taken the entrance exam, so I’m not sure about the specific scope of the questions.

“Rosell is really harmful, hey, this is also a good thing…”

Undoubtedly, the unified entrance examination for colleges and universities was created during the reign of Emperor Roselle, and it has continued until now.

Aurora suddenly remembered something, looked at Lumian, smiled and asked:

“Why didn’t you go to the tavern to make up a story today?”

“I’m not really an alcoholic.” Lumian shook the magazine in his hand, “Reading books at home is also a good way of entertainment.”

And it can also make me feel calm and relaxed… He added silently in his heart.

Aurora nodded, looked at Lumian’s corner and said:

“Why do you sit so far away? Are you pretending to be pitiful, weak, and helpless?

“Come here, reading at night requires good light, otherwise it will hurt your eyes.”

There are so many strange words in Aurora… Although I can understand the meanings of the three words “poor”, “weak”, and “helpless”, they are very strange when put together, unlike It’s a normal usage… Lumian has long been used to Aurora’s behavior, so he picked up the chair and came to the desk.

In front of the bright desk lamp, he and Aurora read books quietly, chatting a few words from time to time.

The sound of breathing, the sound of pages turning, and the occasional night wind blowing outside the window are soothing and peaceful.


After exchanging good night with Aurora, Lumian returned to his room.

He took off his coat, still hung it on the back of the chair, and didn’t try to bring the “scepter” card to the bed.

This is to avoid arousing Aurora’s suspicion, after all, my sister said that she will always take care of him.

Lumian was about to take a step towards the bed, but suddenly his heart moved and he stopped.

He rolled his eyes, and adjusted the chair that was usually placed obliquely to face the window.

Then he got into bed and extinguished the kerosene lamp on the side cabinet.

After falling asleep normally, after an unknown amount of time, Lumian jolted suddenly and regained consciousness.

He saw the bedroom filled with light gray mist again.

Lumian, who was already mentally prepared, looked around calmly and found one thing:

The chair that I purposely straightened before going to bed was still tilted in the dream, maintaining the previous appearance.

In other words, the bedroom in the dream does not strictly correspond to reality. It may come from the deepest impression of my subconscious… Although I don’t know what this means, Lumian thinks it is a point to remember.

He came to the window, put his hands on the table, and looked outside.

The mountain peak composed of brownish-red stones and reddish-brown soil, as well as the circles of collapsed buildings surrounding it came into his eyes again.

It’s dead quiet here.

Time passed quickly, and after hesitating for a while, Lumian finally made up his mind:

Tonight to do preliminary, certain exploration!

His past life as a vagabond made him feel ruthless.

Instead of going downstairs and into the ruins immediately, he opened the cabinet and started adding clothes.

This is not because he feels cold, but to improve his “defense ability” a little in this way.

After putting on the cotton-padded jacket, cotton trousers, and leather jacket, Lumian moved his body and felt that he could not add any more, which would obviously affect his flexibility.

This is more important.

While adapting to the current state, a thought suddenly flashed in Lumian’s mind:

This is my dream, what do I want, will I have it?

With the mentality of trying, he began to whisper to himself:

“I want a breastplate and a pistol…I want a breastplate and a pistol…”

The room filled with light gray mist remained unchanged.

It doesn’t seem to work, this dream is really special… Lumian calmed down his disappointment, opened the bedroom door, and stepped into the corridor.

There were no lights, it was dark and dim.

Lumian opened the doors of Aurora’s bedroom and study one after another. The layout inside was slightly different from reality, but generally the same. The biggest difference was that there was no Aurora in those two scenes, as if frozen in a gray inside.

The same goes for the first floor.

Lumian began to search for self-defense weapons. With his familiarity with home, he quickly had two choices:

One is a fork with a front end made of steel, nearly two meters long. According to Aurora, as long as the target does not have a long-range weapon, this thing is absolutely easy to use and the effect is absolutely outstanding.

The second is the sharper iron black hand axe.

The adult’s answer is all of them… Lumian inexplicably remembered a sentence that Aurora often said, but in the end he still didn’t do it.

Because he is doing preliminary exploration today, what he needs is concealment, caution, and almost stealth.

And carrying such a long weapon will definitely slow down his actions and make him easily exposed.

Lumian let out a breath slowly, bent his back, and picked up the axe.

He straightened up immediately, and walked towards the door step by step in the faint gray mist.

Without a sound, he opened the door.

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