Rebirth of a Star General Chapter 1

In the sixty-third year of Qingyuan in the Great Wei Dynasty, in March of spring, it was rainy, and the new green in the city was covered in a layer of smoke, pattering and moistening the land.

In Xu’s house in the capital, the roof tiles were washed bright by the rain, showing a layer of even lustre. This is a half-moon tile brought from Yunzhou. It is said that when there is a moon, the moonlight shines on the roof like a firefly. People have worked hard for decades.

However, the Xu family in the capital has a silk and satin business all over the country, and a house of tiles is at most a drop in the bucket. Mr. Xu is the current crown prince and Taifu, and he has two sons. The eldest son, Xu Zhiheng, is a lonely man. He is already a Hanlin scholar at a young age, and everyone in the capital praises him. Xu Zhiheng also had a wife. When he was eighteen years old, he married He Yan, the daughter of the military general’s second master. He Rufei, the eldest son of the uncle of the He family, is now appointed by His Majesty as General Feihong, and he is married with one pen and one military, so he is considered a well-matched family.

“Ma’am, what do you want?” The delicate girl in a thin shirt spoke crisply as she handed over a cup of hot tea.

“I’m going out for a walk.” He Yan replied, drinking the tea in one gulp.

“But it’s raining outside.”

“It’s okay, I

“I’m holding an umbrella.” The maid looked at the young woman in front of her. The feather-gauze satin shirt always looks out of place on her. In fact, Grandma Xu is very good-looking, with distinct and heroic features; her eyes are like washed lake water, clear and far away. Unfortunately, she is blind.

Grandma Xu was not born blind either. Three months after she married into Xu’s family, she suddenly suffered from a strange illness. She had a high fever for two days and two nights, and she couldn’t see when she woke up. Xu’s family asked for miracle doctors, but they were still at a loss. Later, Grandma Xu stopped going out often. It is always inconvenient for a blind man to go out.

He Yan walked to the gazebo by the pond in the yard.

She married into Xu’s family for one year, and she became blind in three months. For the remaining nine months, she learned to live without eyes and adapted well. It’s just that she misses the days when she could see it occasionally. For example, now she can hear the sound of the rainwater rippling in the pond and feel the red carp fighting for food in the pond, but she can’t see anything.

The invisible spring is a good spring, just like invisible people.

Maybe she was blind too early, so that she couldn’t even remember Xu Zhiheng’s current appearance clearly. What I can remember is seeing Xu Zhiheng when I was fourteen years old. The young man in blue smiled and held out his hand to her warmly. Now Xu Zhiheng would not extend his hand to her. Although he also treats her with gentleness and courtesy, He Yan can feel something faintly separate.

  But she won’t say it.

After many years of military life when she was young, she learned to deal with men as a man, but she didn’t know how to be a woman. So she could only watch Xu Zhiheng and his aunt, He Shi, being tender and loving, feeling sad and tired. I simply couldn’t see it later, and even these heart-wrenching scenes were omitted, so I gained a lot of leisure.

Sitting quietly in the gazebo, she suddenly remembered those years when she was a teenager—the days when she was with the army. It was also such a spring day, with misty rain. She sat among the sergeants, drank a bowl of strong wine with a smile, and felt her whole body warm up.

The heat swept through her whole body in an instant. He Yan supported the railing, bursts of sweetness gushed out of her throat, and she spit out a mouthful of blood.

Someone’s footsteps were slowly approaching.

He Yan asked, “Xiao die?”

There was no answer; the footsteps stopped, and He Yan frowned slightly. “He Shi?”

A moment later, a woman’s voice sounded like, “Madam is good at hearing.”

There was a strange feeling in his chest. Years of intuition made her subconsciously take a defensive posture. He Yan has always been gentle and carefree, and he didn’t speak a few words with her in the mansion, but when he came here suddenly, He Yan felt uneasy with such a smug tone.

But she is also very strange; she is not a competent mistress; she is more like a decoration in the mansion. He couldn’t stop He Shi from inviting favours, and a blind man didn’t threaten He Shi. There was no need for He Shi, and there was no reason to deal with her.

“What’s the matter?”

He Wanru stroked the hairpin on her sideburns, which was given to her by Xu Zhiheng yesterday, and suddenly remembered that the person in front of her couldn’t see her, so she withdrew her hand regretfully and said, “Ma’am, you are pregnant.”

He Yan froze in place.

“The doctor who looked at your eyes checked your pulse a few days ago. You are pregnant.”

He  was overwhelmed with joy. She was about to speak when he sighed again: “It’s a pity.”

  pity?    The smile on the corner of He Yan’s

mouth disappeared, and she asked, “What’s the pity?” It’s a pity that

“This child can’t be kept.” But with a captivating look, He Wanru’s hair stood on end in an instant. But for a moment, she calmed down and said, “I didn’t say this alone, General He.” As soon as the words General He came out, He Yan’s scalp went numb, and she asked, “What do you know?” I know what I know, and I also know what I shouldn’t know. General He, how dare the He family and the Xu family tolerate you with such a big secret?” He Yan was speechless. When the He family did not have the military general Feihong, it was even on the verge of decline, just like all the honourable families in the Great Wei Dynasty. Nineteen years ago, the two sisters-in-law of the He family gave birth at the same time. The eldest grandmother of the He family gave birth to He Rufei, and the second grandmother of the He family gave birth to He Yan. The title should fall on He Rufei, but He Rufei was born weak, and the doctor asserted that he would not live to be three years old. With He Rufei’s death, the He family’s title was taken back, and the whole family really lost everything. The He family discussed it and made a bold decision to let He Yan replace He Rufei. He Rufei falsely claimed to be He Yan, who was born weak and was sent to the temple to grow up.
He Yan grew up as He Rufei. Although she was born in the second room, she grew up in the first room. She thought of herself as a boy since she was a child, and she liked to practise martial arts. When she was fourteen years old, she voted for the Fuyue Army behind her back and gradually became famous in the battle. Enter the palace to face the saint.

It was at this time that He Rufei, who had been sent to the temple to “rehabilitate his illness”, returned.

He Rufei did not die, and he even lived to the age of eighteen in peace. He looks agile, healthy, and handsome. So everything returns to its original position.

He Rufei met His Majesty and became General Feihong; He Yan was still He Yan. Everything was not as difficult as I imagined. In order to prevent what happened today, the He family had already stipulated that He Yan used to show people with a mask, and no one had seen He Rufei’s appearance. And He Yan, who was arranged by the He family, married Xu Zhiheng, a talented young man who is now a Hanlin scholar.

Xu Zhiheng is handsome and gentle, considerate and polite, and his mother-in-law is generous and never treats her harshly. For a woman, this is a perfect marriage. He Yan also thought so, until today. The warm mask was torn off, and the bloody truth was even more chilling than the most difficult battle she had ever encountered on the battlefield.

“The bowl of soup that poisoned you was sent by the elders of your clan. Only the dead will keep the secret, and you are alive—that is a huge threat to them!” “When you take the medicine, the young master will kill you!

” I’m watching from the next room.”

“The He family and the Xu family will only breathe a sigh of relief when you die, and it’s only your fault.”

He  laughed loudly.

  Blame her?

Blame her for what?

Blame her for not replacing He Rufei’s identity for the benefit of the family. Blame her for being obsessed with martial arts and joining the army. Blame her for taking the lead and drinking blood on the battlefield, killing the enemy, and killing the enemy. Or is it because she shouldn’t have kissed His Majesty to confer the title of General Feihong and let He Rufei receive her meritorious service?

Blame her. Blame her for being a woman. Because she is a woman, she cannot use her name to make contributions in an open and aboveboard manner. Because she is a woman, she deserves to die for the He family and pave the way for the men of the He family. After all, she overestimated the humanity of the He family and underestimated their selfishness.

And Xu Zhiheng… She should have been blind long ago to think that he is very good.

“What are you laughing at?” He asked with a frown.

“I laugh at you,” He Yan said in her direction. “It’s ridiculous for me to laugh at you. I died because of a secret. Do you think you know the secret and are still alive?” He Wanru

  sneered With a voice: “You are still stubborn when you are about to die; come—”

The guards who appeared quickly surrounded He Yan.

  ”Kill her!”

Willow branches can be used as weapons. Soft and tough, like a woman’s hand. It is clearly a light and fluttering branch with new shoots on it, like a sword embroidered with flowers, which can flick away the opponent’s knife.

He Wanru had also heard the name of General Feihong. She knew that the woman was brave and good at fighting; she was not like an ordinary girl, but only when she saw it with her own eyes could she know the rumours were true.

He Yan is already blind, but she can still count to ten, kicking away the guards in front of her as if she wanted to break through the siege from this gloomy house and drive back without anyone to stop her.

But all of a sudden, like a wild goose shot by an arrow, she fell from mid-air, and the blood she spit out splashed on the grass like wildflowers.

That cup of tea—the cup of tea that Xiaodie handed her

She lost her eyesight, and now she has lost even her five senses and has become a real blind man.

In order to kill her, they made foolproof preparations.

“A bunch of idiots, now is the time!” He Wanru said anxiously.

He Yan wanted to raise her head, but with a “snap”, there was severe pain in her knee, and the person behind her hit her leg hard. Her legs went limp, and she almost knelt down, but the next moment, she was punched in the back again.

The fists came down in a mess, hitting her body like raindrops, causing her internal organs to ache.

They would not stab her with the sword, leaving no trace of evidence on her body.

Someone pulled her hair, dragged her to the edge of the pond, and roughly pressed her head down. The cold water covered her eyes, nose, mouth, and neck, and He Yan could no longer speak. The body fell heavily, but she struggled to look up; the water surface was getting farther and farther away from her, the skylight was like sunlight, and she seemed to return to her hometown for a moment. She heard the songs sung during the march in a trance, and the friends read the letters from home in their local dialect, accompanied by He’s crying in panic.

“Come on, Madam is drowning.”

She wanted to go home.

  And she was homeless.

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